Kumkum Bhagya 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya visits Abhi’s office to apologize to Vikram

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The Episode starts with Shahana telling Prachi that if she heard and says I used to tell and you used to think Rhea is like your sister and you feel that she is right, even though I said that she is not right. She says you heard everything with your ears now. Prachi looks at Rhea standing on the corridor. Shahana goes to Rhea and says my sister will talk to you. Rhea says you are saying as if she called her Bhai. Prachi comes to her and asks her to come with her. Rhea asks her to say it here also. Prachi says don’t tell me later that my scolding have spoiled your image. Rhea asks her to come to point. Prachi says you did all that with us as I let you do this, but I won’t let you bully my sister. Rhea says I haven’t done it and says she don’t do middle class things. Prachi says my mother tells that when someone does bad with us, we shall not fall to their level and asks her to apologize to Shahana. Rhea says apologize to Shahana? She asks why? She says she didn’t do that intentionally. Prachi says she heard her friends telling that she did it intentionally and then winked at them. Rhea says if you think then I have done it and asks what you will do. She asks her to be in her limits. She says you have come here with scholarship and tells that she has won many awards, medals and much more. Teachers and students admire her and look upto her, want to be Rhea Mehra. She says who are you? I will tell you who are you and says you came to my house as the waitress. She says you will be the same middle class girl and I will be Rhea Mehra. Prachi asks her to stop and says this is the fight of two minds and says I will fight for every girl who comes from different cities. She says they come here to study and become big. She says she will show her their class. Rhea says I really don’t care and says you can never defeat me and you will never have my class. A student tells that Principal called them.

Pragya tells Sarita that she was wrong to scold Mr. Kohli and says being straightforward is not good at times. Sarita behen says you didn’t interfere when he was talking on phone and says he might be talking to Mr. Mehra. She asks her to apologize to Vikram. Pragya says I will apologize to him. Sarita behen asks him to go infront and apologize to him. Pragya says I will go and apologize to him for all the scoldings. Sarita behen asks her to go fast. Pragya says if he is thinking negative then. Sarita behen asks her to go and says all the best. Vikram calls Abhi. Abhi says I understand it was your trick to identify what I was going to do. Vikram says you have understood, but someone took it seriously. Abhi says he has taken a decision and canceled Juneja’s deal. He says I will come to office and will make you understand. Vikram says ok. Pragya stops Taxi and sees an old lady trying to cross the road. She asks the old lady, shall I help you to cross the road. Old lady says yes and says nobody comes to help. She tries to make her cross the road. While they were crossing the road, two guys come in their car and rings the horn. Pragya asks them to stop honking and takes his car keys. One of the guy takes out the gun and aims at Pragya. Police reaches there and they try to flee. Pragya catches the guy pointing gun at her head and handovers him to police. Other guy escapes. The arrested guy stares Pragya before he is taken by the Police. Pragya helps the lady cross the road and thinks she will not tell her family about the happenings.

Principal asks Rhea and Prachi about their fight. Prachi says Rhea started the fight. Rhea says Prachi came to me. Prachi says I just asked her to apologize to Shahana for splashing muddy water on her. Rhea says I didn’t do, she is lying. Pragya says she is lying. Principal says you both are fighting infront of me and asks them to bring their parents tomorrow. He says I need to sort this out and asks them to leave.

Abhi reaches office and asks receptionist to send some water. He thinks Vikram will be surprised to see him, thinks he does all the work and Vikram is lazy. Pragya comes to office and asks receptionist about Mr. Mehra. Receptionist says he is there. Pragya tries to look at him, but he goes to cabin. Receptionist asks peon to take her to conference room. Abhi is in the meeting and tells about yeh hai mohabbatein song, says it started with knock. Just then Pragya knocks on the door. Abhi drops his file and sits to pick it. Pragya thinks I have to meet Mr. Kohli, says sorry and goes. Abhi senses her presence. Pragya tells Peon that she wants to meet Mr. Kohli, she told Mr. Mehra by mistake. Abhi comes out, but don’t see Pragya. He goes back to conference room. Prachi tells Shahana that Principal called her mother tomorrow to talk to Rhea and Me infront of her. Shahana says Rhea will increase her numbers infront of Maasi. Prachi says Maa will feel let down due to this and says she don’t like this. Shahana goes following her.

