Kumkum Bhagya 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Pragya confesses her eternal love to Abhi

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The Episode starts with Prachi asking Shahana where did she go? Shahana shows the dress and tells that it is for her. Prachi says this looks like a bridal dress. Shahana says Palak wants you to wear this dress for tying her ghatbandhan. Prachi says she will not do the ghatbandhan and asks her to refuse Palak. Shahana says she is your friend, go and refuse her. Prachi asks her to come. Shahana asks her to come. A guy (may be Digvijay) receives a call. He asks the guy to meet him. Pragya is still on the way in the car and thinks of Abhi. She asks driver to drive the car fast. Driver says challan will be cut. Pragya asks him to stop the car. He stops the car. She asks him to get down. Driver gets down. Pragya sits on the driver’s seat and tells that she has to go to Ram sita mandir and stop her husband’s marriage. She says I am helpless and asks him to take the auto and come. Driver asks her to get down. Pragya says sorry, if you want then can sit in the car. He sits in car. Pragya starts driving. He asks her to drive slow. Abhi thanks Purab and tells Meera that she is coming. He wears turban and sits with Meera for the marriage.

A guy comes on the bike to meet the guy in the car. The car rider gives him a big gun box. The biker asks whom to give such special treatment. The car rider shows Abhi’s pic and says he is in Ram Sita Mandir and gives the advance money. The guy/shooter looks at the rifle and says wow.

Prachi comes to Palak. Palak says I didn’t do anything and tells that it was Jai, Ranbir and Aryan’s plan. She says Shahana is also involved. She says everyone is making me do all this forcibly, I have nothing to do with the dress and says this is not my marriage. Ranbir comes there and asks Palak to get ready for the marriage. Prachi says Palak told me everything. Driver asks Pragya to drive slow. Pragya asks him not to distract her, else she will hit someone by mistake. She hits the bike rider/sharp shooter and he falls down. She gets down from the car and apologizes to the guy. She tells that she is in a hurry else she would have taken him to the hospital. The guy takes off his helmet and tells Pragya that even he is in a hurry. Pragya sees gun in the box when she tries to help him, but he refuses. Pragya thinks who is this guy who has gun. Ranbir asks what did Palak say? Prachi tells whatever Palak has told her. Palak says I have nothing to do with the dress. Shahana says Pandit ji gave dress and asked the girl to wear it, who ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji says did I? Aryan asks why everyone is so scared of Prachi and says I came here to attend the marriage. Prachi says I have to do the rasam and agrees to it. Aryan goes behind Pandit ji. Ranbir looks at Prachi and goes.

Pallavi says she didn’t see such a woman and says first she left her family and now she wants to get back to Abhi. She says when Abhi wants to marry Meera, then what is wrong, he has right to do this. Vikram asks shall I remarry? Do I have the right? Beeji asks what are you saying? Vikram says I will not marry as I love Pallo. He tells that Abhi loves Pragya more than I love Pallavi. He says I know him, he is my friend and tells that he takes Pragya’s name many times in a day. He says whatever happened is because of Rhea and Prachi. He asks do you remember what she did before getting admitted in the hospital. Pallavi argues with him. Aaliya comes and asks about Purab, asks if anyone knows where did Bhai and Meera go? She says Bhai told Purab about the temple name, but didn’t tell me. She goes to scold the guy. Pallavi asks if Abhi will stop the marriage if Pragya tries? Vikram says yes.

Abhi thinks of Aaliya’s words, how she tricked Pragya to say that she has signed on the papers. The shooter reaches the mountain and takes out the gun. Prachi reaches the temple. Abhi says Pragya has come and asks Pandit ji to start. The Pandit ji asks Abhi and Meera to hold the garlands in their hands for the garland rasam. Pragya comes there…Abhi is about to make Meera wear the garland. Pragya asks him to stop. Abhi says I can marry infront of you, you have signed the divorce papers and asks Pandit ji and Meera not to stop. He exchanges garland with Meera and asks Pandit ji to start the rounds. Pragya says I will see, how you complete the rounds and throws water on the havan fire. Aaliya scolds the security guards. Watchman says she has only pushed the gate and entered inside. Aaliya thinks marriage must have started by now. The guy calls the sharp shooter and asks him to shoot Abhi. The shooter thinks he would have shot Abhi by now. Abhi says you have made the havan kund set off. Pragya says the fire shall be set off which becomes the witness of the wrong marriage. Abhi says this marriage will happen, if not here then somewhere else. Pragya says our marriage is for 7 births and tells that even 1 birth has not passed.

