Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Bulbul hearing Aaliya and her puppets’ fights. She is surprised to see them fighting and thinks something is wrong. Aaliya discusses with Tanu about call from unknown number. Tanu says maybe man really wants to help her.

Corporator and his goons corner Abhi and Pragya at a cliff. Corporator laughs and says now he will not be spared. Abhi says he wants to fight with him. Corporator laughs, asks him not to joke and says he can imagine his pleas. Goon switches on FM and makes corporator hear. RJ tells about Abhi being kidnapped, police and military going into jungle to rescue them, and 1 crore reward to find him. He gets tensed. Abhi asks him to remember his idol mogambo or shakal now and laugh. Corporator says he is not afraid even if police or military comes.

Bulbul brings Aaliya to a secluded place where Puneet called her. Aaliya asks if she is sure blackmailer called them here. She says yes. Puneet calls her and says he called Bulbul and not her and frightens her. Aaliya says she is Aaliya Mehra and will not spare him. Puneet laughs and says he will speak only to Bulbul now. She asks him to calm down and their conversation continues.

Corporator points gun on Abhi and Pragya and tells he will kill Abhi first and then Pragya. Pragya comes in front of Abhi and tells before killing Abhi, he should kill her. Abhi asks Fuggi to move back as he knows corporator cannot shoot and is coward. She says she has taken oath that she will die for him and she wants to die suhagan with sindhoor and mangalsutra. Abhi gets impressed. She asks corporator to kill her first. Corporator says Abhi that he is very lucky to have such a good wife and she is his biggest asset in life and instead of her, she loves Tanu. He tells Pragya that he will fulfill her wish and kill her first and then her husband.

Bulbul meets Puneet and tells they will have to execute the plan very carefully and find out Abhi/Pragya. Purab calls her and says he is coming to her house. She says she will meet him and cuts call. She asks Puneet to inform her before taking any step and leaves.

Corporator shoots. Abhi pushes Pragya and bullet hits Abhi. Pragya is shocked to see that. Abhi slips. Pragya holds his hand and they both fall from cliff. While falling down the cliff they both reminisce the time they spent together in jungle and continue falling down.

Sarla wakes up from sleep worried for Pragya. Bulbul comes in. Sarla asks her to take her to Praya. Bulbul says she must have had a bad dream and says she will go in the morning. Sarla says she is Pragya’s mother and is worried. Bulbul consoles her and makes her sleep. Abhi’s daadi on the other side looks at his photoframe and asks hhim to come back soon. Photoframe falls down. She gets worried and prays god to protect her son. Her finger gets injured due to glass strands.

Corporator laughs and asks his men to go and search Abhi and Pragya. Goons ask why did he kill him really. Corporator asks them not to argue with him and search Abhi and Pragya’s dead body.

Abhi and Pragya falls on grass and dream about their days together.

Precap: Corporator calls Aaliya and asks her to call back police and military or get ready to receive her brother’s dead body.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally kidnapping drama wil be ended..so sad for abhi and pragya…

  2. rly i was fed up wt al dis kidnnaping scene..4rm 10feb onward..hhh

    1. Yeah…me too

  3. OMG…now what’s happening?? What about abhi n pragya…..

  4. Then what will be the writters going to do next?Iam sure that it may be again sth stupid.

  5. aftr falling from cliff are they not dead…?? please sum1 reply

    1. i think they wont die and pragya will get shot later.Then,pragya will be in coma stage and this makes abhi to take care her and shows love to pragya.

      1. That is completely ridiculous. I guess when it is over they will each have one eye, one leg and one arm BUT they will be in LOVE!! How LAME.

