Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi gives her consent for Ranbir’s operation

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The Episode starts with Prachi pleading with the people on road to take them to hospital. The guy refuses fearing Police. Prachi says she will handle the Police. The guy refuses. Prachi runs back to Ranbir and asks him not to faint. She says she will call Mummy. She calls Pallavi, but she doesn’t pick her call, seeing her name. She thinks every fight happen in the house due to her. Vikram asks her to pick the call. Pallavi refuses. Prachi says Mummy pick the call. She calls her again. Pallavi disconnects the call. Prachi asks people to help her and save her husband. She calls ambulance and asks them to come near the temple. She says save my husband. She sees Ranbir fainting and shouts no. Pallavi says nobody will disturb you now. Vikram asks Pallavi to think what she was and what she has become, and says you need to have clarity. Pallavi says you need it, you can’t decide who is good, Rhea or Prachi. She goes behind him.

Prachi cries and asks people to help her. A lady comes and asks people to call taxi. Prachi takes Ranbir in taxi and promises not to fight with him. She asks him to talk to her and says I am your chikchiki and Prachi. She says I will agree to your sayings, will go out with you and will never question you. She cries. Dida searches for her medicines. Shahana says you will find it. Dida says she is feeling bad that she has to call Prachi to ask about her medicine. Prachi picks the call and cries. She asks her to reach city hospital. Dida asks if you are fine? Prachi tells that someone has stabbed Ranbir and he is bleeding. She says she is taking him to city hospital. Dida is shocked. Vikram and Pallavi come there. Dida drops the phone and informs them that Ranbir is stabbed. They rush to hospital.

Prachi rushes Ranbir to hospital. She tells nurse that she will do the paper work later and asks them to take Ranbir for treatment. She asks where is doctor? Doctor comes there. Prachi says some people stabbed her husband. Doctor says he will check and asks her to go out.

Prachi goes out and looks at him through the window pane. He asks Nurse to make the arrangements of operation. He comes out and asks Prachi to sign on NOC form, required for the operation. He says he can’t wait until she signs, as even a minute is important. Nurse asks her to get papers from reception. Doctor says we need your verbal permission and asks if we shall start the operation. Prachi nods her head. All family members reach hospital. Nurse asks Receptionist to give the consent form, so that Prachi can sign for Ranbir’s operation. Rhea asks what did you say? Nurse says someone has stabbed Ranbir Kohli on his chest, below his heart and he is critical. Pallavi slaps Prachi. Vikram asks why did you slap her?

Pallavi blames Prachi. Dida asks her to hear what Prachi wants to say. Pallavi refuses to listen and says he is my son, I have given him birth and you will take the decision of his life. She says only she will take the decision of his life. She tells that she has fulfilled many mannats and visited temples for his safety. She asks who gave you right to take responsibility of my son. She asks who are you, and says only I can take decisions of his life. Prachi says I can understand what you are going through. Pallavi asks how do you know, did you ever get pregnant, did your pregnant was complicated, did you give birth to any baby, and taken up responsibility of the baby for 27 years. She says when you have no emotions of being a mother, then how do you know? She says you will say that you are his wife, but your 7 rounds can’t be bigger than my 9 months. She says I will not let anyone sign on consent form. She tells Aaliya, why Prachi has come in our lives, why she has taken birth? She says Ranbir has seen sorrows since she came in his life, first he used to fight for his happiness and now for his life. Rhea asks Prachi to go home and celebrate and asks her not to make them cry more. Prachi says enough and says she will hear whatever mother says, but will not hear from her sautan. Pallavi says you can’t talk to Rhea like this.

Dida asks her to be quiet. Pallavi asks her to ask Prachi to leave. Dida says I don’t want to argue, if you think Rhea is right, then I think Prachi is right. Pallavi asks if Prachi is important than Ranbir. Prachi says whatever she did was….Pallavi says you don’t have any emotions and will do this with every mom. Nurse comes and gives consent form. Pallavi says it will not get signed. Doctor comes out and refuses to operate him. He says I started operation with your verbal permission, else no operation starts without consent form. Vikram asks him to operate Ranbir. Doctor says there is no chances of his survival without operation. Prachi asks for pen. Doctor says this is not formality, but a big responsibility, you give your loved ones life in a doctor’s hand, and we save the patient due to your trust on us. Vikram gives her pen. Rhea asks Pallavi if I shall sign. Pallavi says let her (Prachi) sign. Prachi signs on the consent form. Doctor takes it and goes. Prachi looks at Ranbir through the window pane and cries. Pallavi pushes her and looks at Ranbir. Doctor starts operation. Rhea asks Pallavi to stop crying, and says nothing will happen to Ranbir, I trust God fully. Pallavi hugs her. Prachi hugs Shahana and cries.

