Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi making Pragya wear the mangalsutra. Everyone is happy and clap for them. Akash comes and is happy to see that everyone is alright between them. Dadi comes out of coma and sees Pragya standing with Abhi. She calls Pragya. Abhi and Pragya rush to her and take her inside her room. Dadi asks what was going on there. He makes her sit. Purab tells Bulbul that he shall not go inside as he can’t risk her life. He asks her to go inside. Dadi asks whether it is Karwachauth today and questions why you wore this bridal dress. Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Abhi says I will tell you later. Dasi tells her that Pragya is proved innocent in MMS scandal by Abhi. Dadi gets happy. Dasi says everything changed after you fell unconscious and Abhi did so much to reach to the truth. She tells everything which is muted. Dadi gets tears in her eyes and is happy. Abhi looks on relieved. Dadi asks Pragya you was leaving me. Pragya says she was fulfilling wife’s duty.

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Dadi scolds Abhi for staging Pragya’s marriage. Pragya says Abhi didn’t do anything wrong and wants to catch the culprit who was maligning her reputation. Dadi asks who? Abhi says you asks so many questions and asks her not to think much. Sarla says he is right. Abhi cleared Pragya’s name now. He is really a rockstar. He learnt to live the relations himself. You made Pragya wear the mangalsutra two times. She prays for their love to be united always. Everyone smiles. Sarla invites Abhi and Pragya to come to Pagphera rasam and leaves. Abhi asks Dadi to rest. Mitali and Tanu see everyone coming out of Dadi’s room. Abhi tells everyone that he don’t know anyone to inform Dadi about Aaliya’s doings. Sarla assures him. Tanu and Mitali get shocked knowing Dadi came out of coma.

Sarla thanks Purab. Purab tells Bulbul that he is happy to see Pragya happy and says I am sure that you are also happy. You can sleep peacefully now Purab says lets go inside. Bulbul stops him and says don’t go inside. It is better if we don’t meet. Purab leaves.

Abhi talks to Pragya. Pragya asks him not to take tension as she will do all his work. Abhi says he won’t stop her. He sits to drink wine. She sits with him. Abhi recalls Pragya drinking it before and says he can’t take chances again. Pragya says she is happy and insists to drink two glasses. Abhi refuses to let her drink. Pragya asks him to give her one sip. Abhi jumps on the bed. Both of them fall on the bed and try to take a sip from the same glass. A song plays…..Ranjhana mera hogaya……………………They have an eye lock………..Pragya realizes and moves from there.

Aaliya comes to Pragya’s room and is about to press her neck, but somehow controls her anger. Pragya looks shocked. Aaliya shows her dresses which Abho brought for her. She shows her jewellery and says Abhi brought it for her in the auction. She says my brother slapped me because of you. I can’t forget it. Pragya says sorry. Aaliya says no need. She says I will hate you even more now. I can’t accept defeat. I can’t let you snatch my brother. I will punish all your loved ones. I will make his house as hell for you. You will run from here. I am going to make this place a hell for yoi.

Abhi blows on Pragya’s face and says I love you chashmish. He kisses her and says he brought tea for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. guuuddddd…:))

    1. Not Again Please

      The Pre Cap Sounds like another DREAM!!!!

  2. Something good happened….

  3. I wish that shabbir(abhi) and srithi(pragya) got married in real life because they act really well as if they are husband and wife in real life!!! Shabbir and kanchi looks good but shabbir and srithi looks way better and perfect! The pics of Shabbir and srithi in pictures is very romantic!! There are no pics of shabbir looking like that at kanchi!!

    1. That’s a very unfair comment! He is married with a child! Let’s not mix real life with “reel” life!

    2. You Should be careful of what you are saying that’s why people say think twice before you speak what you are saying is absolutely wrong don’t mix personal life with professional life that’s just not right and on top of that shabbir is a father coz of people like you people spread rumours

  4. hope precap is’nt a dream..
    aliya shld b gvn a shock upon vch she doesnt even dare thinking of harming people….
    tanu’s chptr must also b solved asap……….

  5. Precap looks like a dream though!!!! BUT I am grateful for the plot change!!!! Hope they fight battles together now. Kum Kum Bhagya has regained me as a regular viewer…..at least for now lol

    1. Certainlya nice episode!! And yes i think it’s a dream too 🙁 maybe in the future..

  6. waiting for abi to tell “i love u” for pragya

  7. I have a feeling that the precap is a dream because that’s how it happens in ekata’s tv serial

  8. Aww why Bulbul always stops purab????? Can’t she see how much he loves her!!! In each and every situation he just thinks how she can get fine and sleep peacefully..and she always break s his heart. I just hope atleast now sosomething is written good for both of them too…

  9. I think the precap is a dream jzt hope it’s not and tanus real face comes in front of abhi

  10. Naveed Munavar

    Abhi must love pragya from the core of heart….now their should me romantis scenes between them.

  11. harshitha reddy

    guyzz…got d newzz…abhi 2 unite purab nd bulbul….

    1. Best news coz I just love rabul!!!

  12. oh no… one more dream sequence… waiting for it to bcme real

  13. Is the precap a dream

    1. I am sure of it…..

  14. ABHIGYA!!!!!! 😀 <3

  15. I m sure precap is a dream.. Plz don’t give twist again.. At least now let the viewers enjoy their their cute scenesscenes.. End tanu chapter soon

    1. Yaa I also want to see their cute scenes and fights…

  16. The precap is just a dream

  17. am just dyin to see tanu out abhi life for good n dadi to knw her granddaughter ki harkat I hate aliyah n tanu

  18. Aliya n tanu tortured my poor pragya n am startin to like abhi

  19. All “plane Jane” in the Zee serials, pragya, rachna, roshni, babul etc.. Are so beautiful they would give kajal and company a good ” run for their money “. and in my book they would win.

  20. Nice episode…i to thnk d same that precap shwn is in dream…plz atleast nw u make dat scene true stil hw many days u make us wait…

  21. Weak story line as usual!!! I agree that there should be some light moments after all this drama… but tell me somebody: Will any woman indulge in such childishness after her husband forced her to undergo such stress??? At least , in the intimacy of their room, she could have told him how she was relieved etc. and they could have talked about the forced marriage and Abhi could have reiterated his apologies. Let’s say he would have knelt before her and shown some tenderness etc… And Dadi regaining consciousness after all this time and looking so normal!!!!Anyway viewers are being taken for a ride as usual….

    1. Let me ask a question: Do any of these serials show reality? The answer is definitely no! 😉 (although serials might show some elements of truth, they are 99% full of fiction that never happens!) But I agree, the story has become weak- they need to give this story more purpose now…

      1. I think Abhi is now going to face difficulties this time. He knows Aliya loves Purab yet Abhi is going to let Purab and Bulbul get married. Meanwhile Aliya has also threatned Pragya. The mess has started already

  22. I always loved shabbir since the serial kayamath I’ve been in love with him

  23. I wonder what the future tracks will be about… I hope from now on they will show good winning against evil rather than more and more misunderstandings!

  24. Somehow i think the precap to be a dream. Aaliyah needs a good beating!

  25. Let's do this together!

    Please vote for KKB for best serial 2014! Let’s show the others what we can do 😀


    1. Let's do this together!

      Can someone please post this up on kumkum bhagya fan facebook pages (as many as possible)? The more people we get involved, the better we will do 🙂 (I unfortunately do not have facebook)

      Please vote for KKB for best serial 2014! Let’s show the others what we can do 😀


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