Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: King wonders about his feelings for Pragya

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The Episode starts with King hearing Abhi talking about love and gets engrossed in Pragya’s thoughts. Abhi says if you are in love then you like her scoldings also, and says when Mogambo used to scold me, I liked to enjoy it. King realizes his feelings and wonders if he is feeling differently for Pragya, liking her differently and wonders if this feeling is because as they stay together or is it something else. Abhi asks where is he lost? King says I am listening to you. Abhi says when you are in love, you dont know. He asks him to keep his love with him and not to let her go far from him. He says I am stupid. You got a wife like Pragya and will never go far from you, if she ever goes away from you then it will be your mistake. He asks him not to do any mistake and recalls scolding her and asking

her to leave the house. King hears him silently. Abhi tells him that he misses mogambo a lot. He asks him not to make her cry anytime, keep her happy and not to blame her anytime. King says I never doubt on anyone and makes sure before accusing someone. Abhi asks him to promise that. King promises him and says lets go.

Groom family like Neha and asks her if she liked their son. Neha says I don’t like him as I love someone else. I will marry him only. Everyone gets shocked. Mitali slaps her and asks what are you saying? Disha asks Mitali to calm down and says we will talk to her later. Mitali says she has ruined our respect.

King drops Abhi home and asks shall I drop you inside. Abhi says no, I will go by myself. He says I don’t like you, but if you take care of Pragya then I will like you. King promises to take care of her. Abhi says you are good human from inside. King asks Servant to take him inside and make him drink lemon water. He leaves. Abhi thinks he will be happy if Pragya is and is getting punished with Tanu. Groom’s family taunt them and says they thought she is a good girl, but she is….Mitali says Neha stays in hostel and must have misunderstood friendship into love. Dasi asks them to sit and talk. Rishan asks his parents not to waste their time here. His mum taunts Mitali and leave. Mitali sees Abhi coming inside and tells him about Neha refusing for the alliance. Abhi is still thinking about Pragya and her words. Mitali asks him to talk to Neha and make her understand. Purab says Neha will not listen to Abhi. Abhi goes straight to his room. Mitali cries and asks Purab to talk to Abhi. Purab asks Disha to make strong coffee for Abhi. Mitali says she will talk to Neha. Disha asks her to calm down.

King comes home. Pragya asks where did you go? King says outside for a meeting. Pragya says you would have told Chachi atleast. King says I will talk to her. Pragya says she slept already. King looks at her. Pragya asks him to go and sleep. She takes King’s laptop inside. King recollects Abhi’s words asking him to keep Pragya happy.

King searches for the file and calls Pragya, asks if she saw Ashish Verma’s file. Pragya says no. King goes to check it. Pragya finds the file and thinks what to do with his boss. King comes back and says it is not outside. Pragya politely scolds him for being unorganized and forgetting about keeping file inside. King says I didn’t make the clothes fall. Pragya says you are very careless and don’t care about things. King closes the wardrobe and says I was not like this before, but has become careless now because of you. He says I am really happy. Pragya asks what happened? You are not arguing with me. She says you would have given file to me, Chachi or Kiara. She says today I am scolding you, but you didn’t say anything. King says someone lectured me on love, loneliness and desires. He says if you leave this work then I will be alone. Pragya says who is this understanding guy to make you understand? King says Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya is surprised.

Abhi is in his house and thinks of Pragya. Aahetein…kuch toh hai song plays…..Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks I couldn’t get you, but the memories with you will always be with me and nobody can separate those memories from me. Disha comes to Abhi and says I know you are thinking about Pragya di. She says I don’t want to disturb you, but house needs you more now. Abhi says I will come.

King says Abhi asked me never to accuse my love and said that he had accused his love and she went far from him. Pragya recalls Abhi accusing her for Dadi’s death and throwing her out of his life.

King says I was surprised and thought he was talking about his old relation. He says he must have loved her deeply. He asks Pragya to talk to Abhi. Pragya gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m enjoying Abhi’s grief, immensely! This is how it feels when you kick the most precious thing away from you, you then realize what you’ve lost and then you yearn for it in great pain. I just love King, what a man! Love the lyrics he gave to Pragya, anyone would love to have a man love her that he’d love her even if she gets fat!! Which man on earth says so and means it? Anyways…. I’m now convinced that Aaliya would never marry, he niece is fixing up for marriage and there’s no one who wants to spend the rest of his life with her…maybe she’ll die an old maid…maybe it’s her destiny, something we can’t fight.

