Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir bails out Prachi and Shahana

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The Episode starts with the lady telling Ranbir that she heard them talking that the girl is pregnant. Ranbir gets happy and congrats Shahana and Prachi with a hug. Prachi reciprocates the hug and holds him. She then leave his hand. He says you have shared the good news and tells that now you are Maa…He says we shall celebrate for this good news. The lady says she is worried as she is not worried. Ranbir thinks Shahana is pregnant. Constable comes and says you are bailed out. Inspector asks them to sign on the bail papers. Ranbir asks Lawyer if he knows that Shahana was here. Lawyer says he was aware and that’s why added Shahana’s name in the bail papers. He asks Ranbir to take his car, as he might have come for airport. Ranbir thanks him and asks Prachi and Shahana to come. Aaliya and Pallavi come back from shopping. Aaliya tells Rhea that she will never go for shopping with Pallavi again. Rhea praises Pallavi for shopping so much for her and surprising her. Aaliya asks her to give her some credit as she told her choice to her mother in law. Pallavi thanks Aaliya for helping her, so that she can shop so soon. Aaliya says I thought we are shopping since a year. Vikram comes there with Dida, and tells Pallavi that he thought that he will get a letter from her, that she is done with him. Dida thinks where is Ranbir, he had told that he will bring Prachi.

Ranbir asks Shahana to sit on the back seat, as the car will not shake much and the baby will be save. Prachi comes and sits with Shahana. Ranbir says you became a good sister, I will become a good driver. He drives the car and tells Shahana that she is not glowing in pregnancy like Prachi. He teases Prachi indirectly for showing the attitude. Shahana asks him to drive carefully and don’t look in the mirror and talk. She says take left. He says I will be taking you to our house, and says until Sarita behen returns, Prachi will take care of you. He says tomorrow is lohri, we will celebrate. Shahana says I don’t have clothes with me. Ranbir says driver will bring your clothes, or you can just ask Prachi. He says else I will bring clothes for you. He asks Shahana to smile, as she is pregnant. He then recalls the lady’s words and gets worried for Shahana.

Pallavi asks Vikram not to touch Rhea’s surprise and gives his gift to him. She then gives gift to Dida and Neeti. She shows parandi to Rhea, and says ladies wear this while doing gidda during lohri. Aaliya says Pallavi tied all these parandas on my hair. Vikram says I will accept if you try it again. He says he is happy. Pallavi says it is Rhea’s first lohri after marriage with Ranbir and says it will be special. She explains the function. Pallavi and Vikram ask Dida to sing Sundar mundarye…song. Vikram and Pallavi dance as Dida sings. Vikram says the newly weds will get many blessings. Pallavi says we had taken 7 rounds on lohri day. Vikram says our bond is unbreakable. Rhea says Mummy, Ranbir haven’t come till now. He had said that he is coming. Dida asks if you haven’t told her. Rhea asks if there is something. Aaliya says I was about to tell you, then I went for shopping.

Ranbir stops the car and asks Shahana to get down. He helps her get down, and tells that he loves kids. He says he had three dreams, one is to marry Prachi, second his start up and the third one is……Suddenly he feels pain in his head and gets blurred flashback of his conversation with Prachi. Prachi asks if he is fine. Ranbir says I am getting a fb as if I told you about my three dreams, I had paper in my hand. Prachi recollects and says you told about this before, it is all nonsense. She asks Shahana to come inside. Ranbir shouts asking Prachi to stop. He asks what did you say just now? He asks her to say it on his face and asks what did you say? Prachi says I told that you told about this nonsense before. Ranbir asks do you think that my dreams are nonsense. She says it needs hardwork to achieve the dreams. Ranbir says it was achievement for me to marry me, and says how can you be stone hearted? He says you don’t have the heart. Prachi says I had a heart, which was broken badly by you. She asks didn’t you know about it? Ranbir says even I can complain and more than you, but I am not like you, in my past. Prachi says you are afraid and knows that you have done a mistake. He asks why she is blinded and wanted to stay in past. He says I will not love you and will not care for you. She says I am not dying for your love and care. He says nobody can love this Prachi in this world.

