Kumkum Bhagya 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi worrying about Pragya after knowing that Aaliya knows about Pragya and Purab’s plan. Pragya asks her not to worry and tells that Abhi has taken vows with her as a friend and promised to make her pain turn to happiness. Dadi gets emotional and asks what did he say more? Just then Purab calls Pragya and asks how are you? Pragya says I shall ask you and you are asking me. Purab tells her that Abhi freed him from jail. Pragya puts the call on loudspeaker. Purab tells Dadi that Abhi got very much angry on him and says the more he gets angry on me, the more he will get closer to Pragya. Dadi says you both are like Ram and Lakshman. Purab tells her that he will convince Abhi, after taking bath at his home. Dadi says okay and prays for happiness and love in everyone’s heart.

Aaliya scolds Tanu for going to Pragya’s home. Tanu says she went there to give her an earful but….Aaliya says you would have scolded her in the morning. Mitali hears her. Aaliya asks why she came here. Mitali says I need to talk to you about something important and says I heard everything happened in the corridor. She says you have challenged Pragya, and asks about her plan. Aaliya asks why do you want to know? Mitali says I will support and help you. Aaliya says you are like brinjal in the plate, you will tell everyone. Mitali promises her. Aaliya kicks her out of house. Tanu thinks if Aaliya challenged Pragya, then she might have some plan. She asks her to tell. Aaliya shares her plan with Tanu. Mitali tries to hear them from outside the door, but couldn’t hear anything. Tanu calls genius to Aaliya. Aaliya says we will show the real place to our enemies. Mitali thinks to teach her a lesson.

Pragya asks Robin to make the room like it used to be before. Robin says your pic too. Pragya says it will slowly be brought in the room, and asks him to decorate room like before. Abhi comes and asks Robin why he is making changes in his room. Robin signs him at Pragya. Pragya says she was redecorating his room. Abhi asks why? Pragya says I thought to do something good for you. Abhi likes the changes and says what these books are doing in this room. Pragya says you have relation with me naa. Abhi asks what do you mean? Pragya says I kept these books here so that I can read when I am free. Abhi says okay. He asks why the wall is empty, something was here. Pragya says I am thinking to get small temple here. Abhi looks on. He sees their photo frame and says wow…it is good. He asks from where did you get it. Pragya says someone sent it. Abhi says I will hang it on the wall. He takes out his big photo frame and places the new photo frame with his pic with Pragya. Pragya asks him to be careful and falls on him. She laughs. They have an eye lock….Allah Wariyan plays………………….They get up.

Abhi hangs it on the wall. He says now it seems wall is complete. I will not miss you when you are not present here physically, then I will talk to this pic. He asks if you miss me when I am not with you. Pragya shyly says yes. Abhi says that’s why you are my best friend.

Purab comes home and touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi blesses him happily. Purab says it is because of your blessings. Dadi blesses him. Taya ji asks why you are blessing him for spending night at the lock up, it is strange. Dadi says you will not understand and asks them to go, so that she can talk something important with Purab. Tai ji says you can talk infront of us, we are family. Dadi says I want to talk to him about Pragya, and asks them to go. Tai ji says I don’t understand. Dadi asks Taya ji to take her out. Taya ji asks Tai ji to come with him for an interesting talk. He takes her with him. Dadi closes the door. Aaliya and Tanu wait for Abhi. They see Abhi and start talking about Purab and Pragya. Abhi hears them. Dadi praises Purab’s plan and says Pragya is happy now. Purab says he made a big plan with which they will know about Abhi’s feelings for Pragya. Dadi says I want to honor you with Padmashri award. Purab says I will get it also.

Aaliya tells Tanu that Purab is misusing Pragya, and the latter is so innocent and good. Tanu asks why you are worrying about Pragya. Aaliya says I am so concerned about her, and don’t want anything wrong happened to her. Tanu says who will understand you. Aaliya says I am confused and don’t know how to talk to Abhi about her. Abhi hears them and thinks what they are talking. Abhi asks what you both are talking and says I can’t hear anything against her. He asks them not to think bad about her. Aaliya tells Tanu that she told her that Abhi will think them bad, and says we are mad to be concerned for Pragya. Abhi asks what do you mean? Aaliya says you like her as she takes care of you and everyone in the house. She says we were talking about Purab and Pragya’s relationship. I think Purab is using Pragya. Abhi is shocked.

Abhi tells everyone that he is thinking about Purab and Pragya’s marriage. Dadi, Purab and Pragya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow….there is the twist naa…
    we will meet soon many twist ahead… right this time…
    i’m waiting

  2. bakwas serial…

  3. want something good to happen in this serial!!! i don’t want purab plan to backfire….and i want this plan of aliya to backfire on her itself…..enough of her plans and drama!!! b*t*hes taliya…
    want abhi should have some realization…in a .show ,abhi is man first writer’s should understand this…
    even i want bride swap…it also ok for me…because abhi loves pragya…..want nikil to swap abhi place marry tanu…then we and abhi can get rid of her happily…


    Holly crap cant understand the show any more can someone please, please, please explain to me the Meaning of KUMKUM BHAGYA in real world which we are living in nowadays

  5. Hate this series so much its always rubbish aalitan always win and that dumb abhi always believe them and pragya so stupid before i like the series but know just haaaate it

  6. So dumb, Abhi needs a brain. We all know that Purab isn’t using Pragya, but when Abhi hears dumb & dumber saying that Purab is using Pragya, don’t you think logically he should try to stop them from getting married. Why would you plan their wedding. So that she can continue to be in a relationship where a guy is using her. Some friend he turned out to be. He should have made an announcement that Pragya cannot marry Purab as he is not good enough for her…or something along that line…I am telling you the writers need a brain!!!

