Kumkum Bhagya 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Pragya. She tells Beeji that she will come home to take care of Sarla. Beeji says, I will take care of Sarla well. This is not good for you to think about Sarla now. Abhi explained everything to Sarla that all is well between you both. She asks her to concentrate on her house. Pragya says but…Beeji says, Sarla will go to her sasural and you will go to yours. She goes to get discharge slip with Purvi. Akash speaks to someone and talks about 10 Lakhs rupees. His mom asks him to give 5000 Rs. Akash asks, if Bhai comes to know about it. His mom asks him to give. Mitali thinks Mummy got the money. I shall ask Raj to try. She pats her feet on Akash’s feet. Akash says, it is mine. Mitali says sorry. Raj leaves. Mitali asks money from her mum in law. She refuses to give money and asks her to get money from Raj or her mum. ‘

Purab tells Bulbul that he knows Aaliya well. He says, this Aaliya would have killed you. What’s wrong with you. She can’t change. Bulbul says, she overreacted as her marriage is broken. Purab says, she is not normal girl. She is crazy. She wants to marry me as she can’t accept defeat. Bulbul says, it doesn’t mean that we shall do anything wrong. Purab says, once we get married, Aaliya will forget me. Bulbul pleads him to drop her home. Purab says ok.

Beeji brings Sarla home. Sarla sits down on the sofa. Beeji tells Sarla that we shall thank God. She praises Abhi and tells that Abhi called the doctor. Sarla looks on emotionally. Beeji says, Pragya is very lucky. Abhi hugged and consoled her. Purvi smiles. Beeji says, you likes news which will make you tensed.

Purvi says, I saw Dadi crying for the first time for you. Beeji says, I don’t cry, it seems my eyes number have increased. Sarla says, I know how much you loves and cares for me. Beeji asks her not to be happy as she will rule her. She asks Janki to make Khichdi for Sarla. She wipes her tears. Sarla is teary eyed.

Abhi comes home and knocks on Aaliya’s door. He asks her to open the door. Aaliya says, I am fine and needs to be alone. Abhi recalls Dadi’s words and gets thinking. Pragya recalls Abhi’s concern for Sarla and gets emotional. She recalls Sarla’s words and looks at Abhi’s awards. Dadi recalls Abhi’s words that he can’t live with her. She recalls Abhi hugging Pragya and thanks the God.

Pragya is in her room. Something falls on the floor. Abhi asks her not to touch it. Abhi warns her not to touch his belongings. Abhi asks her not to take Dadi’s name. Pragya says I thought. Abhi asks, what did you think that this room will be yours. He asks her not to touch any of his belongings else he will break her belongings. He asks, are you deaf? He asks her to take her stuff outside his room. He throws her clothes out of the cupboard.

Pragya asks, what are you doing? Abhi says, I hate you and your face. You are a lier, your sister and that Purab. This is my helplessness to bear you. He says, I don’t want to see you. I will make sure that you feel my hatred. I will give you so much pain that you will forget every feeling. He says, you are no one for me. He says, I would have killed you. You took advantage of my goodness but now you will see my evil side. Pragya nods. He asks her to leave. Pragya is teary eyed. Abhi goes to bathroom angrily. Pragya goes out. Abhi is happy and sleeps on the bed. Janki cleans Sarla’s feet and asks her not to do any work. Sarla tells Beeji that she will gain weight. Beeji says, I will give leave to Janki so that you works. Janki says, I don’t need leave. I will stay here. Beeji says, I was just checking that she left her tension. Purvi brings her medicines. Bulbul comes and sees her from far. Purvi looks at her and goes to see. Bulbul hides.

Purvi informs Sarla that she saw Bulbul. Sarla gets angry and says no one will take Bulbul’s name in this house. Purvi says ok. Bulbul cries and is leaving. She collides with Suresh. Suresh is shocked. He tells her that he is not coming to her house as he don’t want Sarla to take stress. He tells her to take care of Sarla as second attack is serious. He asks her to keep her happy. Bulbul looks at him. Suresh leaves. She thinks she didn’t think about her mother even for once.

