Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Tanu watches angrily Pragya and Abhi’s romance

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Tanu to go and call Pragya and says I will stop drinking if she stops me. Tanu says you are crossing your limits and why to send Pragya here, so that she crosses her limits. Abhi tells her that the wine in the glass always get less. He asks bartender to give more drink. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks why are you drinking much? Abhi asks are you my wife? Pragya looks at Tanu. Abhi says if you are my wife then can say else…Pragya holds his hand and stops him from drinking more. Tanu gets angry and takes Pragya from there. Abhi asks bartender who looks nice with him. Bartender says Pragya. Disha comes to Purab and asks what she did? Disha says jiju will do whatever he wants to do. She says he is drinking and imagines him to think what he will become, and says romantic. Purab says he is feeling shy. Pragya asks how dare you to hold my hand and tells that she was silent as they meet during the function. She says today I will answer you. She asks her not to take her silence as weakness and warns her not to call her second woman. Tanu says you are coming between Abbi and me. Pragya says I will do whatever you think. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks about the report. Nikhil says no.

Tanu calls him fool and scolds him, and asks him to keep dreaming about her. Nikhil tells that he will enquire even if he has to kill the doctor. Abhi gets mehendi applied on her hand by a woman. Pragya comes there. Abhi shows his mehendi. A fb is shown, Pragya shows her mehendi hand to Abhi. Abhi wipes it and asks her not to try to come closer to him. Fb ends. Abhi says sorry for that. He shows his hand . Pragya sees his hand and smiles. Abhi rubs his hand on her hand and says I applied mehendi of my name. Disha shows her mehendi to Purab and asks him to search his name. Purab gets romantic. Aaliya watches them, King asks if she is spying on others. Aaliya says I was not doing anything. She asks him to spy on Pragya instead of her. King asks her not to talk about Pragya. Aaliya asks him to spy on Pragya and says you will know important things. Chachi tells that Aaliya said right. Pragya takes Abhi to washroom and tries to wash his hand. Abhi refuses.

Pragya says she will wash her hand. Abhi asks why do women apply mehendi. Pragya says for special occasions. Abhi says gents also apply mehendi. He says this is our special occasion. He gets up. Pragya asks him to stop. Abhi says I got reminded of something seeing your hairs, and says he remembers his curly hairs. Pragya makes him wash his hands silently. Song plays…They look at each other. King searches for Pragya and thinks where is she? He thinks to talk to Abhi and goes towards his room. Abhi is about to kiss her, but their romance get interrupted. Pragya asks him to stop behaving like kids and throws water on him. Abhi says not two handful. Song plays jo tu rus janiye… plays. Pragya falls on him. He asks if she is taking advantage of him and want to kiss him. Pragya asks him to leave her. He holds her closer and asks her for a kiss. Pragya asks him to leave her. Abhi refuses and says it is too late. King comes just then and sees Abhi with Pragya in the washroom. He gets shocked. Tanu also comes there. Abhi pulls Pragya closer and hugs her. It shows that King comes to Aaliya’s room and sees her crying. He gives her tissue. Tanu sees Abhi and Pragya together and goes angrily. Pragya thinks why she didn’t tell me anything..

Abhi tells that it is a bad habit and will not go. Pragya asks him to understand. Aaliya asks King to stop making her understand and says I am just a girl. King hugs her to pacify her. Chachi thinks wife is with someone else and husband is with someone else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice! Pragya stands up to Tuna. And Tuna actually listened. Is this a new world (Mehra) order that is being born. A’new’ flashback remindng us that Abhi is a bi-polar brute. King has a spat with Aliyah and then we hear the happy music, the fun music, the romantic music for a DRUNK Abhi and a Pragya who is looking after the underdog. Oh yes, the best basis for romance. A woman who is in pity mode and a drunk. That would be a ‘good’ beginning! You hear the sarcasm of course! Tuna watches and doesn’t say a word. Is Pragya growing a spine? Can anyone fall in love with Aliyah? Is pity, really love? No. Why torture a normal man with a beast like Aliyah? btw it is refreshing to see Tanu without the googly fish lips.

