Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi saves Prachi on their first meeting

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beeji asking Pragya to let Prachi go to Delhi and asks her not to bind her due to her past. Pragya goes to room and takes out Prachi’s clothes. Prachi asks what are you doing? Pragya tells that Beeji is right and tells that her past will not affect her future and says you will go to Delhi. Shahana says she will call Chachi and tell her that she is returning. Pragya asks Prachi to study well. Beeji asks her to tell Delhi people that they are from hosiarpur and asks them not to do any cleverness. Aaliya shows a singer’s pic to Abhi. Abhi says his voice is not touching heart and says a singer’s voice shall touch hearts. Dadi says he stopped singing and doesn’t like others singing. She says he has opened a music company with Vikram for the new talent. A lady tells that the

folk sister who was introduced three years back is a superstar now. Abhi says your son Ranbir is a superstar. Aaliya tells Abhi that he is getting an award. Vikram comes and shows the award function details. His beeji comes and tells Abhi that he should have made Vikram as lawyer’s assistant and prays that he gets all the award. Abhi thanks Vikram and gives half credit to him for investing money. Vikram says Abhi chooses the talent. Vikram’s wife tells that this company is of both. Aaliya asks abhi not to refuse the award. Vikram’s wife says you truly deserve. Rhea comes and says nobody is asking me, and tells that Dad’s company runs because of her lucky charm. He asks what do you want? She says you are my award. Abhi says if your mum had taken you from me that day and gets emotional. Aaliya tries to comfort him. Rhea hugs Abhi. Abhi says Rhea is my life.

Prachi and Shahana get on the bus for Delhi. Shahana asks her to start studying after reaching there. Prachi says my day used to start with maa and gets teary eyes. Shahana says you both are strange. A fb is shown, Pragya searches for the medicine pouch before they leave, and thinks where is it? Beeji asks her not to get upset. Pragya says who will take care of her. Prachi kisses on her forehead. Pragya kisses on her forehead. Prachi says medicine pouch is in Shahana’s bag. She says she will miss her. Prachi says wherever I go, I will be incomplete. Pragya is waiting for Prachi’s call and tells Beeji that she shall call and tell that she reached safely. Beeji says you are saying as if Abhi is sitting there and kidnap her. She then says Abhi and the destiny must have forgotten Prachi by now.

Prachi and Shahana land in Delhi. Prachi thinks she can’t forget the past and thinks because of her father, her mum cried all life and thinks her father left her mum. Prachi and Shahana are on the road, when the address paper fall down. They run after the paper. Abhi is talking to Rhea on call and asks her to come when he receives the award. Rhea says she will come surely. Paper falls infront of Abhi’s car. Prachi tries to pick it. Abhi is about to hit Prachi, but handles his car. He stops his car. Pragya senses something and calls Prachi. Beeji asks what happened? Pragya says Prachi is in some problem. Beeji says you are worried as you have sent kids alone for the first time. Pragya says she can sense that Prachi was in trouble, but now save. She calls her, but the phone is unreachable. Abhi stops his car. Shahana asks Prachi if she is fine. Abhi comes to Prachi and asks what I would have replied to your parents if something had happened to you. Shahana turns to Abhi. Abhi turns and goes towards his car. He gets something and tells stupid girl. Rhea asks if he is telling her. Abhi says no, you are my daughter. Prachi looks at him. Abhi also looks at her. kyunki tum dhadkan main dil plays……

Abhi says I am talking to my daughter and asks her to wait. He takes out ear phones and asks if she was trying to commit suicide. Prachi nods no. Abhi asks her to be careful next time and be save. Prachi smiles and says thank you sir. Someone asks Abhi to move the car. Abhi asks Prachi to hold on and then asks her to go. He comes to his car and sits. He looks at Prachi in the mirror. Prachi thinks you said right and feels thankful to him for saving her. Shahana says he was scolding as if you are his daughter. Prachi says he can’t be my father and says he left me when I was born. Shahana says lets go and search the paper. Abhi talks to Rhea and tells that he has saved a girl. Rhea says she is reaching college. Prachi and Shahana come back to the bus stand and find a man taking their stuff. Abhi thinks they must have come from small city and don’t know big city. He thinks what she was searching but.

