Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nikhil attempts to kidnap Kiara

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The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that even she had seen dream to have a daughter like Kiara. Pragya says how can I tell, as I didn’t meet her. Abhi shows her pic and says she is like me and nakchadi too. She is like my daughter, I love her, she is my cutie pie, my lovely angry bird. Pragya thinks I don’t know why I couldn’t tell you about Kiara. Aaliya calls Bahadur and asks him to bring coffee. Tanu asks why is she upset. Bahadur comes and collides with the table. Aaliya scolds him and asks him to keep her laptop in room. Tanu asks what happened and says you are sounding rude. Aaliya tells that she went to music company and collided with King, who told that I have nobody to take care of me, like he has Pragya to care for him. Tanu says there is nobody to care for us and says we

think about ourselves, but Pragya thinks about others. She asks shall we change our approach and says we can’t snatch anything from Pragya. Aaliya asks if she is fine and says you are sounding like Dasi. They call bahadur to have coffee.

Abhi tells Pragya that he feels connection with Kiara. Tarun and Neha are there, and tell each other that Abhi-Pragya are enjoying their date. Kiara calls Pragya and asks her to pick her. Sunny calls Abhi and asks him to pick him. Abhi tells Pragya that he has to go and have to end their date right here, if she wants to continue then he will be back soon. He tells that he will meet Kiara there. Pragya gets tensed and calls Kiara. She tells her that she can’t come, and asks her to come with Myra. Kiara asks shall I go with superman. Pragya says no and asks her to come with Myra. She informs Neha and Tarun that Abhi left to pick Sunny, and she is also leaving.

Abhi comes to the party and calls Sunny and Kiara. He says I will drop you home and have to go somewhere. Kiara asks him to take him to park. Abhi refuses. Kiara emotionally blackmails him. Abhi agrees and takes them to park. Pragya calls abhi and asks if he dropped Sunny. Abhi says no and tells about Kiara blackmailing him. He says he is thinking to marry her mom. He says I know you are missing me and says I will come. Kiara goes out on road to get her ball. She sees John’s murderer Nikhil and thinks to inform Abhi.

Abhi tells Pragya that Kiara made him fake dad just to participate in activity. Kiara comes to Abhi. Abhi asks her to have milk icecream and continues talking to Pragya. Kiara thinks murderer might go and thinks to go and check. Nikhil calls Tanu and thinks she is not picking his call, and that she shall not take him for granted. He sits in car and sees Kiara trying to puncture his car tyre. He recalls tanu sending her Kiara’s pic. He gets down from the car and says you are Pragya’s daughter. Kiara says no. Nikhil walks towards her. Kiara is scared and moves back. Nikhil looks here and there and lifts Kiara. Kiara says I had seen you killing that uncle. Nikhil says I didn’t kill anyone till now, you are mistaken. Kiara says you are lying, I will help Police to search you. Nikhil signs her to be quiet. She tries to run, but Nikhil catches her and takes her in his car. He sits in his car.

Abhi ends the call and asks Sunny about Kiara. Sunny says she didn’t come to take icecream and says he saw her last when she went to get football. Pragya thinks Abhi has real father feelings for Kiara and thinks when they will meet. Kiara tries to run, Nikhil catches her and asks her to sit quietly. She calls Superman. Abhi hears her voice and gets worried.

Kiara again runs out of car and tries to come to Abhi, when Nikhil hits her with his car and escape. Abhi shouts Kiara and sees her injured on road.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think now he will find out because they will need blood

  2. Didn’t I mention a few episodes back that they would try to do something to Kiara??? This better end well. but I think that when Abhi finds out that Kiara is his daughter he will be upset at Pragya and try to take her away from her mother. This show never seems to have happy outcomes and if it does have a happy outcome, it’s very short lived.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Pragya cant hide now as a mother her first priority will b the wellbeing of her child and yes im sure blood will come to play now

  4. Well, they have picked back up the John story, the blood/Kiara accident story now that they have finished giving screen time to Tuna and Abhigya for their voting games. Those orange chairs for Aliyah and Tuna are telling in so many ways. Two crime lords sitting on their as*xual thrones. If Nikhil is finally identified then perhaps Tuna will finally get kicked out. But Kiara might face memory loss and forget that she had a mother and think that Abhi and Tuna are her parents. Tuna just adds to the slime factor by thinking about ‘becoming’ a caring person. I’m still asking , where’s Robin?

  5. God when will this serial end. The writers are so caught up with promoting negativety that they have not even spared the child… Also none of the so called crimes are ever investigated and if they are, they are not brought to a logical conclusion where the culprits are exposed and punished, on the contrary the accused is having a blast and is busy planning the next crime. KKB had lost its BARC viewership ranking over the last 2-3 months so to bring up the ranking the writers used the abhigya trick by showing them together, now that they KKB is in the top 5 again they have resorted to crime and negativety… Now Kiara being in hospital abhi will come to know that Kiara is his daughter ans his male ego and arrogance will once again take over and he will blame pragya and maybe fight for custody, all evil will once agian be forgotten and aliya and tanu will once again brainwash him and he being a puppet will dance to their tunes,as he was never a man that be claims to be. Hopefully now pragya should take the devi avatar and try to punish aliya, tanu and nikhil for what they have done to Kiara but again in Ekta’s show showing something positive is a dream that can never be true, guess even GOD has given up hope.SO. NOW ONCE AGAIN BE READY FKR CRIME AND EVIL TO TAKE PRECEDENCE AND PRAGYA BEING A MEEK VICTIM, because i m sure that the evil trio aliya,tanu and nikhil will now threaten pragya and blackmail her with Kiara safety and pragya will leave and go even without fighting for justice.

  6. Leisa s morris

    Ok so I have a question well several really. Firstly doesnt any investigation ever takes place in d Mehra mansion after a fire. I mean I know of atleast 3 fires in d kitchen alone and each time pragya and abhi r in it…u would think dat someone would want to know if is arson or accidents like d FIRE DEPARTMENT. Secondly Robin has been a loyal servant in d Mehra household yet after his brothers death life went on as normal for everyone, doesnt he deserve to have his brothers murder investigated thoroughly? Thirdly kiara give d police a description of d killer y didnt d police bring it to d attention of d family members to see if anyone could identify him? Dats wat policing is about isnt it? Fourth how is it dat a child comes from foreign,starts goin to a house and noone questions who her parents r or even their names smh and never once meets d parents. I could go on and on but I will rest it dey

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