Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi gets emotional hearing Abhi’s speech for his daughter

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The Episode starts with Prachi and Shahana’s bag is stolen by the man, and calls someone. Shahana thinks he is helping them, but Prachi says he is a thief and running away with our bags. Prachi picks a rod to hit him, but he runs. The bags thief gets inside the award function with the help of his security staff member who is his friend Shankar. Prachi and Shahana come there and tell that a man has stolen their bags, and try to get inside, but Security stops him saying people does like this to get pics clicked by the celebrity. Shahana gets an idea and says we salute you, and tells that they are from the media and lied to know his honesty. Prachi also appreciates him. Guard gets happy. Shahana asks the reporter to take his interview. Guard comes to the reporter. Reporter says she lied to you. Abhi

and his family are at the function. The host appreciates Abhi and tells about his achievements. Dadi, Mitali and Abhi’s friend wife pray for him. Abhi waits for Rhea and thinks he will not take awards without her. The host asks Abhi to come on stage. Aaliya, Meera and his friend asks them to go on stage. Abhi thinks how to go on stage without my daughter. Prachi and Shahana look for the thief. Meera asks Abhi to go on stage else Rhea will feel bad. Abhi goes to stage and takes the award. The host asks him to speak a few words. Abhi says I love my daughter. He says Vikram might be thinking why I am not taking his name, and says that he loves his daughter very much, and doesn’t want to take the award as she is not here, but felt his daughter’s presence. Prachi hears him and smiles. Abhi tells about his daughters and tells that one is with him and the other is far.

Prachi recalls Beeji telling her about Abhi’s wrong image and calling him butcher, stone hearted, who wanted to give pain to Pragya and kicked her out with one daughter. She says God shall not give such father and husband. Fb ends. Prachi thinks I wish my Papa would have been the same. Abhi says my daughter has completed my incomplete life and dedicates the award to her and to his other daughter too. He asks his family to come on stage. Everyone come on stage and stands with him. Prachi tells Shahana that she never heard a father saying such things about his daughter. Shahana says what we will do without the bags and says they shall search the thief. The security guy holds their hand and says Police will talk to them. Shahana says thief entered this hall and fooled you. Abhi sees the girls talking to the guards. Prachi says we are students and came here today itself. Security guard pushes her to go out, and she falls on Abhi. Abhi holds her and looks angrily at guard. He asks Prachi if she is fine.

Guard says they came without the pass. Abhi says she knows me and tells Prachi that she shouldn’t have joked with them. Shahana asks for his visiting card and says we will not come to your house, but will send you thank you card. Prachi says you don’t know us and then also you saved us from embarrassing situation.

Abhi says I know and says you was the same girl who was on the road searching something. He asks her to think about his dad first before doing anything and says father loves more than a mother. Prachi says I am not having a daughter and says I wish I would a father like you. She says mothers also love their daughters very much. She says my mum loves me a lot. Abhi asks Guard to drop them. He thinks my other daughter must be of her age and thinks he didn’t ask her name. They come out of the award function hotel. Rhea opens the car door and hits on Prachi’s leg. She goes without saying sorry to Prachi, but the latter says sorry. Shahana gets upset and thinks she should have apologized to her. Abhi asks Aaliya about Purab. He says he don’t enjoy when his all family is not here. Taya ji tells that Tai ji loves him diet love and increases with time. Tai ji asks what are you saying? Rhea comes there and says sorry to Meera. He comes to Abhi and says congratulations. Abhi says you are late? Rhea says sorry and kisses on his cheeks. She asks for a hug. Abhi stands up and hugs her. He says this award is for you. Rhea says my dad is my best. She asks did I miss something? Meera says your dad’s speech. Mitali says you would have cried if heard him. Rhea says it is good else my make up would have been ruined. Dadi says Abhi loves her a lot, but Rhea don’t have time for him.

