Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea’s shameful act shattered Prachi

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The Episode starts with Rhea offering drink to Ranbir. Ranbir is about to offer the same to Sid. Rhea says don’t give it to Siddharth, he doesn’t like it. She gives other drink to Sid. Ranbir drinks the spiked drink. Sid finds her behavior odd and looks at her. Ranbir makes Prachi have food with the spoon. Rhea looks at them. Sid notices her. Ranbir gets drowsy and spills the food on Prachi’s dress. Prachi goes to clean the stain. Ranbir feels drowsy, but still wants to go behind her. Rhea asks him to finish the drink and takes Prachi’s mobile from him on the pretext of giving to her. Rhea messages Aaliya that Ranbir is drunk, and asks her to tell the room number which has booked for them. Ranbir asks DJ to play his favorite song and dances on the song. Prachi comes back and looks at Ranbir. Rhea enjoys seeing him dancing. Sid also dances with Ranbir. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and dances with her. Prachi tells Rhea that Ranbir is drunk. Rhea says when did he drink? I didn’t give him drink. Prachi says she is upset with him, she don’t like him to drink, he knows. She goes away from there. Rhea tells Sid that Prachi is upset and asks him to go and talk to her, while she brings Ranbir. Sid goes. Rhea dances with Ranbir and holds him to take him to room. Ranbir says I want to have party. Rhea says people are sleeping and might complain. Rhea comes to room no 303 and gets keys from under the carpet. She thinks distance between us will over in this room. Ranbir asks where are you taking me? I want to dance. Rhea says we will dance. She thinks this is our room, and nobody will come to search us here. She sees Ranbir fainted and falling down on the bed. Electricity goes off. She thinks what happened to the light and goes out. Manager tells that there is light in other rooms, but your room have issues, and asks shall I get your room changed. Rhea says its ok. He says you are our special guests, Rajeshwari ji sent you. Rhea says I have booked this room, as I am working from home. He says she said that she wants room, even if it is electricity issue. She says ok. She takes drink from the waiter and drinks. The waiter says it is for some other guests. Rhea says sorry for the guest and thank you. Waiter says ok. She comes back to room and hugs him, who gets up to go. Rhea keeps finger on his lips and says you will not go anywhere, will stay with me here. She removes his jacket and makes him sit on the bed. She says there will be no helplessness or distance between us, you will be mine. He falls on the bed.

In the morning, Rhea wakes up, happy about the night she has spent with Ranbir. She hears shower noise coming from bathroom and gets happy. She hugs his jacket and calls Aaliya. She says your trick is done, and whatever I want has happened, I was with Ranbir all the night. Aaliya asks if you woke up now. Rhea says yes, and Ranbir is taking shower. She thanks her. Aaliya says you have to take next step of separating Prachi from her. Rhea says I will tell Prachi now. Aaliya says no, then Prachi will confront him and he will apologize to her. she says return home, I will do everything. They all return home. Pallavi opens the door and tells Rhea that she can never thought that she can do such a thing. Rhea asks what did I do? Pallavi says you knows well. Prachi asks what did Rhea do? Aaliya is already there. Prachi says you are here, buji. Aaliya hugs her and says so sorry Prachi. Prachi asks what happened?

Rhea smiles. Aaliya says whatever has happened, have happened behind your back. Prachi says I am very worried. Dida asks if Ranbir and Rhea haven’t told you anything. Prachi says they are behaving strange and wanted to return home. She says Ranbir was excited about this trip, but wanted to return so we have to return. Vikram says how can you do this? Sid asks what did Ranbir do? Aaliya asks Ranbir until when he will hide. She says I always disliked Prachi and thought her wrong and thought whatever happened with Rhea is with Prachi, today I came to know that wrong thing have happened to you. She says victim is Prachi. Prachi says what has happened? Aaliya says your husband Ranbir and sister Rhea have betrayed you, was on the bed behind your back. Sid and Prachi are shocked. Aaliya asks Ranbir to say and says they were together, as he couldn’t forget his first love and just as he got the chance, had spent a night with Rhea. She says I thought you both are happy with your marriage and have moved on. Pallavi says you shouldn’t have thought this. Pallavi asks Ranbir and Rhea, how dare they? Dida says this is not our sanskar. Pallavi asks if you wanted to do this, then why did you marry Prachi? Vikram asks him to answer. Prachi tells Aaliya that my Ranbir can’t lie and betray me. She says I trust him and Rhea is my sister. She says someone provoked you. Aaliya says nobody provoked me, I had made video call to Rhea, and before she could understand, I saw them together. She says both was sleeping together.

