Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abih asking Tanu to get her pregnany test again. She says she will not and continues crying foul that he always used her and was never there for her when she needed. He says he always needed her, but she never wanted their relationship out and was worried more about her career. He asks her again if he wants her to believe her, she should get the test redone and leaves. She says she will not and shouts. Pragya asks her to calm down, else she will harm her child. Tanu says she will abort her child as Abhi does not care about her. Pragya asks her to agree for the test. Tanu yells that she will be a second woman always as even Daadi will not accept her child. Pragya says she will get her respect and will make daadi accept her child. Tanu’s drama continues. Pragya requests her again to get her test redone. Tanu agrees.

Pragya walks on the road and thinks how to get Abhi reaccept Tanu. She reminisces Sarla and and Biji praising Abhi and telling their are their son than daamad. A passerby lady gives her child to speak over phone. Pragya thinks she felt good holding this child, so even Daadi will accept Tanu’s child if she holds it.

Abhi reaches home and sees Daadi crying and Daasi consoling her. He asks what happened. Daasi says he is acting as if he does not know anything and keeping quiet even after Pragya’s misbehavior. Daadi says she wants her old Pragya back. Abhi says even he does not know why Pragya is doing it. He can make her speak out in 2 min with his style, which they will not like, so he wants them to wait for 1 days until he makes Pragya speak out the truth. Mitali hears that and thinks Abhi is keeping quiet even seeing Daadi crying and sundar/mundari tanu/aaliya are also not seen since many days, so something is wrong.

Abhi reminisces how Pragya rejected his love repeatedly and thinks she must be doing it for Tanu, so thinks how to find the truth. He sees alcohol bottle and takes a few sips, but acts as fully drunk. Pragya comes and asks why did he drink so much. He points at a hung heart pillow and says he is trying to break this heart since a long time, but could and since she is expert in breaking heart, she should do it. She asks him to calm down. He holds her and asks her to break it thinking it is his heart. He then gets romantic with her. Sayyara re sayyara…song. plays in the background.

Precap: Abhi asks Pragya what will she do if Tanu’s pregnancy report is negative. She asks what if it is positive, will he accept her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ithulenthu onnu mattum theriuthu….ella tamilians serials laye time a waste pnromnu

  2. correcta sonneenga rafha we all r wasting our time actually . this serial is dragging toooo much.

  3. inga comments la mukavasi people tamil dhan pola????
    ya, Even i hate the way things are going. I hope the pregnancy test shows negative, and abhi ditches tanu for lying to him….

  4. No way bcoz in the latest spoiler abhi will be shocked to hear to hear the pregnancy test as positive

  5. Haa impossible! Shit!! Woh pregnant hui kaise?

  6. Im bored pragya always sacrifices……..

  7. very bore

  8. Mudiyala..romba illukuranga

  9. Mudiyala..romba illukuranga…
    eppathan ithuku mudivu varrum

  10. Actually indha tanu Vera yaaro baby ku thaan amma…avan kandukalanu abi ya pudichukita…idhula pragya vera recommendation n sacrifice ama…nalla kadupu pandranunga…epa thaan indha track mudiyumo…

  11. My god almost all are tamilians …. Great ……. Keep it up tamilians …. Me too Tamil …..
    Yenaku oru big question. Intha serial peru kumkum bhagya …. Namma indha name meaning Tamil la pathomna kungumathoda bhagyam pathi meaning varum and Hindi layum antha meaning dhan almost …. Aparam yen intha pragya loosu mari nadandhikura …. Othukurom abhi ivala yethukala adhukaga ava husband one time kuda namba maatala ???…
    Aiyo kidnap drag mathiri drag panna kudathu…… Plz Plz writers bring some sense in ur thinking about viewers….

  12. kadavuley epdiyavadhu idhu abhi child ah iruka kudathu apdi irundha inum idha brief ah elupan plz may b tanu pregnancy positive na kuda paravala dna test eduthu pakanum

  13. So many Tamilllll ppl suberb ponanga

  14. kandipa test positive thaan but it will not be abhi’s child. it is tanu’s play

  15. Nice to see so many tamilians following this one… Thought I m the one… But good to see many here 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. This series is going really stupid… why do pragya keep punishing sbe had always wanted abhi to love her and now that he love her something else happened.. so stupid

  17. Frnz Tel me the trut r not u ppl losing interest in dis shw?

  18. It cant b abhis child nver…nd pragya al gone nuts

  19. What happen with purvi…
    This show has never ending problem

  20. actually this serial is a bit boring because of this lengthy and dragging episodes .

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