Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranbir gets trapped as Rhea and Sid escape

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The Episode starts with Pragya coming to Abhi’s locality and sees him dancing with his friends. Abhi’s friend spills the juice on Pragya’s car window. Abhi asks him to say sorry to her. The friend says sorry to Pragya as she gets down and walks towards him. Amit gives clarification to Pragya that they were celebrating as Abhi won for the first time. Abhi says she is not angry with him, but with me. He asks him to go and says he will talk. Rhea asks Siddharth about the drugs in his pocket. He says he didn’t know. Rhea says we both will be trapped. Siddharth says room is booked on my name. Someone knocks on the door. Rhea says we both will be trapped. She rushes to the bathroom and throws the drugs in the commode and flushes it. She comes out. Sid asks what to say, if Police asks that the room is booked on his name, then how she is here. Rhea says if this thing will go on, then no girl will marry you. She asks him to cook up a story that they had a fight and later she came here. He opens the door and finds the waiter standing. Waiter brings the food trolley and says you had ordered breakfast when you booked the room. Sid gives him money and asks him to give him some information.

The drug peddler comes to Rhea’s friend Saina and scares her to tell about Rhea’s whereabouts. Her friend tells that she doesn’t know about Rhea or Sid. The drug peddler threatens her that Jack will get her killed. He asks her to find out where is Sid and Rhea, if she wants to see her friend alive. He asks her to call Rhea and asks her to return their drugs. He calls a reporter and asks him to publish the news of three people suicide. Saina says she will call her. She calls Rhea. The drug peddler takes the call and asks Rhea to give the drugs which is with Sid. Sid says he doesn’t have any drugs. The drug peddler asks them to buy it if they want to have drugs and tells that he has tracked their location, and is coming there. He goes from there. Saina calls Rhea and asks her to ask Sid to check the back pocket as drug is there. Sid takes the call and asks her to go away from her house, and tells that they will do something.

Prachi and Ranbir come to the Redstone hotel. Prachi tells that she will be back in 5 mins. She asks someone if she saw her. The lady says no. The photo flies and falls down near the constable. They pick it. Prachi says it is my sister’s pic and says you can see.

Abhi gets hiccups. He says he was thinking why is he getting hiccups, says you came to meet me and missed me so much. Pragya says I am angry as you spoiled the auction. She asks him to celebrate his yesterday’s win also, as it was his last victory. Abhi says he has won the queen and says he lost on every stage of his life, but today he won the queen, as she returned in his life. Pragya looks at him.

Prachi is about to show the pic to constable. Just then the Inspector calls him and scolds him. He says someone came to meet Sid. Ranbir asks receptionist to make him meet his brother. The receptionist tells that Sid’s intercom is not working, she sent someone to call him. Ranbir says ok. Sid breaks Rhea’s sim card and tells that they can’t track us now. He says they seems to be like two lambs getting hunt by everyone, this city is theirs. Receptionist informs Inspector about Sid’s brother insisting to meet him. Police Inspector talks to other Inspector who came from Delhi. The Delhi Police officer comes to Rhea and Sid, as the latter are about to know. The Inspector tells that he is from Delhi Police and asks them if they are really married, as Rhea is not wearing sindoor or mangalsutra. He asks Constable to arrest them. Rhea says it is not needed that I wear sindoor and mangalsutra. She argues that they are married, but don’t have proof. The Inspector gives them an hour to prove that they are married and says you are accused of selling drugs in this city. He gives an hour to them to prove. The Bangalore Police officer tells Delhi Police Officer that he was doubtful that they are not married. The Delhi Police officer tells that they shall not wait for an hour then, and shall arrest them now itself. The waiter hears Police and goes to Sid and Rhea. He knocks on the door. Sid opens the door. The waiter informs him. Sid tells Rhea that they have to leave immediately from back door. Constables come to Rhea and Sid’s room and find them missing. The Bangalore Police officer informs Ranbir that he has to come with him to PS, as Sid eloped. Ranbir gets shocked.

Pragya tells Abhi that he has to take a complete birth to reach her empire. He says he will win eventually in this birth, and you can’t do anything, I can win whenever I want. He says Queen loses from King anyhow. Pragya says you are not King. Abhi says he has immense love in his heart. Pragya says you won yesterday and today also, because of me. And you will lose tomorrow due to me. She says I will not give you a chance to even laugh if you come infront of me again. She says I came to inform you this and goes. She goes to sit in her car and leaves. Abhi kisses the carom Queen in his hand.

Precap: Pallavi opens the door and finds Ranbir, Prachi, Sid and his bride. She gets shocked and asks Sid to get out from there. She says only Servants and family members are allowed. Rhea calls Pallavi and shows her face. Pallavi gets surprised to see Rhea.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Karina.0301

    IDK why but I get a feeling that Rhea didn’t pretend as Sid’s wife to save him but instead to safe herself.As we already know Rhea is actually a person consuming drugs it can be like Rhea came there for Drugs and when the police announced to arrest all she pretended to save Sid and hence saving herself. Or it can even be like she is the head of that drug dealing as we can see in one previous episode Sid is mistaken to be the leader of drug dealing as assumed by the police which shows there is a leader and Jenny and Jack are only their workers. And Rhea’s behavior since the club scene is very suspicious this is just assumption you guys tell what u think about it.