Rhea asks what is it, that you wanted to tell me, but didn’t tell you. Pallavi says Ranbir had gone to office after meeting. Aaliya says I don’t want to spoil your mood. Rhea asks if I shall celebrate the festival alone, and says it is unfair. She says we shall have dinner, as Ranbir will return. She tells Neeti that she will help her and goes. Pallavi says I talked to Mishra ji and he told that Prachi’s bail will not happen today and tomorrow, I wish two days goes on peacefully. She says I don’t want Rhea to see Prachi’s face. Dida says if Ranbir comes and tells that he had gone to PS for Prachi, then if Rhea will not feel bad. Pallavi says why to upset Rhea? Dida asks Pallavi not to treat Rhea like a child. Pallavi says if Rhea’s mood gets upset, then it will affect tomorrow’s function. Dida says you should have think about this before getting Prachi arrested. She says nobody is thinking about Prachi. Pallavi asks Vikram to make his mother understand and says I can’t keep everyone happy here. Dida says you shall not think about keeping everyone happy. Aaliya thinks why Vikram is not supporting Pallavi and gets worried thinking what will happen when Prachi returns.

Precap: Ranbir tells Prachi, you want me to go away from you, right? Fine, I will go that far away that you will neither see me nor see my love. He then bursts out at Rhea saying, I have some status, value in this house. I cannot do this all the time. Sometimes, I become a wife’s husband, sometimes a mother’s son, but today, I will become Ranbir Kohli.

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  1. So Ranbir got mad cuz Prachi called his dreams foolish ahh I c but Prachi has a point Ranbir made a mistake and is afraid of living up 2 it that’s true but y can’t he say this in front of Prachi he said it 2 Jay easily and did Prachi rly have 2 say that u can tell that was a huge trigger 2 Ranbir since his dream was 2 marry her and she called that foolish o geez u know I feel both r right in this argument tbh

    1. @Em I disagree mate, think about this…. Ranbir is going on and on about his dreams which he obviously cherishes so much but that first dream of marrying Prachi is just a slap in the face since that “dream” was held together by a thread of wool for their marriage to end just like that when he “found” her with Sid….he didn’t even seek an explanation from either of them, just basically called Prachi a whore and a golddigger and now want HER to apologize and come to him? Madness…two, his start up dream, remember the business he’s running is his family’s business, it’s not his start-up but he’s just building on where actually sid and Prachi laid foundation for the past two years keeping that company together…..and lastly, that whole Having a baby with Prachi dream is also I slap in the face, like after calling her a cheater he’s just like yeah I’d love a baby with her…..Hell naw, he has no doubt in his mind the the wife he dreamed to marry and loves unconditionally was sleeping with his brother behind his back and you’re telling me he wouldn’t easily believe the baby is Sid’s?….so yes my Friend, that dream is FOOLISHNESS and MADNESS running together, let him go cry in his mummy’s skirt if he’s hurt. Also Prachi has been through a lot of BS because of his spineless self, she didn’t have to do all that drama playing dress up when he damn well knew them documents were faked….why the hell didn’t he just say they’re BS when or take them from his so called new wife, oh right…he want PRACHI to “ask” him…no, no no, BEG for his help and apologize for shit she didn’t do….miss me with that bullshit

    2. he did start his startups tho that’s y he’s known as a business tycoon he just started them under kohli industries and he did work hard 2 accomplish his startup dream tho

  2. Um no offense but y is Prachi saying the same thing over and over again 2 Ranbir even his family and rhea ahs a part in it as well and idk abt u guys but am I the only 1 feeling a bit annoyed abt Prachi like she makes a huge scene abt Ranbir helping her and taunted him and later accepted it like wat and Prachi was right when she said Ranbir was running away from his past but calling his dreams foolish was random and triggered him a lot considering 1 of his dreams were 2 marry her

    1. @Akshu, babes… she’s saying the same thing over and over because they’re singing the same nonsense lies over and over, Ranbir is hurt? Guys remember Prachi was ready to forget EVERYTHING Ranbir said to her a month ago, EVERYTHING…even calling her a harlot and a golddigger on bullshit accusations, she came because she loves him mind body and soul…but what greeted her? Him MARRYING Rhea after just a month, after accusing her of cheating he was there marrying her sister, Prachi has Eeeeeevvvvrrry right to be pissed off, she’s pregnant, heartbroken and alone because shushma has the mentality of a 6 year old and bailed on her supposed granddaughter when she was most vulnerable, and well we know how the rest of her family is trash…. Ranbir is complaining about what exactly? Boohoo my dreams, read the top comment where I replied about these so called dreams… nonsense (to Ranbir not you lol)

    2. didn’t ranbir start his startups under kohli industries and he did work hard 2 do those as well and I do also feel both r right on their sides

