Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi scolding Pragya and asking how can she be so careless. Tanu and Aaliya smirk seeing that and discuss that Abhi and doc will take Pragya for a task now. Pragya asks Abhi what did she do. He says she did not take care of Daadi well. Doc says Daadi’s weight is decreasing and it is a big concern. Pragya says she gave oats and nonoily food to daadi and stopped her tea/coffee and instead gave juice, now Daadi’s leg swelling has gone down and she is climbing stairs herself without shortness of breath. Doc says she will believe only after checking reports, checks them and praises that Daadi has recovered fast and walks out with Abhi. Pragya thinsks Doc scolded her and did not even apologize. Abhi thanks doc for Daadi’s good recovery. She says he should thank his wife instead. She sees Pragya and says she knows to take of people well and Daadi’s recovery is because of her, everyone house should have a family member like her.

Pragya starts scolding Abhi that without knowing the fact he scolds her always and continues. Abhi asks her to save her lecture for her college and says he wants to apologize her. She gets happy. He says she is flying before hearing sorry, so he will not. She says without hearing his sorry, she forgives him. Tanu gets irked seeing them toghether.

Tanu gets her mom’s call. Aaliya asks what did aunt say. She says she wants me to marry, but does not I am still waiting for Abhi, hope Abhi divorces Pragya before she comes back.

Pragya tells Bulbul over phone that Abhi did not even apologize her. Bulbul asks her to stop her ego and propose jiju within 2 days, else Tanu will win challenge. Pragya sees Abhi’s voice and acts as sleeping on couch. She falls asleep. Abhi drapes blanket over her. She wakes up and sees Abhi on bed. She tries to speak, but gets stops seeing him in deep sleep, thinks she will talk to him tomorrow and falls back asleep.

During breakfast, Daasi says Daadi that it is Pragya’s first lohri after marriage, so they will celebrate it lavishly. Daadi says yes of course. Cousin daadi says they cannot celebrate it like her village lohri. Daadi asks Akash to arrange it. He says he will arrange with bhangra, sweets, etc. Cousin daadi gets happy. Bulbul comes there and takes Pragya to her room. She asks if she proposed Jiju. Pragya says she slet before Abhi came. Bulbul says today is best day for her to propose Abhi during lohri celebrations. Pragya says she is very shy and cannot. Bulbul says lohri is an auspicious day for the couples to express their love and she should not lose this chance.

Daasi tells Daadi that she forgot inviting Pragya’s family for lohri. Sarla on the other side asks Purbi to go to the nearby locality to celebrate lohri. Purbi asks daadi to accompany her. Daadi says she is tired and will not come. Abhi’s daadi calls Sarla and invites her to come with her family for lohri celebrations. Sarla informs Purbi and daadi. They both get excited and sing folk song.

Mitali informs Aaliya and Tanu that daadi has planned Pragya’s first lohri grandly with bhangra, etc., and asks them not to wear heeled sandals for dance. Once Mitali leaves, Aaliya says she was waiting for this day and says instead of Pragya performing lohri with Abhi, she will make Tanu perform lohri with Abhi. Tanu says she is getting exited just hearing about it, she will kick Pragya out today.

Bulbul provokes Pragya to propose Abhi at any cost and says if she does not, Tanu will win her challenge. Pragya says she will.

Precap: Abhi applies sindhoor on Pragya’s forehead during lohri celebrations.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ugh…..this all is rediculously annoying……no RaBul scenes today also..where are you Purab..???
    Why so much screen space to alia and tanu??

  2. I hope this is not a dream

  3. Really enjoyed today’s episode


    waiting eagerly for Pragya’s propose to Abhi….hope he vl accept.

  5. Missing rabul badly.where are my cuties? Plz cvs rabul scenes de do..plz

  6. Bulbul darling why spending so much time with pragya di only. Give some time to Purab also.

  7. Why Aliya and Tanu is everywhere pragya and abhi is why not more screen time for abhigya and rabul…by the way Tanu i didn’t know you have a mom i thought u fell from the sky because of how proud you are

    1. the mum seems just as stupid as tanu considering she still hasn’t heard about Abhi the rockstar’s wedding…

  8. people are forgetting that the show is not about bulbul and purub, its about pragya and abhi. so people please you’ll get your purub and bulbul moment just be patient

    1. Oh really….let me remind you also this show called kumkum Bhagya is not just about your Abhi and Pragya…..it has much more meaning to it….I agree that abhigya may the main leads but rabul are also the parallel lead…..and as a matter of fact everyone has their own liking if you like a abhi and Pragya you say about them….but don’t bother we Rabul fans…..we watch this show only for them…and our craving for their scenes is just reasonable.

      1. Stop fighting guyzz..

      2. Chill OUT – it is only a TV show…..

  9. Ugh come on propose already

  10. What is this show about again?

  11. Hope bulbul win the challenge and may pragya would propose Abhi and get the answer yes….then tannu gud bye. …♥♡♥♡♥♡

  12. Abhi must hav some feelings 4 pragya so abhi take it out…

  13. People are telling RaBul fans to keep patience.like what? We guys have already shown lot of patience.kkb has always been unfair to Rabul.they just tried to ruin their story completely….noooooooo screen sspace nothing!!!

    But still we all kept lot of patience.while abhigya fans were enjoying their moments.

    Now since our RaBul is also back can’t we people even expect their good scenes.

    The show might be carrying different meaning for different persons…but for me it’s only about Purab and Bulbul…and their love!!!
    I only watch their scenes and the days when they are not shown I don’t give a damn to watch the episode also.

    Atleast today give us their one scene.

  14. it was really good

  15. Let’s hope both couples- Abhigya and Rabul are shown. But I have to agree- they should show more Rabul moments since their wedding is coming up… I’m sure their scenes will come soon so don’t worry Rabul fans!
    Me personally am a Abhigya fan- I just hope that stupid Tanu leaves or Abhi sees her true self and starts protecting Pragya from her and Aliya…

    1. Thank you for showing the support……much appreciated by all the Rabul fans…..please makers give us some more special moments of Rabul together……no scenes since Thursday….

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