Pragya ison the terrace and recalls Abhi’s words. She wipes her tears and rests to sleep. She thinks why she got this world.

Dadi asks Pragya, how you will go? Pragya says, I will go by auto. Dadi says, Abhi will drop you. Abhi says, he has a meeting with a producer. Dadi asks him to drop Pragya first and then go to a meeting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wtf is abhi alliya and tanu puppet wat an ass, this show will flop as ek mutthi asmaan y pragya is not getting any happiness, and if bulbul marry sure sh the show should just end cus seems love don’t win or exists in India smh….

  2. abhi is becoming arrogant &stupid day by day. Don’t he have brains? r commonsense 2 realise TRUth and PRagya…….RUbishness

    1. He is a complete Asshole. He cannot THINK for himself.

  3. abhi is becoming arrogant & stupid day by day. Don’t he have brains? r commonsense 2 realise TRUth and PRagya…….RUbishness

  4. Abhi, Iz Too Much Selfish.. Why Didnt He Understand About Pragya’s Truth??? Its Being Irritate Yaar… Plz We Want Abhigya Together…

  5. thats why I ve reduce to jus readin….they have no intention of changin tis track soon same shit different days and like it gettin worst

    1. You are correct. This show needs NEW writers I have NEVER seen the same story line go on for Months and Months. I don’t even want to watch it anymore. I wll NOT watch untl they CHANGE this story line. This is not entertainment …it is BORING and STUPID.

  6. Very boring

  7. What exactly are we supposed to learn from this story for Godsake? Whoever the writers of this story are, they must not have respect for viewers to think that we will accept this story line. Are they for real with this line of thinking. Why is Abhi acting like a jackass who refused to see the reality of life. He is not doing right by Pragya and Bulbul and is busy blaming Purab without giving his friend a chance to explain his side of the story. Abhi needs to see his Sisters reality and he needs to act like a real man and believe me if you go ahead with this stupid line of story nobody will watch your show anymore. Frankly Balaji telefilms needs to hire new writers as the ones they have now have twisted minds.

    1. You are correct and the show is LOSING viewers! This is POOR management. The story line needs to turn around quickly before ALL the audience loses interest in watching this show.

  8. Abhi is an a–
    Him and Tanu deserves each other . Pages needs to walk out and let him drown in his hatred.

  9. If Aliya ends up married to Purab then people like her in the society will think they can get away with acting like that in real life. Aliya should learn a lesson that she cannot scheme her way into anybody’s life and the same goes for greedy Tanu who should have been driven out of that house. And pls change Pragyas wardrobe, she looks terrible for a superstars wife.

  10. This is a good sow for portraying how fame doesn’t help anyone become mature or even decent, and also how attachment to peope especially relatives can make you really blind.

  11. I think Abhi is fuming with anger because now there is no excuse to end his marriage. He needs to have a major breakdown and accept his mistakes and realize that he is truly in love with Pragya. Next Purab needs to speak to Sarla and make her understand his sacrifice and love for Bulbul. Dadi needs to put Aliyah and Tanu in their place. Aliyah is a shameless and disrespectful woman. Come on writers bring these changes so this show doesn’t end up like Ek Mutti Aasmaan.

  12. I agree storyline getting boring. Needs a shake up in Abhi/Pragya’s relationship as I thought they are the main cast???? Stop diverting the story too much BORING

  13. This show is getting worse and worse at by day.

  14. Please change the storyline, it’s horrible to watch this serial.

  15. Bakwas chalvyla yaaar chnge kara jara,,,, prem krnaryana ektr aana,,, bulbul n purab la… Not d bulbul and Suresh… Sheeeee.. Bulbul n Suresh nt happened…

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