    3. @ana, I don’t think tycoon really means that he has a start up of his own but under Kohli industries but I don’t know much about business so maybe you’re right….but the both sides part I still can’t agree with. I think everyone is feeling sympathy for Ranbir Because he’s looking at Prachi all sad and is being a “hero” by coming from London to bail his WIFE out of jail, where she was put by HIS FAMILY?. these are jokes please 💀, suddenly it’s “he has a point”, “she’s being stubborn” NO! My problem with this guy is that he acts like he can do anything for Prachi and is the romantic hero but he’s behavior towards her when they’re actually together talking is polar opposite, it’s like jackle and Hyde…. he’s told Jai he was wrong but not Prachi whom he actually wronged? Okay if he knows he’s wrong the why does he want her to apologize? If she was always innocent then why should she come beg him for his help in fixing the mess HE made when marrying Rhea. And this “he had no choice” argument would have made sense if this was the first time Rhea had done suicide drama, but no it’s not….. infact the last time she tried it on their wedding day to force him to the mandap he literally told her to go ahead and went off to marry Prachi because he knew she was just trying to manipulate him even though she did jump in the one after watching their wedding, we all know she wouldn’t have actually gone through with it had she not seen that video. And imagine that time Prachi wasn’t even his girlfriend, let alone his wife. But this time She was still very much married to him, wedding bands and chains still on but he went ahead and married Rhea without even so much as sending divorce papers to Prachi coz remember he only found out about the fake papers when Prachi came back and threw them in his face. So please guys, let’s not be so easily swayed by “flashy” so called love gestures,they write those in so that you forget the real problems which is actually toxic as hell

    4. @Akshu
      Ranbir’s family and Rhea were part of what happened , but only a part. Lion share of blame falls on Ranbir for not showing faith in his wife. If he had defended Prachi against Rhea , even in hotel , insisting that they talk it out , then would Rhea have been able to do all the drama ?? Prachi had to leave house only because Ranbir didn’t support her so yes she has all the right to talk it ‘over and over’ , and she SHOULD keep talking it so long it doesn’t burst eardrums of deaf Ranbir and he doesn’t get the ability to hear Prachi’s unspoken truth.

  3. I don’t even know who’s side to be on. On one hand, Prachi has every right to be angry and show attitude but I didn’t like the fact she called his dreams nonsense knowing well how much they truly meant to him. He was happy one second talking about it and the next he was broken into pieces. I know Ranbir doenst deserve Prachi’s love but his dreams has nothing to do with him being married to Rhea but Prachi just shoved that into his face. I don’t blame either of them but it seems like the writers badly want them to hate each other to the core that we stop watching it. The anger and hatred is increasing each episode day by day. I just hope Lohri is proven to be good for us all!

    1. @Millie
      Ranbir’s first dream : marrying Prachi. Which he himself overwrote by marrying Rhea. So how and why should Prachi respect that dream ?? HE is the one who made their marriage null and void in terms of emotions. Even I would call his dream a foolish one because in today’s date it doesn’t exist.

      Just answer : if tomorrow there’s party at Kohlis , entire Kohli family + Rhea and Prachi are there , and guests ask Ranbir to introduce his wife………whom will he introduce ?? His marriage with Prachi was in temple and only Pragya its witness , his marriage with Rhea , in front of number of guests , regardless of what happened at the time of grahapravesh.

      So he has to introduce Rhea as his wife in public and when Rhea does get that recognition by society , what is the worth of Ranbir’s dream of marrying Prachi ?? Zero.

  4. The writers have seriously lost their mind. I mean getting Ranbir to think that Shahana is pregnant? What the hell. It’s extremely illogical and senseless how is no one speaking about it. She is unmarried and Ranbir knows Shahana really well how would he think Shahana would get pregnant before marriage? She isn’t even like that. Now they’ll probably drag this on and on till Ria is exposed. And secondly, Ranbir is getting many hints that Prachi is the one that’s pregnant. He’s seen her vomit, touch her belly, asked Prachi if she was pregnant (even though she denied but should he expect her to tell him agyer what he’s done) & lastly he even asked why Prachi has a glow on her face (after saying pregnant women normally have a glow) and he said on many occasions Prachi is hiding something from him and she was even about to reveal it too. All he needs to do is sit in a quiet room, match all these assumptions up and boom the revelation is before him.

    1. He was more intelligent than this before the leap.
      Remember him just matching his assumptions and getting that Rhea is forcing Prachi into leaving him?

    2. @Ally
      Not only Ranbir , all the characters’ IQ was purposefully lowered after PRANBIR and SIDRHEA started living in Kohli house because the makers wanted to show Rhea planning and plotting and winning , and since they had no idea about how to make HER smarter , obviously , other characters had to sacrifice their brain cells so that Rhea will APPEAR smarter , by default

  5. Shahana’s character was brought back in to help Prachi or possibly reunite Pranbir otherwise why would the writers bring her back? But what exactly has Shahana done so far to do that? Other than intervene and third wheel in every Pranbir scene. I like her, especially two years ago her bubbly nature, bond with Pragya/Prachi but now since she returned it’s proven her return is worthless and it’s clear she isn’t even needed anymore.

