Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi calls Police to search Priyanka’s body

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that Priyanka can’t die. Abhi says she is dead as I read her letter. He says she has written clearly that Rishi had come to apologize to her, but he insulted her and made her commit suicide. Rishi says I will call her, she must be there, she can’t commit suicide. Abhi takes phone from Rishi’s hand and asks him to come with him. He drags him out. Pragya goes with them. Aaliya comes to Disha’s house and asks if you will not welcome me. Disha says guests are welcome and not uninvited guests. Aaliya says what to do with you, as you came in my life. She says you are the second woman and also the fallen woman. Disha asks her to mind her language. Aaliya threatens her to stay away from her husband and stop dreaming to get him. She asks her to stay away else bad thing will happen with her. Disha asks are you threatening me? Aaliya says didn’t you know what I have done to get him when I was not his wife, and asks her to think what she can do when he is her husband now, and they have a son together. She asks her to stay away from Purab and leave.

Rishi brings Abhi and Pragya to the place near the cliff. He says she was here. Abhi says I am scared if something happens to her. Rishi tells Pragya that Priyanka is trapping him and says if she really committed suicide then why she would have moved the burning sticks. He says I should have listened to you and not met her. Abhi gets a call from Inspector. He tells Rishi and pragya that he filed FIR.

Disha comes to Purab’s office and asks Peon about him. Peon says he is going to his cabin. Disha goes to his cabin. Purab is surprised to see her and says sorry for Diwali Night. Disha says I came to ask you, why this thing happens with me. She says since I met you again, something happens with me daily. Purab asks what happened? Disha says you have troubled me and asks did I give you any indication that I want to come back to you. Purab says you have no relation with Hritik. Disha says I am not your wife and you shall not care if I lie. She says I am happy without you. Purab says you came to tell you this. Disha says I cleared to you that I don’t want you in my life, and asks him to go home and tell his wife that she is not interested in him. She says I let her say me anything this time, but next time if she comes, I will file harassment case against her. She says this is applicable to you too.

Police comes to the cliff side. Abhi tells Police that Priyanka committed suicide because of Rishi. Pragya says you can’t tell that she committed suicide, she must have gone somewhere. Abhi says she has written a letter. Abhi asks where is that note? Abhi says it is not with me. Constable gets her mobile phone. Abhi asks Pragya to pray that nothing happens to Priyanka.

Aryan and Ranbir come home playing. Aryan takes Prachi’s name. Ranbir says Prachi, steps on the ball and falls down. Prachi laughs seeing him fallen down. Ranbir looks at her…Song plays…..rehjaane de…kehna jo plays….

Prachi helps him get up and says you are heavy. She asks Aryan, did you see how he fell down? Aryan says like tom and jerry. Prachi says it was funny. Ranbir asks did you come to meet me? Prachi asks Aryan to make him some what better? Pallavi comes and takes Prachi with her. Aryan asks Ranbir what happened and tells that Prachi likes my type of guys, but she is like my sister. Ranbir says she is good, but not my type.

Abhi asks Police to search Priyanka. Pragya sees something and goes there. Abhi looks at Rishi who panics. Pragya gets something stuck in the tree. Abhi says I told you not to go near Priyanka and asks how dare you to touch her. Pragya stops Abhi and says you are thinking him wrong. Police holds Abhi. Police team tells Abhi that they found a suitcase, but not any dead body. They tell that they have to take Rishi to Police station. Pragya hopes Priyanka is alive.

Priyanka is in the car and driving it. She recalls Rishi slapping her and thinks everything could have been good between them, then why did he bring Pragya between us, and then I have to bring chucks between us. She says I will not go to jail and will not send Rishi also, but will ruin his life. She says I will write his life story and he can’t do anything. She says he will not be arrested, but he has to go to Police station daily, I will watch his ruined life on TV and newspaper. She says nobody will marry you now. She wears googles and comes to a hotel. She thinks it is not of her standard and is about to go. Receptionist asks may I help you? Priyanka says I can’t stay here as it is shady and dirty. The receptionist tells that she is new here and tells that the manager gives room to anyone without taking ID. Priyanka tells that she will take up room. Receptionist asks for her ID. Priyanka writes Seema and reminds her of what she said. Receptionist tells that it will be 100 extra.