    1. I too feel same. Moreover rhea is connected with drugs previous episode. Now she acts completely innocent which is fishy

    2. Malavika

      I honestly feel so bad about Prachi. She has a toxic family. Her only support system is Ranbir. It’s difficult for someone to survive with such an unsupportive family. You all know very well how her family is so I don’t need to elaborate on that. Prachi always deserved the best, but she got such a trashy family I always feel bad for her. I know this is a fictional story, but there must be someone in real life with a family like this. I would pray for them and hope for the best 🙂

  2. Rhea is definitely connected to this business, as she knows too much about it based on the last episode, употребляет наркотики, возможно, продает их, together with his friend. The head of the drug dealers should appear, I don’t remember the name of the actress, but it was said that Abhi would have problems because of her. It is possible that Prachi will find Rhea and force her and Sid to get married, to get out of this mess. Since Rhea and Sid have to prove that they are husband and wife, and Ranbir will go to the police station. Yes, even if Rhea pretends to be Sid’s wife, she will still enter the Kohli family as a daughter-in-law. She will be received with all the honors, unlike Prachi. Now another life will be broken because of Rhea, perhaps her goal is to be with Ranbir.

  3. Drugs and drug use among young people is a epidemic in the world right now, I don’t know what ekta and her writer were thinking when planning this track but it is foolish and irresponsible.

  4. Sid and Rhea ar married I guess that means saas bahu drama in almost every episode. God, I don’t think I can take it KKB+Saas Bahu 😭☹😭

    1. Better than the enmity of the sisters because of the guy)))

    2. I prefer the enmity between two sisters more than the hatred of a mother-in-law+family towards the daughter-in-law

  5. K.Lakshmi lavanya

    Again you started worst drama with dp.Definitely your loosing trp ratings

  6. KKB’s creative team is in battle to the title of ”Most Stupid Creative Team”. All follower know in which direction the story has to progress to attract viewers, but they are insisting to fill episodes with ” An Amatuer Theather Club Rehersals” of the second generation. KKB will lose its place on TRP charts this week

    1. KKB’s creative team is in a battle to win the title of ”Most Stupid Creative Team”

  7. Hahah same old stupid story will revolve around and this is my guess about the future episodes: pallavi will accept rhea and sid , and as time goes somehow pranbir will enter the pallavi mansion, rhea will pretend to be in her good books and continue to be pallavis pet and rhea would make pallavi her puppet
    And yes as i told after prachi enter this house pallavi and rhea will plan against prachi just like how aliyah behaved with pragya and yes sid will behave exactly like purab and ranbir will be like abhi
    And the same old tortures will continue !! Enjoy!! Please writer dont make these same sensless stories happen over and over again instead do justice to your audience ! Please develop a plot with morals , good values ,intelligence and smart thoughts!!!!

    1. Malavika

      I agree that Prachi can be Pragya, Pallavi and rhea can be like alia, Sid as Purab but Ranbir WILL NEVER become Abhi. Ranbir respects his wife, Prachi a lot and will never blame/disrespect her like Abhi did. Plus, Ranbir is a fun loving guy not short tempered like Abhi.

    2. no. Sid cannot be the good guy like Purab. I already said he will be obsessed with Prachi. That’s why I have the name Sid-silverfish ready for him……LOL

    3. Malavika

      no, Sid won’t be obsessed with Prachi. He’s attracted to rhea now.

  8. I think Rhea will tell Pallavi to allow ranbir Prachi to stay in the mansion so it’s easier to fulfil her plan. She’s defo the mastermind behind all this in order to seperate Pranbir and get close to Ranbir. So of course that witch Pallavi will listen to her precious bahu Rhea and will allow Pranbir but her and Rhea will taunt Prachi and humiliate her

    1. Malavika

      well alia is the mastermind behind rhea’s so called planning and plotting.

  9. Now Rhea will become the elder daugther-in-law of the Kohli family. I think that she will start turning everyone against Prachi. I think that she came with a ready made plan.

    1. I think that everyone is already against Prachi so there is no game there. the game likely would be to turn prachi’s life into hell. Wait a minute… she’s nearly there! i.e. not accepted by either family, husband is unemployed, mother her only true ally is gone Shahana/Aryan are gone. She is the perfect victim for lying, stealing, slanderous cowards!! That’s the rest of the characters.

  10. Neethumol Mathews

    Ranbir is not a fool to come back home when pallo calls him back. Infact r entry literally closed all doors for ranbir to enter kholi house. He will try his best to keep r away from prachi due to his previous experience.

