Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rhea attempts to give electric shock to Prachi

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prachi checks in the bathroom, but Rhea manages to hide. Prachi says there is nobody inside, I had seen someone’s voice. Ranbir says even I heard. Just then her earring falls down. They bend down to pick it. He gets up. Song plays…tujhse main milta rahun…She picks her earrings and tries to wear it. Ranbir comes to her and makes her wear earring. Rhea looks at them and gets sad. Prachi and Ranbir leave. Shahana thinks she will make Aryan cry and makes him fall. Aryan asks are you mad? Shahana takes her photo and says video is nice and will go viral. Aryan says I will see you. Vikram talks to someone and tells that his son is learning from Abhishek Mehra. He then calls Ranbir and asks where is he? Ranbir says actually. Vikram asks him to say. Ranbir says Prachi and I was here, but left for Bank to do paper work. Sarita behen comes to Rhea and asks what you was doing in Maya’s room. She asks did you go there to steal something. Rhea asks what I will steal? She says she has so much money, that she get tired of counting. She says other thing is jewellery, which she has so much that she stopped buying. She asks her to doubt Prachi and says she knows well how to steal things and even boyfriend.

Sarita behen says why she is saying her thief, what did Prachi steal from her. She thinks if Ranbir. Vikram appreciates Ranbir on call and goes. Pragya asks Ranbir why you was lying to your dad. Ranbir says I was lying because. Pragya asks Prachi. Prachi says actually…Pragya asks what?

Shahana comes there and tells that they are dancing in college and that’s why came for practice here. She says both of them lying from their parents and that’s why changed their clothes. Pragya says I wouldn’t have refused and asks her to light the diya at the entrance. She asks Ranbir to help his dad. She says you might not help Maya, but help your dad. She says even your dad didn’t know whose engagement is today. Rhea hears them and thinks they are lying from their parents, thinks it is good that Prachi’s mum separated them. She thinks to do something and recalls Pragya asking her to put ghee in the lamp. She thinks why to waste ghee and thinks they could have put the bulb. She thinks to electrocuted Prachi and thinks if she don’t step on the floor, then? She then thinks to put water on the floor so that Prachi gets electrocuted when she steps on the open wire with water there. Sarita behen thinks Rhea might be upto something. She sees her taking water from the waiter and paying him money. She says you didn’t see anyone asking money, not even me and asks him to enjoy the night. Sarita behen thinks what is she doing?

Abhi tells that he couldn’t eat more now. Mr. Chaubey comes there and says he told his wife that he will sing. Abhi says he had full stomach food, but it will be digested. He had much cold water. Mr. Chaubey folds his hands asking him to sing. Abhi agrees.

Sarita behen climbs down the stairs, but she couldn’t see Rhea, by the time she comes down. Rhea comes to the temple area and empties all the glass of water on the floor. She takes the chandelier wire and drops it in the water. She hopes Prachi gets electrocuted and loses her memory and forgets Ranbir. Sarita behen asks someone about Rhea.

Shahana comes running and hides under the table. Aryan comes there. Ranbir and Pragya come there. Ranbir whistles. Pragya asks how you are whistling? Ranbir says you are like my chief. Aryan asks did you see Shahana? Ranbir sees her under the table and tells Aryan. Shahana comes out and asks Pragya to save her from Aryan. Aryan runs behind Shahana. Prachi comes downstairs holding ghee in the bowl. Rhea sees going towards the entrance and temple area. She panics and thinks if Prachi dies. She thinks domestic wires don’t have much voltage, but if I am doing the right thing? She goes to stop her, but thinks if I stop her then I will be exposed and Ranbir will hate me. She thinks this is the only way to send her away from here.

Precap: Prachi is about to step on the wire. Later she tells Ranbir that she is fine and if she had electrocuted then would have died.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh god this Pranbir story is just the same as Abigya🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️, same making TO WEAR earings, eyelock blah, blah, blah😂😂😂
    And in betw them instead of Tanu+Alia OF ABHIGYA, there is Riya,🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    However I guess Riya really does have CONCIOUS🤔🤔🤔, seeing today’s episode
    She acts more like ALIA and TANU’S DAUGHTER🤭🤭🤭, but seeing her today in the end “THINKING WHETER IT IS RIGHT OR WRONG”, I really feel she has SOME GOODNESS within.😉😉😉
    Arhana scenes was superb👌👌👌, infact there STORY is the only LOVE STORY which is having a DIFFERENCE right now,😅😅😅
    Otherwise Pranbir-Riya PYAAR KA JUNG is just a repetion of a mixture of Abhigya+Tanu and Pulbul+Alia
    Abhigya had lesser hits and misses when they were behind Alia & Tanu than Pranbir with Riya;🤣🤣🤣
    even their love story was better coz of their CHEMISTRY and GOOD ACTING of TISHA.😅😅😅

  2. K.Lakshmi lavanya

    My friend Lisa abhigya won dada phalke award for best jodi.myou friend don’t say prachi is beautiful.in this dress prachi grannie look like more aged.she cover all things but not her wrinkles

    1. @Lavanya
      I know Lavanya 👍👍👍, tat is y I said in the previous message that even though Pranbir track is the same as of Abhigya.🙄🙄🙄
      Abhigya became a HIT✌️✌️✌️ coz the SUPERB CHEMISTRY and FABULOUS ACTING of Tisha😌😌😌, the actors playing Pranbir are not even 5% of that.😣😣😣
      Regarding Prachi’s wrinkles, I think the makeup artist is really doing her best😉😉😉, coz when we see Prachi’s close-ups in today’s episode, the THICK LAYER of FOUNDATION is clearly visible on her FACE.😜😜😜
      But to be honest, I really did feel Prachi beautiful 😍😍😍, maybe coz she was dressed differently.😅😅😅
      But what can we do about Pranbir 😂😂😂, it’s Ekta Kapoor who decides her ACTORS 🥴🥴🥴
      And actors are not always CHOSEN coz of TALENT but are also chosen for PROFIT!🤭🤭🤭

