Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi teases Shahana about Aryan

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Prachi share the award which was honored to them by the CM. Vikram says my friend got another award. Pallavi gets angry and tells Vikram that it is like everything. She comes to Abhi and tells that his friend is a criminal. Vikram asks him not to listen to her. Pallavi says she will drag him to court. Abhi asks what happened? Vikram says if she needs a reason to fight. Abhi asks what happened? Pallavi says he has stolen my ring and gifted to me. Abhi asks what is the reason and asks him to tell. He calls him criminal liar and asks him to tell. Vikram says you are asking and says I couldn’t get the ring and that’s why lied. He says he lied so that he don’t want to hurt her. Abhi asks why did you lie to save her from getting hurt. Pallavi says but he lied. Abhi

says the lie which is said for someone’s betterment is not a lie. Vikram thanks him. Abhi asks them not to fight as they love each other a lot. He asks Pallavi to give him space. Pallavi says sorry. Vikram says we will go shopping tomorrow and I will get you a ring.

Aaliya comes to Purab and rests on his shoulder. Purab asks what happened? Aaliya asks him not to leave her alone. Purab asks her not to feel weak. She says she is weak and tells that she loves him genuinely and asks him to promise that he will never leave her. Purab says I understand, you are saying this, as you saw Disha today. Aaliya asks him to say that he is hers and he will not go. Purab says he will not leave her. Aaliya asks him to say that whatever is hers, will always be hers. Purab says that. Aaliya hugs him. She tells that she doesn’t want to tell that to Disha, but was little scared seeing her. Purab thinks Aaliya has changed and regretting for her behavior. Aaliya asks him not to leave her. Purab asks her to sleep and covers blanket on her. He wishes to talk to Disha.

Hritik asks Disha what happened and tells that he will leave his date for her. Disha gets down from the car. He asks her to tell. Disha asks him to go for his date else go home, as they have a lot of time. He asks if you had told me if I was a girl. She says she will tell, but not today.

Rhea selects night suit for Abhi and thinks when Prachi can do then why can’t I. She thinks I love my dad and can do anything for him. She thinks she will do the same thing and will become his favorite. Abhi comes to room and gets surprised to see night suit on bed. Vikram comes there. Abhi tells Vikram that Rhea is so busy and selected night suit for him. He says this is really heart melting, I really really feel nice about it. Vikram asks her to teach Ranbir also. Abhi says he is working much in office. Rhea asks if they will come for her fashion show. Abhi says he has a meeting. Rhea asks him to go for meeting and tells that next week also, there is a fashion show. Abhi says ok, I will go for meeting and not office. Vikram says I will go to office, then take Pallavi for shopping etc. Abhi says well done Rhea, I am super impressed. Aaliya thanks him and goes.

Prachi and Shahana come back home. They ring the bell fast. Pragya opens the door. Shahana comes inside and hugs her. Prachi comes and tells that she handled shahana with much difficulty on the way as she wanted to dance after coming home. She shows the medal for Pragya and says I received it on your behalf. Sarita behen says you would have gone to take it. Pragya says my reflection received it. She says she was worried for her near ones and Prachi. Shahana asks whom? Sarita says Mr. Mehra’s family was also there. She praises women. Pragya says I became Durga Maa to save Prachi. Prachi hugs her. Sarita behen says I will do bhangra and asks Shahana to do garba. They all dance.

Later Prachi comes to room and asks Shahana to move, says she is feeling sleepy. Shahana asks Prachi to get up and asks with whom you was busy in party that you was not with me. Prachi says I shall ask you this and says I was helping in party. Shahana asks did you help Pallavi aunty or her son. Prachi asks her to be silent else and says I was searching you and asks you was with that guy. Shahana says I was not with Aryan. Prachi says that bindi, bangles and dress..you want to wear for him. Shahana says she don’t want to talk and lie down on bed. Prachi says Aryan is a good guy and then teases her.

Pragya thinks why Disha is sad and cried. She thinks what happened that led to Purab and her separation. Sarita behen comes there and asks why she is looking scared. Pragya says nothing, she was thinking something. Sarita behen asks her to give the medal to get it framed and hang on the wall. She tells that she wants to have falls, blouse both and few sarees. Pragya asks her to come with him and asks if she is going to meet hero. Sarita behen says no and tells that her grand son is going to come and meet her and says Ganapati Bappa will bring him to me. Pragya says that’s nice. Sarita behen says she has no complains with her grand son. She says she wants to wear all good. Pragya says we will go for shopping in the morning and will buy good sarees for you. She says your grand son will come and meet you and forget his mum. Sarita behen says you shall have ghee and sugar.

