Kumkum Bhagya 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Aaliya demands Ranbir to leave Prachi

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The Episode starts with Prachi coming out of the hospital and says I want us to hear the baby’s heartbeat at the same time. She gets sorrowful. Shahana sees Prachi and hugs her. A guy driver the car asks them to move from the way. Shahana argues with the driver and asks him to go. She tells Prachi that she had seen her before, and thought to hug her when she meets her next time. She hugs her again. Prachi cries. Shahana asks why is she crying? Prachi says there is so much which is unbearable. Shahana asks what happened? Prachi says the matter is of happiness, but I can’t share this happiness with someone, who shall know it. She says I love Ranbir and can’t give him good news, that I am pregnant. Shahana says this is a big news, and asks why can’t you tell Ranbir. She asks what is going on in your life. Prachi hugs her. Shahana asks her not to cry and says they shall sit somewhere and talk. They come to the hotel, where Ranbir is doing meeting with someone. Prachi tells Shahana that she will go to washroom and come. She asks Shahana to sit. Shahana sits on the table. Ranbir looks at them and goes to Shahana. Shahana recalls Prachi’s words. Ranbir asks how are you Shahana? Shahana asks how is Prachi? She says did you take my help, to make her in this condition. She asks him to apologize to her and take her home. Ranbir asks if Prachi cried. Shahana says whatever happened, you might have known. Ranbir goes to Prachi. Shiv comes to Shahana. Shahana gets angry on him for taking her help to unite Ranbir and Prachi. Shiv asks didn’t you know what happened between them and says Ranbir got married to Rhea. Prachi stops seeing Ranbir and then walks past him. He holds her hand.

And asks what is she hiding? Prachi says nothing. Ranbir says she is surely hiding something from him and says Shahana told me everything. Prachi recalls sharing the good news with Shahana. She says Shahana is making stories and lying. He asks do you love me? Manmurade plays…..Prachi stops hearing him. He says I know that you knows that you love me even now, you got angry when I married Rhea and that’s why vent out anger. He says your pain came out and you was crying on the road. He asks what was the reason to return, what are you hiding from me? Mahiya song plays….He holds her face. She says I told what was left and says don’t show love and concern for me. He says we have some emotions that I came drawn to you. She says from your side, when relation is not left, then from where emotions will come. He says there is some pain in yourself, which is bringing tears in your eyes. He says I am feeling like crying seeing tears in your eyes, and says I know you hate me and want my bad, but I can’t see you sad. He asks her to answer and hugs her. Prachi cries and hugs him. She then recalls everything, gets tensed and pushes him. She takes her bag and leaves. Shahana asks what happened to Prachi? Ranbir says she is in pain and hiding something from me. She blames him and goes. Shiv asks Ranbir, if you haven’t told Shahana that you are married to Rhea now, and divorced Prachi. Ranbir says I haven’t divorced Prachi, she is still my wife. He says I will talk to you tomorrow. He goes home. Rhea greets him. Ranbir asks if Prachi came home. Pallavi tells that tomorrow is club event and she suggested them to have it in her house. She says they will meet you tomorrow and will know who is the real bahu of the house. Prachi comes and asks Pallavi to be careful. She says your impression might get ruined, and they will know that you are showing old stuff with new packaging. Rhea asks do you think that we will make you meet them.

