Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets emotional as Kiara calls him Papa

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling that he hate fuggi. He says you made kumkum mixed in ashes. He says I hate you and throws cookie. Pragya talks to Kiara’s rocky and says I know you hate me, and says she is missing him, wants her to wipe her tears and hug him once. Abhi picks cookie toy and hugs her, says I am sorry fuggi…He cries. Pragya also hugs rocky toy and cries. Song plays….main phir bhi tumko chahunga….

Next morning, Pragya wakes up and reads Kiara’s note, in which she writes that it is good that you hugged rocky, that doll chor must be hugging Cookie and slept. She reads that Kiara went to King. She comes to King and says Kiara said that she is with you. King is on call and tells Pragya that she went downstairs. Pragya asks if Chachi went with her? King tells that she went alone with his permission. He is on call and asks the person to send the papers. Pragya says so many strangers come here and gets tensed. King ends the call and says she is a smart girl, nothing will happen to her. Pragya goes. King thinks Pragya is scolding him much since they came here, and his mind is not working since he met that egoistic.

Abhi comes to the same hotel where King, Kiara and Pragya are staying. He sits in lobby. Aaliya asks Purab if Abhi is upset with her still. She says he didn’t reply to my hi. Purab says matter is something important. He says Abhi don’t share important things so soon.

He tells Abhi that she will be back. Purab asks Abhi what is the matter, and says you are worried since night. Abhi recalls Pragya saying she is king’s wife and asks Purab not to ask. Kiara comes to the hotel staff and says she wants to participate in activities. Woman staffer tells about games enrollment and asks her to call her parents. Kiara says ok and comes to reception. She asks the woman to call her parents. She calls King and asks him to come and says she wants to do skating. King says no and tells that your mum is upset and asks her to come. He says your mum scolded me and asks her to return. Kiara says ok. She sees Abhi sitting there. Aaliya comes and says hall must be empty by now. Purab says we will go and check. Kiara comes to Abhi and says you have stolen my doll. Abhi says yes, your doll is with me. Kiara says doll name is cookie. Abhi says I liked it. Kiara says you don’t want to return my doll and asks him to return cookie. Abhi says I like it and want to keep it with me for one more day. I will bring it next time when I come. Kiara says you have to do a favour on me and have to become my Papa for a day. Abhi gets emotional and says Papa. Kiara says I need my Papa’s sign to do activities and asks him to sign. Abhi says ok and says I have a condition, and asks her to call him Papa. Kiara calls him pops. Abhi says pops. Kiara says you don’t like it and calls him Papa. Abhi gets emotional and hugs her.

Kiara kisses on his forehead. Abhi looks at her. Kiara says if Mamma comes to know that I made fake Dada then she will scold me. She kisses on his forehead again and asks him not to tell. Abhi says ok, now I am your papa. Kiara says I am your daughter. They go to fill the form. Chachi meets Pragya and says breakfast is good today. Pragya says she don’t know where is Kiara. They search her. Abhi signs the form. Kiara says can I do skating now? Abhi asks her to play some other game and says bone will break while doing skating. Activities zone staffer says you are a caring father? Kiara says he is new and then says they are new in the hotel. Tarun comes and asks Chachi to search his phone as king needs a number. Pragya asks Chachi to go with Tarun. She asks receptionist. Receptionist tells her that she saw her going towards activities section. Pragya thanks her. Kiara says I shall go and says I am champ and my friends tell that when I do skating, I fly. Abhi asks really? Kiara says haan ji. He recalls Pragya saying the same thing. Aaliya calls Abhi. Kiara says if it is new? Abhi says yes and tells that his phone fell down in water yesterday. Kiara says she called him yesterday. Abhi asks who picked it. Kiara asks him to pick it.

Abhi picks the call. Aaliya asks him to come to 10th floor in business hall. Abhi asks staff member to take care of Kiara and gives safety measures. Kiara asks Abhi to bring her cookie next time. Pragya comes there calling Kiara and sees Abhi’s back. She asks Kiara where did she go? Kiara says she went to see activities. Pragya gets a call. Kiara thinks Dada can save her now and tells receptionist to tell her. staff member tells Pragya that she is scared of her, but frank with her papa, and says he came and signed on activity papers. Pragya says her papa is in room and asks her to show form. She is about to see form, but just then she sees old woman falling and helps her get up. Old woman blesses Pragya to get person she loves. Kiara comes to Abhi. He asks if she is in problem? Kiara says yes. Abhi says your mum asked you not to kiss stranger. Kiara says you are my half friend and says if you return my doll then it will be 100 percent. She tells that her mum punishes her and makes her scared. Abhi says I will talk to your mummy and handle her. He gets a call and says I am going upstairs now. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi with Kiara, but don’t see his face.

Kiara asks his name. Abhi says his name is Abhi. She says it is so small. Abhi says already you have given me so many names. Kiara smiles. Pragya runs and is coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. my gosh this storyline is so transparent and unrealistic imagine a child leaving home without and adult and carrying on with someone who your parents never met and having a conversation like that he acting as your father and signing papers which only your parents should and kissing that person on his forehead the whole scenario is just not computing; now we all know that abhi is her father but putting that aside the child does not know that they are related at all so automatically he will be a stranger to her but that is not the case; the writers creating a scene which should not be taking place between a child and a grown stranger now suppose that man is a rapist and he abducts her; she kiara has gotten way too close with abhi and doing things that a normal intelligent child should not. This serial has gone beyond all boundaries and gotten out of control so please writer put down your pens and think for a moment what you are really doing; it is high time you get your act together and start producing some make sense serials; and please end this tanu pragya alliya feud and end the storyline when it should instead of prolonging the inevitable just to string along the serial in order to make more money and take into consideration too that this is a seven year old GIRL child who should not be even talking to or letting a stranger touch her; my gosh what sort of message you are sending out for the world to see; we dont want a seven year old child thinking that this kind of behaviour in this serial is approved.

  2. My word how long are we to wait for them to meet this is dragging now really!


    Too much fictional…… But interesting……

  4. Very Annoying scenes Just to delay Abhi and Pragya Meeting.

  5. Stupid serial… Suddenly after 7years every one is thinking abt pragya… Also what about her dear mom sarala…. What did she do to find out about pragya for last 7years… Now writers tell. M. Wine thing.. Abhi is married to that b*t*h tanu.. So how is he going to get pragya back.. Do u think tanu will divorce him, Secondly is Abhi and tanu marriage legal since pragya is also very much alive and abhigya were never divorced.. stop this nonsense. The serial is getting no where… Just misses between the lead pair.. Also though acting by Kiara is good.. For a seven Year old girl it is too bindass, talking to strangers and moving around on the lobby on your own… My own child is around the same age and she is now asking me to send her alone to play in our complex which has around 6 bldg and approx 500+flats..is this safe and if not what is it that we are trying to teach.
    Bas abhi band Kar do. Yeh serial..

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