Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Abhi notices Maya wearing Rhea’s necklace

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aryan running behind Shahana and throws water on Vikram mistakenly. Vikram sees Ranbir and asks what are you doing here? Ranbir says I came to help you. Vikram says Prachi’s mum and Sarita behen have done the work. Shahana gives him tissue paper to wipe his face. She says even I helped her. Pragya scolds her politely. Shahana tells that Aryan made her fall and laughed at her at first. Vikram says he is going home. Ranbir says I am helping Prachi’s mum. Vikram goes. Aryan is about to throw water, but Shahana gives him mother’s promise. Aryan stops and says I will take revenge tomorrow. Prachi comes to light the diya and thinks nobody looked after the God. Rhea thinks Prachi shall remove her slippers to get electrocuted. Prachi removes her slippers and tells that she will keep the baati first. Rhea hides behind the curtain and looks on. Ranbir comes there with Pragya. They see the open fire in the water. Ranbir saves Prachi and pushes her. He then asks if she is fine? Pragya is also worried for her and says someone is behind the curtain.

Abhi comes to Maya and Mohit and congratulates him. Mr. Chaubey says we shall have a family pic with you. Abhi stands between Maya and Mohit and tells her that her Papa is very happy. He says a father’s trust shall not be broken so he will not tell, but her truth will be out eventually and then she will get punishment for lifetime. He congratulates them again. Mr. Chaubey says Mr. Abhishek Mehra will sing for us. Abhi says I can’t sing as I don’t have guitar. Mr. Chaubey says he has arranged a guitar.

Rhea prays to God and asks her to save her. Pragya pulls the curtain and is about to see Rhea, but just then Prachi sneezes and Pragya turns towards her. Rhea escapes. Pragya couldn’t see her and tells Prachi that she will take her to doctor. Ranbir says he will take Prachi to inhouse doctor. Pragya says ok and asks her to take care.

Abhi takes guitar and sings the song…sun raha haina tu…..Pragya hears the song and gets emotional. Rhea sees her emotional. Pragya comes to the banquet hall where he is singing and looks at him emotionally. Rhea collides with someone and goes. Sarita behen says she don’t have manners. Pragya tries to talk to Abhi and says she is here, but Abhi couldn’t see her as he is surrounded by the fans. Mr. Chaubey asks the security to take Abhi to upstairs room. Maya gets tensed and tells her mum that she will go and get love confession note for Mohit. She goes to Rhea and tells that she is very tensed as their parents are under one roof. Rhea asks her to relax and rests till engagement. Maya says she will prepare love speech for Mohit and takes a mic from hotel staff and goes.

Prachi asks Ranbir not to worry and tells that her mum gets worried when she sneezes too. Ranbir asks if is saying truth? Pragya says she is fine. Ranbir says I see that you are trying to be away from me and pretending to fight unnecessarily, asks why you are doing this? Prachi looks at him. He asks why are you doing this? He says I know what you want to say, but what to see with your mouth. Prachi says they have come for Maya’s confession and then will leave. Ranbir holds her hands and says even I want to confess. Prachi turns to him. tu pehla pehla pyaar plays….Ranbir says I want to tell you something. Mr. Chaubey takes selfie with Abhi and says I am looking lean in this selfie. He shows his pic to Abhi. Abhi looks at Maya’s pic and says this necklace. Mr. Chaubey says his daughter has bought it for herself. A fb is shown, Abhi gifts a necklace to Rhea. Rhea likes it. Abhi says royal necklace for my royal princess. Fb ends. He excuses himself and goes. Pragya comes there and comes to know that he left. Ranbir asks her to promise that she will not get angry. Prachi looks at him and holds his hand. aankhein meri har jagah plays…..Prachi waits for him to say.

