Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Pallavi and Rhea send forged signs divorce papers to Prachi

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The Episode starts with Ranbir lying on the bed and reminisces Prachi on the bed smiling at him. He feels hurt. ya rabba plays…..Prachi also imagines Ranbir on her bed and switches on the lights happily. They couldn’t sleep and get up. He takes out his boxing gloves and punches on the punching bag. Prachi comes to the window and looks remorseful. Ranbir thinks of his moments with Prachi and says I don’t want to think about her, she is not worth it. Soni’s sister comes to Prachi’s room and finds her lost. She records her video and thinks Rhea will get happy today. Sushma comes there, calling Prachi. Prachi comes out of the trance. Sushma says I was waiting for you. Prachi says sorry. Sushma says don’t say sorry, you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t say sorry. She says lets go and have breakfast. Prachi says I am not hungry. Soni’s sister tells that she will serve food. Sushma asks Prachi to have food in sometime and says I will go to office and driver will come back before the temple time. She thinks how to handle Prachi, and thinks Pragya hears, but doesn’t say and Prachi say and don’t hear and stay alone. She asks Soni’s sister Gita to pack her lunch bag and says I will not do breakfast. Gita goes. Sushma goes to Pragya and Abhi’s room. They are still in coma and on the ventilator support. Sushma cries seeing Pragya and says that’s why I didn’t want you to come to India. She says my fear was of a mother, who lost one daughter and don’t want to lose another daughter. She says you gave me new life, I thought God sent you on Priyanka’s place. She says your love brought you to your husband, I would have accepted him, but couldn’t understand him. She comes to Abhi and asks if you are her husband, then why don’t you protect her, why she has to face the troubles after meeting you, then you she stood by you and got you freed of all your bad habits. She says I have sent Pragya to save your life and you have taken her far from me. She says you should have taken her as a husband and not like this. She says get up Abhi and call Pragya. She says Pragya will get up hearing you, she is such a wife who fights with Yamraj for you. She then asks Pragya to get up and says I can’t live without you. She cries.

Lawyer comes to Sushma’s house and says he wants to meet Prachi. Gita comes to Prachi and says someone came to meet you. Rhea is restless. Pallavi comes to her and asks why are you nervous? Rhea says what do you think that Lawyer have reached Prachi’s house by now with the divorce papers. Prachi comes to the Lawyer. Lawyer introduces himself as Ranbir’s lawyer. Rhea says don’t know how Prachi will react seeing the divorce papers. The lawyer tells Prachi that Ranbir Kohli has sent divorce papers for her and needs her sign on it. Prachi is shocked.

Pallavi says Prachi wants to know first, if Ranbir has signed on it. When she sees his sign then her ego will be hurt and she will sign to show that she is not hurt. Rhea asks her to talk in low tone and says Ranbir might hear. She closes the door. Pallavi says when he don’t have time to talk to us, why will he hear us. She says you have copied Ranbir’s sign very well, and it looks like Ranbir’s sign. The lawyer gives the papers in her hand and asks her to sign wherever Ranbir has signed. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words and gets emotional. She drops the file on the floor and runs inside the house, recalling his words. Sushma comes out from Abhi and Pragya’s room. Prachi collides with her and again runs, recalling Ranbir’s words. Sushma is shocked to see her state and goes behind Prachi. Prachi locks the door. Sushma comes to the door. Rhea says Ranbir will get freed from Prachi today. Pallavi says not so easy, she will ask alimony from Ranbir. Rhea says how much she will ask, and says we will give her whatever she demands. She says when you talk to Ranbir, how he will react?

Vikram says marriage will happen when the divorce happens? He asks why are you both tensed? Pallavi says until when we will see our son in tension. Vikram asks about whom you are talking? Pallavi says I am talking about Ranbir. Vikram says Ranbir is doing great and says he has not just handled our company, but took it to top position. he says he should have done this before, but couldn’t do due to that Prachi. He says before talking about his marriage with Rhea, you shall talk to him about divorce. He says if you talk to him directly about marriage, then he will not reply positively. Rhea says we have started the divorce papers and sent them to Prachi. Vikram asks if Prachi signed? Pallavi says Prachi will sign seeing Ranbir’s signs on it. Vikram asks Ranbir signed and says he….pallavi says you want all the answers now. Vikram says you are telling me everything in installments. Pallavi says we thought to separate him from Prachi, and then will talk to him about his marriage with Rhea. She says we have forged his signatures. Vikram says Ranbir’s fake signatures. Pallavi says don’t worry, nobody will know. She says Prachi will sign on it and then we will show it to Ranbir. Vikram asks if Ranbir will not ask, how his signs came on the papers. Rhea says Ranbir will not ask, he loves Prachi so much and when he sees the papers, then he will get angry on Prachi. Vikram says his anger will calm down and then will ask how his sign came on the papers. Pallavi says I will tell him that he was drunk after party and had signed on the papers. Vikram says you are lying to your son. Pallavi says we want to make that eclipse Prachi move from his life and that’s why I am ready to do anything. Vikram says I am ready to do anything for my son’s happiness. Rhea says it is said right, wait fruit is sweet and says they are doing as I want. She says once Prachi signs, then Ranbir will be mine. She smiles.