Abhi says marriage ended with just 1 sign and you are talking about it. Pragya says I have signed as I thought it was property papers. Abhi says what? You have done this for property. Pragya says I did for my daughter and tells that Aaliya got Prachi kidnapped and asked me to sign on the property papers. She asks what you would have done if you was on my place. Abhi says I would have read the papers and says you could have read being the teacher. Pragya says my daughter was at gun point. Abhi says be with your daughter and let us live with peace. He says when you have returned to me, people will think that you have returned for property. Pragya asks do you think that I have returned for property. He asks her to tell the reason for her return and asks Pandit ji to start the marriage, tells Meera that they shall do the rounds. Pragya asks do you really want to marry. He asks why do you want me not to marry? Pragya says because I love you…and says I love you like I used to love you before and says if you marry someone else then my life will be ruined. The shooter is about to shoot him. He says you told that you want to get rid of me. Pragya says I was angry and cries. He asks how to believe you, as you are still angry. Pragya asks do you need proof, don’t you trust me and my feelings. She asks if feelings for me ended and tells that neither his feeling nor her love ended. Abhi asks how to believe you? Pragya says I was in guilt all my life and says I regret for separating my daughters. She says she realized that she should have understood his anger as he is stubborn, but her anger ignited. She says I missed you and hoped that we will meet. I love you so much and will love you always.

Precap: Pragya asks Abhi if he thinks the divorce papers were real, then the marriage will happen, but you have to marry me. She says I want my husband, my marriage, my rights and everything, I want. She asks him to marry her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Height of kiddishness if I pity someone here is only prachi shes the one suffering pragya is so worst and useless she went till mandir to stop marriage why do such things…If she felt sorry she could have returned

    1. aghogho happy ejoh

      its a childish series. the story lines are like what a little child would write

  2. aghogho happy ejoh

    useless movie. waste of time

  3. Do we really need anymore evidence that abhi doesn’t give damn about prachi? He really just told pragya to go back to “her” daughter..I am absolutely disgusted that he doesn’t even care that his evil sister literally kidnapped his 5 YEAR OLD CHILD

  4. For about a month everyone has known that Abhi will not marry with Meera. That time interval used by the producer/writer in order to reinforce the knowledge about torturing, abusing and defaming women they have taught up to now. :))) Now, I am afraid they may intend to crash down Delhi until Pragya and Abhi reach the home :)). The sniper who is hired by Aliya’s secret man has appeared. But I think Alia’ll success to hide herself again and Raj will be seen as the owner of the attack. On the other side kids criminal game is going on. I wish Prachi’ll crash the shamefull game of the selfish boy

  5. Samaila

    Abhi is a bad husband and the worst father I’ve come across. Ur daughter was literally kidnapped, but no u gon say that Pragya just wants the property. Pallavi is the worst mother in my opinion. She’s just forcing her son into a relationship when he doesn’t want to. Rhea is the second worst sister I’ve come across(Naveli is the first). She doesn’t even care about her parents. She’s obsessed with Ranbir. Aliya is the most inhuman person. She should be called Satan. Not caring about SIL is one, and trying to kill her and ur elder niece is another. Ranbir, try to know the reason behind Prachi doing this. The people who deserves respect in here are Disha, Sunny, Kiara, and Prachi. Prachi is stuck between these adults’ stupidity.

    1. I’m completely agree with

  6. so are we going to see the repeat of when Abhi and Pragya got married in the forest temple and she was shot by some unknown person and everyone thought she died? Then we had the entrance of that character that looked like her, I can’t remember her name. Or will it be different. They get married, Abhi gets shot and looses his memory, lamo…

    This series got laughs..

