Kumkum Bhagya 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya accuses Ranbir of molestation, gets him arrested

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Maya that he loves a girl. Maya asks him to say her name. Ranbir says I can’t say until I confess my love to her. Maya thinks it seems she shall add another tablet. Ranbir says he is feeling dizzy. She asks for another drink. Ranbir tells that he just can’t say no to girls. Maya adds a tablet and gives juice to Ranbir. Ranbir asks where do you stay? Maya says sundar nagar. He feels dizzy and is about to faint. He imagines Prachi. Maya says I know you love Prachi. Ranbir asks what was in the drink? Maya says my magic. Ranbir asks what did you add in the drink. Maya says I am liking to do bad with you, as I am getting paid for it. She opens her sherwani’s button and says I am going to change your good boy’s image as bad. Ranbir is shocked and faints immediately. Maya calls Aaliya and says work is done. Rhea and Aaliya come to that room. Rhea comes to Maya and asks how anyone will believe that you are molested. Maya says no one as I am not molested. She then holds Ranbir’s hand and scratches on her body. She then scratches herself and ruins her lipstick and make up. She says now I am looking molested. Rhea says if I was not involved then I would have believed you. Maya asks them to do as she has to do rehearsals. Rhea feels bad. Aaliya says sometimes we have to do this, result will be good. They leave.

Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her to stop. He asks her to come home with him. Pragya says this is not the right time. Abhi says I will make everything fine. Pragya says I will come back to you, as I wanted. She says don’t ask me, how I will come, but I will come. She sits in taxi and asks driver to drive. Abhi gets teary eyes. Song plays….Maana dil da hai qusoor….Vikram tells Purab that Ranbir must be with his love. Purab says surely not. Pallavi asks Meera if she is upset about Beeji’s words. Meera says no. Pallavi says she can give company to her, but already had food with beeji. Meera looks at Abhi as he walks inside. Meera, Pallavi and Aryan see him upset. Beeji asks what happened to him. Just then Maya comes there covering herself with bedsheet and asks someone please help me. Everyone is shocked to see her ruined make up and state. Manager asks what happened to you. Maya says someone tried to molest her in 105 room no. Manager asks who is there? Maya says Ranbir Kohli. Beeji asks do you know, who is he? Maya says he has molested me, I am very scared. Manager asks the waiter to lock the room and says he will call Police. Abhi asks him to understand the matter. Vikram says first see who is inside? Manager says whoever is there, his life is going to be over. Rhea says we can sit and talk, what is the need to call Police. Abhi says there are many people with same name. Prachi recalls and thinks Ranbir is getting closer to Maya. Rhea tells Aaliya that she can’t get him arrested. Aaliya says are you mad, and says you knew that when Maya accuse Ranbir, Police will come. Rhea says she don’t want this. Aaliya says this is not going to be easy, he will not love you if you take a stand for him. She says he will be out in 2 hours and tells that they have to lie and do wrong things in life to get something. Rhea says she is feeling bad for him. Aaliya says if you open your mouth then you will lose your first love for forever. She promises her that Ranbir will be hers and will propose her very soon.

Abhi calls Ranbir. Pallavi says why is he not picking the call. Police comes there. Manager tells that the guy is still dizzy and unconscious in the room. Aryan thinks Ranbir was just flirting with her, how could this happen. They go to the room. Inspector makes Ranbir gains consciousness and is taken out by the Police. Ranbir is shocked.