Vikram looks at Ranbir through the window pane and recalls their moments. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words and cries.

Precap: Shahana asks Prachi, why she is praying for Ranbir’s safety, as he is with Rhea and asks her to let it be as it is happening. Prachi slaps her. Aaliya shows Ranbir’s pic to goon. The goon asks if he is dead. Aaliya says you didn’t leave him to survive, he is in this condition due to you. Pallavi comes and asks who? Doctor tells Prachi that next 6 hours are critical for Ranbir, if he don’t gain consciousness in these 6 hours, then he will never get up. Prachi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Pallavi has got to be the most disgusting, evil, bi**h mother in law in history!

    1. Forget MIL, she’s a rather terrible mother too!

    2. Vacuous, stupid, greedy. She is a reminder to normal people how low depraved stupid evil can go. thus the ones who are closest to her are Aliyah and Rhea… all of them just mouths, attached to sewer sludge.
      They are only capable of growing up to the age of three years old. Very badly brought up, three year olds.

  2. Devastating scenes today but Prachi performed brilliantly. Even though when that witch saas spoke she remained quiet but when that criminal spoke Prachi shut her up thank god. I know Pallavi is elder to her that’s why she will remain quiet whenever she is accused especially when it comes to Ranbir but I hope she can learn that it doesn’t mean you have no respect for your elders if you speak back to them. Plus I’m sure she knows that she’s been giving answers to Pallavi recently but when it comes to Ranbir getting hurt she will quietly bear it 🥹 I just can’t stand the mother now. Please get her out. For some reason I neared Alia and Tanu for years but this P-witch is unbearable!!!!

  3. Lughdha was fabulous in today’s episode.we can feel her helplessness.
    Taxi scene was the best.

    Today’s episode I watch only for Mughdha.

    I wonder why didn’t she call ambulance???
    Instead of calling Pallavi she should call ambulance.

    What is this attitude of Pallavi???
    It was good that doctor informed that without operation Ranbir can’t be saved.
    Tomorrow also she is going to blame Prachi.

    1. in fact she didn’t need to call the ambulance or get help. Prachi knows how to drive. Remember when RR got arrested and she drove all the way there 😂😂that was a shock because we didn’t know Prachi could drive. She couldn’t drive two years ago so I’m guessing during those two years we missed, she must have learnt driving. So I don’t get why she didn’t just grab any car and drive him to the hospital? The writers always forget these things. But I guess they just wanted to show her helplessness. Overall her acting was amazing and felt natural.

    2. Coz she didn’t have her car keys – she said so to the pedestrians that the thugs took their car keys. And she can’t just randomly grab someone’s car to drive!

    3. Where was Ranbir’s driver in all this? Where was Prachi’s driver in all this? Did they leave them both at the temple. It was so senseless and didn’t make sense.

    4. For the longest tym even pragya could drive only when it suited the producer or when abhi was in trouble and in kiara’s track sometyms, otherwise she ddnt know how to drive. Kkb is very horrible with continuity and does not make sense anymore

  4. I don’t understand why Prachi needed to beg to everyone to help her reach hospital. I mean a person with presence of mind would immediately rush to hospital instead of running around , folding hands to everyone etc etc . I think that part was quiet unnatural . Otherwise today’s episode was epic .

    1. Even the best of people lose their wits during such a scenario. So it’s understandable if Prachi panicked and wanted someone to come help her and guide her on what to do. I found the scene quite realistic in that sense – Mughda portrayed Prachi’s anguish and helplessness so beautifully!

    2. That was supposed to help you feel her panic better/more. It’s not meant to be logical. Sort of like when a spoiled little girl doesn’t get enough attention, she will sashay her way in front of the adults again trying to attract their attention. Same idea… the longer it takes to get Ranbir to the hospital, the more panic the audience is supposed to feel. This really works well when the audience is willing to accept utter stupidity, repeatedly. and again the next day. utter stupidity, non-stop.

  5. I loved that line when Vikram said to Pallavi, “What you were and what you have become”. When I look at early Pranbir episodes, Pallavi was shown to be such an easygoing and bubbly character. It’s hard to reconcile that image of Pallavi with the current version. In the episode when Ranbir saved Prachi from getting married to Sanju, he gets shot in the arm trying to save Prachi. In that epi, Pallavi was so proud of Ranbir for saving a girl’s life from getting destroyed and taking a bullet for her. At that point, Prachi was just an outsider for her, still she had enough compassion in her to feel glad her son helped Prachi. Can’t believe it’s the same woman who spouted so much venom against Prachi in the current epi when in fact Prachi was doing everything in her power to save Ranbir.

    1. Aliyah happened. Aliyah nearly destroyed the Kohli family financially. She lost and destroyed her own family instead. So now Aliyah has come back to destroy the Kohli family. First she has ruined Pallavi. Then she has thrown her protege, Rhea, at the son of the house (even though he is already married) in order to destroy the son, the hope of the family. That is why Aliyah is still in the script. First she destroyed the Mehra’s, now the Kohli’s and who will be next. Aliyah the devourer. that is why she does so well earning her money at night time from dirty old rich men and women. She knows how to DEVOUR really really well.

  6. Even krishna also performed nice.Looking at him it dis look like his condition is critical, he is unconscious.

  7. A , exactly.
    I have said it from the beginning that unlike Rhea and Alia , Pallavi is not the hardcore criminal who would stoop to any level to get what she wants. She is , first of all , a family person , concerned about her family.
    And her hatred for Prachi is not original , because of something that Prachi can’t help. Her hatred of Prachi BEGAN through misunderstanding , incited by Alia , that Prachi deliberately trapped Ranbir in Maya’s case. Honestly at that point I didn’t blame Pallavi at all for trusting Alia over Prachi since Alia is like a family member to her , known since 20+ years and Prachi is not that much well known to her.

    So at that point it was perfectly reasonable and logical that Pallavi started hating Prachi , BUT it should have ended with the truth coming out and proven that Prachi didn’t trap Ranbir. If that matter had been resolve then I am 100% sure that Pallavi would have accepted Prachi as DIL with open arms

    Unfortunately the producer’s obsession with Rhea’s character and negativity in general just fanned that hatred , and the mere misunderstanding turned into a hardcore hatred.

    For me , Pallavi too , just like PRANBIR, is ruined character for the sake of continuing negativity , only difference that Pallavi’s ruination began 2 years ago itself.

  8. When did Ranbir become 27 years old?

    1. Even in medical report of prachi, using ehich Rhea was trying to malign prachi’s character in Vikram- Pallavi anniversary, Prachi’s age was mentioned -26

    2. The dumb makers don’t know the real ages lol. As far as we know they were 20 three years ago, we saw their story for two years. If KKB followed the dates then they would have been 22 when they got married. Then that two years leap so that makes them 24 maybe 25 now I guess. 27 is false they just made that up and I hate it 😭

    3. Prachi and Rhea was 20 when they were introduced. I am assuming Ranbir is 1 year older thus 21. Before their marriage they celebrated 2 Diwali festivals. So we can assume 2.5 year has passed. Then 2 year leap. After coming back to Kohli house there was like 5/6 months before Pranbir separation. Then considering time passed afterwards may be total of 1 year after the last leap. Which brings Prachi’s age to 25.5 and Ranbir’s to 26.5. So I think 6 months gap can be covered easily by increasing the time by 2 to 3 months before and after 2 year leap.

    4. I thought they were all 20 at the start. After the first few episodes of DP, it was the twins 20th birthday which was March. Then Ranbir’s birthday was in July. So I thought the twins were 4 months older than Ranbir.

