Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Aaliya telling Abhi she cannot stay without him and even Purab, if he gets her married to Purab, she will not trouble Pragya or her sister. He does not reply and silently walks out.

Akash does not see Rachna on bed and asks nurse where did she go. She says she left some time ago, if she would have stopped her, she would have shouted and her condition would have worsened.

Abhi apologizes Sarla for troubling her and says he did not have any other option. She says she considers him as her son, even then she did not believe him and slapped him, so she should apologize instead. Abhi says she reminds her of his mother and even his mother would have slapped her if he makes any mistake, so now he is sure until, she is with him, he will not make any more mistakes. Daasi says she is also feeling like slapping him and asks him to go and apologize Pragya. He goes towards her. Bulbul sees him and walks from there smiling. Abhi apologizes Pragya and she hugs him and cries emotionally. He also gets emotional and reciprocates. Everyone gets happy seeing them hugging.

Pragya runs to her room, reminisces Abhi apologizing her and proving her innocent and gets happy. She looks at moon and sees Abhi’s face in it. Bulbul comes there and says she is happy for her, etc. She takes her from there.

Rachna is on her way to marriage venue. Suresh calls her and asks if she is fine. She says yes and asks if marriage finished. He says marriage did not happen and asks her to go home and he will come there in some time.

Abhi tries to apologize Suresh. Suresh says he does not have to apologize as he knows he has some vested interest in this and troubled Pragya a lot, if he had believed her, then what was the use of all this drama, he says he is a psycho and needs treatment. Abhi silently listens him. Purab comes, hugs him and thanks him for rescuing Pragya.

Mitali and Tanu come to Aaliya’s room and ask what did Abhi say. She says he warned not to trouble Behenji and her family. Tanu says Abhi cannot see anybody in trouble. Aaliya says he slapped her for the first time because of Behanji, she feels like slapping behanji. Tanu says situation is not in he favor and if she does anything, it will backfire her. Aaliya asks if she wants her to change, then she is wrong, she will be same forever, she thought Tanu wold help her, but she was wrong, now she would do anything to get back Purab and will not help Tanu from hereon. Tanu says she is thinking wrong and anything she does will backfire her. Aaliya says she wants Purab and can do anything now, she has to decide if she wants to help her or not from hereon.

Pragya asks Bulbul where is she taking. She asks her to silently walk and see herself. She takes her down. Daasi praises Pragya that she is lucky to have such a bahu. Sarla also gets emotional. Bulbul says Abhi should make Pragya wear mangalsutra again and asks him to go ahead. He takes mangalsutra from Pragya and takes it towards her neck.

Precap: Abhi makes Pragya wear mangalsutra. Daadi wakes up from coma.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. good one abhi

  2. pragya and abhi toether finally.

    1. But Alia and Tanu is not out yet. and Abhi still loves Tanu. so the same thing will repeat again and again.

      1. that’s true but I hope they re out soon.

      2. but abhi was rude to tanu duyring the wedding u see..

    2. Don’t jump to conclusions….Tanu is still very much in the picture!!!

    3. Nooo. Together finally, my back foot. (hiss teeth) I am not happy. I wanted her to leave and get divorced. This marriage is founded on lies. Even the divorce was a lie. Abhi needs to marry Pragya all over again. He needs to say his vows with sincerity. Even if they just have another ceremony and no divorce. I am disappointed.

      1. He doesn’t even want to hug her – but then their horrorscopes matched, so they’re good for each other., except for him…

  3. BORING repetition over and over again…. Hey Ekta ji and company…. come on give Pragya her dignity back please… How can she be so submissive and let this Abhi treat her like a dog? A kick one minute and a caress the next. I hate this Abhi. And Pragya has lost her strong personality of the earlier episodes when she was not afraid to give this idiot Abhi a piece of her mind… I don’t like this track at all!! Send the spoiled brat Aliya abroad for some time please!! She is the most evil of the infernal trio!

    1. fan of the show

      That’s the things people do for love. I have heard that the love part of the brain is totally apart from the logical part of the brain – people are not in logical (sensible) when in love.

  4. Suresh told Abhi….Abhi and his sister – both – need to see a psychiatrist!!!

    1. I think suresh is the only person with some sense in the serial?

  5. I have a feeling that abhi know’s tanu is involved but he is just waiting for aliya/tanu to blabber it out…I hope it happens soon so that abhi can love Pragya…He has feelings for pragya…till tanu is there abhi can’t move on with pragya….