Sushma asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi runs to the bathroom and stands under the shower. She cries badly.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. worse and worse
    It’s good that SOMEONE is admonishing Abhi , even in this state. Nobody ever criticizes him or Rhea for any bad they have done. It’s clear that even after Rhea’s ugly side does get exposed still no one is going to blame Abhi for what a pathetic and negligent father he has been and it’s 99.99% his fault that Rhea turned out to be like it………. even thought it’s Alia who actually shaped her , bigger crime is Abhi’s and even Purab’s and of every responsible and elder member of Mehra family who gave care of child in hands of a known criminal and sadist and vengeful person

    1. That happened because both pragya and Abhi at different times didn’t bother to leave Aliyah in jail, where she belonged. Or when Aliyah/Tuna-fish used Pragya’s ‘double’ (can’t recall her name) to wheedle themselves back into the Mehra mansion. Let’s face it, the scam artists and criminals are worshiped and protected in this production. Similar to the producer’s own life.

    2. Yeah seriously!!!!!!! Your sooo right!!!!!!! This mehra family is SHIT!!!!!!

  2. As for RR marriage……… I have begun thinking it won’t actually happen at all

    When the news of leap had come up , my thought was that they would be shown married , Ranbir ignoring Rhea like Abhi ignored Tanu after their so called marriage after the 7 years leap. There would be fights , blame game , Pallavi thinking to herself why it’s not working etc

    But since , it’s shown that Rhea is waiting to get married , it might lead up to moment where they would marry but it will again be spoiled at the last moment , this time Rhea truth actually getting out. Then Ranbir will go into apology mode but Prachi will not accept it , then Ranbir will dedicate himself to elevating himself in Prachi eyes again etc.

    I really hope there WILL one long track of Ranbir trying to get Prachi’s forgiveness , dying for it. It will refreshing to see Prachi showing attitude for once , instead of in beggar mode

    1. Because Ranbir is a lead he likely won’t be disappeared. But all the ‘good and decent’ male character’s in the program are turned into pudding. e.g. Abhi, Purab, Akash…and even the new Vikram which became pallavi’s slave instead of the original Vikram who actually did not approve of his wife’s version of reality.
      Ranbir … because he did have a strong decent personality likely is to become the plaything, easily manipulated…as is occurring right now, for a bunch of idiot females who are controlling unearned and undeserved wealth to suit their desperate five year-old egos. You almost get the impression that the producer has a deep hatred for men.

    2. I agree with the men thing too!!!!! So pathetic it makes me laugh so hard in a bad way!!!!!

    3. She was always in an attitude mode but ranbir did cross the line. Not a begger tone or she would have begged ranbir to listen and will never would have went away?

  3. Hmmmm so now wat Prachi will also sign the papers and Ranbir and Prachi will misunderstand each other and get divorced I heard they’re gonna have a fight in court and Prachi wants divorce while Ranbir doesn’t but looks like hatred track will come now but I wonder will Ranbir marry Rhea hmmm that’s the real ? cuz on twitter and instagram every1 is sayingit’s confirmed

    1. Marriage preps have started for RR behind the scenes as per instagram, but whether it will happen is not confirmed and I doubt it will… hopefully!

    2. What the heck of parents Ranbir fas? the just so disgusting blind and heartless? they have a greater obssession than rhea getting ranbir.they just want rhea as a daughter in law good or bad

    3. Where do you see it in the twitter or instagram scenes or bts? What is the hashtag so I can see? Email me back thank you!

