Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Bulbul asking Pragya to propose Abhi. Pragya says she will not as she is happy the way it is going. She tells how Abhi denies to drink coffee in front of her, but then drinks later, calls her chasmish/fuggi, etc. and continues praising her. Bulbul says she has to propose jiju in 2 days, else she will break engagement. Pragya says she knows she is acting and will not budge for her demands. Bulbul angrily walks out.

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Akash discusses with Abhi about new business deals and client wanting to do business in old rates, so he kept him on 1 week hold. Purab praises him that he learnt business so soon. Abhi says he is his brother. Aaliya asks Abhi to give 50% of his profit. Abhi says she can keep 100% as he is earning for her and Daadi. Bulbul comes there and takes Purab from there.

They both go to Pragya’s room and tell they have both decided not to get engaged until she proposes Abhi. Pragya says she will not. Purab says they tried to make her propose thrice, but she did not. Pragya asks when did they try. He tells how he hired Abhi’s mad fan and other 2 incidents. Pragya says Abhi likes her and tells the incidents where Abhi priased her, etc. Bulbul tries to convince Pragya to propose Abhi. Purab says as a childhood friend, he can say that Abhi will neither accept nor deny Pragya’s proposal as he will compare her to Tanu and will eventually accept that she is better than Tanu. Pragya says she will not take risk. Purab and Bulbul say she should take a risk and Bulbul says she has challenged Tanu that she will unite Pragya and Abhi in 3 days and Tanu challenged that she will separate them. She says if she does not propose, she may lose Abhi. Purab says they both want her to unite with Abhi.

Akash asks Abhi to accompany him to Gurudwara. Taji says she already went in the morning. Mitali says if she would have taken her, she would have also prayed for Raj. Abhi gets sad and walks out from there. Tanu says Aaliya that she will calm down Abhi. Aaliya asks her to be patient as Pragya wants her to do any mistake and make Abhi hate her, says she used same strategy against her, but now she knows her plan well. Tanu says she does not have patience.

Abhi comes towards Daadi’s room and sees Pragya in lawn. Pragya acts as cleaning vase, etc., sees him getting restless and asks if he has any problem. He says she is his biggest problem and asks her to stop troubling him. Tanu and Aaliya come there and see him scolding Pragya. Doc comes and Abhi takes her into Daadi’s room.

Pragya goes to kitchen. Bulbul asks if she proposed Abhi. Pragya says she did not and says he is acting as a big rockstar. Bulbul says he is. Pragya says he scolded her in front of everyone. Daasi comes and asks if she gave Daadi’s medicines and says doc is questioning. Bulbul says Abhi was nervous thinking of Dadi and not her, so she should go and propose him.

Doctor scolds Abhi for not taking care of Daadi well and blaming doctors. Daadi says she is fine. Doc says she is losing weight and it is not a good sign. Abhi says he would have taken care of Daadi. Aaliya tells that Pragya did not allow her to take care of Daadi, else she would have take care of her. Abhi asks her to call Pragya. Pragya comes there just then. Abhi looks at her angrily.

Precap: Aaliya tells Tanu that she will make Abhi take pheras around lohri with her instead of Pragya.

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    it not good to make alwaz Pragya inferior infront of Abhi …they should b together not apart……hope Abhi will be aware Aliyas & Tanus real face …

    1. When will that a*sh*le – Abhi – realize that Pragya is the “best” thing that has ever happened to him? He is an idiot…..

  2. I am going to be hated for saying this but those taunts to Tanu being the other woman, charitraheen etc etc dont sit well with me. Yes, she is not legally married to Abhi but Pragya is, but Pragya knows very well that Tanu and Abhi were a pair, and that she “came in between them”, and that whether or not Tanu wants something Abhi very well wants to divorce Pragya and go back to Tanu. I am not siding with Tanu, at all, and she is wrong in wanting Abhi back to quite an extent, but why is everyone forgetting that it takes two to Tango and Abhi is totally there too, with Tanu. As is the case in all soaps, Tanu will be shown as the evil b#@#! who only cares for Abhi’s money, and undeserving of his love, but well, lets ask ourselves some questions. Is it really bad for a super model/super successful careerwoman to ask her boyfriend to wait a year before they get married? Isn’t the reverse situation viewed in a different light? I feel that its sad that for drama and TRP, women are objectified like this. A woman who is career oriented, asks her boyfriend to be practical and wait for her and wears figure hugging clothes is bad. But a salwar suit wearing, ready to leave her career for her husband, ready to forgive a husband who was caught red handed on her suhag raat, etc., a sati savitri. Both Tanu and Pragya, are examples of how disrespectful and distasteful the portrayal of women in Indian television is. But Abhi is made to be this rockstar who can do no wrong and has two women fighting for him, none of whom sadly deserve the treatment he is meating out to them and definitely deserve better.