  2. Hey Kalika, this is especially for you. I found this on twitter on the kumkum bhagya hashtag. My copying skills are horrible. the first line…the line which I am missing reads, “Ekta Kapoor @ektaravikapoor”

    No mam. I don’t show violence against women ! Believe it or not! Women can fight in my shows but verbally ! Real is too gruesome compared to reel!Ekta Kapoor added,
    Bhawana Somaaya
    Verified account

    An irony isn’t it that the woman who made headlines by forcing into #SabrimalaTemple a few weeks ago is beaten up by her mother-in-law when she gets home. That too with a wooden plank @ektaravikapoor will you be including that in one of your serials?

    Can you believe that miss Ekta had the gall to lie so clearly? What?! Was Pragya being caressed each time she was being threatened with death, rape, starvation/thirst, bullets? Was not the long haul humiliation, terrorizing and murder attempts not violence against women. The regular drugging of Pragya and other family members is not considered violence against women? The hurting of Swarni Dasi, the hurting of Kiara and Munni and Sarla Aunty and the bulldozing of the marriage hall… was that not all violence against women? We all know that I could go on.
    What is wrong with Ekta Kapoor? Is she delusional?

    1. Lol… Yes Akituster, I do exactly that! You know I can’t pass up these lovely insightful comments especially yours, hence I read and carry out the expressions you mentioned. For a minute when I read the end of your comment on yesterday’s episode, I took a conspiratorial look around me, I swear you were looking at me, no joke!

  3. So right you are Akituster, a real man in the real world won’t miss those horny behavior antics of Abhi and Pragya…but writers conveniently transforms King into a brainless man to suit the purpose of the heat between the two horny adults….i swear I imagine Pragya climbing onto Abhi’s lap and romancing with him while he’s this drunk. That would give Tanu the impetus to go drown herself in her fishbowl…and for a strange reason, I see a forked tongue slipping out of Tanu’s blackcurrant lips whenever she opens her lips to snarl at something or the other that Pragya does. Anyways, I wish Aliya could just not threaten to have Purab as her man but simply take him from Disha because Aliya is hot for him and Disha is always minding other ppls business and it’s unbearable to see her pretending to be Mother Theresa type..so it would be satisfying to see some action between the two women….fighting for the same man! Disha needs something to worry about, her ass is too happy in the house. What do you think King would do when the crap hits the fan? Do you see him becoming violent Akituster? You know how Ekta loves the abusive type of men, they make her world all rosy!! It would be a dud if King walks away with his tail between his legs, I hope that writers make him a man in the true sense in the true world!! …and kick some ass

    1. Hey Naz, good to see you! Aaaah and there is King. Could he become violent? This is a man, we don’t know if he is a musician, a creative type, that sees a woman attempting suicide and saves her. Was she unconscious? Maybe for days? Or was she awake and he held her to calm her as her injuries healed. Her rescuer as well as her, may not have suspected pregnancy as yet. Were they still in India, when Pragya saw the news about Abhi on television, about 8 months after she was told that she was forever dead to her old abuser? I don’t want King to become a monster. There should be one normal adult man in the script. After all, Purab has been turned into a conniving woman as far as I can see. Pink Fluff with tiny little jagged teeth hidden inside. Well and Tuna fish. I do get the snake reference. It’s just some of her outfits kill any sense of danger into ridiculousness. Especially when her lips are used as the focus of the outfit. Bad design. Would have received a fail mark in design school at one point. But it appears that the garish, cheap and slovenly is considered some form of high fashion… by the Mehra family anyway. They all so love Tuna fish, don’t they. My hope remains that King is doing detective work and getting ready to punish all of the Mehra’s. Becoming friendly with Aliyah is a ruse to get her to talk so that the whole menacing , murdering Mehra’s can be put away forever. That would be the best protection ever for his beloved Kiara. No child, requires a egotistical, drunk, abusive, brute for a father. Even if he can be cute on occasion. Especially since his home is filled with murderers, thieves and liars. Vain people, intellectually challenged people. Maybe Kng will be able to provide Pragya with the safe space to finally let go of her victimhood, the betrayals from one and all… grow up and perhaps experience honest real love as an adult woman living in wholeness. Real men are far more interesting. Bad boys are expensive trouble. Bad boys never pay their bills. You are left paying for the damages they create. Is it possible for Pragya to mature? Doubtful. This is Ekta’s world. She needs everyone to be living in stupidity. That makes her feel smarter and superior. Poor, little brain-mapped Ekta. (Yes, she did do that) Still trying to figure out why she’s not superior where it actually matters.

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