Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi speaks his heart out infront of King

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling King that they know their relation truth and he is behaving as if they are husband and wife. King replies that you are right, I over reacted, but I can care and we are friends and very good friends. He says nobody is important to him than Kiara and her and if they would not have been in his life then his life would not be the same. He says I will always care for you even if you do something, have something or get fat, I will care for you until your life is in danger. Pragya says even I care for my life and worries about Kiara. She says she will inform him wherever and whenever she goes. King jokes and says don’t call me else I will think my old girl friend is getting tensed. Pragya says even I felt the same when you were worried and says their relation is

unique. She goes to meet Kiara. King gets Ashish’s call and thinks of Pragya’s words. Pragya goes to Kiara and apologizes holding her ears. Kiara asks her not to cry and hugs her. She says I am not angry as you was not with me when I got the trophy, but I am angry as you couldn’t meet my superman. Pragya hugs her. Kiara praises Abhi and tells that he is my best friend, best buddy and fake dad. She hugs Pragya. Pragya feels she could have told her that he is her real father and thinks blood relations meet somewhere, although they give different name. Kiara goes to drink water. Pragya thinks he is her favorite too, but can’t tell both of them about their relation.

Abhi is in restaurant and drinking. He thinks about his moments with Pragya and the mouth to mouth resuscitation, their conversation etc. He talks to Waiter and says he thought to take drink’s help, but it is of no use. He says this is not the medicine for pain. A man announces that his girl friend agreed to marry him. Abhi hears them and tells waiter that a man cries later in love. Man comes to Abhi and asks if he has really experienced the love which he mentions in his songs. Abhi says how to make the love reach you if I had not experienced it. He says people are happy until they are not in love. He says it seems you are deeply in love, but love gives pain. King comes there and hears his words. Abhi says love will make you cry first and then will go far from you. He says my love went far from me, I don’t cry now, but my heart cries still. Man says my love will never leave me. Abhi says it is side effect of love, nobody will understand it. He says I thought I am lucky, but it is not. He sees King and says he is lucky. He tells King that he is jealous of him. King meets Ashish and says can we have a meeting tomorrow, as my friend needs me. He asks waiter to give lemon water for Abhi and says he will take him to a good place. Abhi says lets go.

Mitali is nervous for Neha’s alliance. Purab asks Raj, why didn’t he tell him. Raj smiles. Dadi jokes. Tanu and Aaliya come there and comes to know about the alliance. Groom’s family come to see Neha. Dadi likes the groom Rishan and says fix the marriage. Tai ji says first let them see Neha. Mitali comes to Neha and says groom’s family is waiting for you. Neha says I don’t want to meet them. Mitali says you have to else I will call your Papa. She asks her to smile and not to talk much. She tells her that the guy is from a very good family and earns much. Neha goes straight from the room. Disha hears them and gets tensed. Mitali asks Disha to give tea to guests. Disha asks if Neha don’t want to marry? Mitali says my decision will be right, she will be happy. She asks her to give tea to guests.

King takes Abhi to a certain place. Abhi likes the place. King asks what is going on? Abhi says some storm is going on inside. King asks him to unburden his heart. Abhi says I don’t want to lighten my heart. He asks did you love someone anytime? He then says that I am a stupid guy to question this and says you must have loved Pragya as you got married to her. He says your wife is really good and love just happens when being with good people. He gives example of a rose. King smiles. Abhi says I am making you understand, but I don’t understand myself. King says it is difficult to understand you. Abhi says if you think me of music nodes then will understand else it will be complicated. He says I never knew when I fell in love with..and thinks of Pragya. Abhi says I never thought that I will fall in love with her, as she was not my type, that is what I felt. I never cared about her or her feelings, but when love happened, I just cared for her only. Abhi says when someone is in love then his world is different and it is his love, but if his love is not near him then you go far from the world. He says if you get your love then you don’t need anything. King reminisces about Pragya and gets engrossed in her thoughts hearing about the true meaning of love from Abhi.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. King’s expression as he is informed by Pragya on the status of their relationship was perfect. We know that he is wondering, considering and hoping for a shift. Well communicated! Well acted! It was a pleasure to watch Mithali as she is being set up for some more screen time, I hope. I have always liked the work of this actress. And Abhi? Finally, he is being treated by the writers as a grown up man. A refreshing performance. And notice that Tuna and Aliyah didn’t even need to appear. This production could move forward easily without the presence of these two characters. Get rid of them! Start that new chapter in KKB. Even as I dislike and offer only rebuke for Bubbly disappearing (producer’s manipulative move with absolutely no respect for the actress and far too much reliance on manipulative, economic bottom lines versus creativity. Ekta made it easy for herself, by shelving an inconvenient truth, as usual), I am interested in Ekta’s next move. Is this producer capable of real creativity or will she continue to blunder through life (getting richer by the second) just like her characters Tuna and Aliyah? You know, relying on manipulations and pay-offs to get the control she needs in order to feel safe, personally….all from her personal ATM machine. Abhi for the characters of Tuna/Aliyah. Daddy and friends for the producer. If you are reading my comments, you already know that I see Tuna and Aliyah as the perfect mirror for Ekta’s own personal negativity. One can hope that if those characters leave perhaps Ekta might give herself the opportunity to explore the more mature side of herself. It has to be hiding somewhere in that brain, heart, body and spirit of hers. One must hope it will not forever remain hidden. After all, evil cannot exist without at least one spark of light, within. Abhi is nurturing his spark of light. Perhaps, Ekta might find hers. Her pretending, doesn’t really work for those who are able to see beyond the manipulative behaviour.
    Maybe she’ll let Pragya grow up instead of having Pragya become more insipid and continue to join the virtual stupidity of Aliyah/Tuna.

