Kumkum Bhagya 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Nikhil threatens Dr. Anjali to know about DNA report

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The Episode starts with Abhi falling on Pragya and acts to sleep. Pragya thinks if he is asleep. Abhi gets up and tells that he was making Tanu jealous. Pragya says you say anything when drunk and asks him to come out. King asks Aaliya why is she crying? He asks her to lighten her heart and talk. Aaliya says how can anyone make the broken heart light and says you might have never understand, and says it hurts. She says lucky are those who are in love and says it is nonsense. He says those are lucky who love and their heart don’t break. She says she fell in love and then her heart broke, and asks what is her mistake, she loved and tells that she can’t live without her broken heart. She says she fell in love, but she couldn’t get it. She tells that people become good in love, but love makes you do wrong things today. She says I did wrong to get Purab, and tells that love made her do it. She says whenever I see Purab and Disha together then it hurts and she wants to cross all limits. She says I love purab, and then stops thinking Purab’s happiness is in Disha. She thinks she can’t separate them as she doesn’t want purab’s heart to break. She says I really don’t know what to do. She says shall I do what I want or think about Purab. She says shall I fight with my destiny, listen to my mind or heart, I just don’t know. She says I get happy seeing him from far, but people like you come and taunt me. She says it is not easy and says you will understand when your heart breaks and asks him to stop lecturing her, to stop making her understand and asks him to understand that she is just a girl who just wants to be loved. King hugs her to pacify her. Chachi thinks wife is somewhere, husband is somewhere, what a kalyug.

Aaliya breaks the hug, says sorry and goes. Tanu thinks if Abhi tells their marriage truth to Pragya then she will also tell her marriage truth and then they will kick her out and get back together. She thinks Nikhil is a waste, good for nothing. Nikhil thinks of Tanu’s taunts and stands outside the hospital. Dr. Anjali sits in her car. Ward boy gives her files. Nikhil thinks to shoot her if she don’t agree. Pragya takes Abhi to room and wipes his face with a towel. Abhi says I didn’t know that everything became happy and says you got worried seeing me drinking. Pragya says I was worried about the party. Abhi says liar. Pragya is about to go. Abhi says I missed everything about you, fighting, cheering, etc. She says you don’t want to leave me, but now asking me to let you go. He asks why she is afraid. Pragya says I am not helpless.

Abhi asks then why she goes far from him and asks if her helplessness is big than her love. Pragya says if someone sees us here then…..Abhi says Chachi will think that her doubt came true and says we love each other. He asks her to stay with him. Nikhil follows Dr. Anjali and thinks if she had agreed then this thing wouldn’t have happen. Dr. Anjali thinks someone is following her. Nikhil does her accident and gets down from her car. He comes to Dr. Anjali and drags her out. He then threatens her and tells that he is giving her last chance. Dr. Anjali says she doesn’t. Nikhil threatens to kill her. Dr. Anjali says it is DNA report and tells that Abhi is getting his DNA matched with kiara. Nikhil says I need to ask this only.

Abhi tells Pragya to button his shirts. Pragya says can’t you do. Abhi says you always made me ready for the party, atleast help me. Tera Yaar hun main plays……Abhi asks if we can’t stay like this. Pragya says no. Abhi asks who will be upset with your union. Pragya goes. Abhi goes behind Pragya and touches her. Her dress gets pulled and tears up. Abhi asks her to wear his sherwani. Pragya refuses. Abhi says I want to help you. Pragya says I will ask help from someone. Abhi says king is your brother and asks her to come to room. Pragya says walk behind me. Disha sees Abhi and Pragya going to room. Abhi tries to put thread in the needle and says it was his mistake so he will rectify it. Pragya says it is not your mistake and asks him to give thread and needle and says she will stitch. Abhi says you can’t tell this and tells that he is a rockstar. He asks her not to move else someone might see. Pragya says there is nobody here except us. Abhi says really. He says I will do and still tries to put thread in needle. Tanu is crying in her room and thinks of Abhi and Pragya’s hug in the bathroom. She thinks of Pragya’s words and says I will not let you snatch Abhi from me, I have stayed with him more than you and asks her to go away.

Tanu asks Nikhil to kill Pragya and says she will walk on her dead body and will come to him. Nikhil looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. It’s very difficult to feel sympathy for Aliya. What a liar! Didn’t Purab become unhappy when she murdered BulBul? Didn’t Purab become unhappy each time she hurt Pragya. It’s comical when a psychopath pretends to be a human for a few moments. And it’s dangerous for anyone to believe that a psychopath changes. This one was a psychopath and it had nothing to do with Purab. What a coward she is for not taking responsibility for her own actions and thoughts. Now it’s Purab’s fault that she is what she is. Well, in Aliyah’s own thinking… how lower class can you be? She is just a ‘girl’. Bullshit. She is an oversized woman who wishes she was just a girl so that she can escape responsibility for her previous actions. And who is Abhi trying to convince that he too has changed? He continues to behave like a small child looking for his mother… not a wife! He is looking for his mother, nothing more. I guess Tuna was not able to offer the service of being a good mother to the oversized brat. And Nikhil remains a slave to Tuna by terrorizing anyone who threatens Tuna’s ‘peace’. So there is a recycled scene from the time period when Abhi was ‘falling in love’ with Pragya i.e. Tuna and Aliyah weren’t around for a few minutes. Tuna gets herself into a snit. Hopefully this character is in for a whole lot of pain. What will the writers do? If her place on the set is required because of someone’s investment, well, the writers are likely to use her in her usual despicable role. Oh joy. Googly lips…she could ask her facial sculptor to go easier on the top lip but oh no… excess seems to be this character’s middle name. Excess greed, actually. Basically, the stars of the show… tuna, Aliyah and Abhi offered the viewers a chance to review the status of their victims and themselves. And no, the criminal trio is exactly the same as they used to be when this show began. Still, nothing changes.