  6. Ranbir has left his past and now lives in the present as if nothing had happened, but for Prachi, her past is her present. She can’t forget or cross out her past and start all over again, because now she is pregnant and her past is her present. And Ranbir, having married Rhea, apparently began to move on and his dreams can also be realized by Rhea. That why Prachi says all these hurtful words. Her being with Ranbir is questionable and she can become a single mother at all, and Ranbir has settled in well. Now I understand why they brought Shahana back to the show, not so that she would help Prachi, because until today she did not really help, but to make her seem pregnant. But why did Ranbir decide that Shahana was pregnant, maybe he was just fooling around. Today was a lame episode, really this track with prison is too long.

    1. Neethumol Mathews

      But why did Ranbir decide that Shahana was pregnant, maybe he was just fooling around.

      Even I am doubtful about this. I mean how could he just be happy due to Sahana pregnancy

    2. Neethumol Mathews

      He didn’t move on and he agreed to marry only due to her suicide attempt. He was forced to choose but I agree he cud have gone to Prachi and talked with her but due to his ego he didn’t.

    3. @Neethumol Mathews
      Agreed that he agreed to marry only due to Rhea’s suicide attempt , but how has been his behaviour with Prachi ?? I will only help you if you beg me for it ?? Is he really dumb to not realize why Prachi’s attitude towards him has become like it has ??

  7. Oh people talking about prachi taunting badly on ranbir Dream , his dream was to marry prachi , but some days ago prachi has witnessed ranbir marrying rhea , why she should not call his dream stupid 😏😏

  8. One more thing ranbir said leave past , his would have been 1% correct when he has not realized his mistake , but when this full has realized his mistake infront of jai of not trusting prachi , why can’t he admit infront of prachi 🙄🙄 this is purely EGO 😏 matlab what a great brain ranbir has got a girl should move on , who was character assassinated & that person had even not asked apology 😑😑 , wow 👌👏👏👏👏

    1. Neethumol Mathews

      Sorry to say this but I think he deserves all that Prachi throwing at him. In fact he deserves more hate from her. Forget the past like seriously.

    2. @Neethumol Mathews THANK YOU, this is exactly what I was saying, people are feeling sorry for him as if he didn’t do all this to himself, that Same “past” is literally 30 days ago. He’s very foolish

    3. I support you @neetheumol Mathews & @ esie 🙌 , rabir deserves much more 😡😡 people are just getting soft on him because he is doing some “heroic job” returning to bail her from jail which could have been easily done by sahana if she “perposly not got her herself arrested” 😑& he is having a sad face all the time 🙄🙄 & talking about kids 😒

  9. Hey guys Please don’t treat Zee’s male characters like normal human beings. All of them are mentally disabled need life long care. The rest is a crowd of nonhuman women.
    The story is the suffering of a human being who meet them accidentially in that value and ethic free society

  10. Guys can someone tell me if the actor who plays Sid has left the show or whatever? Because i feel like things may have since Jay’s re-entry as all of a sudden he’s everywhere with Ranbir and I feel he’s here to stay permanently. I don’t mind that but Sid should return i really miss him!

  11. Forgot the past already??
    Yes you can honey since you are a male and you don’t have to do much to leave the past behind and move on, especially since YOU were the one to hurl character related accusations on your wife, which she is still bearing, and what did YOU suffer ?? Nothing.

    So of course you can move on as easily as putting a step forward

  12. I am with Prachi heart and soul. She SHOULD put her foot down and dug in her heels and keep on this attitude so long as Ranbir doesn’t beg for mercy on his knees

  13. Prachi didn’t confront him fully today when she had a chance…………when he berated her for calling his dream of marrying her childish , why didn’t she ask him , that WHAT did he do with his marriage , first two months ago , and now a few days ago ??

    Why didn’t she ask him , that why is he calling his marriage with her an achievement when he himself has overwritten that achievement by marrying someone else ?? His marriage with Rhea has made his marriage with Prachi null and void , not legally , but to her , so what has remained value of that achievement ??

    She should make him answer in fullest when he tries to show attitude and ego , and then we will see what Mr. Smart mouth answers

  14. All that’s remained to hope is this new ‘independent’ Ranbir Kohli will use his brain more and become capable of seeing and discerning things

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