Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Pragya challenges Aaliya that her daughter will take her home

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya coming out. He sees Aaliya and holds Pragya closer. Aaliya thinks everyone thinks I am thinking wrong, and overreacting and don’t want her to come in our lives. She thinks to do something, thinks if I tell anything then will be bad in everyone’s eyes. She says there will be action and reaction, what will happen when Rhea and her mother meet? She says today Rhea will meet Pragya and she will ask her, why she has abandoned her and why she took only one daughter and not her. She says it will be fun to answer her questions and the fire will be lighted to their relation. She thinks to give a special touch to Rhea and Pragya’s meeting. She thinks to burn Pragya’s feet and then Bhai will come to her rescue. She thinks when Rhea sees her, then Bhai has to make Pragya meet Rhea. She thinks she will bring the storm which she had stopped till now. She says bhai scolded me for her and now bad thing will happen with everyone. She stops the waiter and asks how much he earns for a day. The waiter says 1000 Rs. Aaliya asks if he will do any mistake if she gives him 25000. He nods his head. Aaliya asks him to make the burning wood falling down and that’s why burning someone’s feet. He agrees.

Prachi tells who did this kind of thing today, during lohri. She realizes her bracelet is with Ranbir and asks Shahana to come, says he might gift it to Maya. While they go, they don’t see Abhi and Pragya together. Aaliya thinks where is Rhea? And also waiter is not here. Pallavi and Beeji go from there. Even Vikram gets a call and goes. Abhi and Pragya are standing near the lohri fire…purab smiles looking at them. Allah wariyan plays….Someone brings aarti plate. Abhi signs her to come. They start taking round together. Pragya wishes her daughter’s anger shall burn today. Waiter takes out the burning coal and throws on Pragya’s way. Pragya steps on it and feels burning sensation. She shouts. Purab and Abhi ask her if she is fine? Purab asks her to show her foot. Pragya says she is fine. Abhi asks her to sit. She says no. He says he will hold her hand and take round. Aaliya thinks they got a chance to romance again. He lifts Pragya and takes round with her. Humdum song plays…..Purab thinks the lohri is happy in true sense. Pragya asks if our daughter is here, then they shall not be here like this. He asks what are you saying? Pragya says we shall not be like this and goes. Purab asks what happened? Abhi tells that Aaliya told Pragya that Rhea hates her. Purab says why Aaliya is behind Pragya di.

Maya and Ranbir walk inside the house. She gives him credit to make the girl jealous and asks who is she? Ranbir says I can’t tell you until it is finalized. Maya takes him to make up room and says when the girl come here, then you shall propose her. Ranbir says ok. Maya realizes her clutch is with Rhea. She asks him to drink till then? Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words and tells that he don’t want to drink. He says lets go outside. Maya tells that how to make him drunk and asks him to drink juice. He says ok and tells that he needs to go to washroom. Prachi tells Shahana that she wants her bracelet back. Maya calls Rhea and asks for her clutch. Rhea asks her to come out in corridor and take her clutch. She asks her to remember that Ranbir is hers. Prachi sees Rhea and asks if she saw Ranbir, she tells that the girl Maya took Ranbir from here. Prachi goes. Rhea gives medicine to Maya and asks her to just give one tablet to him. She asks her not to talk to Ranbir more infront of her. Maya comes inside. Ranbir says you are trying to know who is the girl, I know and you are jealous that I never looked at you in college and didn’t feel that for you. Maya asks who is that girl? Ranbir says we shall drink juice and then I will tell you everything, but not name.

Maya mixes tablet in the juice and gives to him. Maya thinks when he will drink? Ranbir tells that he used to thought the girl as irritating and they used to fight a lot, and at one point, he literally hating her. She sits and thinks when he will drink? She asks him to drink juice. Ranbir takes a sip and says he is mad in love and asks can you imagine? Ranbir thinks people get mad in love, then also they want love. Pragya cries. Prachi and Shahana come to her. Prachi asks her to do puja. Pragya says she has already done it and tells that she will go home. As she is going, Aaliya comes near her. Pragya tells her that she will go home, when her daughter takes her and that day will come. She says she might be hating me since 10 years and will lose from my 20 years old love. She challenges her and goes. Aaliya thinks if I have done a mistake by telling her about Rhea’s hatred. Abhi sees Pragya going and runs behind her. Vikram and Pallavi ask where is he going? Beeji says he ran behind anuradha? Pallavi says I don’t think so.

Purab comes to Aaliya and asks why do you hurt Pragya di? She says you are a mother herself, so how can you hurt her. She sees Aryan and smiles. Purab tells her that it was wrong on her part to do that. We hurt our love ones to save others from pain. Aryan asks him not to drag Aryan in this matter? Purab says matter is about the truth. He leaves. Meera comes to Aaliya. Aaliya asks did you hear everything? Meera says Pragya is in the same party. Rhea looks on from far.