  3. 1 din tareef kya kar di (Praised for one day), and they are back to their logicless, nonsensical track.
    I am so in love with Arhana that I won’t mind creating a fanpage for them. Can they stop always being this cute ??? To hell with Pranbir, somebody please make Arhana the leads (An impossible wish). Just compare jealous Prachi with jealous Shahana, well…there isn’t any comparison. Jealous Prachi looked scary like some monster (ones we see in mythological dramas like Ramayana) and Shahana on the other hand is the cutest. After a long time, finally Arhana had some good screen space. And I honestly skipped the rest whole episode, after watching for starting two mins (No regrets).

    1. @Serial Hater
      Exactly Smriti👍👍👍, I too have SAME OPINION😉😉😉,
      I think this is the new trick of KKB makers. One episode per week with LOGIC🤭🤭🤭 and the rest as usual the same repetitive HITS AND MISSES and storyline😡😡😡. And that trick is infact helping their trps.😜😜😜
      Such cunning WOLVES these people are🤷🤷🤷
      To my surprise today even I did the same like you😌😌😌, skipped the entire episode except for the 3-4 min scenes of Arhana.😅😅😅
      Arhana story is the only worthy thing to watch in this show right now.😍😍😍

  4. The lipped one, a great actress? How about that she is getting more practise at the very few expressions that she has. The limited script doesn’t help. Even the actually talented actors are limited in what they can do because of the very simple roles and the simple script. One of the reasons that I think of this as a cartoon show which uses humans and a few questionable humans, instead of drawn cartoons.

  5. waste of time

  6. Verma4

    Prachi , even a blind would have seen Rhea’s silhouette behind the curtains but not you. Rhea, you just said money. You don’t have a single dime to your name, it’s you dad’s. Rhea is not resorting to becoming a killer. Doesn’t Rhea look more and more like b*t*h Aaliya , she sure is behaving like her.

  7. Writers of kum kum bhagya how long will you continue to drag this serial along; my gosh it is high time you all stop playing these childish games with this serial; soooo long abhi and pragya split with the kids and you are making it so difficult for them to unite imagine both rehea and prachi are grown woman and you all are still playing game every time abhi tries to meet pragya; we the viewers are totally fed up with this nonsensical serial; so much has happened in their lives and still every time abhi sees pragya anywhere he could never really see her and speak to her because you writers always dupe his efforts; for instance you will either make a car pass and block his sight or someone will stand in front of pragya blocking her like in tonights episode as soon as her saw her what a coincidence her stole flew up and covered her face then when prachi removed it and abhi looked around it is because thats the time pragya falls on a daughters lap blocking his view again and it is so these storylines are sooooo not true to life it is clear to be seen again in the police station they are passing each other and still not making contact because that is the time something will fall from pragya and she will bend to pick it up making abhi sight impossible to see her my gosh prachi and rehea are grown now and still do not know they are sisters; twins always feel each others pain or presence yet no recognizing each other just hatred on reahs path tell me now abhi and pragya will grow old and you will still keep them apart and as for rehea and prachi they will get married have kids and the kids will have kids and still pragya and abhi game playing will still be prolonging by you writers man talk about a serial that is complete and total SHIT/CRAP and needs to be take off the Air …. well it is none other than kum kum bhagya because it is really nonsense these shit dont go on in this century whey eheheh I say it is really time to end most of these serials even kundaly bhagya this one too is a lot of Crap so long mahesh in a coma just lying down on a bed since last year and still cannot get up and say who the culprits are who knocked him in the head and then there is sherlyn carrying a baby since last year too and her belly not raising at all then there is preeta and shistri aunt who prithvi and sherlind knocked down and after regaining her memory still cannot talk and say who did knock her down and tried killing her yet she could remember everything else man I tell you I could go on and on with all these flaws in all the serials and why they should be taken off air….the evil do evil and get away with it ….that mad ass one rukshar kill kabeers mother and still no one knows so like I said it is murder after murder then some of these serials just end abrupt with out any solid ending so why keep them on air tell me is this fair to the avid viewers who give their time every day to sit and look at these serials no way ….that is why the serials are fast loosing its ratings with hardly any more input when coming to comments …please writers get the professional help that you need in order to write good serials because you always start off with a good storyline and then gets lost some how….you definitely need professionals to step in and assist you ztv writers.

    1. Hullo Sapphire! there is applause, over here, from me. Evil kapoor is doing life HER way. She really needs to believe that everyone is dumber than her. Unfortunately it would appear that she herself has extremely lower than average intelligence, a very tiny rotted or dried up heart and behaviour like her heroines…Aliyah, Sherlyn, Maira and the tunafish. Miss Evil Kapoor likes her women pretty and very very dumb or horse-faced and very very evil. These shows are Miss Kapoor’s fantasies being played out for us. I don’t think the ‘woman’ realizes how transparently below average intelligence she really is. Damn lucky she was born to wealthy parents. What an example she sets for India. Makes people think that all of India is at this despicable and truly disgusting low standard, sub-human level. As in, “Is this the toilet? the smell is so offensive, it must be.” ‘Smell’ of course, referring to the rotting biomass which may have been a brain and a heart thirty years ago.

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