  4. 1.Rhea absolutely needs a medical treatment only a mentally ill person can be that much happy while her parents are at coma. Maybe the writter does not write anything that may imply her consern about her father to underline the sickness of Rhea
    2. Another sick one is Pallavi we know it but Vickrams character change is not convincing.
    3. Ranbir’s richness does not have any base, and
    4. he shouldn’t be play in dramas

    1. In one month… ok only one month this boy has become a business tycoon… with interviews and other things … how unrealistic is it…!!! And that pallavu she considered sid as own son na … uska ghr tut gaya… koi afsos nahi kuch nahi… waah ….. bade vichitra log h

  5. I also saw the photo on Instagram, but there is a completely different girl as a bride, but maybe she replaces Rhea. But one thing I don’t understand is how Ranbir and Rhea can get married if mangalsutra and sindur are still on Prachi and she was also next to this girl. In this case, it turns out that both Rhea and Prachi will be Ranbir’s wives. Is it legally possible to have two wives at once? If this is true, then Prachi should never forgive and return to Ranbir for anything.

    1. @YY
      In Naagin 3 , the hero’s father WAS shown having two wives simultaneously , and even had children from both of them , though the second wife and her son had separate house

    2. Did they get married tho I mean is it confirmed??

    3. Who cares guys we dont want these 2 wives bullshit!!!! Soo much of this is everywhere!!! Rhea should be with Siddharth and meant for each other because Siddharth took care of her and likes or loves her.

  6. 1.Why are these Indian actresses addicted fair skin color?
    2. Well cared dark skins with limited makeup are so attractive and gives a healthy young look.
    3. How ugly is appearing Rhea with her strange eyebrows and her white ghost skin, Her face seems as dirty because of the bad coloring

    1. The internet is proclaiming (influencers) that the only females that matter are white, rich and skinny. So the crew in Bollywood has jumped onto the bandwagon. Instead of celebrating their natural beauty they are determined to change into the ‘popular’ idea of beauty. Do you remember the love affair that original aliyah had with Kim Kardashion? See any of these influencers without make-up? they are just as ordinary as the rest of the female population on this planet. Not fake goddess’s.

    2. She looks like a sloth….

  7. Did Siddharth sign divorce papers?

    1. Most likely, they did not issue official marriage documents. At least it wasn’t profitable for Rhea. Well, or Rhea, will get married being married, like Ranbir. Therefore, they can go to jail the whole Kohli family, Rhea and Ranbir as bigamists, and Pallavi for forgery of documents.

  8. Looks like Dida has also left the house ?? Cuz Rhea was worried that Ranbir might overhear their convo but not Dida , who is more likely at home than Ranbir ??

    If Rhea is worried about Ranbir hearing to their convo than Dida then it’s most likely she has left the house , maybe living with Sid. Though it could also be she’s gone out temporarily e.g. to temple or something

    1. Is there any hint of Sid even being a part of the future script? it would be good if Dida was visibly on his side. However, the ‘leaps’ tend to disappear actors, because it is too inconvenient for the writers to actually write a logical, rational story/script. The big focus of KKB is to produce a background where a series of Indian women (the five year old spoiled brat princess criminals) have a venue to show off how brilliantly stupid they are in spite of all the cosmetic work they do so they can be acceptable to be seen in society according to their own standards. Too bad there isn’t an industry standard where only 1-3 ‘stupid’ characters are allowed per show…not episode.

  9. Hullo Sapphire! If you see this, I replied to your Nov 16 comment, right below it. So sorry I missed the comment and have just read it now. Of course, I remembered and recognized you! Best wishes, to you!

  10. I’m fully sure RR wedding wont happen! Maybe the truth comes out on the wedding day or something else will happen. But Ranbir will definitely not marry Rhea. I think in between these pre wedding rituals we will see many Pranbir scenes hopefully. Like lots of jealousy etc. I just wonder why the makers are so obsessed with Rhea and the actress. In RR’s first wedding the actress demanded a dress of her choice which was 25kg and then she mentioned in an interview she didn’t like the fact she had to run after Ranbir in that heavy dress and jewellery! Like you were the one that chose the outfit. And now look at their second wedding. They already done the mehndi etc and other pre wedding rituals and today they are shooting the actual wedding day. I bet they must’ve gone all out just for the actress and her demands just because she is close to the creative director and close friend of Ekta Kapoor. Whilst Pranbir’s wedding which was beautiful but only lasted 2 minutes! When it comes to Prachi or the actress that is playing her it seems they run low on budget. Too much biased these people are!! Prachi’s new look from the bts is beautiful but her saris they really could have chosen a better one. This is the saris her mom wore why would they give the same to her daughter who is playing a 23/24 year old character 😒
    Keeping all that aside it was wonderful seeing Abhigya today even though they didn’t have any dialogues obviously but I just hope they wake up soon and give 10 slaps to their precious youngest daughter. I just hope they wake up before the actress leaves. Does anyone know if Rhea will be replaced by someone else? They will never get rid of Rhea, not because she is the leads daughter but because they are obsessed with her character and the actress.

