Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi telling everyone that he will not let Pragya go from his life. Aaliya says she will not let her stay in home as she is not of our status and is big drama queen. He says she is his wife. She says he divorced her already. He says he did not divorce her at all as divorce papers did not reach court at all. She asks where are the papers then. He brings papers and burns them in havan. He asks Aaliya now she cannot say that Pragya does not have right to stay in this house. He says he was proud to call her as his sister, but now he is ashamed of her. He says she always tried to prove Pragya wrong and he wants her to apologize Pragya. Daasi says Abhi is telling right. Aaliya says why will she apologize her when she and her sister ruined her life and is characterless. Daasi says she is characterless to insult another woman. Pragya says she is characterless and will not let Pragya stay in this house. Abhi drags her to her room while she still yells that she will throw Pragya out. Tanu silently flees from the spot.

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Akash comes to Rachna’s room (she is pregnant since the serial started and chronologically may 1-2 years). He says he made a mistake and wants to apologize he and correct his mistake.

Abhi tries to stop Aaliya, but she is adamant and says she wants to kick out Pragya at any cost and tries to run. Abhi slaps her. She is shocked. He asks why is she doing all this. She is not her brother who used to love her more than his life, but he slapped her when he was desperate to send Pragya out of their lives and did not want to see her face, but today he took her side and slapped her. She asks if he developed feelings for her. He says he did not develop any feelings and says their plan was to send her out and not ruin her life. He says she forced him to marry Pragya and he agreed, but now she is trying to ruin her life, with this he will fall in Daadi’s eyes which he cannot tolerate. Abhi asks her to stop her madness and change her decision. Aaliya says she will kick out Pagya at any cost.

Daasi says Pragya that all is well, that ends well and says nobody can take Abhi from you and says she is sad that she has to go through all this and if Daadi would have been awake, she would have felt proud of Abhi that he took her side. She apologizes Sarla for the trouble made by her family. Bulbul hugs Sarla and cries emotionally.

Tanu and Mitali think they escaped today somehow and Mitali thinks Abhi would have known we are also involved, he would have kicked us from house. Tanu asks what is she telling. Mitali says he would have kicked her out but not Tanu. Tanu says he would have kicked her out of his life and says we have to be careful from hereon.

Aaliya continues her yelling that she will destroy Pragya and will kick her out of his life. He asks what will she gain with it and says she has to realize that Purab loves Bulbul and will not marry her, there are many other good guys whom she can marry. She says whoever comes in between her and Purab, he/she is her enemy. Abhi says Daadi will not let Purab become damad of this house and if she will harm daadi also if she protests. She says even if Daadi or he comes in between, she will not spare them. He is shocked to hear that. He thanks her for telling what they mean to her and she has grown so big to take her own life’s decision. He says she and Daadi are his life’s inspiration and he worked very had to give her lavishness of life and Daadi took care of her like a mother, problem is in their pampering that they let her do anything she likes, he says her Aaliya has gone blind that only she can see love for Purab, thanks for showing his place in her life.

Precap: Aaliya says Abhi she will not trouble Pragya from hereon but wants him to get her married to Purab.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. if abhi does not like pragya yet. he doe snot send aliya out of the house. he doe snot suspect Tanu . Then is it the same thing over and over again.

  2. Good episode, however I think the antagonists in all these serials get away too cheap, we all understand good triumphs over evil, but good has far worse during the course than evil. Viewers tend to brcome weary of this cleched concept, maybe the writers should now and then show a more aggresive approach towards thel antagonists.

  3. I think this serial will follow the same boring track of evil triumphing over good over and over again!!! Good prevails in one episode and the evil in 20++++ episodes and so on! I don’t like Abhi! Even now after all the evil his sister does, he is still humiliating Pragya and saying he does not have any feelings for her, that he is doing all this for his dearest dadi’s sake! Dumb writers can’t you put more punch in Abhi’s character? Come on stop this rubbish!

  4. how come Abhi still does not get it that his sister is crazy ?

  5. Abhi and Pragya not divorced- yay!!! 😀 I hate serials where the main character marries 5 times before she settles down for good- with all this, ‘mere kumkum bhage se jora hai’ stuff going on, I have a feeling we Abhi x Pragya fans don’t have to worry about them being separated. I’m excited to see the chemistry between these two after all this and waiting for the day Abhi realises he loves Pragya the most- even maybe more than Dadi! 🙂 (But of course, we all love Dadi so I hope she gets better soon from her coma rather than die like Usman Shaieb did in Beintehaa)

  6. I think that Abhi deserves a good lesson before he realises he loves Pragya more than anything more than Dadi herself. Maybe Dadi should die after all! Sarla to insist that Pragya has a break from the Mehra family where almost everyone hates her….. And then Mr Abhi will realise what a gem Pragya is…and how much he misses and loves her!

  7. purab will only marry aliya…END

    1. That alia Doesn’t deserve him…..purab is only of bulbul.

  8. I think this is a chance again for pragay to stand up and not be the punching bag. she should get out of the house. thank Abhi and just get out of that house.

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