  11. I watched the scene where Tanu and Aliyah went to stop the auction. I just have to say this. This Aliyah is really ugly for an Indian. Tanu is silly but she’s beautiful. That Aliyah looks like a washed out doll

    1. Malavika

      I miss shikha. she suited alia’s role better.

    2. 100% agree the woman is really ugly.
      I saw her for the first time in Ishqbaaaz without words.
      I first thought this is a man with makeup as a woman and dressed as a woman.

  12. togda buyet boleye ponyatno.
    I read the comments, and honestly they made it funny))) Can’t you see that Ria has no drugs at the moment, she flushed the expensive dose down the toilet and the fact that she didn’t know anything about Side before? Well, what self-interest can be on her part? No, I certainly do not exclude the possibility that the creators confuse us and in the end we don’t understand something, and I don’t fully believe in Ria’s complete correction either. You can expect everything from her))) But these assumptions, in my opinion, are ridiculous))) I think we need to wait for the wedding and then it will be more understandable.

  13. And I like the current episode. I have not experienced such delight from the kkb for a long time))) Starting from the 20 year leap, I watched it rather by inertia, since there were very few really interesting episodes. And now everything really looks in one breath. I really liked the pair of Sidri. I hope for the prudence of the creators and the fact that they will really lead them as a couple, and not return to the moronic story with the war of sisters for one not the best guy.

    1. We Have the ship name ready too #SidEa
      (For your kind information, its spelt Rhea (i think it is) no riya soo yeah)

  14. Who is elder sid or ranbir??

    1. Sid elder cousin Ranbir

  15. Rhea will probably tell Sid a sob story about her life. How she was innocent and her sister stole her fiancé with her mother’s blessing. They both ruined her life so she turned to drugs etc. etc. Then they will both turn on Prachi and try to break up her marriage.

    1. @Sleepy
      ……… and PRANBIR will tell him their side of story , how Rhea always hated Prachi , tried to humiliate her , kill her etc etc. Aryan will corroborate their story. Whom will Sid believe , faced with two different versions of a story ?? A girl whom has met not 2 days before , and doesn’t know next to anything about her ?? OR his cousin , whom he knows since childhood and his sister in law cum employee cum friend , whom he knows since 2 years , have worked with her , seen her chemistry , bonding with Ranbir , PRANBIR’s struggle to stay together……….. he has witnessed it all

      Rhea might b*t*h all she wants about Prachi to Sid , but Sid knows Prachi personally. Ideally he should not believe Rhea over PRANBIR , but since this is KKB we are talking about , anything can happen

  16. Reha and members of 2nd generation are advertised on certain youtube channels, but no one can save them, their ratings will hit the ground shattering speed by free fall soon

  17. It is likely that Rhea will turn everyone against Prachi, and Sid will turn against Ranbir. And if it turns out that Ranbir and Prachi also return to Kohli’s house, then Rhea will again feel insecure because of Prachi, and Ranbir will become a competitor of Sid in the right to property and company. Rhea will definitely want more, I wouldn’t be surprised if she asks for help from her aunt and she will always turn against everyone. Besides, Pallavi and Aliya are now on different sides. Here the fight will unfold between Rhea and Prachi and between Sid and Ranbir. Even worse, if Rhea, in her drug addiction, inclines Sid to her side, and make Sid a drug addict. Therefore, it is better if Pranbir lives separately from everyone, and it’s time for Ranbir to start his own business, so as not to be dependent on anyone.

    1. @YY
      What reason Rhea has to feel insecure about because of Prachi ?? What is it that Prachi will take away from her ?? Her husband Sid ?? Rhea knows very well how much PRANBIR love each other. After all , Ranbir dumped her an hour or so before their wedding to get together with Prachi. So Rhea knows very well that Prachi will have no designs about Sid. If anything , she be jealous of PRANBIR , instead of being insecure. I doubt Rhea will have any interest in staying with Sid , despite now that they are married. Emotions , sentiments have always been secondary / unimportant to her , to her own desires / ego / obsession etc. Rhea will never forget that Ranbir chose Prachi over her , neither will she forgive him for that. She will either try to ruin their lives for revenge or try to get Ranbir back.

  18. What does Prachi’s plans for Sid have to do with it? What are you talking about anyway? I’m saying that if the attitude of the Kohli family suddenly changes in relation to Prachi, then Rhea will have uncertainty. If you remember, Rhea was always jealous when Prachi was shown more attention and interest. Rhea should be the center of attention. She will definitely drive wedges between Ranbir and Prachi. But it may be that she will eventually fall in love with Sid, how Ranbir once fell in love with Prachi.

    1. The producer of this show relies on reruns of the past. Nothing good ever happens or ever lasts with the good characters on this show. Evil always prevails. Everything is predictable because of it. The new generation is just the same players in a repeat story line. They are just wearing different clothing and in a somewhat different setting (but not really) …. I don’t take this serial seriously or expect much so whatever people comments are, I don’t agree or disagree. The comments are 1000% more entertaining and fun than this serial and they have been for a long long long time.

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