Precap: Maya sees Ranbir sitting in her room. Prachi asks Rhea not to come between her and Ranbir’s relation. Rhea says you don’t have any relation with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aryan and Shahana are cutest couple wish they were given more seen in the screen and the rest are just waste and annoying track

  2. Other than the first Arhana scene and the last Pranbir scene😍😍😍, this whole episode was again BAKWAAS🤮🤮🤮
    The electrocution and the Abhigya’s HIT AND MISS was another GLORIFICATION OF STUPIDITY.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    Seriously, only in Balaji production serials the villains keeps escaping AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN👿👿👿👿
    Arrey band bhi karo nah yeh bakwaas, thak gaya hain yaar.😡😡😡
    Arhana scene was THE CUTEST 😘😘😘coz of not only them even I loved the way Ranbir and Pragya was stuck in the middle😂😂😂, I really like Ranbir and Pragya bond🥰🥰🥰
    And I think if Sriti Jha herself was given the role of Prachi, it would have MADE a BETTER PRANBIR!😜😜😜
    I really dunno, I always feel there is NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL between Krishna Kaul-Mugdha Chapekar, it’s just a personal opinion, may differ for people.🤢🤢🤢
    Regarding the Pranbir scene it is a million dollar QUESTION wheter Ranbir will propose Prachi or not???😅😅😅
    Coz again since it’s a Balaji Production there will most likely be a HIT AND MISS🤣🤣🤣
    I really wish Ranbir proposes Prachi coz again the NONSENSICAL STRETCHING of their LOVE TRACK is getting into my nerves🤬🤬🤬

  3. Arhaan scenes were the only good things abt today’s episodes

  4. Pranbir must confess their love now ❤️❤️
    N that dumb Abhi should at least understand her daughter’s cheap tricks too.
    It’s high time 😡😡

  5. Leisa s morris

    Wat excuse is rhea gonna give her father for maya having her necklace afterall she already told him dat she offered maya money. So is he gonna believe her or realise dat his baby is a criminal like his sister.

    1. lol! Believe her? Of course he will believe her. Abhi has a disease. He always believed and protected the tuna-fish and ‘forgave’ Aliyah when he could no longer avoid the truth. Even with the tuna-fish, he kept paying for everything and had to be ENCOURAGED to confront her regarding the kidnapping of Kiara. Abhi always helps evil and remains blind to his whores, his sister and Pragya’s daughter who was sacrificed at the altar of evil which of course remains his sister. Abhi is beyond DUMB. He is insanely stupid and always obeys only evil. You’d hope with all of his experience he would have learned something. Didn’t happen.

    2. Verma4

      It’s her big day and she is from a very poor family*NOT that’s why I lent it to her for the evening. You will give it back yeah Maya, won’t you ?? Haven’t seen the episode but it’s so predictable.

      1. Leisa s morris

        Yeah but remember she is suppose to be against maya for wat she has done for to ranbir but i guess she could say shes trying to get maya to change her statement thus offered.her d chain. I dok know im just supposing here as we all know thus writers will find a way to make her get away with it.

  6. As usual, Pragya is in pain and is catering. As usual, the replicate Aliyah is a ghost hiding behind one white curtain after the next, yet never seen. I wonder if Aryan is actually interested in Shahana. Or if he is just amusing himself while his best friend sorts out his ‘love’ life. Is it even possible for mini-pragya to have feelings inside that noisy head of hers? Where is abhigya?! Their story requires a completion.

  7. All of you who are criticizing Prachi, to me it seems are jealous of her. I think she is very pretty. Ugly people always find everyone else ugly. Have them look at themselves in the mirror and see how many wrinkles they have, before criticizing others. People don’t understand that In each of us there is the Almighty ( Allah, Bhagwan, God or whatever you call him) residing and when you hurt anyone’s feelings you are hurting Him. How would any of you feel if someone wrote nasty things about you on internet. I am sure you wouldn’t want that, but remember what goes around comes around.

    Think before you write mean things about anyone.