Prachi says I am tired and going to sleep. Pallavi taunts her and invites Prachi to meet the guests, and says they shall know whom Ranbir has left and married Rhea. She says let them decide. Rhea says I will welcome the guests being the bahu. Ranbir asks if saas and bahus stay here, this doesn’t seem to be the house, but saas and bahu show. He says he needs a solution for this. Dida smiles. Aaliya comes there and says there is a solution and asks Ranbir to throw Prachi out from the house. She gets inside. Prachi says I didn’t hear properly. Aaliya says I didn’t come to talk to you, but to talk to Pallavi. She says you told me that you will get Rhea and Ranbir married and they will have best memories. She says then you let Prachi stay here. Pallavi says I understand. Prachi says I will make her understand like making the guests understand that day. Pallavi asks her not to interfere, when she is talking to someone. Prachi says I will speak, she is my Buji and she is talking about him. Aaliya says I am not your Buji. Prachi says I am giving you respect by calling you Buji and asks her to break her relation with Abhi, and says our relation will be over. Aaliya says ask Bhai if he regards you as his daughter or not. Prachi says he will accept me. Aaliya says you wanted to get your sister’s husband and says do you understand why I dislike you. She says like mother like daughter. Dida asks her not to involve the elders. Prachi says it is ok, we are family. She says Ranbir is my husband and I am his wife. She says I came here to show my right on him.

Precap: Pallavi tells Rhea and Aaliya that Prachi has the support of law and NGO, and she will not go out from Ranbir’s life easily. Aaliya asks Rhea to do as she said, and says Police will not do anything. Ranbir asks Prachi not to go. Rhea thinks this is the good idea to throw Prachi out and laughs. Prachi thinks I have the better idea to make the party memorable for you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. It was a beautiful scene of theirs, that hug even though it didn’t last long but ranbir should at least realise she still loves him a lot otherwise she wouldn’t have reciprocated the hug. At least it wasn’t a dream though thank god. And there’s a new bts where the three demons spike Prachi’s drink at the party- she gets drunk I hope ranbir takes care of her. But those three have a motive. Maybe they will put her and that new guy who is seen in the party together in a room on a bed. Just like they did with Prachi and Sanju. I just hope their plan flops though. Ranbir should notice her drunk and take her away. Not to mention she is also pregnant I hope the baby will be okay. After this track ends, Prachi will obviously know them lot planned it and she will continue with her revenge but hopefully this time it’s extreme. It’s about time she tortures them I don’t care how she does it but she needs to!

    1. @nisha
      How do you know that Prachi will fall pray to their scheme ?? Are there any bts showing Prachi getting drunk ??

  2. I think Shabir and Sriti will return in February. Maybe around the time Pooja leaves. They are still shooting party track which will start to air maybe next week or after and it will continue in January. Maybe around mid-end January, Rhea truth is exposed or whatever her exit plan is and then she leaves. That blue sari scene of Prachi is yet to air.. it looks like it’s another party. They wont have another party just straightaway after the current one so that party may be after a few weeks in February and then we will see Prachi visiting her parents. I think that time they may awake as they were holding hands in the bts. I wonder how they suddenly got up like that- coma patients usually wake up if someone tells them a bombshell or a shock etc.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if this happens. Truth be told Abhi has always been a weak and foolish throughout the series. He’s a failure as a man, grandson, brother, friend, cousin, husband and now father. Plus a poor judge of character as well, that lacks stability, growth or development. Imagine a woman’s plots robbed you of missing out on your child’s earlier years, and costed her life yet you consider her as the best mom and wife as opposed to Pragya? Her tracks record shows her disasters and true face yet it doesn’t sway your thoughts. Poor Kiara. He seems to not mind history repeating with Prachi, provided he never accepted her in the first place. Then again, Prachi and Kiara’s situation had been different. Kiara had a replacement family, father figure (husband for Pragya) and a stronger personality than Prachi. Her sense of family was something Prachi lacked and longed for; hence allowing people to take advantage of her in the name of family.

      Then raising Alia and Rhea in luxuries yet they still turn out as rotten and vile; and despite knowing their truth he still turns a blind eye. I believe Abhi suffers from Stockholm syndrome mixed with abandonment issues, which explains why he constantly keeps Alia/Tanu/Mitali/Taiji etc in his life despite them meaning him no good; then tosses aside anyone that tries to help him break this cycle and live healthy. He probably despises positive change. They are all truly and essentially MISERABLE, DAMAGED and TOXIC. Now it’s up to Prachi and Pragya to choose what’s best for them, even if it means letting go of a (terrible) husband/father. Abhi’s love-hate bond with toxicity and blindness will always dampen any form of peace, love and happiness in their lives. Purab/Disha, Akash/Rachna and Neha/Tarun were the smartest couples to remove themselves from the Mehra hell-hole.