    1. I will say she is reading and coming out form her negative writing. but Pragya was a running Abhi business and a teacher . Come on Indian teacher dump. . and to let king to fall in love with Pragya and why is he in her bed room? you don’ let men walk into your room. The closing of the window is repeated. . Too much dreaming and repeats. and for the kids yes, 7 yrs but not old to get marry!!!! do the math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Not even if they they live in the same household? And have been the child’s father? Because a trust has grown over the seven years? That’s a hard one, as it is ‘cultural’.

  2. It’s been a long time since I have been on this site KKB,as I am reading I have notice nothing has changed. Suddenly King realized he has feelings for Pragya how pathetic of Ekta. She is going to do what she always does “give us the royal round a bout”,before she crucifies King’s character,I can see in the near future King’s character will have shades of negativity,which is not going to go down too well with us the viewers. You know her storyline I am sure is very much like her life,I do not know the woman so I cannot judge it’s just my assumption. Here we are afraid of losing what we have all the time, holding on to it so tight that not a soul can touch it. We think by hiding it from the world it’s hidden and it’s ours. Nothing is Nothing ever will be for nothing ever was. If you think there is anything that you have that’s yours be it money a house job etc… It’s nothing but an illusion. It will all disappear in one second yeah in one second. Here we are so insecure that we are afraid of re- starting our lives so we just carry on trying to sort out the current mess.The thought that we should give it all up and just start all over with nothing might cross our minds sometimes sure,but we get scared and we push away anything that scares us. There is nothing one can ever achieve or gain that they cannot lose in a matter of seconds. One have never gained enough to not be able to lose it all in just seconds what you think is yours was never yours and will never be yours whatever you make here you leave here. So what are we afraid of??? Let all be lost,as long as you have your heart beating strong as long as the blood flows in your veins,you will live you will breathe and you can get it all back…again and again. For,if you can do it once you can damn well do it again it’s just a game we play….. LIFE. Jeez I went in and on sorry.

    1. I’m glad that you went on! I am a living example (like many others) of the experience! Once you recognize the ‘Dance of life’, remembering that ego is necessary to exist here… then it is all a show. And every single human has the ability to reach that state of non-attachment. It is then, where your creativity… intelligent heart, may arise and your intentions become clear to those who have chosen to listen, see and feel honestly, first their own natures (healing) and then the others who are also ‘awakening’ or ‘growing up’ as I prefer. Reaching the black space of ‘nothing/no-thing’ is where manifestation really occurs, The place where true conscious will, is exercised. This, with a life where I chose to do the things that I was most frightened of doing. And fear disappeared.
      I write my observations here, as I see this production, currently, as a tool to keep viewers stuck in the hellish regions of the Dance (emotional/physical addictions), so that a few may ride the backs of the many. The few of course, fulfilling, easing their insatiable need/addiction to money/power/s*x all so they can avoid facing themselves. Thank-you for your words, Jayashree. And I absolutely agree, of course the producer will pulverize King. That’s all she knows how to do… currently. I can’t imagine what wonderful things this woman is capable of creating, when and if she grows up. And actually did some real work. Likely, we will never know.

  3. You are most welcome hun and by your writings one can tell you are a very intelligent human being I read all your comments but do not really comment I had come off from KKB because Ekta keeps going around in circles probably her intentions are good but she is not that good at putting it in writing.

    1. Ha! Ha! a very old bumper sticker quote, “And those that run around in circles shall be known as wheels” being called a wheel at that time/culture was a sign of the person going nowhere. I prefer calling them gerbil wheels. I have not met a single human who has not jumped on a wheel at some point in their life! Everybody gets stuck at some point. Just good old fashioned processing/learning. Not a life sentence.

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