Pragya comes to Receptionist and says she wants to meet Mr. Kohli. Peon takes her to Vikram’s cabin. Vikram says I know you will say sorry to me now. Pragya says how do you know? Vikram says I was talking to my secretary and said she will say sorry. Pragya says I scolded you many times, I am actually sorry. She says you doesn’t know about it, I scolded you for getting my daughter rusticated from college and yesterday when you was joking with your friend then I scolded you. Vikram says I like the way you scolded me and says I felt good and thinks such people are there who don’t back off to show the right path to others. He says I was expecting this from my friend, but he said that he is busy and driving, have to go to meeting. Pragya asks why didn’t you tell that you are not Mr. Mehra. She recalls Vikram clearing her and says I didn’t give you a chance to speak. Vikram says I talk less. He asks her to thank Sarita behen for protecting his image. Pragya says did you forgive me? Vikram says surely. He says do you want to see Rhea’s father, Mr. Mehra and says see so that you don’t do mistake next time. He asks her to scold Mr. Mehra next time and call him there to see his reaction. He shows Abhi’s pic on his mobile. Pragya takes mobile in her hand and looks shocked.

Precap: Beeji asks Abhi to meet Prachi’s mum and says she shall know who are you in real life. Abhi says he will meet her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sir me aapka best fen hu my name is arman malik h

  2. Has Rhea looked at herself in the mirror lately?? What a sorry soul. Whoever is dressing her needs to rethink her strategy.

  3. RaajaKumaar

    OMG, In the upcoming ep Abhi goes to meet Pragya and then gets into a car accident and then gets partial memory loss??. It was just a joke but I won’t be surprised if this happens, by the way, any other viewers that are not Indian pls let me confirm that this is not 1 percent how Indians are like.. In Indian culture, if someone comes to meet you then give them snacks with tea and if you for some reason don’t meet them then you compelled to meet them! In this show, they show Indians as dumb and stupid and the police let not even talk about it.. these characters created by the “Great” Ekta Kapoor are just like the “great” ekta. I mean no one in this show is mentally healthy??. As if discrimination against Indians are not enough that this so-called “family dramas” what others watch actually believe all this shit ?.I request who reads this comment realizes that trying to kill someone countlessly is not all Indians and I hope that no one stereotypes Indians as the “great” ekta.. also before I used to complain that when they show a 25 yrs leap the actresses leave and they replace or kill the character.. but now after seeing what Sriti’s doing to herself I’m actually wishing no one does what Sriti A.K.A Pragya did by continuing this vomit vomiting bhagya and what does she get? low dress quality, cheap makeup artists, less screen space.. I don’t even think Sriti and Shabir are important to the show anymore! Sriti should play “Kiara” or just leave now! Kiara could make this Rhea granny straight.

    1. None of the characters are important. The producer has succeeded! she plowed the field in a way that nothing, absolutely nothing lives there anymore. There is no real story. They keep making more potentials or future possibilities, but there has been only quiet confusions, meanderings and an introduction to a new form of sleaze. (mini-Aliyah) They could have made it interesting sleaze but they chose ineffective, blase sleaze I remain thankful that the tuna-fish is safe in another tank somewhere far away. Hers was simply annoying, bad acting sleaze. The energy in the ‘air’ has shifted a little from where it’s been for the last six months. I would expect a different tone soon. With luck, the current director will find that treasure of creative talent locked within her, somewhere, really deep, maybe. I hope so, but I doubt that will happen. This director has no spark whatsoever. Maybe that is why Ekta is so worried. Maybe she realized that she may have made a grave error with this director. She should be doing textbook/science productions for education, not fiction. I thought directors where supposed to know how to ‘read’ people. This director is doing a watercolour when an oil painting is called for.

  4. If she leaves this story how will should provide money to her bf na she has to think about that na .she is just proving hm everything then how can she leave this series just doent she wants to provide hm everything

  5. sunanda pallapati

    ya now surely pragya will run away from that office and abhi. this will continue till they die. as I already said. they feel their presence and still they don’t meet. and their stupid daughters are thinking of themselves so great.oh my God this is all unnecessary drag. s

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