    5. Ranbir was 8 months older than twins. 😂

  9. Mugdha Chaphekar really owned todays episode! Her acting, emotions, dialogue delivery was TOPNOTCH! I normally don’t leave reviews on here but after watching the episode I felt like it was needed because people don’t usually talk about a performance much but rather what goes on in the episode. Prachi did everything, absolutely everything to say her love! From the previous episode when she cut a goons hand for hitting her husband, from that “I told you not to touch my husband” and all the way till the hospital. She is Ranbir Kohli’s true lover and a proper SHERNI! Pragya would be so proud of the woman her daughter has become. Her courageousness, bravery ughhh!! She proved that as a woman it doesn’t mean you are weak, you can be anything, be brave, be fierce, be powerful!! She proved that today!! Prachi is a woman, a girl, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mom to be – but above all SHE IS FIREEE!🔥🔥

    Really hats off to Mugdha for portraying such a character which we don’t even see these days at all! My girl’s is full on SHERNI MODE and we love to see it!

  10. I just don’t understand the motive of the movie anymore

  11. I agree with the writer about Pallivi i saw a old episode she was such a sweet soul they have also assisnated her character

  12. I realised one thing. In one of the recent episodes I think maybe a week ago, Ranbir told Pallavi if she ever dared to raise her hand on Prachi he will do something she wouldn’t expect or something like that I can’t remember. It seemed to be foreshadowing. Now that Pallavi, raised her hand and pushed Prachi today whilst Ranbir was in hospital, I wonder if he’ll know. I bet he doesn’t of course. But if he did, I sincerely hope Dida at least tells him or he finds out somehow. I want him to teach his blo*dy mom a lesson. When he said that a week ago I felt it might hint towards something especially as after that scene, the camera was really focused on Pallavi for a good 30 seconds and it a bgm song.

    1. Everyone, including Prachi, will forget about the slap considering the direness of the situation. If the slap had occured in any other scenario, it might have been possible that word would have reached Ranbir. But right now, even Prachi isn’t thinking about the slap because she understands Pallavi as a mother was upset seeing her child in such a state.

    2. He said he won’t be able to give her the respect a mom deserves. But there’s no way anyone would tell Ranbir about it. Specially because they would consider it as an action of a grieving mother.

  13. She cares about the consent form more than her own son who’s fighting for his life in the operation theatre 💀😭

  14. Hats off for mugdha. Her acting was fabulous. But Pallavi character should change otherwise she will become witch like Aliya and Rhea. Save Palllavi
    I am so excited for tomorrow episode.

  15. Friday preganancy reveation and ranbir comes to conscious without opening the eyes.
    I dont know how long this night will go. If another misunderstanding comes again the same 2 wife drama continues. I want pranbir to reunite least for 1 episode with good scenes like anniversary party. Then want memory loss for prachi.

    1. What prachi is having memory loss… where u got this message Shreya?????

    2. I want that to happen after this accident. My own story

    3. Memory loss will only happen after Ranbir finds out about Prachi’s pregnancy. Otherwise no use.

    4. If they bring prachi’s memory loss then they would have to bring back Pragya also, which is not possible.
      In case of prachi’s memory loss case,suppose she forgets Ranbir suppose not Ranbir but, marriage with Ranbir then she should be with Pragya, which is not possible. Apart from that also

      1. She is pregnant how to explain about baby
      2. If she forgets Ranbir still would Ranbir allow her to leave KM??? and if she stays with them then why should she??? What explanation will they give???

      3. If Ranbir knows about pregnancy and if prachi losses memory, it would be easier for Rhea to manipulate prachi and Ranbir both,still I have a faith that Ranbir would not believe that it is Sid’s child,in that case Ranbir will keep prachi in KM and will try to bring her memory back, but would Pallav believe Ranbir????

      I strongly feel there is neither memory loss nor miscarriage at this point.

    5. Why would they need to bring Pragya back for Prachi’s ML to happen? I get after memory loss, Pragya will be the first person Prachi will ask for, but Shahana can just explain that Pragya met with an accident and is in a coma, right?

    6. I have a feeling that this hospital track will bring pranbir closer.

    7. I will be truly happy if Prachi’s memory loss track is introduced

    8. Fandomara, Prachi’s memory will be gone not Shahana’s..

      Shahana can tell Ranbir about Prachi’s pregnancy too

    9. At this point what would a memory loss achieve? What would the person who gets memory loss (Prachi or Ranbir) would forget to drive the story forward. They already exists as their marrige doesn’t exists, no love between, Prachi not pregnant. So basically nothing changes except some filler episodes. Would they introduce something huge like memory loss just to have few filler episodes.

