Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rhea and Prachi act to be friends infront of Principal

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Vikram that cake was smeared on Mr. Mehra’s face. Vikram says yesterday we had anniversary in our house and I smeared it on his face. He says holi revenge taken by Kohli and says he will keep this pic in board meeting so that the board members laugh. Pragya smiles. Vikram says today he is not in a office else I would have made you meet him. Pragya says I will leave. Vikram says Mr. Mehra is a very nice man, whenever you get angry with him, he was not at fault. He says he also says the same. Pragya says that he is good. Vikram says he says that Mr. Kohli is also good. Pragya says your friendship is deep and hopes they never have a misunderstanding. Vikram says he will meet you next time. Pragya goes. Receptionist comes and says Abhi sir is in the office. Vikram

asks receptionist to stop Pragya. Disha searches for her phone and keeps her hand bag things down on the table. She gets her phone and also finds Purab’s ring. Dil tootha song plays….She gets emotional.

Her secretary tells her that Hritik called. Disha asks her to tell that she will meet in the evening and has many meetings. Disha stops her. Rhea tells Dimpy and Shaina that Principal asked her to call her Papa and says he will be embarrassed because of her. She says she doesn’t do this intentionally and asks why did you tell that I did it intentionally. She says if I have to do this then would have done this on Prachi. She blames them. Prachi feels bad that Pragya has to come here and she will feel let down infront of Principal. Dimpy and Shaina ask what you will do. Shahana asks Prachi what to do? Prachi and Rhea tell that they don’t want to call their parents. They turn towards each other. Prachi says you don’t want your Papa to come here? Rhea says no, for this stupid meeting. She asks her to clear the mess. Prachi says it was your mistake too. Rhea says my mistake. Prachi says I have a solution and needs your help. Rhea says ok. Prachi says we have to meet Principal again and asks her to come.

Receptionist calls Pragya as Anuradha, but Pragya is on call and goes out of office. Abhi hears her name and asks receptionist. Receptionist says Vikram sir asked her to stop Anuradha. Abhi asks Prachi’s mum. She says she has gone. Abhi sees Purab lost in thoughts and comes to him. Purab wipes his tears. Abhi asks what is going on in his mind. Purab says my past doesn’t leave me. Abhi says you have to take a decision and says I can just give you suggestion. Purab asks what shall I do? Abhi says you shall make your past as present. Purab asks what about my present. Abhi says I can’t make you understand as Aaliya is concerned here, and other side is Disha with whom I have two relations.. He says our story is same, I had Tanu in my life and Pragya, you have Aaliya and Disha in past.

Purab says our story is not same, in your case, Tanu is clever and cunning woman, you knew that she loved your money and you had no baby with her, you was not happy with her, you people didn’t stay together in a room, but this is not the case with Aaliya, says I have a son with her. He says Pragya di and you got separated as you held her responsible for Dadi’s dadi. But in my case, Disha left me as she was angry. He says my destiny was bad, I was alone before and today also I was alone. He says when I needed Disha, she was not with me, but Aaliya was with me. Abhi says so you are returning her favours by being in the marriage. Purab says I really don’t know what I want, think, and is completely blank. He says my heart wants me to look back and cries. Abhi tries to pacify him and asks him to stop thinking first. He says you lost control over your emotions by meeting Disha and asks him to give himself sometime. He asks him to relax and no more work for now. He asks him to go home. Purab hugs him. Abhi asks him to smile. Abhi thinks you said right, your story is more complicated, my story is unlucky, Pragya was not before and even now.

