Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi’s suicide attempt shocks Pragya

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The Episode starts with Rhea telling her friends that Prachi is suspended from the college. The news spread in the college. Prachi cries. Rhea smiles. Shahana asks why are you crying? The classmates tells about the food poisoning and calls them murderer and risking people’s lives. They say you both shall be suspended and walk near them. Prachi asks them to stop and runs. Shahana scolds the classmates and asks did you see her mixing something in food. She says you guys are murderer to kill her dreams, but someone will hold her hand and prove that she is innocent and you people are guilty. Abhi is talking on phone. Meera says you didn’t inform me before going so I was looking for you. Abhi says I didn’t inform you before going so why I will inform you now. Meera says sorry. Mitali sees them and thinks something is cooking for sure. Prachi comes home and goes straight to her room. Pragya asks who is there? Prachi cries and recalls Principal’s words. She recalls Principal and classmates’ words that she is a murderer. She says I am not a murderer and searches for the medicine box. She takes out the sleeping pills and says I am not a murderer. Shahana comes home and asks Pragya if Prachi came? Pragya asks where is she? Shahana says everyone was accusing Prachi in college and called her murderer. She says I thought she came home. Pragya looks at the door and understands she is inside. She peeps inside the room through the other door and asks her not to do anything wrong. Prachi looks at the tablets and is about to eat it, when Pragya pushes the door, gets inside and throws the medicine. Prachi hugs her and cries. Pragya asks why do you care for them and says didn’t you think what will happen to me if you end your life. She says you will end my life by ending your life. She asks who is my brave child? Prachi says I..and cries. Pragya asks her not to accept defeat from anyone. Prachi says sorry and says I am suspended from college, and says Principal said that Mr. Mehra called and asked him to suspend me. Pragya says I will talk to Mr. Mehra and says because of him, my daughter is suspended. Prachi says no. Pragya leaves. Sarita behen and Shahana feel bad.

Abhi talks to Principal and comes to know that he suspended Prachi on his instructions and will make the suspension permanent. Abhi asks you said this. Principal says Rhea. Abhi is shocked and says I will come there. He thinks Rhea did wrong and crossed all limits. You have to apologize for this. He comes to his car and bends down to pick the keys. Pragya comes there and walks inside the Mehra mansion. Abhi sees her from backside and doesn’t recognize her.

Rhea is sitting with her friends and they tell her that they taunt Prachi and Shahana and started hooting circling them. She says everyone insulted them and says we organized it and you was not there. Rhea says I just love myself very much and I gave this happiness to myself. Shaina asks what she is saying? Rhea says I told Principal that Dad want him to suspend Prachi and he did what he was supposed to do, and says she was there when everyone was humiliating Prachi. Shaina says you was attending the lecture then. Rhea says I was very upset and says Ranbir has a class and can’t sit with behenji. She says she was feeling jealous and says he just likes me and shall talk to me. She says I just couldn’t control. Shaina says Rhea is feeling anger seeing Ranbir with some girl and says your heart is developing feelings for him. Rhea asks excuse me, and says you guys think he likes me and asks how do you know about that. Shaina says they heard. Pragya comes inside Mehra Mansion and calls Mr. Mehra. Meera comes there and asks what happened? Pragya says he accused my daughter and got her suspended from college. Mitali is coming down hearing song on head phone and doesn’t see Pragya. Pragya goes to Mr. Mehra’s home. Mitali asks Meera what happened? Meera asks her to talk to Prachi’s mum and says she is very angry. Mitali asks Meera to talk to her and says she came here to fight with Abhi, and says when a daughter’s mother comes to fight then it is very difficult to handle.

Meera comes to Pragya. Pragya says he is not in the room. Meera says many people got ill in the party. Pragya says they must have get well, but what if my daughter died. Meera is shocked. Pragya says I made that food and asks if someone asked me about it. She says Mr. Mehra got my daughter suspended and says how can she see her daughter dying. She asks did you have any kid? Meera says she lost her daughter before she was born and she couldn’t take her in her hands. She says when I came here, