Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi gives her consent for Ranbir’s operation

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The Episode starts with Prachi pleading with the people on road to take them to hospital. The guy refuses fearing Police. Prachi says she will handle the Police. The guy refuses. Prachi runs back to Ranbir and asks him not to faint. She says she will call Mummy. She calls Pallavi, but she doesn’t pick her call, seeing her name. She thinks every fight happen in the house due to her. Vikram asks her to pick the call. Pallavi refuses. Prachi says Mummy pick the call. She calls her again. Pallavi disconnects the call. Prachi asks people to help her and save her husband. She calls ambulance and asks them to come near the temple. She says save my husband. She sees Ranbir fainting and shouts no. Pallavi says nobody will disturb you now. Vikram asks Pallavi to think what she was and what she has become, and says you need to have clarity. Pallavi says you need it, you can’t decide who is good, Rhea or Prachi. She goes behind him.

Prachi cries and asks people to help her. A lady comes and asks people to call taxi. Prachi takes Ranbir in taxi and promises not to fight with him. She asks him to talk to her and says I am your chikchiki and Prachi. She says I will agree to your sayings, will go out with you and will never question you. She cries. Dida searches for her medicines. Shahana says you will find it. Dida says she is feeling bad that she has to call Prachi to ask about her medicine. Prachi picks the call and cries. She asks her to reach city hospital. Dida asks if you are fine? Prachi tells that someone has stabbed Ranbir and he is bleeding. She says she is taking him to city hospital. Dida is shocked. Vikram and Pallavi come there. Dida drops the phone and informs them that Ranbir is stabbed. They rush to hospital.

Prachi rushes Ranbir to hospital. She tells nurse that she will do the paper work later and asks them to take Ranbir for treatment. She asks where is doctor? Doctor comes there. Prachi says some people stabbed her husband. Doctor says he will check and asks her to go out.

Prachi goes out and looks at him through the window pane. He asks Nurse to make the arrangements of operation. He comes out and asks Prachi to sign on NOC form, required for the operation. He says he can’t wait until she signs, as even a minute is important. Nurse asks her to get papers from reception. Doctor says we need your verbal permission and asks if we shall start the operation. Prachi nods her head. All family members reach hospital. Nurse asks Receptionist to give the consent form, so that Prachi can sign for Ranbir’s operation. Rhea asks what did you say? Nurse says someone has stabbed Ranbir Kohli on his chest, below his heart and he is critical. Pallavi slaps Prachi. Vikram asks why did you slap her?

Pallavi blames Prachi. Dida asks her to hear what Prachi wants to say. Pallavi refuses to listen and says he is my son, I have given him birth and you will take the decision of his life. She says only she will take the decision of his life. She tells that she has fulfilled many mannats and visited temples for his safety. She asks who gave you right to take responsibility of my son. She asks who are you, and says only I can take decisions of his life. Prachi says I can understand what you are going through. Pallavi asks how do you know, did you ever get pregnant, did your pregnant was complicated, did you give birth to any baby, and taken up responsibility of the baby for 27 years. She says when you have no emotions of being a mother, then how do you know? She says you will say that you are his wife, but your 7 rounds can’t be bigger than my 9 months. She says I will not let anyone sign on consent form. She tells Aaliya, why Prachi has come in our lives, why she has taken birth? She says Ranbir has seen sorrows since she came in his life, first he used to fight for his happiness and now for his life. Rhea asks Prachi to go home and celebrate and asks her not to make them cry more. Prachi says enough and says she will hear whatever mother says, but will not hear from her sautan. Pallavi says you can’t talk to Rhea like this.

Dida asks her to be quiet. Pallavi asks her to ask Prachi to leave. Dida says I don’t want to argue, if you think Rhea is right, then I think Prachi is right. Pallavi asks if Prachi is important than Ranbir. Prachi says whatever she did was….Pallavi says you don’t have any emotions and will do this with every mom. Nurse comes and gives consent form. Pallavi says it will not get signed. Doctor comes out and refuses to operate him. He says I started operation with your verbal permission, else no operation starts without consent form. Vikram asks him to operate Ranbir. Doctor says there is no chances of his survival without operation. Prachi asks for pen. Doctor says this is not formality, but a big responsibility, you give your loved ones life in a doctor’s hand, and we save the patient due to your trust on us. Vikram gives her pen. Rhea asks Pallavi if I shall sign. Pallavi says let her (Prachi) sign. Prachi signs on the consent form. Doctor takes it and goes. Prachi looks at Ranbir through the window pane and cries. Pallavi pushes her and looks at Ranbir. Doctor starts operation. Rhea asks Pallavi to stop crying, and says nothing will happen to Ranbir, I trust God fully. Pallavi hugs her. Prachi hugs Shahana and cries.

Vikram looks at Ranbir through the window pane and recalls their moments. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words and cries.

Precap: Shahana asks Prachi, why she is praying for Ranbir’s safety, as he is with Rhea and asks her to let it be as it is happening. Prachi slaps her. Aaliya shows Ranbir’s pic to goon. The goon asks if he is dead. Aaliya says you didn’t leave him to survive, he is in this condition due to you. Pallavi comes and asks who? Doctor tells Prachi that next 6 hours are critical for Ranbir, if he don’t gain consciousness in these 6 hours, then he will never get up. Prachi is shocked.

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  1. After the new precap, I again lost the interest to watch KKB. Whether it would end up positive or negative, I am sick or Pallavi torturing (that too physically) Prachi who is pregnant.

  2. Then how did Prachi, Pallavi and Rhea end up in Prachi’s room? Maybe it’s true that someone from the family told her to go home and change or told her to go home so as not to create even more tension between family members. Therefore, Prachi could have dozed off and she could have dreamed it all, and that’s why she was wearing another sari in one of the videos. They would hardly have left the hospital all in three, since the track of Ranbir’s accident is still being filmed, since he is still in hospital clothes, but the next track will be the track of Prachi’s accident, so Rhea should also not have been in the hospital, again everything is confused.

  3. I think the last scene in precap in Pallavi’s plan to oust Prachi from Ranbir’s life…. Just before I saw the precap till then I thought that whatever Pallavi said is bcoz of love towards her son and her disapproval towards prachi that she’ll not accept her as her bahu thats all…. But after the precap only I realised that is not Pallavi’s disapproaval but hatred which growing like a forest fire and it can’t be stopped …. How can a Mother lie that her son is died just to throw a girl out from her son’s life who she hates the most…. It’s disgusting to see and a pure relation of mother and son is getting destroyed here 🤯💔

    1. The way they manhandle Prachi – it really boils my blood. I wish they didn’t show this nonsense in ITV. It normalises such abusive behaviour for the people who’re watching. And Pallavi should be ashamed of her behaviour – and she is supposed to be the head of a woman’s welfare club? I wonder if in future when the pregnancy is revealed and in a scenario where Pallavi is forced to accept it is Ranbir’s child, will Pallavi repent the way she manhandled Prachi during her pregnancy? I hope they do show her repenting for it – she might not like Prachi even then but she must have some feelings for her to-be born grandkid.

  4. What is this Prachi year,Ranbir is almost on death bed,he is in critical condition just to save prachi’s MS,still she is in denial mode. In today’s episode when sahana was convincing her to reveal pregnancy Prachi said what would happen if I express my love,if zI reveal my pregnancy,I am his wife only to sign papers in the hospital.He has married to Rhea and he believes Rhea as his wife and because of that only Rhea is here.

    I really wonder how Ranbir can prove to prachi that he loves only her even doctor said to her that during operation in unconscious state of mind also he was not letting go off MS.