Prachi asks Rhea if she understood. Rhea says I will do as you are requesting. Shahana says she is not requesting you. Rhea says I am not talking to you and asks her not to interfere. She says you are trying to take importance in my life. Shahana asks Prachi if Rhea will do, see her attitude. Prachi tells Rhea that she don’t know about Mehra sir, but if my Maa comes to know then she will feel bad and asks her to do if she respects her mum. Rhea says I will behave properly, you talk as if you are my sister, it is good that you are not my sister, gives so much lecture. Prachi says I am lucky that I have no sister like you, else I would have kicked her out or I would have gone to Ashram. Rhea says I would have pushed you from mountain. Shahana says you had planned to do this during trip. They argue. Prachi says lets focus on what we have to do. They go to Principal’s office. Prachi asks her not to smile much. Rhea thinks it is good that she told. She tells Principal that they came to say sorry. Prachi says they have become friends now and their fight was normal. Principal says I know you well and tells that he will believe if he sees their friendship with his eyes. Prachi asks him not to call her mother. Principal says that’s why you are saying this. Rhea says you can call my father.

Principal says I am your Principal and not your Mama and Chacha to trust you and come in your talks. I know that there is nothing normal between you both. Rhea says everything is normal and asks Prachi to say. Prachi says yes. Principal asks them to proof and asks them to participate together in sports. Rhea says my skin will get bad and she has fashion show next week. Principal asks Prachi and Rhea to participate in fashion show together. Rhea says I used to do fashion show and knows how to do, but what Prachi will do, will she sweeps the floor there. Prachi says she will participate. Rhea says you can’t do this. Prachi says I will participate. Rhea says it is not a friendly show, it will be a competition and will be against each other. Prachi says she will prove that their bonding is good. Principal gets a call. Prachi says she said yes as she don’t want to call Maa. Rhea says you took the wrong way. Principal tells he is declaring half day as weather is going to be bad.

Purab is going home and asks the driver to take car to his house and says you get down there and I will drive. Driver says it will be far for you. Purab says your family will get worried if you get stuck in rain. Driver says a girl is asking lift and asks shall I stop the car. Purab says ok. Driver asks her to sit. She is disha and thanks the driver. Driver asks her to thank sahib. She sits in car and sees Purab.

Precap: Vikram and beeji ask Abhi to meet Prachi’s mum
to make her know how is he? Abhi says he will meet her. Prachi informs Pragya about taking part in fashion show.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Of course she didn’t recognize Abhi in the picture. His whole face was pushed into the cake….right….lol. I can’t see the serial so I can only go by the updates…..I thought cake was just smeared on his face….silly me…

    1. They can feel each other’s presence from a mile away but are blind as a bat to see each other. Ekta’s logic.

  2. What is with the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ clothing? Has Daisy Duke’s 70’s clothing from the show become popular in India?

    1. lol. Now, I just can’t get the tune out of my head. My life is over.