Precap: Prachi and Shahana come to the award function following the man who took their stuff. The security guy asks them to go and pushes her. She falls on Abhi. Abhi looks angrily at the security guys

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So they are pumping up Abhi’s worth. That must be to counter all the comments about Abhi being a useless swearword. Notice how they are scripting Abhi to be this guy who does not have a big ego? Why is Aliyah still around? Looking like she hasn’t aged a day. Alongside all of the “I haven’t changed a single day because of aging” older cast. She must be one of those celebrity wives/sister that have invested in an ‘anti-aging cream’ company, online. Many rich wives or fading celebrities are in this business. And on Pragya’s side Beeji looks like the perfect replacement for Pragya, aged 55-60. Whereas, Pragya is ‘aged’ by giving her cheap clothes. Can you tell that someone with money, very judgmental and an insulting attitude is writing/scripting this crap. New mini- Aliyah/Tuna fish, lifts some lines from Kiara (and the Tuna Fish) about being a lucky charm. Oh! Look at that, a script borrowed from KDB for Prachi and her sister/friend. And Abhi continues to use emotional blackmail to have his daughter do, as he wants. What a beautiful way to demonstrate the parenting skills of Indian parents. Why change traditional values? Blackmail, coercion and threats still remain the mainstay of Indian parenting. OMG more KDB script! Abhi didn’t even have to rehearse for the scene, he’s done it before with Preeta/Shriti…. his daughter’s aunts. I wonder if Abhi will remember, he’s dumb, you know. The viewers remember. As Prachi gazes at Abhi, she looks like a wannabe starlet who’s thinking “Can I get him into bed? All my financial problems will be over”. And then we are reminded that thieves and criminals seem to be a very of high percentage of the Indian population. How nice.

    1. So correct Akituster, Pragya’s clothes make her look poor…while Abhi living large, he is now tutoring or scouting for talent, whatever! I agree with you yesterday when you pointed out that what kind of brother is Abhi to keep Aliya around him for all these years !! Maybe he likes women who props him up emotionally!…and check out this he’s reminiscing about Pragya having left him, I wonder if he told the truth to his old looking daughter!! Also, you would wonder if he ever thought about supporting his other daughter financially at all for all these years all he was doing was pampering a child who turned out to be a brat!!! He didn’t even need to see or talk to Pragya, all he could have done was send money to her through bank account…but no, Pragya is full of pride as the writers want to make her, and let her make it on her own and you know what, she’ll eventually end up right by Abhi soon, the way the story is running!! Duh! That’s why kkb is in season 3! Second generation my ass!! One more season to go, it’ll be winter, when abhigya will sit by the fire, playing with their grandchildren and their 3 daughters will all live together as one big happy family!! With Aliya still around too!!

      1. You’re correct Naz… Abhi learned about spoiling Aliyah, when Dadi was still alive and Aliyah was a terrorist to Pragya and her family, Abhi’s employees and to humanity in general. But he is one dumb____. He takes responsibility for bringing the money in but he never takes responsibility for his own dumb____ choices and actions. This show is engineered to make straight people look abysmally bad. I wonder if the actress who does Aliyah, realizes that her type of facial features are being used to create hatred. When I originally laughed at some of these KKB actors being used and hired because of their natural personalities and their natural physical appearance/decorum, I was admonished by some other viewers. I hope those viewers, now see my point. The new Aliyah look-a-like is a case in point. And notice, that Aliyah still has not been seen walking around… hiding her awkward deportment. Now that we know clearly that contracts can be changed (1st Tanu, and 1st Purab) we can assume that the actors do lack integrity and are involved for money only, regardless of the consequences of their work. Well, they are very negatively affecting large numbers of people internationally. It seems that viewers from Africa are figuring out that this show is a simple vehicle for ‘evil’ behaviour. The actor’s personal karma will reflect that. If they don’t get the message while they are alive on earth, they will certainly receive the message in their last few moments on this planet. You may get away with willfully hurting people according to human justice systems but you can’t run away from karma or the judgement which arrives as you pass on. I do not wish to believe that Sriti Jha is a part of this game, but she is still showing up to work. Ekta Aunty’s parents must be some special type of parents to actually believe that their daughter is some kind of good person. Who buys a baby then spends 1.5 hours with the child daily and calls that mothering? I bet that Kanchi helped her make that decision to buy a baby because all their friends had babies and Ekta Aunty was feeling excluded. Children are not valued in much of Indian society accept as commodities to further that whole family honour thing. Well, for s*x slavery, body parts and labour, sure. Even then who cares if a child dies hungry and broken? There are so many more available. Not from rapes of course, because the raped women are usually killed in a dramatic fashion. KKB teaches this complete disrespect for life, perfectly. And elderly parents wonder why their children forget about them, once the money is under the child’s control.