    1. Agree totally its good seeing abhi in that light….King is such a sweetheart I’ll be so upset if they hurt him and turn him negative knowing ekta it’s inevitable and she may even let him join dumb and dumber(tanu/aliya)

    2. Leisa s morris

      Hahaha so luv d part where he considers tanu his punishment…if only she knew exactly wat he thinks of her. Cause somewhere in that insy winsy twinsy mind of hers she truly believes she can make abhi luv her. It hasnt dawned on her dat its 7 yrs and he still hasnt allowed her to slp in his room. I dont know y he married her maybe it was to punish himself lol

      1. Yessssss….. Abhi’s punishment is….being married to Tuna… Gosh, it would be so satisfying if she could hear from Abhi how he really feels about her, I think I’d sleep with a smile on my face.

  2. Agree with you Naz on Abhis disstress…he deservers dat..but i like King …d way he is taking care of Pragya…any girl would like to have carring husband like him .Pragya deserves best person like King .

    1. Hey there Nimisha.. Long time no chat. How are you dear? As you saw, I’ve left kaleerein, my zeal has evaporated 100%, no coming back there for me. Today’s episode was soooooooo much better, it’s good to see two grown men actually having a conversation in a constructive way on KKB, I hope to see more positivity here from now on, I detect a subtle but meaningful change happening, maybe ekta woke up and realized that she was wrong for so long and has started to listen to her viewers. Truly, Pragya deserves a man like King…

  3. it’s like every show lately is one sentence. Abhi is upset because he still loves Pragya, who doesn’t want him to know that she still loves him and has a daughter who is his so she continues to make him think she is married to King, who now is beginning the have feelings for her… THE END

    1. Perfect Tango! Truly perfect summary!

  4. Cathy

    I’m on the point of dropping out again, just makes me crazy this show. LOL, it’s good that Abhi feels like a shit, it’s about time. What i really want to see is what happened to Pragya and how she met King..but knowing these serials we’ll probably will never really get the story…and i’m mildly curious about why Abhi married Tuna.

    1. hmm yes why did he married Tuna/tuna. the writer just to know our reaction about the king. if Pragya and Abhi married any other in fact sleep with the person in the same room also. the rating will go down and that it for that show. ok just think about it

      1. Cathy

        They keep dropping hints about his marriage but it will be months before we get to know why, i’m not sure if i can hang in.

  5. An adult conversation between two men. I thought I was watching a totally different program. Brilliant! Not the conversation but the fact that KKB is adopting a normal adult attitude. BRAVO! It was a pleasure to watch and listen to both the actors. They were no longer ‘actors’ but rather a part of story that I was watching. Similar to the early conversations between Purab and Abhi, whether serious or comedic. Finally, Abhi is allowed to be a man! And King may actually have his role expanded.
    Is real change occurring? I’m not sure, it is too early to tell. You know how abusers are. When you threaten their position simply because you have exposed their intellectually timid rational, they mostly pretend to change for a short time in order to make you complacent. As soon as you are complacent the abusive behaviour begins again. I am actually looking forward to the next episode…. rather than my usual attitude of “gotta’ see what new blasphemy they commit today”. My feeling today is excitement at watching a story.
    Wonderful! The music is just sitting and waiting for more. Hinting to us, that it is alive and well. The actors had an opportunity to show us their skill. Mithali, finally has more screen time and hopefully that will continue to increase! Perhaps through the upcoming drama we might even see a modern Hindu solution to the dilemna of obedience towards parents who think that you are an object for their own convenience. Will the KKB team and their producer be able to accomlish that? Curiosity and trepidation finally return! And the humour? Hopefully whichever writer focuses on the humour, will let us see the bright, intelligent and wonderful physical comedy of Indu Dasi!! (And Abhi and Pragya!) We may finally be introduced and get to know Disha and Purab, beyond their current window-dressing roles. And there was no appearance of the Disastrous Dynamic Duo! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!
    I am one of those people who it is very difficult to impress. The change has been sneaking up towards us during the last few days and I am thoroughly impressed by this shift into adult intelligence. I am looking forward to real live entertainment next week. Perhaps we will even finally be shown what happened during the missing 7 years. BRAVO! to the whole crew of KKB and their producer! Thank-you in advance… I hope… for unleashing the talent! Perhaps Miss Kapoor is thinking of nurturing her light and talent. It is Friday, it could be another trick. Let’s ‘wait and watch’, as the gossip videos and the Disastrous Dynamic Duo keep advising us to do.

  6. Welcome back H. Hasan! Good to see you back again! I miss your long ago ‘commenting’ when you wrote the updates. I was actually worried about you, when you were away. And also thank-you to Sona who covered for you while you were away.

  7. this drama is really draggy and the story line really out, i think it will get ages to end this the more draggy the more people just losing interest with this drama ‘ as more upcoming dramas to be watched rather the wasting time with KKB

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