Prachi meets Abhi and says she never thought a father loves her daughter so much, and says nobody says and says you are best father. Abhi gets emotional and says my daughter didn’t get her mother and you didn’t get your father. He asks what is your mother’s name?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi actually began to work after the twins were born. How nice. Not a single person helped the girls even though they were screaming “Thief”. No security at a main transportation hub. But there is always security for the rich. And instead of simply repeating the truth to event security and insisting on help, these girls thought that ‘playing games’ or being manipulative was the best way to solve their problem. That’s Pragya’s daughter being a ridiculous manipulator. Good teaching Ekta Aunty! Just like a ‘good’ Indian mother who teaches her child that ‘lying will make things easier’. No wonder there are so many victims living in India (women and the poor). And right after, the false belief that, ‘if they are poor, they must be criminals’. As Prachi’s beeji reminds us and Prachi, that her father is not a good man, future tension are being created with Abhi, Aliyah and the murdering Mehra’s. We are to forget their evil criminality and now pretend that the Mehra’s are good upright citizens. No. No reparations paid for their evil deeds? No punishment. Take a leap and pretend even more. Lie even more. The Mehra’s are obviously based on very close relatives of Ekta Aunty. The next creepy scene is where Abhi’s interest in young pretty girls, rises up again. How many men surround him? How many women are around him? Pleasing him and looking after him. Makes you wonder if this boy can function without a bevy (harem) of women around him. Will the sentimental ploy work? His other daughter hears all the words meant for his spoiled brat daughter. We know it’s sentimental claptrap (horsesh*t) because a heartbeat appears as the music quietens. The Aliyah look-a-like daughter looks like Abhi’s girlfriend and behaves like Abhi’s girlfriend. It’s creepy that Abhi treats his sister, his TF sl*t, and his daughter all in the same way, yet is able to abuse and terrorize his ex-wife. Lovely man, this over-primped, Abhi is. His over-primped look would make some of my gay buddies jealous. I have a suspicion that they would have some choice comments to make as well. Was that ‘primped’ or ‘pimped’ that I said? All those women, you know.

    1. may be he might have missed his best thing in and around him who had quitted the show so he is behaving same like tha with his daughter.Answer for ur question never seen abhi with mens—>when his life itself is being decided by womens in and around and his mansion(disha ,alia and mithali tanu),when he himself dosent know how to behave as man and as husband , how can we expect him to be around men.so only alwz womens are around him.i think no answer will satisfy
      more than this .

      1. Perfectly said Pooja!

  2. So another week (or year) may go by before Prachi is revealed as Pragya’s daughter, Purab and Disha may have had the same age-defying serum as Abhi and the rest of the Mehra gang, or wear specs, whichever goes. It’s also plain as daylight to see Rhea and Prachi’s relationship parallel to Aliyah and Pragya’s…so uncanny. Rhea as the abuser and Prachi as the victim, feeling guilty as though it was her fault. HOW is it possible this serial for the award for Best Serial with all the shizz in it truly baffles me. AND I’ve seen much better acting in other serials currently running, than Shabir…but he still got the Telly Award for Best actor? As I’ve read many times in this forum, $$$ talks…smh at the hypocrisy of it all

  3. Is it outrageous that I keep coming back to it even after promising myself that it’s bye-bye? Ekta has as strung along like some demented aonnambulits, reeling punch drunk from sadism, repeated plot lines, and copy and paste’s, and yet up for more the next episode.

    1. No. not outrageous when this program is designed to do just that. One becomes attracted (as you already know) to some emotional identification with either a character or a circumstance. Often that is an unconscious attachment. One expects a resolution when emotions are involved but that would end the story. And this is not a real story. It is a device to keep your emotions at some level of anxiety, anger, fear or excitement etc. Original (old) stories were designed to teach and help one process emotions. In today’s world it is far more lucrative to keep those emotions roiling. You are processing your own stuff at some level…. and it never ends. The trick is to be certain to avoid the dopamine rushes that are so readily provided. Or put your attention to how they create the ‘rushes’, how they manipulate the media, how they use their actors on and off screen and to watch the subtle games that the actors play. Hopefully, you process some emotion, have a ‘ah-ha!’ moment, in regards to your own life and move on. I think at some point I had read somewhere that Ekta Aunty was testing out how stupid she could make this and to see or show how much stupidity the viewers would take. Who knows? And even that is incredibly boring. The chats on here, are great though!

      1. Akituster Ekta Aunty sure does know how to keep the emotions rolling, but mostly disappointment. She knows we are all still here in hopes of beautiful resolutions of certain plot twists, and so in some episodes, she gives that hope only to snatch it away in the next. I remember the Lady Mogambo plotline went on for more than 300 episodes. You think Pragya’s finally going to expose Tanu, then bam! The plan fails. It got so frustrating.

    2. seriously mogambo was one of the worst track of kkb but excpet for female lead appearance that it nothig ib that even this story itsekf baseless nothing full of tanu centric story only but due t leads so called chemistry it got sucess i wonder how even this got sucess.

  4. Where is sunny.. maybe he will return from US and both sisters might fall for him it will be a love triangle..

    1. Good idiot sister will fall for there brother shut up dumb idiot

      1. This is an Ekta production, it could easily be a possibility. ‘The sicker the better’, is the way that Ekta Aunty’s heart (or is that a dried up walnut) and mind (money, money, money…any trick for more money) tend to work. As displayed through her ‘creative’ work.

  5. Hi.every one.what Abhi is doing wrong.he think of daughters but not is wife .What a love.?he don’t deserve pragya. she still loves him.what type of a family they are also don’t remember pragya.ekta mam pls change pragya costume.she doesn’t look nice.abi Luis gud.reah look elder then Abhi.

  6. Idiot dumb person sirster will fall for their brother shut up

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