    2. Really dr that scene was disgusting you know it’s was like initial face of prabhi love story love story between daughter abd father (prachi and abhi).Feel pity fro sriti as this aged role sk that she will be detained replacing since except srit everyone are ekta. Fav. pragya role played by sriti what an insult

  2. carbon copy of kundali bhagya

  3. Zero points for originality on Abhi and Prachi’s first encounter(take heed KDB writers)….I need some of that serum these ‘aged’ characters use…for Abhi and Rhea to look almost the same age shows how rampant politricks is.

    1. Hello Ohmider!! It’s heartening to see you continuing to comment on the forum… My gripe also is about Rhea!! She looks too aged for a 20 years old woman.. What the hell is wrong with these ppl who sit on the casting couch?? My niece is 21 years old and she still looks 16!! Like the pool was short on youth! There’s a young lady who is in one of the serials I look at… AKAJS…her character’s name is Pankti, she looks like 20 and under…she would have made a great Rhea!! Sigh!! It’s the politics in soapland too!! An actor probably has to sell their life to Ekta Kapoor to get into the world of soapland, otherwise they’d not get anything!!

    2. Just call up Ekta Aunty! She’ll do the same for you! For a price and that price might not be fully about money.

  4. Ohhh puh-lease …so sugary!! “he scolded like he is her father “…disregarding the settings, just like that Abhi had met Kiara and in one instant, they bonded like father and daughter! The only thing is that Abhi looks like he could be Prachi’s boyfriend… PS… To the comment yesterday, I can’t remember her name…point taken, it’s Shabbir who looks dashing not Abhi! Lol… That’s so correct!! Thanks for pointing out that!!

    1. S disgusting yesterday face off between abhi and prachi it was like he fell with het and dhe was like recognizing her lost love exactly replacing her mother what is this in this deliberate shoe kkh fetched best show thuu till they get kkb best show in every seats function they want even fail to show some romance between father and daughter

  5. I swear, sometimes I get so carried away, I think that these are real ppl!! Wanting to send money through bank accounts! Just trying to make the foolish script look somewhat logical and realistic….because the writers fail us time and time again!! No originality! Cannot blame us for trying to help this abused victim named Pragya!! ???

  6. Dear Ishu in reply to yesterday’s comments. Of course, the woman is voted as ‘best’ of whatever. The person with the most money wins! But all of them have played dirty to get that money, so of course they are going to find ways to reward each other, so they can believe how important they are. After all, wealth obtained by corruption, deceit and harm to others simply indicates the emptiness inside. Cowards like this don’t have functioning hearts anymore. That’s why it becomes so easy for them to keep destroying the lives of others and buying babies. It makes them feel ‘complete’ somehow. Ishu, I have never thought of your comments as creepy. I am thankful that TU provides us with this forum to speak freely. It creates thinking, questioning and some laughter! I appreciate everyone’s words including even the guy who’s ‘name’ was so similar to mine. LOL. Engagement is always good, especially if it triggers our emotions. That’s always the first message to you, to take a look at yourself more closely and see what requires adjusting. …usually more information/education and greater understanding. I smile and take a soft breath when I see your name because I have gotten to know you a little bit through your words and would invite you to join me at the table. Some of us with loud words generally, also have the softest of hearts. Not the Ekta personality types of course. That’s when you leave the table. LOL Unless you feel you have to stick around to warn everybody about the danger in their midst. I figure the ‘icon’ image is one of Kali, destroying babies, women and a few men.

  7. Ishu, regarding the icon award. She is rumoured to have ‘greased the palms’ to make sure that TF received an award. Of course this woman would call in favours and offer payouts to get her reward. If Ekta is being honoured what does that say about India? A lot. And it is not very comforting at all.

  8. Can u imagine dr in ITA awards kkb fetched best show award can u believe it if they keep on supporting this show they don’t even fail to give daughter and father love story dr so prachi id the full replacement of Prague hereafter seriously ekta hating sriti id confirmed

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