    1. Yeah, Prachi herself accepted in front of God that Ranbir loves me most in the world! And then she goes and contradicts herself saying he only considers Rhea as his wife. Shahana was right in pointing out that she is holding back because of her doubts and ego – but if she wants to commit to this relationship she has to commit fully! I’m glad Shahana finally got though to her.
      I think next Prachi is gonna wait out the next 6 hours and Ranbir is not going to wake up even then, and that’s when the precap scene happens (I’m afraid it won’t be a dream but will actually happen), and then she’ll rush to the hospital and tell him about her pregnancy and Ranbir will wake up then.

  5. In today’s episode Alia and Rhea are planning to blame Prachi for this entire accident,they are planning to convert the situation in their favour.

    Convo between sahana and Prachi is the highlight of the episode.
    Episode starts with Prachi praying to Mata rani that Ranbir is the only happiness of her life,he is her entire life,she wants to be only with him,he was saving my MS,if I have done any sin or mistake I should be punished not him.Since birth only Maa was in my life, but then when I got family within a short span I lost them only Ranbir was there for me, MO body loves me like Ranbir loves me,please save him.
    Sahana listens and then precap scene,then Prachi said he is the only happiness I want only him and how could you say that why am I praying to God. When I go to sleep I wish in my dream I would be with him when I wake up I wish first thing I show should be his face.
    Sahana said I know but Ranbir doesn’t know.
    Whenever you want you come to me and express your love for Ranbir but what about him, what does he do,he keeps on saying he loves you but you don’t believe.so go and beg pardon from him,right now he wants you,Prachi denied that what is the guarantee that he will not break my heart again?? Prachi said he is in this condition because of me and talked about incident,sahana got amused that how anyone can love someone so much.she insists prachi that you go and reveal about his 3 rd dream think if he can do this much for your MS then what not he will do for your child.Prachi said no I am his wife only on papers,he not only raised finger on my character but got married to Rhea also and he believes only Rhea as his wife and because of that right only she is here.sahana said this is not the time to count Ranbir’s mistakes,if anything happens to him you will regret to your whole life that if she had wished she could have saved him but during his last time also you thought about yourself only.If you think about only yourself then he will save you from falling zoomed,will take gunshot,will get stabbed,whole life you will ask him to do this only. Abd she convinced her to reveal pregnancy. she went to OT,still operation is going on, she recalled all the moment since they met and he saved her and continuously asking for sorry.operation gets over doctor comes outside and gave 6 hours deadline.
    On other side Pallavi is saying to family thatRanbur was ready to leave house, when I asked you to choose one between Prachi and me she choose Prachi but as I suffered heart attack only because of that he came back,when he got married and I denied to bless Prachi he left everything. Whenever Ranbir goes far away from us reason is Prachi only. Today he was going to Banglore, don’t know what Prachi prayed to God that Ranbir is in this condition. Prachi was in temple so suddenly what happened that someone tried to kill Ranbir?Rhea said whatever must have happened Prachi must be knowing.

    1. The only way to blame this on Prachi is to prove that either

      1) Prachi wants to kill Ranbir so she hired goons, which is utter rubbish

      2) Prachi wanted to gain Ranbir’s sympathy, get close to him so she faked an attack on herself, but that would mean that Prachi already knew when to get attacked i.e. she already knew that Ranbir had missed his flight and would be passing by that road and also when, which is again rubbish

      Not to mention, putting blame on Prachi would be repeat of last 3 incidents in row: attempting Rhea’s murder by breaking the railing, attempting to kill Rhea by getting her kidnapped and attempting to get Ranbir’s sympathy by making the chandelier fall on her own head

  6. I think the only way for Prachi to believe Ranbir truly only wants to be with her is if he divorces Rhea and kicks her out of his life

    1. No kidding. The common sense solution. Get rid of Rhea. Aliyah will go with her. Pallavi may even drop down back to earth from that hate-fantasy land that she has been living in. Get rid of the whiny, screechy useless, spoiled brat masquerading as an idiotic Indian woman.

  7. This series is not for the faint of heart, apparently the trp has jumped again, since the creators are going to show all this utter nonsense, what normal person can come up with this. Here you need to have a very perverted mind to come up with such a thing at all.

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