Prachi tells Shahana that she saw Ranbir trying to kiss Maya, he held her hand and took her to room. Shahana asks do you mean? Prachi says I think. Shahana asks if he molested her. Prachi says he was drunk and did a mistake. Abhi asks where is Ranbir? Vikram says we know that he is innocent, but if Police catches him then it will be problematic. Inspector asks the constable to take Maya in another jeep. They all see Ranbir and is shocked. Beeji says my grand son is innocent. Inspector says you can’t stop Police. Aryan thinks if Ranbir molested her as he was drunk. Vikram says his son is innocent. Inspector says they found him unconscious in that room. Vikram asks Pallavi to take beeji inside. Inspector brings Ranbir to the Police station. Ranbir tells Inspector that he is innocent. Inspector says you was not in your senses, no girl will accuse anyone wrongly. Maya gives her statement. Abhi, Vikram, Prachi, Rhea and others come there. Abhi asks why did you lock Ranbir? Inspector says it is molestation case. Abhi asks if he will arrest her, if Maya tells that he has molested her. Inspector asks if he is mad. Media comes there. Abhi asks who called them here. Inspector says this girl Maya’s respect will be ruined, if I was not wearing uniform then would have beaten him up. The media comes inside and asks Maya if Ranbir molested her and how she is feeling? They are about to click Ranbir’s pics, but Prachi stops them. They take the pics. Inspector asks Maya if she went to hotel room with her wish. Ranbir asks Maya to say the truth and says they were just talking. He asks her to tell the truth. Maya recalls everything and tells that he took her to room forcibly. Prachi, Abhi and others are shocked.

Precap: Pragya tells Ranbir that they all know him and says the girl has done a mistake. She says she will take him out. Aaliya asks Rhea to go and talk to Maya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    *First the constant HIT AND MISS of Abhigya!!😅😅😅
    *Next is Ranbir being PUT BEHIND THE BARS EVERY OTHER DAY!!!😜😜😜
    Seriously, ever since Ranbir’s character has been introduced, he is always shown in the JAIL for some or the other REASON.😝😝😝
    Ranbir should better pack his stuff and shift himself to the CENTRAL JAIL, 😂😂😂
    I would say the whole of Abhi’s household should DO THAT!!!!🤣🤣🤣
    Seriously this PRANBIR TRACK is just blo*dy disgusting f**king shit!!!👎👎👎
    In today’s episode, Prachi face was absolutely expressionless!!! 😕😕😕
    She seemed not at all disturbed with whatever is happening to Ranbir🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️, I don’t understand how the makers r trying to bring the love track of Pranbir with such EXPRESSIONLESS FACE OF the first b*t*h Prachi🙄🙄🙄
    The second b*t*h Riya was much BETTER!!! 😉😉😉I really can’t stand that bathroom dress of HERS!! 😖😖😖But atleast Riya showed that she really loved Ranbir!!!👍👍👍
    O god, her a*sh*le aunty Alia should just leave Riya and FOCUS ON HER SON ARYAN!!!!🤬🤬🤬
    The worst thing of this DISRI PEEDI is Prachi’s character, she is REALLY ANNOYING!!!👿👿👿
    At 1 point she was shown to be REALLY DOUBTING RANBIR for HAVING COMMITTED MOLESTATION😱😱😱,but when she came to JAIL, she was showing SO MUCH CONCERN FOR HIM AS SHE IS TRYING TO JUST SHOW HIM!!! 😜😜😜
    Sahana was much better than Prachi😉😉😉 which makes me feel Sahana is the 1 who loves Ranbir 😂😂😂and Riya should COMPETE WITH SAHANA NOT PRACHI!!!🤣🤣🤣

  2. Abhishekh and Pragya relationship is really weird because they don’t solve there issue first in wanting to know about there children except they want to be together only and Abhishekh want her back in his life as a piece of tissue and our non respectable Pragya is as worst like Abhishekh
    could someone tell me what happen about Priyanka and Rishi rape track

    1. @Anita Hemant
      The KKb makers are EXPERTS in DISAPPEARING CHARACTERS, like they did with Poorab’s 1st son and Aryan’s elder brother, SUNNY!!!!😂😂😂
      And retaken the SAME MOLESTATION STUFF 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️TO CREATE the f**king PRANBIR🤮🤮🤮 LOVE TRACK!!!😅😅😅
      Again STUPIDITY GLORIFIED BY KKB Makers!!!🤭🤭🤭

  3. Now what if prachi doesn’t trust Ranbir?? Love ka the end🤪🤪??❤️❤️
    I really don’t like the plot of the show just being revolved around jail, police, crimes😡😡 n then the bad not being punished 👿👿