  3. Dear Raaja, response to your words about India not being even 1% like this show. I have given this much thought. I don’t know. As an NRI with one parent a survivor/refugee of the 1947 partition, at first I thought the issues that I have witnessed in other families and experienced in my own family, I began to think that the utter complete abuse I was seeing was a Sikh phenomena. I began to think differently after more Indian immigrants arrived during the 90’s and onwards. The city area I have lived in provided services to abused women from India, because of an extremely dire need. And of course, very often when I have socialized with friends someone in the group will begin to tell the story of the Indian woman that was rescued by the immediate neighbours… someone who did not utilize available services, because of the shame or not even believing that she had the right to receive help. Granted, because I am Indian, friends will make a point of informing me of these events In the last two years I have heard three new stories occurring in different parts of the city area where I live. Even shopping in the Indian stores one easily witnesses immigrants where the wife walks behind her husband at a respectful distance, eyes down and the wife does not speak unless spoken to. It is difficult watching a wife, find the courage to ask PERMISSION to purchase an ice-cream cone, just like a little girl afraid of her father, to add to the grocery bill. My new therapist lives in area heavily populated by a new Indian immigrant community. Not Sikhs, but Hindu’s. Yes, the community has repeated stories of disgusting treatment of women and overwhelming fear/violence to teach children ‘obedience’. I accept that the diaspora can be far more ridiculous than India itself, as diasporas tend to remain behind the times and stuck in the attitudes of when they left India. But how does that account for the murder cases (one case in BC became quite public…National TV documentary) when these original habits continue generationally. I laugh when friends tell me that the 2nd generation has assimilated wonderfully. My friends are not aware of the golden rule…you behave as a westerner when out of the house but in the house you are Indian… and Indian rules apply! I agree that many immigrants are from ‘middle-class’ or rural backgrounds. But not all. I know I arrived with a planeload of professionals and educators, families who came from wealth and were westernized already by Indian standards… many connected Sikh’s in that planeload. Many of the games/manipulations I have watched in this show are things that are too scarily similar to what I have witnessed (no actual murders that I am aware of, although threats of murder are unfortunately familiar) or had perpetrated on myself, to easily believe that India has magically stopped thinking of women as subhuman and useful slaves. Mumbai’s red light district, kidnapped child brides, aborted female pregnancies and the rape culture which I am convinced mostly is unreported all mean something. On my last visit to India I watched a woman during dinner explain to me how grateful she was that her husband had promised to not reject/disown/leave her because she had developed a skin condition on her neck. You see the skin condition could spread and affect her natural beauty. Her husband was smiling with pride that he would be willing to ‘keep’ damaged goods. It required effort to keep the sadness and disgust that I felt for the situation. This couple had college aged children, being schooled in London. I hope that you are correct and I am misinformed. But it is difficult to be convinced that India has changed it’s attitudes towards women and/or it’s caste system, corrupt politicians etc. It is a country ripe for further exploitation by US/Israel because the population is already used to being treated as less. Many women do not even understand that they are fully human and have actual rights. these are educated women. That is what Modi is doing for India. And shows like this keep that image up internationally. Worse still, shows like this keep the negative thinking and behaviour very much alive in India, very purposefully. If things had changed then the corrupt politicians and their raping relatives would no longer be running the country. When a self-acclaimed sadhguru admits that women are not capable of being gurus and is friends with Modi and seems to be involved with the RSS … it is difficult being convinced. I have a suspicion that what is considered to be ‘abuse’ in the rest of the world is seen as normal acceptable behaviour in India. Just my current thoughts and during my next visit to India I will certainly be researching and learning to find the truth. Ekta Kapoor wants to keep things the way they are for a reason. She owes people. She has promised people, in my opinion. I have noticed that the new director for the show has kept some of the sheer utter abuse scenes out, for now. And yes, characters like Aliyah and Tuna fish are real …. less the murders, as far as I know. Murder is a little harder to get away with in the diaspora.

    1. I don’t usually reply to comments but dude. WHAT kind of Indians are you meeting outside of India. I’m in the U.S. and I’ve deadass never seen an Indian woman “walk behind her husband” or act “meekly”. Even my family in India doesn’t act like this. And they live in a village in Himachal. My great grandmother was part of the panchayat, so this might be culturally different since India has a huge population and many different cultures. The example I read about the woman being happy that the husband didn’t “leave” her, if an uncle like that was in my family, then my aunt would’ve left him right away. Since making rotis is a useless job to some of these people, they should do just fine handling everything on their own. Then they’ll learn some manners.

      You are definitely right about the many crimes going unreported, unfortunately Indians don’t like it when you point out a single crime or criticism, like that of the caste system. I make that statement based on personal experience.

      I, personally, have always been disturbed by Indian tv serials’s portrayal of “sanskaar” which enforces the “pati parameshwar” thinking you hear of so often. Woman will starve herself to death for karva chauth. Women are obsessed with being sada suhaagan, even though to get moksha which is the goal of Hinduism, you cannot have material attachment. Husband, wife, sons, daughters, are all material attachments, however, Indian television culture is promoting this type of thinking instead of japa yoga or karma yoga. A woman walks in to claim her man and they start playing aigiri nandini stotram in the background. Take an example from Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Pragya have Sita Ram songs playing when they’re about to see each other. Why? What is the meaning of that? It’s very stupid and insulting. No woman who is obsessed with her husband and chants sada suhaagan all day is going to get moksha, and she is not going to get the blessings of the gods like they show in these stupid serials. Maybe she’ll go to heaven for good karma towards her husband but then she’ll have to come back.