    1. I read through the comments again, today and I didn’t see anyone calling Prachi ugly. Ugly also refers to ugly behaviour, ugly thought or ugly in features as compared through standards that were set up in our very genetics. Well, these days set up by a bunch of gay men who own the international fashion industries. This is a visual media. Specific people are hired for specific roles, looks and unfortunately are used for their appearance, whether ugly or beautiful. So many people want to be ‘beautiful’ that they go to ridiculous lengths to change their appearance. they clearly have a belief that beautiful is better. Yes, I agree, this is a fault in their heart, not their appearance. However, as this is visual media, the actors/actresses know exactly what they are getting themselves into. they are putting themselves on the public stage and desire the judgement of viewers and audience. Look at how honoured they feel when they get attention on red carpets etc. The whole situation and environment is ugly. The problem and issues that you bring up are little bigger than someone complaining about ugliness. Also remember that the forum is set up for opinion sharing. I respect your opinion. I wish that the reality was different. it is not. And this is a forum where many commentators feel safe to allow their personal emotions to fly… including me. I would like to hear/read all of the feelings and opinions. and then as an intelligent adult I will likely learn about myself and others and grow. All we can do is hope and remember that there is always some truth somewhere in what is said. when and if someone says something ‘hurtful’ to you, then examine it. learn, grow or let go of it. Especially if it is your job (actor) to portray a certain look. After all, the hurtful statement could very well be truth. “God or whatever you call him”, knows that humans are learning. and it is good that people like you exist to remind others to be conscious of their actions.

    2. @Jess Jones
      Jealous my foot Jess🤬🤬🤬, I do criticize Prachi but not her BEAUTY, coz I ALWAYS have AGREED SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️, but rather I criticize shitty ACTING🤢🤢🤢 and her USELESS OVERJUDGING ALWAYS BLAMING CHARACTER! 👎👎👎👎
      I think you are in LOVE with her that is you are so concerned for her feelings🤭🤭🤭,
      If you are so interested then you should ask FOR HER HAND IN INTERNET like you are asking us to stop CRITICIZING HER on internet,😅😅😅
      But unfortunately Jess I guess she is ALREADY MARRIED, so better LUCK next time!😜😜😜
      And you need not teach OTHERS WHAT TO DO, coz we know what we are doing here!😝😝😝

    3. @Jess Jones.
      Please read our previous comments. We have always said the actress is beautiful, but, we don’t like her acting and her pairing with Krishna. Mudha should have either be paired with someone of her age or Ranbir with someone of his age. And dunno about the wrinkle thing, but, no one gets them at the age of 36, it maybe just due to the makeup, as Naira and other actors with heavy makeup’s wrinkles are also visible. When we like Pranbir scenes we appreciate, when we dislike, we criticize, and, I don’t think it’s called jealousy, but opinion. If you read today’s comment by @Lisa, she has talked about how good the last Pranbir scene was, and I agree with her on that. Their pairing doesn’t look good to the viewers, still we are all trying to accept. They have a huge age gap, and it is clearly visible. And about nasty comments, we here are still decent, just go and have a look at twitter and Instagram, the Abhigya fans thrash this dp to this extent that they bash the actors even on their personal handles, whenever, anyone from dp posts a pic, the Abhigya fans start abusing them, bashing them #reincarnateAbhigya is the hashtag they are using. The thing is tracks are repetitive, we have been seeing this shi* since last 5 years and are so done with it.

      1. @Serial Hater
        Thank you so much Smriti🙏🙏🙏,
        You have explained and dealt with the rude comment in a better manner than me😘😘😘

  8. Verma4

    Are Pragya and Abhi leaving in 2 different parallel worlds as they have more misses than an out of form batsman.

    1. And yet it is Abhigya who won the best jodi award at some celebration/awards show. The passion shared through their acting/chemistry is still what keeps many viewers waiting. Others have given up. The producers surely need to finish the abhigya story. Waiting for abhigya is torture because the replacement story is… a horrible consolation prize. Like a punishment.

  9. Why cant they stop airing this or wrap it up. No story line. Always hit n miss

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