Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya’s half marriage is done, unites with family

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The Episode starts with Disha opens her rope. Dasi comes there. Disha tells her that Tanu lied to her on the phone, they have went from here. Tanu says yes, I lied and will not apologize. Dasi asks Disha not to free them. Aaliya says Police came and will free us. Dasi says I rang that police jeep sound by connecting phone with car speaker. Aaliya asks them to free them.

Tiger sees Abhi and Pragya coming towards the mandap and stops them. He says I know who are you? He comes near Tarun and says you are real man as your moustache is real. Taya ji says yes. Taya ji asks why you are going to opposite direction as mandap is there. Abhi and Pragya tell that their stuff is in the room and they will get it. Bhupi comes there with other goons. Taya ji asks them to go to mandap and sit. Pragya and

Abhi go and sit on the mandap. Bhupi asks Tiger to check all brides and grooms. Tiger asks Bhupi to check as if he checks then Taya ji will get angry. Bhupi and his men check the brides and grooms. Pandit ji asks Abhi and Pragya to exchange garlands, and then asks them to stand for rounds. Abhi and Pragya take rounds and sit down again. Chachi comes there and asks what are they going? She asks Bhupi and other goons to go. Pandit ji asks Abhi to fill Pragya’s maang with sindoor. Abhi is about to fill sindoor in her maang when Bhupi comes and stops him and asks him to show his face. They remove his turban. Dasi asks how they came? Tanu says they came by car. Disha says car is not outside. Aaliya says it seems they have taken it.

Dasi says you are not thankful to us. Aaliya says you haven’t saved us, but our destiny. Dasi asks Disha to lift money bag and come. Tanu asks them not to be emotional and says she will drive their car. Dasi asks them to say sorry. Tanu and Aaliya say sorry and they leave. Goons ask Abhi to get up. Abhi gets up. Pragya sees kumkum thaali and throws on them. Abhi, Pragya, Neha and Tarun run. Inspector comes there. Neha says he is Tiger’s brother. Inspector says he is not his brother and corrupted. He tells that Chachi called him. Chachi says she got doubtful when Tiger stopped them. She asks them to complete their marriage on reaching home and takes them to her house. Abhi asks Tarun to change his dress. Chachi says she will bring something for them to eat. Abhi recalls his marriage with Pragya and thinks if they haven’t come then our marriage would have been completed. He thinks we lived those moments again.

Pragya thinks of her marriage with Abhi and gets emotional. Purab, Disha and Dasi come to the mass marriage place. He asks about Abhi. Man says I didn’t see any Abhi. Purab shows his pic. Man says I didn’t see him. Chachi says I have seen him, met him and talked too. Dasi asks if he is fine? Chachi says yes and says he is with a two girls and a guy. Disha hugs and thanks her. Chachi asks Babban to take them to the hero and tells that the girl-heroine saved them. Disha, Dasi and others are happy. They come there and see Neha. Dasi asks her not to worry and says I am not upset with you. Neha hugs her. She then hugs Purab and Disha. Disha says you would have told us once. Purab asks Tarun to come to them and asks him to say sorry. Tarun says sorry tensedly. Purab hugs him and asks him not to trouble Neha. Dasi asks him to touch her feet else they will not get permission.

Babban takes Purab to Abhi’s room. Purab hugs Abhi and says sorry, he says I came to know late. Abhi asks where is Disha? Disha comes to Pragya’s room and hugs her. Disha says I came to take Neha and Tarun, but Tanu called and said that goons will kill you if we don’t give money. She says when they go there, goons kidnapped her, but Dasi saved her. She says she contacted Purab and he came there. She says she sent Aaliya and Tanu back home. She says they heard of goons from Police and came there. She asks did I miss anything and asks about the ghatbandhan, mala etc. Purab asks Abhi if something happened here.