  4. Oh wow buji…ur great….what a advice sick women

  5. @Lisa thanks you

  6. I see that Aliyah has mastered a few new expressions. She’s obviously been practising or receiving some coaching since the last time she appeared angry and used her big jaw and mouth to twist up her face into ugliness. Kudos to Aliyah for learning a new skill and hiding her true face. I’m sure her look-a-alike ‘niece’ will benefit as well, as she has the same problems. (Learning how to act and same face shape as Aliyah). The other thought that I had is that Evil Kapoor sure does hate women… well straight or heteros*xual relationships. The writers aren’t allowed to move the story in any other direction except round and round in the same few subjects. This simply reflects the limitations of Evil Kapoor’s own mind and heart. Both twisted beyond recognition of any humanity or creativity. She’s good at this. It’s like whatever has become stuck in a toilet simply won’t flush away. Flush, every day flush, and still the toilet will not stay clean. There’s Aliyah, the Meera whore, mini-Aliyah…a wannabe whore and the ghost of Priyanka. Thank-gawd that we don’t have to actually see Priyanka. My wish? along comes mini-Pragya who tries to flush the toilet as well, falls in and all her puk-puk-puk seems to be the magic that flushes the whole lot of them away for ever. So here it is, we have a lesbian woman who’s likely never had a heteros*xual relationship producing a show with only heteros*xual relationships. That’s worked out well, hasn’t it? Just like when a single woman, no children, becomes a professional child-worker and begins to lecture mothers about motherhood. Never works out that well. I’m sure it would be tiresome to live inside of Evil Kapoor’s mind. Round and round in swirling dirty water and impossible to flush. In the study of ‘human energy’ water and other liquids represent emotions. So yes, I am making an implication regarding Evil Kapoor’s emotional state. What can you expect from someone who hates men and women both? Well, if they are heteros*xual. Stuck. Limited. Just like the hate.

  7. KKB, the story of the love of abhigya? This is a story of hate, malice, narcissists, psychopaths and a few lost and tortured victims. The most important one being Pragya, who hasn’t been murdered, yet onscreen but really is already dead.

  8. Before bringing Ranbir’s case they should solve Priyanka & Rishi’s case first & They should bring back Sunny what about Disha & why Kiara’s body isn’t found yet

  9. Please change prachi. She is really annoying.

    1. K.Lakshmi lavanya


  10. Marie Raphael

    Pragya should have just met Reah, and say I am your mother. When I walk away from Mehra Mansion I made a promise to myself, everyone will talk to me with respect or show me respect other they are not worthy of being in my life.
    You hating me is joke compared to the suffering I face in this house, you dad married me to take revenge from me, then claims he love me, but never trust me. Moreover I bear the hatred of your beloved aunt Aaliyah, and your dad Mistress, ploting, scheming, kidnapping, fake ms, I was called inauspicious, I was blamed for Dadi deaths,. Then I finally met King Singh who loved me, showered love on your sister and I, we were a happy family and I finally had 8 years of peace in my life. Then one day we visit Indian. Kiira life was threatened, she was kidnap etc.
    Then your dad and I decided to start over. Then..
    Tanu ask her lover to kidnap Kira so she can have your dad, to her dismay” we both didn’t have him.
    Then again. I was wrong to trust the man who I knew would never hurt Kira because he love her more than her dad would have ever love, he taught her the right things in life, like to be honest, to love people and not hate them like you.
    Oh I wish you weren’t my daughter too, because you are nothing but a rotten tomato. I should have known they wouldn’t have raised you with values. But then again that was my mistake again. You come out just like your aunt, after a man who doesn’t love you, and you resorting to cheap acts trying to acquiring him not to love him. Look at your aunt she finally acquire Purab but don’t love. To hell with you all. And walk away.

    1. Bravo!!!

  11. Verma4

    meh, can’t be bothered. It will take me a whole week to digest this load of crap.

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