  16. Anybody know now whether they are shooting
    Krishna mugs

    1. Cast members seems pretty secretive regarding next week.

  17. Oh yes, the Mugdhas were amazing. Especially these twitchings of her head during the call will definitely tell you that imsenno looks like a man in experiences! Excuse me, but are Indian viewers really so limited that they can look at this without laughing?

  18. I’m sorry that 6 hours for Ranbir will be successful, and he won’t be in a coma. There is no chance that we will see him with Prachi in the place where they should be, and not the main characters of the series.

  19. The problem with such stupid serials is the lack of education and bad taste of Indians. Reading that this “actress” was at the height of her antics, and the fact that it turns out to be standing jerks about and behz that means a good transfer of emotions … I understand that this shit will still be able to. Probably the worse for Indians, the better. But then it’s strange why this series had a much higher rating for 5 years when the acting was really always on top? Has something drastically changed? How could it be so degraded along with the series?

    1. Don’t watch, so must imagine the “amazing” acting. EVERYTHING was down-sized including quality, with or when the big leap occurred. I laughed and enjoyed your comments!

  20. Sanam can you do me one favor
    Can you share the link where ranbir had a bandage in his head. Please

  21. Today when I and my sister was watching this episode on tv
    When this scence came where Kohli s with rhea Aliya and shahana were rushing to see Ranbir
    My sister said – i don’t wanna watch this, these people are mad i am going
    And i laughed 🤣😂 so hard 🤣😂
    I was like
    The whole world is frustrated with them (pallo rhea and Aliya)
    Ps: she is 8

  22. Pallo rani saw the goons hired by aliya and rhea
    Whether they will blame prachi again ? They were hired by prachi to murder ranbir.
    That’s why pallavi blamed prachi in that sbs BTS.

    1. Pallavi saw goons with Alia but believes Prachi hired them. She is literally insane. I don’t think I would accept whatever redemption arc they would bring for Pallavi. For me she is beyond redemption. This is not her love for Ranbir or dislike for Prachi due to misunderstandings. This is just pure hatred for Prachi. She can’t tolerate not being the no. 1 or most important person in Ranbir’s life.

    2. Aliyah would not reveal that they are the same goons who hurt Ranbir – that would be stupidity. Coz then Pallavi would have to explain how does she know about that when she wasn’t even there. And I’m sure Pallavi would want them to be arrested immediately. Aliyah wouldn’t take such a risk – she’ll probably cook up some story unrelated to the incident.

  23. Did you guys saw the new abp segment. Nothing about new episodes but Krishna was hilarious. He literally said everything happening in these episodes are for this, showing Prachi’s mangalasuthra in his hand.

    1. Please can you share link?

  24. Sanam, I also feel that the outcome of this track might be possible. In he track that focused on kumkum, Prachi emerged victorious and it brought Pranbir together which led to party track before everything fall apart in Mahasivaratri track. Similar to kumkum, mangalasuthra is also an important piece connected to Pranbir wedding. So I think even in this track Prachi would win at the end and it will bring Pranbir together before Rhea so something else to separate them.

  25. Everytime Pallavi comparing 9 months ( birth of a child) with 7 round ( marriage) is disgusting.
    As far as I know after marriage legally wife has more right than parents.
    If husband dies without making any will, all the properties of husband belongs to wife and not parents so I guess on normal situation also doctor will ask wife’s consent instead of parents.

    I want two scenes

    1. After operation gets over and doctor gives 6 hours deadline,Pallavi should scold Prachi and should ask to leave from there and not let her around Ranbir, and as prachi doesn’t want to create a scene and for the shake
    of Ranbir should leave and go to hospital’s temple and then doctor/ nurse should come to family and should say that in his unconscious state of mind Ranbir is calling Prachi,so if she would be around her, he will get well soon, so you please call her.

    2. Once doctor declares Ranbir is out of danger,Pallavi says thank you to doctor then I want doctor to say to Pallavi that it’s OK, it is our duty but if you really want to thank someone then say thank you to your DIL, because of her only, Ranbir is alive, she not only brought him here on time but as she verbally allowed us to do operation so that Rnabir got the treatment immediately.if she had not taken that consent then it would not be possible for us to save Ranbir.