Update in ProgressPrecap: Pragya hears Vikram talking on phone and telling that he is leaving Pallavi. She gets angry and scolds him, saying Prachi and Sarita behen was wrong about him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today we are taught that lies are all right when they are for the betterment of someone. right. A lie generally is for the betterment of the liar. that’s why it must be ok if the girl in the red dress becomes daddy’s girl for pulling a night suit out of a closet. Whoopee!! The fact (all hidden by lies) that this piece of trash with rabbit teeth is also committing crime after crime has no consequence. Nice messaging. nice introduction to typical elite behaviour. No wonder they are rich. They lie constantly to hide their murderous crimes. And then there is slave Purab who still does not have the courage to slap the psychopath wretch, aliyah. Who cares about this thing’s feelings? All of her crimes were committed because of her ‘feelings’ of losing control of Abhi/Purab. The wretch should be dead or rotting in jail with daily torture administered by another psychopath. Why would the feelings of this creature from hell, even matter? This creature from hell does not have one single redeeming quality. Not one. And people let their children with developing minds watch this crap so that the kids are trained to think that lying and murder are just fine. Especially since it will make you richer….’cos you can’t play unless you are already rich. Watch out if you own land in an area that the rich want. The rich want to sell your land to the American/Israeli elite. So whole communities are being destroyed so the rich an get richer and the foreign elites can get rich as well. Because your future and your children’s future is now lost. And Abhi tells us that lying is ok when it is for the betterment…. of the already rich. Let’s not worry about India’s subjugated poor and oppressed. After all they love their poverty, humiliation and subjugation. They love starving. Unlike the elites, especially Ekta Kapoor who is definitely not having a starvation problem. Ekta does it again. Training many Indian viewers to stay as victims, well because…. like Madonna once said, the elites, “they just wanna’ have fun!” Lying, is the behaviour of a broken, dysfunctional coward.

    1. RaajaKumaar

      Yes @Aki I completely agree with u?.. by the way, u and Preeshabh are my favourite commenters in this whole forum?.. have u noticed the few previous Episodes of vomit vomiting bhagya.. when the writers have slowly started decreasing the screen space of Pragya and Abhi.. They give most to the most
      ” unproffesional” actors and I don’t even know ow to call them “actors” and the rest they show Pragya playing ludo? I don’t even know why Sriti is in this vomit vomiting bhagya? before she left Balika vadu to get a better role because she was a “side” actor in it which is understandable.. at least she was improving! But now? what is in store for her in this mother role of hers? By now she was meant to be a big actress in one of the bollywoods actresses and here she’s limiting herself and playing ludo? I’m rlly dissappointed in sriti???.. pls Sriti Jha? why are you destroying ur age in vomit bhagya? use ur gift and show the world who u can be! As for Shabir ahlwalia ? if he wants to continue he can.. I don’t care much as it took him 5 yrs to improve his acting skills! I watch and read the updates for just for Arhana ? thats what keeps me watching this with a tiny bit of excitement! As I wanted Bulbul and Purab 1 before! When Bulbul died I was very unhappy???.. but now I want Shahana and Aryan to have the most screen space! Just don’t kill Shahana saving Prachi. Pls its a humble request?
      My favs are always and always will be Pulbul & Arhana??????.. and as for the “Great” Ekta Kapoor pls don’t stoop too low that u won’t be able to save ur self.. and also Aliyah 8+25= 33yrs leaps ! Aliyah should be wearing a 33yr old raggy dress in bars where now she is wearing a five star dress according to her designer of course! Ekta what are u trying to prove? making Sriti wear simple clothes after being the good one and making the criminal Allu go to fancy parties and living happily? Sudro ektavir befor eits too late

      1. Thank you so much Raaja! Well I laughed when I read ‘vomiting’. I do not think I’ve read the title quite like that! ; ) I sort of, maybe, some moments hope that the production will redeem itself by bringing back Kiara , of course played by Sriti Jha, with her original star role. And you know, that I agree about shahana and aryan. I do keep reminding myself that none of the actors have been given any challenge in their scripts or simple characterizations. Yet still it is easy to see the difference in their acting efforts, styles and ability.

  2. How can purab be like that?? Did he 4get what Aliya did to everyone? And he claims to love disha…. ya right…good disha left this coward for whatever reason she had.

    1. Most commenters here are convinced that Aliyah committed a crime or several crimes to trick Purab.
      The way they have written the previous hints I doubt if they will ever tell us. Perhaps in several years and hopefully the show will be gone long before then. Maybe the next time Ekta attends a health spa to shed her extra pounds she can take all the actors with her and shed all those extra actors for good.

  3. Amal

    Reah’s outfit ????????

  4. Plz fr god sake who is the make up artist fr that pallavi when her and her so called husband screen appears on-screen it’s really pathetic to watch them mainly this women focus in your actings mre than you make up mam seriously in this make up your face seems to be totally drowned with eyes outside really vickram and pallavi are exactly like beother and sister seriouosly
    About epispde not interested really that it

    1. The new make-up artist has been painting their faces with real, way too thick, foundation. Thicker than usual. You have to wonder what that thick plaster is hiding. This make-up artist doesn’t seem to be into much shading. that’s why Aliyah hasn’t been looking as good as she could be looking. This artist is really focused on making stark big eyes. Unfortunately that is giving the ‘ladies ‘ a sort of big-eyed alien look because other features haven’t been balanced well…. for a painting. Not enough depths in the ‘paintings’. So, if the person has a large sized nose then the nose becomes the focus. that can be fixed a little through camera angle but…. I’m sure you’ve seen it! Sometimes I think the camera people do it on purpose. they really want the picture of ‘evil’ or ‘undesirable’ to be obvious in a subtle manner. This is why I say that the producer is maliciously using aliyah. I know she took the role on, to play ‘evil’. The producer takes advantage of her and sets up images and her role for us to ‘see’ and understand ‘evil’, ‘ugly’, ‘cruel’ etc. the production team wants the viewers to react. That’s what keeps us coming back. So, we should feel and see it all. and then there are people like me who believe we should speak what we are seeing and feeling and hopefully come to new understanding about ourselves and the world. this producer wants us on the merry-go-round. Never-changing. Just like her characters. (unless we can call becoming a complete slave, a change) And I love it that there are so many viewers who are seeing through the manipulative games which rob one of one’s dignity.

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