  7. What A bad serial… Irritating taaliya .. bad portrayal of relationship s .. why this s not banned yet?

  8. They should watch the English movie,name the Vow it’s classic may be the would get some ideas.

  9. Pratima singh

    Very bad serial at this time kumkum Bhagya not good in this serial for long time.like bakwas

  10. leisa s morris

    If i was pragya dem i wud make sure dat all pre weddin rituals b exactly like abhi and pragya’s includin the attire to help jog abhi’s memory. First time in a series i c a person get flashback and still cyah remember dey past, its high time abhi gets his memory back. Plus if dis track goes in dis direction, if bulbul is still alive, it would b a gr8 time to bring her back

    1. Hey Leisa, I agree with first part of your comment, but the part with bulbul…. We all saw her die so don’t you think writers have to be asses to bring back her character? If she was lost, then they could bring her back but I don’t see how believable this is going to look. What do you think,? BTW…. Are you from the Caribbean? Your narrative speaks of the colloquial language of my homeland…..certain words you just used in your comment above gives me that impression.

  11. This is getting too damm boring now with aaliya n tanu also abhi need a wake up call or a brain

  12. Lord….what a waste of talented actors. BORING……so mundane…BTW….where are mitali’s kids?

  13. I thought Ahbi memory loss was fake? What this write up all about?

  14. Its becoming more crap and bakwaas , annoying and cant even say other words

  15. Stupid Abhi again
    Pragya’s marriage not pragya’s war only



    1. I agree 1000% with your comment. What do we do to stop this serial? I don’t have words to describe this serial, I’m bereft of descriptive words.

      1. First thing you do Naz is stop writing too many comments [you have 4 today] as it gives Ekta the impression that this serial is so popular and it attracts so many comments daily – that is the stupid psychology of the KKB team – sad but true!!!. Secondly there are too many viewers trying to create logical scenarios over this illogical bakwas crap – that too got to stop. No more essays & thesis pls hihihi just my two paise of frustration on this bakwas shit. Sorry no offence meant to anyone

    2. I so dislike all characters in this serial. I can no longer stand their sight, they ALL got old before my eyes…..so that means it’s time Ekta Kapoor ends this disgusting story…… It’s more interesting to comment on the comments posted, that’s how I know what the episode is about, by just reading the comments…..how sad is that now??????

  17. This show is dragging along. Plz end this series. Its too long and getting boring again. Same thing over and over

  18. It is true he allways agrees with is sister but not pragya he said he will allways be bye her side but i think he is lyeing he should ask purab if he is using pragya

  19. Empress Allen

    This is really not making any sense… Why would someone want their best friend to marry a guy who he thinks is using his best friend???

    Writer,I think you need a new profession… This serial is showing how small your brain is.. Beauty without Brian.

  20. Hiranmaychellapat

    today episode is irrigating because of that two witches . I feel bad for abhi .

  21. this serial are very bad showing why they are showing so many things . zaldi abhi aur pragya ku mila do . nai to ya serial browing dikri aur ya alia aur tanu bhot bakar hai .
    ya serial start ho kay itna din ho ra is ma kabhi bhi abhi aur pragaya ku ek sath nai dekha jab bhi abhi aur pragaya ek ho hona jata yaha pa kuch na kuch start ho jata . ab bis bhi karo



    Here’s some good news for all the loyal viewers of ZEE TV’s top-rated primetime show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’. The show that has become a rage amongst Indians for the sizzling chemistry between its leads Pragya and Abhi is soon going to telecast as a one hour special episode on Mondays for 4 weeks.

    Starting 23 January,KumKum Bhagyawill be telecast as a one hour special episode Monday from 9 PM to 10 PM and Tuesday to Friday at itsoriginal time slot 9 to 9 30 PM as a treat for its ardent followers till 13thFebruary.

    Speaking about the special episode, actor Shabbir Ahluwalia who plays the lead role of Rockstar Abhi says, “Audiences can look forward to more time with us as our show will now be telecast as a one hour special episode every Monday. Needless to say, we are all putting in tremendous efforts as it requires more time than shooting the usual half hour episodes, but our viewers will certainly be in for a treat!”

    In the upcoming track of the show, viewers can look forward to some high octane drama where Pragya and Purab are tensed as everything they had planned is goingawry. They look at each other as brother and sister, so the idea of getting engaged to each other is revolting.

    Will Abhi be able to get his memory back before it is too late or will Pragya come up with a new plan to stop this engagement?


    1. Its not a good news its really a sad news we hav to watch tortures episodes on monday for next one month

      1. Sowji

        I agree with your point…

    2. Sowji

      This is bad news..this is the most torcher serial….plze finish this serial soon….always showing the same track…they behave like they never get new evil…how many years we can see this evil face(tanu,nikhil,alia)…at least after memory loss we expected they will show new track..since they will never change the track before memory loss tanu did pregnancy drama…now marriage drama…they does not have good stuff inside their brain…this is most disgusting and irritating compare to other serial in
      zeetv.. they will never change the track till the end…I request zee tv…channel…Plze finish this serial…this is not the meaning for kumkum bhagya.. I already disconnected my channel…because of this show…they dragging same sequence till the serial end….Plze sir finish this serial….update new serial on this time..

    3. So more of Mithali, her MIL, Indu daasi on Mondays then..

  23. Don’t really understand this serie. What point are there trying to prove, pls restore his memory back.

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