    1. Sanam
      ” As far as I know after marriage legally wife has more right than parents.
      If husband dies without making any will, all the properties of husband belongs to wife and not parents so I guess on normal situation also doctor will ask wife’s consent instead of parents. ”

      Well that’s THE crux of the matter isn’t it !!

      Pallavi DOESN’T consider Prachi as Ranbir’s wife, that’s from where all these issues stem !!!! Since acc to Pallavi Rhea is Ranbir’s wife, the Supreme right to make decisions regarding Ranbir’s life should belong to either herself or Rhea

    2. If she doesn’t consider Prachi as wife she shouldn’t compare her 9 months with Prachi’s 7 rounds. She literally said “you can say you are his wife, but my 9 months are more than your 7 rounds” or something similar. There Pallavi didn’t contradict Prachi’s place as Ranbir’s wife but kept implying only she has a right over decisions regarding Ranbir’s life because he gave life to him. That’s total bulshit and wrong.

    3. But she said only I have the right to decide as I have given birth and since Ranbir has said her that I am helplessly in love with Prachi she generally says Rhea is DIL of KM, in today’s episode also first she said to Prachi that if I will ask anything to you you will say I am wife but I am mother.then when Prachi stopped Rhea from insulting her she said Rhea is my DIL.
      So I guess her issue was not with whether Rhea should sign or Prachi, she said I will decide,even when nurse comes with consent form she said it will not be signed,she didn’t say Rhea will sign not you.

    4. Collin,She consider Rehae as Ranbir wife then why did she allow Prachi to sign? She even denied Rehae from signing when she asked her can she signed.

    5. Fandomara, but Pallavi literally said that ” YOU can SAY you are his wife ” not ” You ARE his wife BUT my 9 months…. ”

      So from Pallavi’s perspective Prachi is Ranbir’s wife only because Prachi says it not because she actually is.

      This is actually the situation with Rhea in reality but Pallavi has applied it to Prachi

    6. But she wasn’t just saying Prachi can’t decide on behalf of Ranbir. She was repeatedly saying only she can.

  26. Actually what I want is after Prachi’s accident Sushma comes and takes Prachi away, Ranbir is still unconscious but out of danger and when he wakes up he gets the news of Prachi’s accident and Sushma having taken her away. And Shahana should tell Ranbir about Pallavi slapping Prachi and Sushma taking Prachi away because she won’t let Prachi live in same house with Rhea and Alia.

    THEN I would like to see Ranbir’s reaction and future stance.

    Ranbir must be forced to choose between Rhea and Prachi for once and all, then only I think he will take some drastic step to oust Rhea from his life IF he takes it even then.

    Otherwise seeing Ranbir’s complicit attitude so far he seems willing to keep the situation as it forever : both Rhea and Prachi claiming to be his wife and both living in KM.

    1. If Sushma takes Prachi away, Ranbir will just follow them to wherever they are leaving KM behind. Prachi is literally the sole reason he continues to stay on KM, so the moment she leaves from there he’ll just follow her too. He already has his dad’s blessings, and he really doesn’t want to engage with Pallavi, Rhea and Aliyah, so I don’t see why he would feel the need to throw Rhea out of KM.

    2. Yeah this is literally the 2nd time Ranbir was leaving KM to return just because of Prachi. Thinking about it now if Prachi didn’t return on the day of Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding, Ranbir would have left next day for a business in a different city or country never to return.

    3. A, but even that needs to happen visibly, for everyone to see clearly that if Prachi is not in KM then Ranbir will leave as well. That would also be as good throwing Rhea visibly out of his life.

      Right now since all 3 of them are living in the same place, that’s allowing Pallavi and Rhea to remain in their virtual / made up world that Ranbir will one day accept Rhea if only Prachi is swiped out of the picture, but if Ranbir too leaves KM on Prachi’s heels then it will shatter their bubble completely

    4. I doubt that Colin! You can’t rationalise with a delusional person. If Ranbir had left KM after Prachi, Pallavi would still blame Prachi for saying she did her black magic to lure my son away from the house. And I’m sure Pallavi and Rhea will come up with ways to lure Ranbir back – Pallavi might once again try her heart attack card or Rhea might just grievously injure one of the Kohli’s to force Ranbir to come back. That’s why I’m not in favour of Ranbir and Prachi leaving KM – running away would not solve their problems. The only way out from this Rhea problem is her exposure in front of the whole wide world – which God only knows when or if that will happen.