      P.S. One of Pragya’s greatest mistakes was deciding to leave Rhea behind and not taking her along with Prachi. Now the implications of that is destroying their lives.

    2. I always say the same…I always say the same..Greetings From Turkey…Kumkum Bhagya Turkey 👍👌👏👋🇹🇷

  3. precap🔥 wonder what prachi will do. But in the bts clip it’s shown she gets drunk. Or could that be Prachi’s plan to pretend? I don’t think it will be. The good doesn’t always win every time. I think Prachi also had a motive but obviously so do the other three and they could succeed at first but im hoping their plans fails later. It’s likely Prachi could be drunk but whatever they plan for her after hopefully it’s a flop! I wanted drunk Prachi for a long time. It will be fun to see her drunk scenes with Ranbir!

    1. Elle va vraiment saoulé

  4. Ranbir is so done with these women in his life 😂😂he’s a total mood but honestly I’m enjoying seeing them fighting. It’s like watching a comedy drama show. All thanks to Prachi though 😍

  5. I’m worried for Prachi due to Alias comment about Abhi not regarding Prachi as his daughter. After Rhea is exposed, and Abhi/Pragya wake up and they’ll find out about all this there’s a chance Abhi will still remain the same with Prachi and will defend Rhea over her. Because we all know how much Abhi favours Rhea over Prachi just because she was brought up by him and didn’t have a mom in her life. Abhi barely even considered Prachi as his daughter. There was much better bond between them before he found out she was his daughter. And Abhigya do have trust issues when it comes to their kids. Pragya usually defends Prachi whilst Abhi defends Rhea. This separated them once already and it could happen again when they come out of coma. Abhi and Pragya barely even stay together 5 minutes there’s always small misunderstandings leading them to seperation. And after they wake up of course they’ll have their track so it could be them seperating again who knows. I just hope it’s not the case. It’s about time Abhi teaches a lesson to his over pampered daughter before the actress leaves.

  6. When Prachi, Ranbir and Riya dance, where are you at a party?

  7. Pls wat is the meaning of sass and bahu in India.

    1. Saas means mother in law and bahu means daughter in law

    2. Means mother in law and daughter in law

  8. Who is this Shiv?

    1. Shiv is the guy who was in the plan when Ranbir decided to marry prachi at the temple and then backed off.
      The guy who pretended he is the groom and marrying his girlfriend (I forget her name) so that Prachi would help her get married and get married in the process.

    2. @Ruhi and Ria
      That’s Jay you are talking about , Shiv is Jay’s brother

  9. pls ban this serial it is so toxic depressing alia is a boring character

  10. think prachi will contact organizations in order to get half of Kohli’s property.

    1. Yeah she definitely should. I don’t think after this whole party drama that will happen and will leave it alone! She will plan her epic revenge I hope. I think she will snatch the property with all her rights as she should.

