Kumkum Bhagya 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya’s engagement. Daadi congratulates Sarla after the engagement. Sarla congratulates her also. Aaliy asks Tannu about her opinion now. Tannu says she is right, she does not have to be worried about Abhi’s marriage with Pragya, she can easily handle Pragya. Sarla thinks Pragya looks pretty smiling. Daadi greets Pragya welcome to family. Abhi thinks he will make Pragya’s life hell.

Aaliya sees Bulbul and asks who is she and why is she here. Bulbul says she is Pragya’s cousin and is married. Aaliya says she does not care who she is and if she is married. Tannu comes and informs Aaliya something. Aaliya comes out and sees Purab. Purab asks why is the house decorated. Aaliya asks why did he come here. Purab says he came to meet Abhi and wants him back. Aaliya says she cannot let him in as Abhi will get angry again seeing him. Purab says he will come back again and goes from there.

Abhi introduces his friends to Pragya. His friends ask him how can he marry such an average girl as they thought he would marry a supermodel. Abhi says he is marrying Pragya as she is a simple girl and daadi likes her, his daadi cannot go wrong. Sarla and Pragya hear their whole conversation. Pragya thinks Daadi is right.

Sarla gets worried about the marriage. Bulbul asks her not to worry. Sarla informs Daadi about her worry. Daadi asks her not to worry. Sarla gets happy hearing her and asks her to take care of other guests. Taiji sees them together and thinks what this old lady is doing, if she is bringing a girl home or giviing Abhi to them.

Taiji’s bahu meets Tannu and asks if she is feeling bad that Abhi is marrying someone than her. Tannu sees Aaliya and says she will give her answer. She turns back and gets afraid seeing Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to stop playing her politics and asks her to stay away. She takes Tannu from there saying some people will not change forever.

Daadi asks Sarla and family to go by car. Sarla says they will go by car and not to worry. Daadi says Pragya is her bahu now and she cannot let her travel by auto now. Abhi sees Purbi praising Pragya that she is sitting in a big car becauseof her and says Pragya will not have to travel in auto again. Pragya says she will give her a car after marriage.

Sarla and family reaches home. Neighbours ask about the marriage. Sarla says it is after 3 days. They say they are happy that they can meet Abhi often there and start praising. Purbi asks them to talk to her as Sarla and family are tired now. Daadi asks them to handle neighbours well.

Pragya sees Suresh coming in his scooter and gets sad. Bulbul sees Suresh and asks what problem he has, why does he come in front of Pragya often and make her sad. She says Pragya is marrying in 3 days. Bulbul says Abhi is perfect for Pragya and will keep her happy. She asks him not to come in front of their house until Pragya marries if she cares Pragya.

Tanu and Aaliya joke Abhi if he will call Pragya as darling, honey or Behanji. Abhi asks them to stop joking and says he is sad without Purab. He says he and Purab earned money working hard and now Pragya has trapped Purab for money, hope Purab understands her plan.

Sarla is busy with decorations. Daadi asks what did she lease this time. Sarla says she leased her house. Daadi asks how will she release it as it is rainy season. Sarla asks her not to worry as she cannot see Pragya sad. Pragya sees Suresh ouside the house and gets sad.

Pragya looks at a pic and gets emotional. Bulbul and Purbi check her bridal dress and get happy. Purbi asks her to lend it to her for 1 day. Bulbul says she cannot take someone’s bridal dress and says Pragya that she was not sure about her decision, but is happy about her now. Sarla comes there and says she is happy about her now and says she does not have to worry about money now and says she is half healthy now and will be completely healthy after Bulbul’s marriage. Pragya hugs her and asks her not to worry so much. Sarla makes her wear anklet and says nothing wrong will happen to her from now.

Aaliya’s cousin meets her. Aaliya hugs her and asks how is she. Nimmi says she is fine. Aaliya sees taiji and asks where is Raj bhai. Taiji says he will directly to marriage hall. Daadi comes and worriedly informs that Abhi is not in his house. Aaliya says he must have gone out on some important work and asks her to relax. She asks her to reach the marriage venue while she brings Abhi.

Daadi reaches marriage venue while Aaliya comes after her. People try to open Abhi’s car door excitedly. Aaliya shoos them and says she has to look at Abhi’s securtiy. Abhi comes in a different car. He thanks Tannu for convincing him and comes out from the car. Sarla gets happy seeing him.

Precap: Light goes off before Pragya’s wedding ring exchange ceremony. Abhi opens his lighter and asks Pragya if they can exchange with this light. Pragya nods yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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