Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi asks Inspector to help him prove Prachi’s innocence

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The Episode starts with Abhi coming to the Police station and says I want to talk to you. Inspector is talking to someone on phone about Prachi and says he will not leave her. Abhi takes the call and ends it. Inspector says you are crazy. Abhi says you couldn’t see my emotions. He says I respect your uniform. Abhi tells Inspector that he is sad to hear about his son’s demise and tells drug dealer giving him drugs is still at large. He says Prachi is innocent and tells that even though he is not her father, but feels fatherly emotions for her. He asks Inspector to help him and free Prachi. He says I am a father and can’t see my daughter in lock up. Inspector asks him to get the proofs and says her mum had said that she will get CCTV footage from your house and asks him to get CCTV footage. He says

second option is that if I write in my report that it is salt then she will be free, but I will not do this. And says thirdly you shall bring the guilty here. Abhi agrees. Lady constable asks Inspector if she shall get her mom inside as she is crying. Inspector refuses. Prachi asks Abhi to listen and asks him to talk to her mom. She asks him to assure her mother that he will free her and says she is very stress. Abhi goes out. Purab comes to meet Disha and recalls their moments. Kuch toh hai plays….He feels guilty of doing her accident and apologizes for the betrayal which he didn’t do.

Abhi comes out and thinks where is Prachi’s mum. Pragya thinks why her phone is not catching signal and thinks disha might be knowing where her jiju is. She thinks she needs him now for his daughter. Abhi peeps outside, but don’t see her. Pragya calls Disha, but she doesn’t pick the call as she is unconscious in the hospital. Disha gains consciousness in the morning and asks Nurse who brought her here. Nurse says we will tell you, but as of now take rest. Pragya wakes up and thinks she has to go and get CCTV footage. She thinks to talk to Abhi and take his help for Prachi. She thinks we will forget our ego. She asks Inspector if she can talk to her once. Inspector says no. Pragya asks him to understand and says she didn’t see her since night. Inspector agrees.

Dimpy and Shaina wake up Rhea and ask her to watch the news. They see Media questioning College Principal about Prachi. Principal tells that Prachi is a bright student. She came here through scholarship and has the quality to top all delhi, she was the best student and I have never seen such a bright student in my life. Reporter asks will you support her even now after she is caught with drugs. Principal says we have many bright students and we will rusticate her and set an example for other students. Shahana and Sarita behen watch news on TV. Shahana says it is not yet proved.

Doctor appreciates Purab for bringing Disha to hospital after doing her accident and says I will tell her about you and she will forgive you. Purab says she will never forgive me. Doctor says it was an accident. Constables comes to Mehra Mansion with the forensic expert. Forensic expert tells that the room shall be untouched. They go there. Rhea says she has to do something of CCTV else she will get caught one day. They say CCTV is handled. Shaina says only you do something here and not others. They go to listen to forensic expert.

Disha is in the hospital and finds the ring on her bed. Disha asks about the ring. Nurse tells that the person must be wearing who brought her here. Dr. Kiran comes there and checks her. Disha asks who brought her here. She says she finds the person familiar and asks who was he? She asks if he was male or female. Dr. Kiran says he doesn’t know you also. She recalls Purab asking Kiran not to tell Disha about him and tells that he is the wound of her past. Dr. Kiran asks what is his relation with her. Purab says she is my heart and it will beat until I am alive. Dr. Kiran thinks who is the victim and who hit Disha’s car. She thinks if Aaliya committed suicide because of her. She gets confused.

The forensic expert watches the CCTV footage and says there is nothing in this footage which goes in that girl’s favor. He asks if there is any other monitor room. Abhi says no. Rhea and her friends hear and rejoice. Abhi says this way Prachi will be proved guilty. Inspector calls forensic expert. Forensic expert tells that he didn’t get any proofs proving her innocence. Abhi takes the call to talk to Inspector. Inspector tells Pragya that nothing is proved from the CCTV. Pragya says my daughter is innocent and takes the call. Abhi says hello. Pragya says hello.

Precap: Abhi questions Rhea about Nishant and shows his pic. Rhea gets tensed. He asks who is he?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Okay now I rly wanna know what purab did 2 disha and ik this is random but is aryan rly aaliya’s son he takes after disha and purab more than aaliya and other than that srsly rhea wat’s gonna happen when u get caught I feel like when the truth comes out, rhea is gonna be kicked out of the college

  2. nice episode ekta ‘s vision deserves a yo !!!

  3. Dragging on a friday, no less. I guess they are waiting for their episode tomorrow. Today was a washout excepting for the moment when we saw Purab being beaten by Disha. disha should teach Pragya how to beat people because Pragya has a long list of people that should be beaten. Beginning with those non-people aliyah, tuna-fish, mithali, nikhil and …. wait for it… the man she supposedly thinks she loves Abhi. then her criminal daughter the skank, mini-aliyah.

  4. the show does teach us today, that the education institutions of India are foul and corrupt. Which principle is so stupid that after three times of Prachi being blamed by rhea … and the truth coming out…this very dumb man who shouldn’t be a principal…wouldn’t demand rhea’s presence …and the truth. Come on! After three incidents that makes it a ‘pattern’. Anyone with any intelligence whatsoever would look to Rhea immediately, if Prachi ever was being blamed for something. Another lesson, in ‘India the corrupt and nothing else’. Ekta Kapoor must be so pleased. Everyone in India is as simple minded and corrupt as she is.

  5. OMG!!!! like seriously how long are yo guys drag a single episode content… hide and seek between pragya and abhi, it’s so boringggg…. thy twist and turn the same story again and again… now Meera will turn out to be tanu jr, rhea will be jr. aliya…Again tomorrow they will show they both can’t talk on call due to network issues… becoming Dumb day b day, y don’t you end it if you don’t have any new content.

  6. Hit and miss-Every time it happens.Like whom these writers are trying to make fool?Perhaps their target is Ekta herself lol.
    Entertainment level is bellow than zero.Ekta and her typical mentality of running serial.

  7. Why not put Rhea in jail for all the wrong things she’s doing 😡


    So Mini Priyanka chopra day day gets one step towards Mini Aliyah.. necklace stealing drama, removed from college drama, falling of cliff drama and now drugs? This girl belongs in bars.. she just gets tight slaps and continues.. does she forget that Prachi is pragya’s daughter she claims to love Pragya but think she has short time memory loss.. I don’t think the actress is bad.. what she wears and makeup is bad.. cheap and tacky clothes, that pink dress disgusts me, Change Rhea or else your daddy will hate you..

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