    1. Esie

      Hey @Riya, I’ve liked your comment here. I’m a writer in real life, specifically A screenplay writer but also working my way up to director. That being said, I don’t know how they do it in Bollywood, but in my part of the film industry, the actors are not really given that much power, it doesn’t matter if they “know whomever” the fact is that it is a production and it costs a lot of money to create, and with a cast as large as Kkb the actors that are given the most importance or let me say leeway, are those Main protagonists and antagonists, ie Abhi, pragya and Aliyah. A character like Rhea, though relevant to the storyline can not have the amount of power I see a lot of commenters mentioning here, Pooja may me Ekta’s friend or even sister, I doesn’t matter, her screentime is not determined by the actress, it’s the writers and the network who dictate who they want focus on. As to why Rhea gets so much screentime, if you have watched other hit tv shows, outside Bollywood such as game of thrones, Vikings and even power, you’ll see that there’s an infuriating amount of focus on the villains of the story at times, why? Because when producing a film, you want a reaction from your audience, (trust me, any reaction rakes in the money with movies) having a horrible character constantly leading makes the audience angry right? That’s a technique we use as writers, the desire to see that character get exposed or even die becomes the driving force of the audience, they’ll keep coming back to check even if they stopped following the story just to see if that one character is gone, that is the power of a villain in a story.

      However, Kkb is a perfect example of exhausting “15 minutes of Fame” this show should have ended years ago but because the money comes in, they’re still forcing things and not bothering to try for a new storyline. As a writer it’s honestly what I’d teach an aspiring writer not to do, kkb is a disgrace to the thousands other beautiful Bollywood productions, and because it’s take center stage, most will never get to see the actual good stuff because they’re put off by this heaping pile of waste the dare to call a series

    2. @Esie
      Might be that GoT and Vikings have focused on villains or given more screen time , but can you honestly point out ONE show in which the villains have committed the range of crimes that Rhea has , yet never been even exposed or identified for having been done all those things , let alone punished. I doubt there exists any type of crime that Rhea has NOT yet committed : character assassination , attempt of murder , kidnapping , false allegations , forgery ( just forged Ranbir’s signs on divorce papers ) , publicly humiliating , framing an innocent in drug dealing / thievery / s*xual assault / molestation………

      Rhea has done ALL of this and STILL goes about with head held high , as if she is entitled to be do any crime she wishes to.

      Whose fault is it ?? Not Rhea’s since she’s fictional , nor Pooja’s since she’s just doing what she’s told to portray. This is all writer’s and producer’s fault for writing such a criminal character and parading her about like some hero or victim

    3. @Colin you’re right, it absolutely is the writers fault. These particular writers are incapable of creating a story that is not driven forward by a sole villain, their entire plot completely depends on the villains never being caught. They don’t know how to write a love story that’s interesting without adding an unrealistically jealous villain, it’s honestly sad because there are soooooo many other beautifully written stories and even real life ones that do not rotate around or even involve a villain. Honestly they had opportunities to make these stories interesting minus the exaggerated and overused villain never ending James bond Ludacris evil storylines like what Rhea has done in her very short life. Like I said before, this nonsense keeps airing and thriving because the writers have no respect for their audience, and the audience does not realize the power they have in this situation, I tell you if Kkb viewers decide enough is enough and stop supporting this show, the writers will be sweating bullets coz that’s their livelihood on the line. The problem is that when the viewers DO quit, the writers make some rushed story to appease them, like Pranbirs wedding suddenly after all the drama with tanu and RR wedding, then when the fans return to watching because something good FINALLY HAPPENED, they go right back to the mediocre super villains storyline

  11. For the writer all men are stupid, puppets of women. Even the most stupid characters Tanu and Rhea manipulating them. It means #Akituster’s theory is proved :)))

  12. Someone said that they saw a photo of Pooja in the dressing room, where she has a sindur on her. If this is not her personal sindur, then Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding could take place. And we will never get rid of Rhea and the truth will never come out.