  11. Isn’t he Jay, who tried to help Ranbir marry Prachi in the temple, and Shiv is his younger brother, it seems from the last episode we found out about it. Why is he Shiv now? Why, when talking to Rhea and Pallavi, Ranbir says that he needs a solution for this problem. Hadn’t he already made up his mind after marrying Rhea? Why does he ask Prachi not to leave him, and on what rights should she stay by his side? Everyone around believes that Rhea is Ranbir’s wife, and he himself has already admitted it. The purpose of finding Prachi next to him? Apparently he has settled in well, one wife is good, and two are better. This party, if the Kohli family publicly recognizes Rhea as their daughter-in-law, why would Prachi stay with Ranbir. Ranbir took away Prachi’s rights and gave them to Rhea. How Pallavi recognizes Prachi as her daughter-in-law, if she hates her, believes that Prachi was with Sid, that the child may be from him. They write here that she will be happy to know that she will become a grandmother, it will not be soon, because until Rhea is exposed to everyone, what kind of recognition of Pracha and the child by the Kohli family can we talk about. And this track with booze, repeats the track of Diwali and Sanju. Apparently the strong Prachi has ended and the Prachi has returned, which can be fooled. How Prachi, knowing that she is in the thick of the criminals, was again able to be deceived so easily, if she was able to get drunk, she should not eat or drink at all in front of them. Everyone hoped that Shahana would come back and become a support for Prachi, where Shahana was at that time, she had to stick to Prachi tightly, and not leave and not let anyone near her, but for some reason she was not there. The meaning of her being in this show? Are Sid and Rhea officially divorced? How did they get divorced so quickly? Shouldn’t they be called to court for a divorce, for a conversation, the judge already decides whether to divorce them or not, but they are still given some time to make decisions for this. What if for some reason Sid and Rhea are still married? Can these people be considered people doing all these crimes? One big drama again, nothing new.

  12. Why are y’all thinking that Prachi will succumb to Alia’s planning ??
    Is this assumption because of KKB’s track record , that nothing good can continue for long in KKB or are there any BTS or something which show Prachi falling prey to their planning ??

    1. There was a video of a drunk Prachi in a room with Pallavi, Aliya and Rhea. I don’t know if she’s really drunk or if it’s just her plan. Besides, this party, will Ranbir recognize Rhea as his wife in front of everyone? Then why would he need Prachi, just for support, so that he wouldn’t be bored? In the next episode, when Aliya came to Kohli, Pallavi told her that now they are a family and she can come to them.

  13. And……..since when did Pallavi and Alia start to get along so well that Alia was invited to RR’s marriage ??
    Wasn’t there enmity between them ??

  14. While we cannot predict exactly what will happen , the plot of Prachi falling prey to Alia and Rhea’s plotting again , will not sit well with the viewers , after all this is Prachi 2.0 who has become more smart , confident and bold. And if she can still be tricked so easily to drink a spiked drink then how is she different from what she was before ?? She was already tricked that way before , so this time it has to be something different

    1. Apparently, they decided that this brave Prachi was enough and they could return her to her former state again, a stupid and trusting Prachi. Besides, they say that Aliya and Rhea will show photos of Prachi and Sid together at this party, and Prachi will be insulted again, and Ranbir will hate her again. We have not returned to anything, we have no progress in this story. Rhea and Aliya will win again.

    2. @YY
      I strongly doubt it……
      And who is this ‘they’ ?? What kind of photos are those ?? For those photos to be insulting , they cannot be just Prachi and Sid standing together or laughing together , or talking / eating together since such photos do not prove anything wrong. Even a photo of Sid wiping away Prachi’s tears……..such things are common among friends in today’s time so won’t be effective unless the guests are already mentally prepared that there’s something illicit between these two people……….then even the innocent photos will be regarded as having some other meaning. But I doubt that most of the people coming to this party have any idea about history of what all has happened in the past.

      The only way photos could work is if they already show Prachi and Sid in compromising position , but Alia and Rhea cannot be having such photos unless they have photos of that bedroom on that day , which I find extremely improbable since Alia asked her manager friend to erase EVERYTHING after Sid nearly caught her. And since nobody foresaw Prachi coming back this way , it’s unlikely that Alia had asked her friend to edit the video of that day and save it. So I doubt Alia and Rhea have anything visual on Prachi and Sid that can be shown in party to insult Prachi

    3. @YY
      And , keeping all this aside , even if assume that this plan of theirs works , Prachi gets insulted , still that doesn’t help them get rid of Prachi as having extramarital affair doesn’t nullify one’s marriage by default so Prachi will remain Ranbir’s wife , even after all of it. And police cannot ask her to move out. At least should not be able to ask her to move out. Because if Prachi really has to leave so early then her coming back was pointless.