      In Hindi serials they’ll still say stuff like “ghar ka chirag” for men and women are expected to bend backwards for insulting in-laws. This is very frustrating to me, and it’s why I prefer watching other types of media. Maybe when India will bother to change their thinking it’ll be better. More specifically Hindu related tv serials. People should be doing japa yoga and dedicating karma to god, not all this bullshit they think is holy. I’m just giving examples of religion because of what they show.

      People are right when they say it is Kalyug. People will build huge temples and physically harm someone for not modifying to their religious beliefs but not remember the true naam.

      1. I know Suhana! That is why I brought it up! i.e. the story of the couple in the grocery store.
        Thank-you for your reply! For the little I have witnessed here in Canada, I was shocked. After watching this show, you really do have to wonder. My old rational of ‘the diaspora stays stuck in the old ways’ was dispelled… maybe. Thank-you for the information and your opinions as they do help. Looks like the return to India should happen asap.

    2. SanamA.K.ASeharAhmadKhan

      Dear Akikuster, you write too long comments pls try to decrease the amount because people can’t read it properly and it’s a bit too hard with all the bad grammar you use as a indian

      1. SanamA.K.ASeharAhmadKhan

        it’s funny to think how these writers even create such unrealistic situations like Pragya reaches Abhi’s office and then the file falls and he bends down and how easily Pragya went to Vikram’s cabin without any ram ram ram raja.. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Abhi bend down on his knees, maybe that’s why he’s got such a big butt ?. It’s also funny how they give the main actress – Sriti Jha wears the plainest dress in the show and like in the background I can notice the other commoners like Meera which hasn’t said a word in the last month, wear patterned clothes and I don’t I’ll be up in heaven before seeing Rhea wear a full outfit ????. Even now Pallavi joined the crew of the Rhea, Allu and most unimportant Meera with the overused makeup and dress for her disfigured body and you know dog no 2 A.K.A Ranbir’s long face makes him like he suits for Meera more than Prachi??.
        And Rhea oh god who will marry her with this Deepika Padukone inspired Dresses of hers , I think Mini allu needs a Ranveer Singh for herself with the same dressing sense maybe thats in her words rating 10 for boys???I don’t want Ranbir with Prachi either

    3. SanamA.K.ASeharAhmadKhan

      @Akikuster what a name? anyways you just proved Raaja’s point! What can we expect from others? when Indians put themselves down. I also don’t understand what village u live in too say that woman walking behind husband holding hands? I live abroad and have never seen this shit you mentioned, and about the crimes, yes some people do get away but not all the time! Next time before you leave a reply to keep this in your mind ” be Nonsteriotypical” coz you’ll have a lot to answer??I expected better from u! U usually talk about the show and it’s characters so pls don’t badmouth Indians and when ur abroad coz they wait to hear it.. you’ll be a shameful cunt to do soo! Must say highly disappointed in u???..

      1. You say Akituster has bad grammar, but you can’t spell the word non-stereotypical, and you also have bad grammar as well. Don’t be a hypocrite.

      2. Hullo Sana,A.K.ASeharAhmadKhan, thanks for taking such an interest in my comment. You’ll notice that it was directed to Raaja and a comment she made earlier this week. I am more than curious as I am self-checking the experience, observations and questions that I currently hold, as I try to understand ‘India’. And yes, in previous comments I have laughed and owned (taken responsibility) for my bad grammar. It’s not because I’m Indian but rather because I missed the schooling while moving to another education system in another country. When I am asked questions about India, I do not bad mouth India. I explain the ‘why’ as much as I am able and always state that I am not the right person to ask as I have my own questions. The worst things that I have ever ‘said’ about
        India are all in my comments on this site. I have shared my observations and personal feelings only here, when it comes to the subject of India. Thus far, anyway. I found it interesting that you have expectations of me. But thank-you for your reply as I did find it interesting. I am exceptional at listening/reading and understanding the quiet/unspoken messages that individuals offer or share.

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