Ranbir says I did a big mistake, and couldn’t understand. Sid asks do you love Rhea and wanted to marry her. Aaliya asks didn’t you know anything and says you are living in darkness. Rhea smiles. Aaliya says I thought you told truth to Sid, and says I thought you are happy with him, but yesterday I know where your happiness lies. She says it is wrong to betray our loves ones. Ranbir asks her to stop it, and let him explain to his family. Prachi says you have fooled me since 2 years, and you thought to make it again. He says I was in dark room and couldn’t see. She says you couldn’t know, but must have feel, when touched Rhea. She says why you used to say that you can feel me with closed eyes. Ranbir says I will say that even now, it is not my mistake. Prachi says I am wrong to trust you, you was a one woman man and looks at Rhea. She says I never thought that you will have extra marital affair with my sister. She asks Rhea if she didn’t feel shame, he was not in his senses, but you knows that he is my husband. She asks did you lie to me, that you have changed and forgotten your past. She says you have betrayed me big and says you have cheated me big. Rhea says what about your betrayal with me. She says this is the revenge for that, which you did with me many years ago. Prachi is shocked.

Precap: Prachi tells that trust is the first step of every relation, you have broken my trust and I am breaking relation with you, from today our relation is over for forever. Ranbir is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I don’t understand one thing
    If Rhea confesses in front of whole family that she did it intentionally to take revenge on Prachi then how can she expect Ranbir or even other family members to accept her ?? How does she expect Ranbir to consent to be with her ??

    If Rhea did it intentionally then that implies Ranbir was also a victim and did not actually cheat Prachi. Okay , Prachi doesn’t know that Ranbir did not get drunk by his choice but if Rhea confesses that she got intimate with Ranbir by HER own choice then it proves that Ranbir is innocent on at least that account.

    So……… how do Rhea and Alia expect to pay this off in their favour ?? Their aim was not to just separate Ranbir and Prachi but also unite Rhea with Ranbir. Prachi might leave Ranbir temporarily due to anger but why would Ranbir agree to be with Rhea when she has at last revealed her true colours. If anything , now not only Ranbir , but even Pallavi , the pillar of Rhea’s support in Kohli mansion will start to despise her. She may be hating Prachi but I doubt she will tolerate Rhea backstabbing Sid for her own agenda.

    Unless……….. This all is another of Rhea’s or Alia’s dream

    1. i guess the whole episode is dream or it can be possible ki room me le jana tak reality ho ? & then light jane ke karan ranbir gayab ho gya ????? & then morning me chuji rhea dreamt about tamasha after talking to buji???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. And…………. if Ranbir and Rhea were together for a WHOLE night , did Prachi and Siddharth not wonder where their respective partner was for the whole night ?? Especially , who’d come on this honeymoon specially to try to revive her breaking relationship with Rhea , did not think that his wife is missing for a whole night ??

    Prachi thought they were behaving strange but did not think to ask her husband where he was the whole night

    This is beyond absurd

  3. I think that the precap is again a daydream of Rhea.
    I don’t think Prachi will end the relationship, especially that she knows Rhea did it for revenge.

    1. Or she might end relationship with Rhea , as YY predicted yesterday

    2. @Colin
      yes that makes sense

  4. The feeling that everything is not quite as it seems does not leave me … Either Riya’s glitch, or something else. First of all, it seems to me unnatural to see Ranbir in the event that he unexpectedly found a naked Riya next to him in the morning))) It seems to me not entirely real that in this case he would just go to the shower after that, and then they did not show him at all reactions to this incident. His appearance in the morning (as it is seen, taking into account the fact that he was not shown at all) is more like a husband for whom cheating on his wife is normal than if he faced an incomprehensible, compromising situation in the morning … This moment greatly confuses me.

  5. I wonder what will Abhi think of his princess when/if comes to know about this.

    And what would Pragya advise to Prachi

  6. I think that it is again a dream of Rhea which she might be thinking before starting her plan or if it is real then I think it might be a time in which Prachi will return as a bold character like Pragya returned as MOGEMBO. I hope this is true because I want Prachi to give a befitting reply to Rhea.

  7. i guess the whole episode is dream or it can be possible ki room me le jana tak reality ho ? & then light jane ke karan ranbir gayab ho gya ????? & then morning me chuji rhea dreamt about tamasha after talking to buji???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. But, I am still tormented by wild doubts that it was Ranbir, and not someone else. Maybe they didn’t show us everything for intrigue? If it was a whole night, where would Prachi and Sid be?

