Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya bringing water for Abhi and seeing him unconscious. She runs in jungle to seek help.

Aaliya comes to Mitali’s room and wakes her up. Mitali thinks if she sees Aaliya’s face, he whole day will go wrong. She sees herself in mirror and opens door. Aaliya asks her to give corporator’s number and address. Mitali says she will not and wants her to suffer now.

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Pragya searches help in jungle and does not find anyone. She sees a cart and drags it towards Abhi.

Puneet SMSes Aaliya and asks her to come to the same spot. Bulbul comes and tells that man SMSed him again and asked to come to the spot again and asks her to accompany her. Aaliya agrees and think this man is trying to benefit from both her and Bulbul and she will have to find who he is.

Pragya reminisces her romantic nok jhok with Abhi at home while fixing photoframe. She with great difficulty puts him on cart and drags cart.

Aaliya in her car waits for Tanu to get money and thinks she will have to finish this blackmailer’s drama at once. Tanu comes with money suitcase and asks why she needs so much money. She says she will inform after her work is done.

Mitali walks on street with her children. Children asks where are they going. She yells at them and ask to walk silently. A man comes and promotes Lil Champs singing competition, gives them tickets and asks to attend for sure. Children asks Mitali if they will go. Mitali angrily says they will.

Pragya drags Abhi till lake, sees a hut and shouts for help. She checks hut, but sees it empty. She starts dragging cart again, picks Abhi, gets into hut and makes him sleep on bed. Abhi murmurs water. She takes mud pot and runs to get water. She picks water and runs back to hut.

Corporator’s goon tells they did not find Abhi and Pragya after rigorous search, that means some wild animal must have eaten their dead bodies. Corporator asks if they found any wild animla till now. He says no. He asks to continue searching then.

Aaliya with Tanu reaches Bulbul’s house and apologizes her for coming late as she had gone to help her friend. Bulbul says if she was worried for Abhi, she would not have come late. Aaliya asks if blackmailer called her. She says yes and told he needs 5 lakhs and told he has a photograph in which a girl is seen helping kidnappers. Aaliya gets tensed. Bulbul says she will borrow money from Purab and get those photographs. Aaliya asks where are other family members. She says they went to gurudwara to pray for Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya asks to get her water.

Pragya cleans Abhi’s face with water and continues crying. Abhi again murmurs water. She feeds him water. He coughs. She rubs his chest. Mai tenu samjhavaki….song…plays in the background. Abhi then wakes up. She takes his head in her lap. He asks how did they come here. She says she brought him here. He says he will not save if bullet is not taken out and says in jungle, they will not find doc, but she has to get doc and save him. He says nothing will happen to him until she is there. He says he has only a few breaths and asks her to take care of Daadi and says his daadi is the best woman in world as she took care of him after his parent’s death. She says he will not die and himself will take care of Daadi.

Precap: Abhi says like he used to have grand entry in his concerts, he wants his grand exit.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. full boring. plz change the story

    1. This show has LOST a lot Fans/Viewers because of the boring, drawn out story line. So very Saaadddd

  2. hope aaliya will be caught now

  3. abigya emotional scenes omg
    abhi will survive nd hope they reach home soon

  4. From last 2episodes I’m missing abhi’s nok jhok talks

  5. Missing the vibrant witty abhi. Hope they get help soon.

  6. Pls abhi should not die . Pls save him and for gods pls when will u both go home . And will this aliya , tanu be caught

  7. Very sad.nothing should happen to abhi

  8. No no pls dont let abhi die….pragya and abhi just have to go home. Its time now for good to triumph over evil. Its time for aliya tanu to go down!!!!

  9. Kumkum Bhagya:

    Abhi gets recovered thanks to Pragya’s timely efforts with much hardwork. The kidnapping drama comes to an end with Pragya & Abhi returning back to their home. Soon, they start their usual Nok-Jhok, fun banter and gets an opportunity when Pragya tries to fix Abhi’s rockstar photoframe on the wall. She attempts several times to put it but after garnering Abhi’s support she manages to do well and gets glad. There is another development, Bulbul tries to implicate Aaliya on her role in kidnapping and contact with Neil in front of Dadi and to expose her truth. Bulbul hatches a plan to expose Aaliya with help from Puneet. Aaliya goes to meet Puneet to give him money and take back the evidence but soon Dadi comes there and catches Aaliya red-handed. Dadi gives a slap to Aaliya but soon she cooks up her own version of the story and thwarts Bulbul’s plan to expose her. She reminds Dadi on giving fake money to Puneet and tries to remove her name and also role in the kidnapping.

    1. According to your comment this will be great if Abhi and his wife return home .Therefore Abhi will be able to identify the evil ones and this soap could start picking up with some good storylines.

  10. When is pragya getting shot and then abhi realizing that he loves her instead of dragging this so far

  11. this serial is a lot of shit please end it now please writers it is going no where

    1. Gloria, do you like ANY of the soaps?

      1. Ones that have a “Good, Interesting” storyline???? How about YOU?

  12. Oh no I don’t want Abhi to die

  13. Loved the episode
    Abhigya scenes were very emotional

  14. Dont the makers dare to make abhi die……luv u abhigya

  15. Y the key people of these shows always dying … Changing and the bad ones remain very long to succeed in there evilness…. Hope he not leaving the show.. Too

  16. To much slow boring ….cant bear it….

  17. Hope Abhi will be saved.

  18. Will abhi die…..

  19. No…. Abhi will not die

  20. Track is getting borring day by day

  21. This kidnapping story is going on too long long plz change the story line cause with this same lame track this show will loose its viewers and when the hell will aliya get caught she has been bad for too long i want abi to throw her out of the house for god sake plz change the story line of this series because it is getting very boring plz change the story line and when will abhi find out that pragy luvs him and that he also luvs pragy come on director add a little more dpice to this series

  22. Wht the f**k this darama 2 months to go one secn only view the writer of story is gandu

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