  15. By the word they, I mean the creators of this series. In the next presap, if I understood correctly, Rhea and Aliya want to publish a photo of Sid and Pracha in the newspaper, most likely that this is a photo from the hotel. How will Prachi prove his innocence in such a case? If she hadn’t even bothered to find out the truth all this time? Prachi will only be left to shed tears and make excuses for what she didn’t do. But, it seems that Abhi has come out of a coma, maybe with his appearance, something will change.

    1. @YY
      Prachi already knows what the Kohlis think about her , what Ranbir thinks of her. She has recovered from that shock and pushed over the edge she might just counter with what Sid told her. Ranbir is obviously going to disbelieve her but Dida who is firmly and strongly in her camp , is not going to discard all what Prachi said , out of hand. Most likely she will sift the truth from all the rubble.

      And , what truth should Prachi find out ?? Entire time before meeting Sid again , she was thinking this all was just a terrible misunderstanding , her misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then when Siddharth told her what all Rhea told him , she perspective changed and started thinking it’s just Rhea and Pallavi who schemed all this and Ranbir was a victim just like herself. Then when she saw Ranbir applying vermillion to Rhea’s forehead , she believed Sid completely and now she thinking all the Kohlis minus Dida , plus Rhea , intentionally defamed her and Sid to get them out of the way to marry off RR. For her , now THIS , is the truth. There’s nothing remained to ‘find out’

      And I stand by my earlier argument that defaming , humiliating , insulting Prachi , is not going to get her out of their lives. She has not gone there to win their validation or love anymore , nor is she there because they WANT her there , that she will leave if they insult her. She is there because she is Ranbir’s legal wife , and a photo in the newspaper can’t change that. Okay , so what , Ranbir will again accuse her of cheating him. What then ?? Prachi too can counter by saying that he accuses her of cheating him and moving on and yet it’s him , not her , who actually married another girl to start a new life that too , without divorcing her.

      And I might also add that Prachi is not even thinking of ‘proving her innocence’ to Kohlis since for her , they ALREADY know the truth , they being the mastermind behind all this in the first place. In yesterday’s (20th’s) episode Alia already accused her of having an affair with Sid. Did Prachi cry or rage about ?? Did she storm out of that place ?? No. She calmly answered Alia.

      And I expect that’s what will happen in the party as well , even if the photo gets printed in the news and she is accused of having an extramarital affair. Prachi IS prepared to answer these accusations now , or at least prepared to crumble by their onslaught

    2. And if it’s just Abhi who is out of the coma and not Pragya along with him , you may assume that it’s not good for Prachi since Abhi already hates her. If anything he will join team Rhea

  16. I don’t think so, although Abhi hates Prachi, but he knows that Prachi was raised by Pragya with all the good values that she herself possesses, I don’t think he will believe it. Besides, I don’t think Abhi has forgotten what Aliya and Tanu did to Pragya, for sure he will punish Aliya, let’s hope so. I don’t think he’s going to like this whole situation with Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea, one husband and two wives. As a father, he should bring Ranbir to justice if Ranbir refused Pracha, but did not divorce her, but married Rhea, even if he doesn’t scold Rhea. As a father, he must hold Kohli’s family accountable for ruining the lives of his 2 daughters. Even if he hates Prachi and takes Rhea’s side, he will have to fight for Rhea’s rights as a father. At the very least, Abhi should ask Rhea why she married Ranbir when he was already married to Prachi. I don’t think he will like all this, well, there is also Sushma, who has to tell Abhi everything she knows about Kohli and Rhea’s family and how they bullied Prachi.

  17. praghia all over again and now its still alia wooo her own niece is there people like alia in this world nooo only in India I guess noooo no replay in these shows the villain always thing wj[hat the main lead is going]g to do how f**king stupid EKTA GO WASH YOURSELF

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