Precap: Maya comes running out with bruises on her face and cries telling everyone that Ranbir Kohli molested her. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    When Abhigya come together to celebrate Lohri, everyone WHO DO NOT KNOW THEIR TRUTH SEEM TO DISAPPEAR one after the OTHER!!!!😱😱😱
    *Pallavi seems to have forgotten something, Beeji follows her😝😝😝
    *Vikram gets a phone caLl😜😜😜
    *Meera needs to use the LOO!!!🤣🤣🤣
    *Aryan who was talking till then to his DAD moves away😂😂😂
    What the heck, do the makers think they can fool the audience by stretching the truth of the b*t*hes to this EXTENT!!!👎👎👎
    Seriously, I feel KKB mkaers r playing the FOOL themselves!!!😅😅😅
    The whole Abhigya scene seemed to JUST RIDICULOUSLY BUILT, 👎👎👎
    And the even worst part is the Pranbir thing🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️, now I feel Shahana is the 1 who is REALLY INTERESTED IN RANBIR not Prachi🤭🤭🤭
    Prachi just is an IDIOT!!! Who is just ging LAME excuses then and there!!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    She is neither showing A BIT OF INTELLIGENCE in her SPEECH and her ACTING, it would be BETTER NOT TO EVEN MENTION ABOUT IT!!!!!!🤮🤮🤮
    I wish Ranbir hould better leave the two bitcy sisters and get married to MAYA😉😉😉, she really makes a good pair for him!!!👌👌👌

    1. hey Lisa. i agree. now i don’t even feel like watching the show, not even krishna kaul(ranbir) coz of the story. the show is getting irritating day by day. this lohri night is stretched for a week now n still the molestation thing isn’t even started. i m sure this plot is gonna last for one more week. these abhigya coincidences irritate me. if abhi n pragya aren’t able to find their daughters, at least they can show each other their daughters’ photos or tell the names (anyways abhi knows prachi n pragya knows rhea). this stupidity from the writers’ side is crossing all limits. 🙁
      btw beyhadh has taken a huge twist by rishi’s death. there’s gonna be more of ruma now. 🙂 i m excited for beyhadh now n not kkb

      1. Ranbir you don’t love to Mahia Try to understand that so I am to Ranbir you love for Pranchi okay you can do it Please don’t think About Rhea And Aliya that fine for you I Accept that Abhi Please Scold for Mahia And Aliya don’t leave him you just tell her to get lost Form there Mahra Mission House Right Now itself and be careful if Such Things like that Aliya you don’t came to Mahra Mission House okay Pranchi 💗 Ranbir is nice couple I like it so much be cool down 😇 and safe Don e

    2. Double LOL! I just lost my comment…so will try again! Well said Lisa. The KKB makers have been using that disappearing trick since the beginning. However with the advent of the ‘rajanprachi’ and this ugly dusripidhi leap, this trick is being far overused. In the same way a beautiful woman simply uses a touch here and there to enhance her beauty whereas an ugly woman requires surgeries, botox and a thick mask of shiny plastic on their face so they can tell themselves that they are beautiful… Well the rajanprachi person uses this trick in overdrive. Personally I think that a three year old would see this mechanism. But rajanprachi thinks that this is supposed to fool the viewers? Just like the ugly woman who thinks that she is fooling everyone this rajanprachi is fooling no one. there is no real story just a showcase for a few ugly women ( 3 evil characters ) to pretend that this is their show. And we know that this comes with Evil Kapoor’s full support and endorsement.

      1. @Shanaya & @Akituster
        So true, This Abhigya not realizing the Prachi-Riya’s truth 🥴🥴🥴with parties stretching for more than a month😣😣😣.
        And the blo*dy f**king Pranbir’s love story just trying to repeat over Abhigya concepts 😂😂😂 then over some stupid kidnaps, drug scam 🥴🥴🥴and NOW MOLESTATION which is again a repetition of Priyanka-Rishi drama🤣🤣🤣 is just making this show INSANELY SICK 😫😫😷🤭🤭🤭
        Thanks 😘😘☺️ dear for updating about beyhadh❤️❤️❤️ which sure is much better than this show 👎👎👎!!!

  2. Amal


  3. They just telling us if a woman is real molested we shouldn’t truth her, this show is alk about

    1. Especially if you live in Delhi. Supposedly, the police force in Delhi is ‘owned’ by the ruling party in India. And allegedly, BJP politicians are active in the rape culture of Delhi. Who’s going to believe a woman when the police are being paid to ignore women or as some women have reported to be abused a second time by the police themselves.

  4. cant understand why is Abhi and Pragya not concentrating on seeing there children rather Abhi is more concern in doing Pooja
    otherwise this show is really really becoming worst

    1. Verma4

      exactly , they are least bothered about their kids and that’s after 20 plus years. come-on.

  5. Can someone burn aliya in the lohri fire pleaaaase….

    1. Verma4

      me me me me please !!!!

  6. Considering that this is fiction and I would NEVER advocate violence towards anyone else… here’s a story idea…. Ranbir is arrested. While in police custody he is brutalized, sodomized and his pretty face is broken. Maya finally recants her story and Ranbir finds out that it is the screaming banshee who arranged all of this drama with the help of aliyah. He finds out that the screaming banshee and aliyah have been the authors of all the problems. Good way to get rid of the screaming banshee, aliyah etc. Perhaps these two characters will learn that you are allowed to sacrifice your own life but you cannot sacrifice the lives of others to meet your petty demands for wealth or lust. Or, Abhi and Pragya could wake up both having the same nightmare and reconcile. A new story where Abhi and Pragya and their newborns actually experience some character development and sort their lives out. You know, put Aliyah in jail or send her to her pet sl*t, the tuna-fish. What will Evil Kapoor do? Show an Indian couple to be as humans? Or continue the stupidity of violence, lies and brutality with women walking around with big plastic faces.

    1. Verma4

      screaming banshee more like Shehnai LOL. I wouldn’t stand too close to a heater with that plastic face.

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