  9. I feel that it was all rhea’s dream and I think she assumed sid as Ranbir

    1. Agree, it could have been Sid in the shower and she dreamt the whole coming home drama, it is stupid to assume that all of a sudden Aliya is coming there to support Prachi.
      Afterall she hates Prachi

  10. Apparantly everithing that happened before was a dream of Rhea. Judging by the following presap. Apparantly they decided to fool us again. Everything thst happened was Rhea’s dream.

  11. I agree, I think Rhea is dreaming….she is sick after all, and in need of therapy, mental health issues are real and instead if the trash the writers come up with, they should tackle this.
    dreams have become full episodes and precaps now

  12. The presap from the 20th, where Prachi is still in a green sari and Ranbir in the same clothes when they were going to Bangalore. Probably, all that was shown was just Rhea’s dream and there was no honeymoon in sight. I can’t say exactly for the translation, because I don’t know Hindi, but they are just going to go somewhere all four of them.

    1. @YY
      I felt that they have returned from Manali , because Rhea says to Pallavi that she didn’t want to stay their at all as that place was not suitable for couples at all , that people would wish to go their for their honeymoon. And how could have this trip become pleasant when it had such a bad start ( I guess she was referring to her puncturing Sid’s car’s petrol tank )

      So going to Manali was not Rhea’s dream but I guess her plan didn’t go according to her wish and so got upset and they all came back

  13. But the trip to Manali was Rajeswari’s idea, not Pallavi’s. How, then, will Pallavi justify himself to Rajeswari? Moreover, Pallavi was going to become the chairman of the foundation and this situation will not benefit her. Well, now it’s easier to look in both eyes for Ranbir and Rhea, so that nothing happens to them again. If she really wants to save her marriage.

    1. @YY
      Liking or disliking place is individual’s choice and Pallavi can hardly be blamed for her children not liking the resort suggested by her friend.

      What , do you think that Rajeshwari will take offense at the children disliking her resort and harbour a grudge against Pallavi and create hurdles in Pallavi becoming a chairperson ?? I don’t think so.

      Moreover Rajeshwari needn’t told about children returning early from their honeymoon or the reason behind it

  14. No abhigya scene for past 3 days 🙄😒 Trp asman se zamin par giregi 🤣🤣

  15. LMAO I can just tell that this paagal rhea is again dreaming. This rhea has already proven that she has very long dreams xD

    I have a feeling rhea actually slept with sid and it was sid in the shower lol

    1. @Sam that would be golden, I hope she gets pregnant with quadruplets

  16. Oh Pallavi would be happy to get her real bahu now. So sorry for Sid though…and Prachi, well she’s too stupid. She should just come off the show now. Great senseless writing! Evil wins all the time. This show has no logics and goal. It just keeps rotating with the same story only different characters.

    1. yaa vroo… faltu mein iss serial ko aage bdha re h… 10 saal ho gye itni toh isme leaps aa chuki pragya ko toh budhha ho jana chahiye tha abhi tk.. fltu ka drama

  17. But, now Rhea will not be exposed, she will create dramas and everyone will swallow it for granted with their ears hanging out. We are unlikely to see a strong Prachi, she will remain trusting to her sister. Rhea will eventually get everything she wants and will remain unpunished and this will continue indefinitely. Until their characters grow old and die.

  18. Ranbir left the room when electricity went and Rhea was with a foreigner/staff.

  19. Raven

    Did Ranbir slept with Ekta too hehe😁😂😂😃

  20. okay this is completely confusing because 20 October2021 Precap-https://www.instagram.com/p/CVKrii_B3M6/
    were they on their honeymoon and are back, or are they just leaving?

    1. I guess they are back

  21. I saw a photos on insragram where Ranbir and Prachi are together and Rhea is with Sid spend the night together. Now nothing is clear at all, who stayed with whom in the end. And what will Rhea do now? Where is the truth and where is the lie?

    1. @YY
      Rhea has gotten super duper trolled LOOOOOOL

  22. I am confused about what’s gonna happen as I saw the precap in which Rhea was telling that she didn’t like the resort and that’s why they came back early.i think its because her plan wasn’t successful
    Hope so let’s see what’s gonna happen next
    Hope it’s dream of rhea (this episode)

  23. my god aaliya destroyed every one relations this woman is a real shea devil how how can a aunt do these thing deliberately how wicked


  25. I think Sid slept with Rhea; who knowing they slept with their sister in law ,will just get up and shower?

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