    So, yes, I want several stereotypes broken here. As a woman I feel as insulted when they show Pragya as a dimwit and not self respectful as I do when Tanu is made out to be the one who is solely responsible for being characterless…

    1. Simran

      I suppose I will be hated too in agreeing to what you say in principle. I am not Indian and I am totally disgusted with the portrayal of Indian women. I say nothing for the most part so as not to offend a culture but it seems that its the done thing to degrade females…women and children.

      This serial started out with Pragya taking a stand against Abhi and his treatment of women and love and now the drastic change when she married him allowing him to degrade her with his “trash of a girlfriend”.

      This practice should not be allowed but as I say I do not know what is allowable in this culture. This type of this should not be written much less cast and put on the air.

      Maybe it needs more women of substance to stand up and say NO to the injustice being meted out.

    2. The way they portray Pragya is like a woman who does not have any self esteem or any self respect- Abhi is constantly demeaning her, treating her like dirt, saying so many bad things to her and still she swoons at every eye lock!!!
      She has forgotten she used to be a lecturer . she has so many qualifications and could easily get a life of her own…The fact that she respects her elders does not now mean she should turn herself into a complete door mat!….I guess it would be too much to ask for those serials to break such kind of stereotypes

  3. Rabul scenes only with pragya……..why why????? Still I love them!!! #rabulrocks

  4. Wts this ???
    ye abhi to bada pagal hai !!!!!!!!
    Pragya se ise kya prob hai?????
    thanks fr update

  5. Purab Bulbul should marry asap,,, Rabul is made for each others. should not waste their energy on things that never gonna happen,,, i mean to say Abhigya

    1. Exactly yaar CVs better have a treat for us for lohri yaar…
      Its getting highly annoying to see rabul only focusing on abhigya..
      Though I loved the slight nok-jhok of theirs infront of pragya but bus bohot hua yaar…
      Aur Abhi ka mood dekh kar aur bhi ghussa ata as he is not showing any movement in his behaviour towards pragya..

      By the way…ye aliyah kiya plan kar rahi hai? Kaisi Bulbul ko permanently hatae gi?
      uss ke khurafati dimaaf mein kiya chal raha hai?

  6. i have nothing to say about tanu character, but we all should know that the reason why she told abhi to wait was because of a contract, abhi being in love with her wanted to be with her and also fullfile dadi wish.personally i think abhi did the right thing by marrying pragya because family comes first, dadi understands that tanu is using abhi for his money like the family is thats why she couldnt accept tanu and wanted a girl that would only care about him instead of his money. thats where pragya comes along, I don’t think tanu loves abhi, sure shes obsess and possessive but its not love like the love pragya have for abhi.

  7. Anoying thats 4 sure

  8. Same junk again

  9. What I wanted RaBul scenes…..

  10. This ep was boring….there is nothing interesting…

  11. Patha nahi kab tanu aur aliya ka chaal abhi ko patha hogha…..mei tanu aur aliya se nafrath karthi hoon..

  12. Guys i have been watching this serial since abighya’s marriage so i dont have a fair idea of before that but tanu is not supposed to beintehaa shown bad. Dadi doesnt like her because she wear short dresses and does modeling isnt someting which should beintehaa shown. Tanu and abhi have been in a relationship but tanu shouldnt be named characterless as calling her characterless means calling morden days relationships characterless. If bulbul calls her characterless even she fell in love with someone who was already engaged. Her ans she didnt know the purab was already engaged. Even tanu didnt know that abhi would marry somebody else so why sholud she leave him. If she leaves him she is said to tun away from situation when abhi needs her and if she stays she is called characterless which is wrong

  13. Tanu deserve everything she’s getting which person in their right mind would allow their boyfriend to marry someone else…aliya and Tanu are both selfish women they don’t deserve abhi r purab, and pragya she’s another story weakling need some backbone the strongest character i have seen so far was Aarti and Savita from punarvivah, well plz don’t judge me cause i can’t watch the other indian shows cause i don’t speak hindi but those two were my favourite…everyone else is like cry me a river

  14. this serial sucks
    …again and again same person hv been accused!

  15. Can Purab and Bulbul focus on themselves please….

  16. The track is always revolving round and round Abhi angry at Pragya and then again and again
    The name of serial is KuMKum bhagya and it’s just not focusing
    Moreover what will happen to Raj

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