Dasi tells Pragya that she likes Tarun for Neha. Tai ji informs Mitali about Neha’s return. Mitali gets happy. Tai ji thinks her happiness will turn into her nightmare.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Criminal Tuna/Aliyah should have been left tied up. They deserve to be left to their own fate. Disha is a fool. She has not learned that you do not help criminals. She knows who and what they are. If you help them then you can be guaranteed that they will attack you again because you are stupid and they know that. You helped them. Some creatures and their poisoned hearts never change. Sometimes ‘good’ people need to grow their brains. You do not help people who hurt others. Self-preservation and ending criminality is intelligent. Being fooled by a criminal repeatedly is simply stupid. Is this why Miss Ekta refers to her production as her “stupid little show”? Created by a stupid little person, is it??
    I noticed that the strains of the KKB theme music (?Allah Wariyan) no longer create anticipation. I’m not rolling my eyes but the music has become totally meaningless just like this script. Does that mean that Miss Ekta is becoming totally meaningless? Let’s hope so, the quality of her work is of an abysmally low standard. All she is doing is standing there, collecting money for work that a 15 year old has written. How dare she write about marriage and relationships when she hasn’t even had one!! Like she’s an expert. Instead of a relationship this woman seems to get off on controlling the lives of other people.
    O.k. how many weddings is this? The first when Abhi married her so that he, Aliyah and Tuna could torture Pragya…and they did, very efficiently. 2nd wedding, sort of was when he used Pragya and tortured her to find out who had set her up to be humiliated. He put the mangalsutra around her neck and announced that he was accepting her as his wife. The torture continued. The third time he promised to marry her and then promptly began to marry the criminal slime named Tuna. Of course he ended up marrying Pragya in the jungle. There was a near-miss, right before he lost his memory. They were finally going to consummate the marriage but damn he lost his memory. Abhi and Pragya’s marriages are simply a backdrop for Miss Ekta to show off the criminality and corruption and utter stupidity present in modern day India. Is this the best that India has to offer? The creative ability of this Miss Ekta? Oops, someone forgot to hand Miss Ekta her creativity… when she was born. How do you fix this? Keep this mess of a woman away from any production house!!
    And of course, this marriage is left incomplete. Did Tuna fish and Aliyah get dumped somewhere in a Black Hole? Let’s hope so. Of course that Amazon witch talks about destiny. Key word in this production. What does one expect? This is Kumkum Bhagya, produced by Miss Ekta, a childish tease, not so talented, rich kid brat. Even though she’s getting far too old, to play that role. Some people refuse to mature.

  2. Well said Akituster, it’s true

    1. Thanks Geeta! Good to ‘see’ you here. So which part did you find the most tedious? or disgusting? or frustrating? or ludicrous? I have a hard time believing that the producer believes that she is bringing modernization to India. Her stories demand or insist that India remain in the horror hell that the British Invasion instituted, with the help of a few corrupt Indians. Modernization for whom? Her rich kid brat friends?

  3. This show has me so confused on what is the custom and not custom, with marriage in Indian culture. Did he divorce Pragya? Is he allowed to marry her when he is married to Tanu? Does one marriage null and void the previous marriage when a) you are re-marrying the person you are already married to or b) you marry someone else while you are married and do not have a divorce? Please enlighten me on what is true and fictitious when in comes to marriage. So ridiculous!!! I have seen, I don’t know how many ,marriage ceremonies that never go through on this show. Pretty expensive but then I guess in the world of make believe, money is no object. What a waste of money when it can be put to better use but of course, this is truly a farfetched, painfully dull ,show. I know small children who can come up with better story lines.

    1. Not sure Tango, but my understanding is that the rules are ‘normal’. No bigamy allowed. You need to be divorced before you re-marry. Adultery is a no no but obviously that doesn’t stop it from happening. I think that the marriage craziness in this production comes completely from the mind of the producer. And because marriage seems to increase ratings this producer thinks that having marriage as the main event, the only event.. her ratings will stay high. Personally, I see this as illustrating the fact that the producer is likely suited for another type of career. This woman starts a ‘conversation’ or a story then walks away in the middle of the story. Not rude, childish or uncivilised, this woman is convinced that she’s being avant garde… possibly in some alternate reality but not here on Earth. Definitely not here, in our reality.

  4. the writer is trying to create different story line to divert the process of catching the killer of bull bull / and john. the story line of Abhi child. Abhi and pragya weddings what a joke. and yes Tuna she get slammed on once a while. How many loose ends. bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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