    5. But Colin, Sushmas character has unfortunately ended. The actress is in another show right now she has a major role in it too. Unless they replace the actress that’d be fine too. But Sushmas track was supposed to be a guest stunt only I don’t think they were keeping her in for the long term. But I do hope her character returns no matter who’s the actress playing her. She’s basically the only family who took care of Prachi and she is suitable to be Prachi’s grandmother. Her own real family didn’t acknowledge her. Plus we know the longer this show goes on the more seperations there is so Prachi can always rely on Sushma and live with her during the seperation.

  27. When I say I had tears I mean it! Seeing Ranbir on the floor like that fighting for his life, his helplessness, all that blood on him it was so heartbreaking to watch 😭 It felt too real. Hats off to the actors and the editors, the team for making such an effort that didn’t go to waste. They put a lot of hard work in this and we can see. It feels I was watching the real KKB after a long time. The best part was Ranbir reaching for Prachi! He was laying half dead but still got his arm out as he wanted her close to him. Prachi’s helplessness, bravery was a bliss. Still couldn’t believe it was her! I was watching some 2019 episodes and I must say Pranbir have come so far. Being a wife and a mom to be really changed Prachi for the betterment. Especially that episode in 2019 when some goons were chasing her and Ranbir saved her and she was scared. But Ranbir wanted to encourage her to fight and gain courage so he blindfolded her and made her fight the goons. Although he helped but he made her think it was all her LOL! And now look. It really helped Prachi overall. I’d say Ranbir was the one who brought out that fierceness in her😍🔥 Nevertheless, great acting from both actors. I don’t know their real names but Prachi and Ranbir owned my heart.

    1. PRANBIR had the potential to go even farther , to become one of the dreamiest couples in ITV , unfortunately , the producer’s obsession with Rhea’s character and her fascination with forcing Rhea-Ranbir together on us has ruined PRANBIR , and especially Ranbir’s character to such an extent that it might never recover completely

  28. Why on Earth would you people want a memory loss for!

    1. Because only in ignorance can she find the bliss of peace of soul, otherwise her soul and mind will continue to be burned in hell fire

    2. Memory Loss is not a state of ‘bliss of peace of soul”. Memory Loss, especially in KKB, is the result of an attack or an accident arranged to be an attack. Memory Loss is the alternative solution to a better written and more imaginative script. That’s like the solution that bad mothers will do to their newborns when the newborn won’t sleep. they feed the child grains, overwhelm the stomach (newborns should not be given anything except water, br*astmilk, specialized formula. So a tired, bad mother basically overwhelms the childs body so it falls asleep for its own survival. Bad, wrong behaviour. Same thing, with memory loss in this script. A desperate act for script writers who are paid to write within a narrow window, unfortunately creating very stupid, nonsensical and insulting to a viewers intelligence…script.

  29. See the latest promo of 20th
    Prachi reveals her pregnancy to unconscious Ranbir

    Alia advices Pallavi to find permanent solution for Prachi if she doesn’t want to lose her son

    Pallavi pushes Prachi hard, causing her to fall down (again !!!!) She shouts at Pallavi that she killed her son, Ranbir is dead. How will Rhea stay back ?? She too screams at Prachi that Prachi killed her husband. Prachi denies, shouting no

    Most likely the last one is a dream, either Prachi’s or Pallavi’s but most likely Prachi’s.

    1. Or that’s Pallavi’s plan. She and Rhea lies to Prachi that Ranbir is dead so Prachi will leave. Then once Ranbir wake up they will lie to Ranbir that Prachi left him to die.

    2. But even if believes them, will she consent to leave without seeing him one last time ??

      And, I am assuming Ranbir did see Prachi’s panic, her anxiety at seeing him in that condition. He also saw her talking to him all the way to the hospital, will he believe that she left him to die??

      Oops, sorry, I’d forgotten that this is kkb. Here only that happens that’s wished by the villains

    3. Old script being plagiarized. The tuna-fish and Aliyah tried to convince Abhi that Pragya had died and wasn’t coming back.

  30. She shouts at *Prachi that she killed her son

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