    1. What!!!! She’s gonna have sindoor on her ?? Then omg they’re rly gonna get married that’s it im done ranbir actually married her wow just wow

  13. This episode’s Rhea borrowed Aliya’s ugly lips (only upper lip) and so irritating

    1. Just a commentary on the current attitude of the world to ‘be yourself, celebrate yourself’. It’s a lie. In reality, what is happening is that people are running away from who they are and are doing anything/everything to be some THING that they are not. It is an insult to yourself, to actually change your features. I do understand enhancing your features with make-up/clothing. However to erase your birth-self through changing your actual body (unless medically necessary or repairing after an injury) can be seen as an act of cowardice and self-hatred. Why not seek out a counsellor and deal with the self-hatred issues? Might be cheaper in the long run and actually produce happiness. Instead , all of these ‘wannabe better” are creating a huge income increase for the medical-cosmetic market. They will never be beautiful, thin or white enough and will forever want more of this or less of that so that they can pretend that their lives have meaning and that they have meaning. After all, the way they were born… was a mistake. LOL. And they think that they are reaching the highest order of female while in reality they continue to demand that all females are objectified. The funniest/saddest ones are the ones who also claim that they are spiritual. Worse, this is in India where there is supposed to be a fundamental understanding of Karma. p.s…. thanks for the recognition in your earlier comment.

  14. Wow no ekta show in top 5
    Only yhc is doing well
    Can enyone tell me why ekta is not creating for star plus?

  15. What the heck of parents Ranbir fas? the just so disgusting blind and heartless? they have a greater obssession than rhea getting ranbir.they just want rhea as a daughter in law good or bad

    1. That’s really just pallavi, the mother who thinks she is as smart as a goddess. I would suggest that the husband is so afraid of her (even though he is supposedly successful at business, he is an idiot and coward at home) that he agrees with everything she decides, even when it is criminal. If you were forced to fight who would you rather fight? The world, where there is some form of law and justice or Pallavi, the sociopath/psychopath/demon, at home?

  16. We will see how the Kohli family will live with a selfish wife, Rhea, who can destroy anyone who stands against her even if you are pallavi.

    1. I hope she usurps their property and throws them on the street they must crawl like dogs to Prachi….perfect dream

    2. Kal ke episode ka precap aaya kya

  17. mahabubul alam

    when will we get back old pallavi.really miss her

  18. mahabubul alam

    from the recap we understood prachi signed the papers and prachi will be handling pragya’s dream project

  19. According to the precaps on zee5, Prachi is coming back as Pragya 2.0 and looks like the Kohli’s talked them into the divorce.
    Because Sushma says “Ye rahi Ranbir ki azaadi”
    Although Abhigya 2.0 track begins, I am looking forward to Pranbir becoming business rivals.

  20. Now I am almost 100% sure that RR marriage won’t happen and Rhea’s truth will come out on or before the wedding day and Ranbir is going to go into begging / pleading mode and Sushma is going to be barrier that Ranbir will have to cross to get Prachi back. Most likely Sushma is going to be a barrier that Ranbir will have to cross , just to TALK to Prachi.

  21. Pallavi, Vikram and Rhea are so obsessed with destroying Prachi’s life just to jump through hoops for that evil, mean nasty witch Rhea. Hope that Rhea destroys Pallavi and Vikram and robs them. She was trained by those evil villianesses Aaliya and Tanu who robbed those who fed and clothed them. I am disappointed seeing that Prachi is being hurt and humiliated just to get her out of Ranbir life. Hopes that Sushma teaches her to stand on her feet and destroy the Kohli empire and their celebrated business tycoon. I will love to see Sid standing there helping Prachi stick it to the nasty Kohli family. Pallavi and Vikram used him and then kicked him to the curb. Will love to see Sid helping destroy Pallavi and Vikram dream of Rhea getting married to Ranbir.

  22. Finally a abhigya scene after 2.5 weeks

  23. all repetes for earlier episode same crap wit abhi/pragia all repeats same as the ranbir/rhea setup by the louse alia same set up wit Karan/mahira remember same shit well I hope they will fix the problem here and alia /rhea get caught ps ranbir mom is she a never see devil my god what a klan alia rhea and ranbir mom holy hell

  24. ps palvi without make up oh shit dog poo

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