  6. Hats off to Suresh . I just love his reaction towards this idiot Abhi today. While everyone was licking his boots, only Suresh has the guts to tell him the truth! It’s strange I only feel a strong disgust for Abhi even after he has revealed the innocence of Pragya!

    1. I won’t say anything else.all i had to say,u told everything.

  7. good episode

  8. yes sresh did a gud job . Hero ka kam kiya hero of serial ko kya sunaya mja aagya. Suresh gives some tips to pragya she need it bcoz use ab bhenji alaiya ko face krna h aahgk episodes m

  9. Naveed Munavar

    I think Tanu must be out now.

  10. Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It’s an good episod.

  12. Excellent performance of suresh

  13. Nice episode…..when will Tanu be out

  14. Finaly they are bk again.i hope the happy moment moves on.

  15. Abhi love pryga

  16. where is the strong, bold pregya we want her back. you just understand one thing every one likes selfrespet and confident womens not a sensitive women

  17. Good episode! !!!!

  18. Very nice episode! I loved Suresh’s exchange with Abhi…it was so real -pity it got drowned by Purab’s intervention! I just hope that Tanu is not going to come up with fake pregnancy to keep them away from one another!

  19. I have nothing to say but just a hope that now at least we will get to see sosomething happening between both the couples.love rabul and abhigya too…

  20. I just hope that this alia doesn’t come between rabul and even if she tries to come she gets fail in her own plan.

  21. I want abhi and purabs old friendship back because they both rock!!!

  22. Will watch today’s episode only to see smiling and chirping bulbul back in action and teasing her pragya di in the most cutest way or even for abhi and purab’ s hug.

  23. fan of the show

    Don’t the actors husands/wives get jealous when their spouse has to pretend to be intimate with someone else?

  24. I think Rabul should get married very soon so that Aaliyah can’t do anything about it and will eventually have to accept it… Aaliyah is cray-cray~

  25. Cnt wait for Tanu to get out of dis epsoide n out of tht house…. N nw seriously Aliya need to b taken for mental treatment.. N for once Abhi did sum gud for Pragya tht was so heart touching… N I do think he has a lot of feelings for Pragya bt he doesn’t no hw to express them….

  26. Abhi, in his heart, trusts Pragya. Even before he got the proof, he thought, “the wedding is tomorrow, how am I going to prove Pragya innocent?” So even without any proof, he believed her to be innocent… Man, watching Aliya scared me… Don’t you dare do anything to Abhi’s Pragya!!! 🙁

  27. Finally some progress..

  28. Take Aliya out to the desert, tie her up, and let the red ants crawl all over her…. even that would not be bad eoguh for all she has done

  29. Dadi tho bahut hi smart hai…after wering mangalsutra she wake up from coma

  30. superb episode ever

  31. That hug killed me! They’re SO cute together!!!

    1. I think Pragya was more spontaneous than Abhi who seems a little bit reluctant still. The fool! He and tanu deserv each other!

    2. The hug was cute but as misha said, Abhi looked reluctant to hug her back. But you could also see how confused he was to do with his hands- I think right at the end, he actually wanted to hug her (hold her head like he does in other hugs with her) but isn’t able to since Pragya becomes conscious of herself and moves away. It’s kind of cute seeing Abhi fight his emotions- that shows that Pragya’s touch ‘Farak partha hai’!

      1. It was cute how Pragya must have thought. Oops! I need to control myself. And she let go before Abhi could give her a proper hug humself.

    3. Actually, if you look at it….she hugged him…He did not REALLY hug her back in return….Check it out!!!

  32. anyone here know the name of the song that Leena Jumani (tanu) danced to at the Zee Rishtey Awards??? I have been wondering for a long time…

  33. I think Abhi needs to be with Tanu to relaize she may not be good for him. Because really, he and Pragya’s relationship is unfair to Tanu,. You can totally understand why Tanu is so mean to Pragya. Pragya should leave Abhi so he can be with Tanu since she like giving people happiness.

    1. NO,,, Tanu understood what she was doing when “she” insisted that Abhi Marry Pragya. She is as evil and mean as Aliya and she deserves whatever comes her way. What woman talks or allows her man to marry another woman!!! Come on …….REALLY????

  34. nice episode ………………………

  35. Spoiler: Abhi decides he wants Purab to marry Bulbul. See in the YouTube video (This is not fake, I promise!!!) titled ‘On Location of Tv serial “Kum Kum Bhagya” Aliya Bulbul marriage 1’- check out the video by typing this name in Youtube.

  36. Long time….

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