    1. so true Akituster. Just reading the written updates is as aggravating to me as someone scraping their nails across a chalkboard…actually that is less painful than the lame, repetitive, over used themes…..

  2. AGAIN with the killing???? Please, move the needle on the record it’s stuck!!! So old and annoying.

  3. Leisa s morris

    WaT is d truth of abhi and tanus marriage dat tanu dont want revealed? Is it wat abhi kinda revealed wen he said dey r not married? Hmmm these writers like to drag boy

    1. I wonder as well. She must have found a way to blackmail him. She needed to be married to enter the Mrs. India competition. She was too old for the Miss India contest. (And a proven whore) She likely tried to seduce Abhi after he kicked pragya out, got caught (or was ‘caught’ on purpose) and in order to save her reputation (she was already known as a whore in the KKB industry world) she ‘forced Abhi to marry her so they ‘both’ would not be put to shame. I’m sure Aliyah would have helped her in the set up and in convincing Abhi what would be the right thing to do. It must have been easy for Aliyah and Tuna to ‘control’ angry, grieving Abhi into hatred. Hating Pragya, of course. Who would ever want to be with a man that was so easy to manipulate. He needs a mother not a wife. And that is why Aliyah (??) diversified all of Abhi’s business dealings. The business world of KKB already knew what a scheming, greedy, wretch she was so didn’t want to deal with her. Who knows?

    2. hai aki iwonder just got this point tdy see whne abhi married pragya till pragya went sori thrown out of his life a shit that whore was in his house free roaming like a dustbin abhi married pragya thrice but was not happy even for a sec but they are showing us fake fbs of their hppines but abhi and tanu married only once but they were both happy till he forcefully made ti see pragya in india if u see here abhi and tanu dodnt have any distubance like pragya aroun them these yrs they both were complelety living in the same room for these yrs i wonder didnt they got one tilll these yrs or really was he forced to hate pragya while he was searching for pragya but this b*t*h married him who knows what happende between the these yrs that he said she is the bst thing in his life !!!anway both loved each other from starting abhi and tanu after leap abhi said to is dasi that he is happy with tanu,dint they even try to consumate i wonder y didnt they introduced choti bachi or bacha naming somethinf fr their love , they ruinned his image fir that particular actress realy feel pity fr him he has and is also being slammed with leena like anything when their scenes comes,y

  4. Sigh… This is a combination of all of Shakespeare’s plays…tragedy, comedy treachery, family politics love gone awry… Lord, help this woman named Ekta, she is in urgent need for help… Is it only me, but did anyone ever saw or felt that Aliya has a conscience? I mean since when did she think that Purab being happy is important to her, I swear all I could ever think about was that Aliya would gladly put Disha in a coffin and seal it with permanent glue…but seriously Aliya’s love was formed in the pits of hell, how can she expect love to ever thrive in her life? Then there’s the vampire Tanu, and this time the instructions are to kill her nemesis till the twat is as dead as a doornail!! Her partner in crime,? Same exterminator!! The one who can screw up anything in his life BUT Tanu!! The same old method of termination by the same old hitman would not bring in the desired results because Nikhil is a plain a*sh*le… VIJI…i agree with you on your point that Pragya is playing wifey role when she isn’t….it begs the question why does Pragya think that she needs to take care of her abusive ex husband!! No fricking woman in the real world goes back to a man after he publicly announces that he’s done with her… Akituster I think I missed that detail in the story.. Pragya has no self worth, she has a man who’s goodness epitomized and she couldn’t fall in love with him after all the years she spent under his roof…if only she hadn’t thrown herself so under Abhi’s shadow and made him pay dearly for his ill treatment, I’d have supported her if she wanted to remain with him because of Kiara but no…she had to melt like butter when she came back in town, stomping all over King a man all of us wish we could have and fall like ripe plums into the arms of her ex abuser husband…Steups…

    1. dr yes she was happy with king in london dr but due to viewers negative comment when leena as tanu been introduced as his wife (onscreen)and his dance,his words and his apppraisal and his gifts for taht whore made all made viewers to hate him and combine his name with her personally since for 3 days starting from leap he was been slammed like anything in twitter i dont know whether u gyz are there in twitter but that three days slamming him like anything ,some said supporting abi to get respect for mishel as king only abhi has been butchered,really y they made that whore to retain i dont know .i was suprised when ekta twitted that there wont be violence in her show

  5. I am new here but still I wish King and Alia fall in love with each other so that Alia’s psychopath ends and maybe she changes herself into a selfless women or a positive character cuz I am sick and tried of same story revolving again and again and again. Please Ekta have some Newsense in ur serial same murder, kidnapping, planning & plotting, making negative roles win till the last minute when it is all about “Is par ya Us par” and never ending love between the couple no matter how wrong the husband / wife were. And most of the time Wives are so Mahan that they always forgive their partners and love them till their last breath.

  6. Thank god I stop watching. Abhi will never became man. Pragya will never became woman with diginity.

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