    1. The name of pragya lookalaike was munni

  7. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    The most 2 ridiculous shows Kumkum/ Kundali Bhagya
    The men do not have backbones, do not trust their wives…..Alia’s character is evil and the acts does an awesome job but seriously, does she have to be that evil??
    And Sherlyn…. is she ever going to show her pregnancy? When is she having the baby??
    And does anyone get caught??
    Their evilness/ mean nature is just ridiculous!!
    What are the writers doing?
    The marriage institution is ridiculed…… it means nothing to them….. Marriage is sacred so please stop making it as if it’s a game!!

    1. I totally agree with you, the men in those series have no character to defend their wives and their marriages, but to humiliate them and not support them, I’m ready to see men like that. “If you can call those without character men,” I’m ready to see men like this in the series

  8. Enough of evil winning over good You are saying people who are in love are stupid and can be easily manipulated by evil people Try to give some other twists aaliyah must go Surely some other story line can be developed with these characters

    1. I strongly agree. It’s as if Aaliya is the only sensible character in the show. After all her known evil, how can everyone including Abhi believe her or even listen to her lies without confronting them? Who is the rich and powerful one here, Abhi or Aaliya? It’s getting too monotonous. Please let good triumph too over evil. Just my point.

  9. aliya why you throw the pragya in the gate I said we should not do like that.
    aliya why you call security guard to close the gate because of that pragya she gets upest so fast because of you aliya you think like that.
    pragya she went to meet purab to ask something about aliya.
    aliya you know that purab he gets upest because of you aliya shame on you.
    pragya you can go to temple to stop the marriage abhi and meera I don’t like it.
    Abhi you can’t follow the instructions to purab he gets upest because of you abhi so I am telling you don’t do like that.
    pranchi why you get upset for ranbir we should not do like that to ranbir.
    pranchi you say sorry for ranbir itself don’t waste the time.

  10. Why should Pragya disgrace herself over Abhi who is a moron who never cared for her and Prachi. He never searched for his wife and other daughter. Aaliyah the evil puppet master who has her puppets Raj,Mitali, and Meera doing her work. So now we are looking at murder for hire. How long will Aaliya, Raj and Mitali get away. Pallavi is another evil woman leveraging her son for money by marrying him to Rhea,but has the fall to badmouth Pragya,the mother of her daughter-in-law. When will all the lies, deceit,murder,mayhem and chaos end. When will Purab get ballsy to stand up to Abhi and Aaliyah or is he their glorified house dog.

    1. Merci de votre analyse quant est-ce que le bien triomphera ?

  11. Abhi,why do you behave as if you don’t love Pragya.Behave like a man,you are wasting your time fooling Meera.Meera ,Abhi is in love with Pragya and he is using you to fight for his life.Abhi is a coward ,he wants some people to do everything for him that’s why Aaliya makes herself in charge of everything.Let Aaliya go to her in law’s,we are tired of this evil woman.

  12. Abhi behaves like a sheep in the presence of Alia. By now he should have known hAlia and her evil ways very well. Why he should trust her still baffles me. I really don’t know what the authors want to achieve in this movie. Why create a character like Abhi and make him appear foolish and make Pragya to undergo so much pain each time in order to be with Abhi. Movie ought to be for entertainment. Pls entertain us well by getting Abhi and Pragya together again, letting Alia suffer bitterly for her evils or even let her die and give way for peace to reign in Abhi’s house. Let good overcome evil for once!

  13. Again Allah gets away with murder,when will Abhi see her for what she is ..from way back she was the most despicable woman in siding with Yanu to do the very worse things,she caused the death of Gianni and still is so hateful,she raised Rhea in her image and now will toss her aside, but stupid girl still thinks bougie loves her and will get her married to Ranbir..I hope lying Pallavi gets what she deserves for pretending to be ill in order to force her son into a loveless marriage..

  14. Again Aliah gets away with murder,when will Abhi see her for what she is ..from way back she was the most despicable woman in siding with Tanu to do the very worse things,she caused the death of Granny and still is so hateful,she raised Rhea in her image and now will toss her aside, but stupid girl still thinks bougie loves her and will get her married to Ranbir..I hope lying Pallavi gets what she deserves for pretending to be ill in order to force her son into a loveless marriage..

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