  6. Jaroor ab koi yaadash wala scene hoga ab

  7. How can abhi will have memory loss as they had fallen on grass..

  8. Yes they are not dead abhi relise his love abhi and pragya togther

  9. Shayad abhi hospitalize hoga pragya uski seva karthi hogi.. Abhi will realize his love for pragya

  10. Hope at this tym abhi will know truth about aaliya and her puppet thanu….

  11. source says, “In the coming episode, Abhi will become Pragya’s savior and the corporator will shoot Abhi. Seeing Abhi in this critical state Pragya will ask for help and somehow she will find a shelter for themselves. Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) will confess to Pragya (Sriti Jha) that he loves her and he knows that his sister Aliya (Shikha Singh) is behind this game. Well, Pragya will reply that he doesn’t need to worry about anything as of now. Later, when Pragya comes to know that Abhi is breathing his last, she will takea knife and will attempt to kill herself.”

    1. Nice one….
      End of show….

    2. How will ability die

    3. LOLOLOL!!!!….I feel you. Baas. You have had enough of this one. Never mind. 🙂

  12. aah!! i hope abhi gets to know about aliya n tannu….!

  13. But according to past spoilers the bullet was about to hit pragya not abhi..

  14. this serial is soooooooooooo much shit imagine you dying and instead of praying you reminiscing about the time you spent in the jungle another thing you suppose to be kidnapped victims you family is worried to death and you abhi and pragya playing all kinds of romantic hide and go seek in the forest falling on top of one another come on what bull shit is this are you writers for real LOL end this stupid nonsensical series right now you ass holes

  15. what the hell is happening in this show

  16. Can anyone tell who is this puneet? Pls

    1. Their cousin. Sarla and his father are brother and sister.

  17. Eish. Tbx for written updates so dat i dnt hv to irate myself to watch episode…nonsensical….

  18. Ha once again punarjanmam type episodes are starting.

  19. I hope that we are not going to be treated to a reincarnation story again!!!! That would just kill the show! Am sure Pragya will take second birth in red and black Anaarkali!!! God! I cannot see that dress anymore!

  20. Don’t worry, the writes always have remedy for this, ie, copy pieces of story from other shows. Someone will lose their memory (Hitler Didi/Qubool Hai etc). The original story line will be forgotten and they will go on comletely off track story

  21. Now that Ahil and Pragya has fallen off the cliff is the kidnapping finished.I wonder .If Abhi got shot and they both fall off a cliff and they are lying on the grass reminiscing—–Writers how can a man got shot and then fall off that high cliff and still lay down and thinking about the times they had.Where is the wound from the bullet and their bodies are sponges so they did not get any injuries.Writers please this does not make any logical sense.Are we morons that we cannot read through the script.Writers any one who did literature in school will know that this is not logical.

  22. This is all crap okay the review said that pragya was gonna get shot and now abhi got shot what is this?? I think he is pretending to get shot so the goons think he actually died and then they can escape I think that’s what it is and they’ll probably reveal it later but I hope he gets to know that it’s his sister and her friend who planned all this for pragya but right now the show is getting interesting but I feel bad for abhigya they have to do all this so the goons think they died

  23. Stopped seeing this serial 2 months ago nothing has changed .
    its a typical love triangle only problem in this story there are too many triangles . Abhi pragya tanu. Then purab bulbul aaluya. And the third bulbul purab contactor suresh.
    The story writers as a result have gone bonkers . To complicate matters further you have dadi ….. 4 evil people
    omg end it please even reading about it is a pain

    1. yes you are right. i think they are out of story line. they don’t have to ragged kidnapped scenes for more than a month. if they have planned to do the scene falling from the clif then why they didn’t show earlier???. too many love triangle and doesn’t make any sense and too complicated and more twist in the story.

  24. hare waaaaaaaaa……………. atlast abi n pragya r going to die.its too gud to see………………..but please dont let purab and bulbul the lead pair and……… plssssssss dont show aliya and tanu agian and again..

  25. Guys I think pragya will try to take him out of jungle like she will tear her dress piece and tie a round abhi wound then will crossing the goons will shoot pragya mean while police will come

  26. Hoo no Wats happen I irked

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