Pragya reaches the Police station and asks Abhi, where is Rishi? Police constables bring Rishi there. Rishi says we got late. Pragya says you left before me. Inspector says we stopped on the way to question him. Abhi says what he said? Inspector says he told us and it was a not like a story. According to him, Priyanka is mad about him and wanted to marry him. She tried to marry him. Abhi says what proof you want and says I told you what was written in the letter. Inspector says you didn’t show us letter, the truth is complicated and result is shocking. Abhi asks if Rishi will not be arrested. Pragya says no.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that he didn’t know Priyanka’s truth. She is something else infront of him. She tells that every proof is against Priyanka. Abhi says you couldn’t identify Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. psychopath Priyanka and dumbest Abhi. and the stupidest story ever

    1. I agreed 10000000000000000000000000% this show is so messed up the story kept replaying over n over n over 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  2. I thought, I read in the updates that after the incident with Prachi and Sanju, that Abhi was beginning to suspect. Priyanka?? LOL. I get it’s amnesia….of course…..no logic in this series….poor writers. They can’t even keep their ridiculous stories straight.

  3. holly crap

  4. Priyanka is daughter of Tanu. She does not make suicide and gone some other place the rhea conversation with daughter (Reha) tells that priyanka is with me and not done suicide.

    Rishi is son of King . The king married with Anuradha daughter of Sarita bhean,
    Purab will get accident and will be in hospital that time I love of Disha in front of Alliya another issue will be takes place.
    Disha is bulbul it is helped by King .

    Ekta kapoor drag this incidents in such ways make the serial boring

    1. But how come Vijay because,
      King, tanu got married or consummated extra-maritally 😅😅😅only after Prachi-Rhea’s birth🤔🤔🤔, so Rishi, Priyanka should be younger than them, but Priyanka told that she is a year older than Rhea😒😒😒.
      And Tanu had turned sterile after she lost Nikhil’s child😝😝😝, so how can she become MOTHER of Priyanka????🤭🤭🤭
      What rubbish????😡😡😡
      KKB Production shit drama 😜😜😜

  5. Verma4

    Feckin stupid Abhi is of his head , so Rishi is guilty because the note says so, lets hang him now !!! and Aaliya is so insecure . Time to turn to a new track. Disha should file an AVO against Aaliya. Priyanka needs to be held accounted for her actions.

  6. Leisa s morris

    Ok so someting just occurred to me,I mean we all know either these writers are batshit crazy or just flippantly changes script hoping d viewers wont notice or dat it wont come to our attention. Albeit we sometimes dont see it immediately but we always see it. Take dis for example,priyanka,prachi and rishi works at d same place,which is run by a Meyra who pragya has never met nor even know his first name right yet pragya knows abhi is priyanka uncle and both she and rishi wrks for abhi and so prachi must to. So how in tarnation hasnt pragya come to d conclusion dat Meyra and Abishek Meyra are one and d same? And if dats d case then she should also realize dat prachi and abhi already knows each other so why havent she smh hmmmm. Only on a zee serial eh. As for priyanka abhi has already started thinkin negative of her so how far fetch would it b to actually believe dat she can be pulling d wool over his eyes. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before with his psychotic sister and all d while blaming pragya only to realise he was wrong. But abhishek meyra never likes to admit hes wrong bout anyting even if all d evidence says so,so lets just hang rishi one time as he is guilty and priyanka is d victim. Another ting pragya wants to meet her daughter and it was decided dat dey will both meet each daughter respectively yet abhi just sent rhea away without even thinking bout his promise to pragya. But we all know why d writers sent her away at dis time dont we? As without her constant interference both ranbir and prachi would get closer and realise their feelings for each other and by d time rhea returns ranbir will b fully in love with prachi and aware of it.

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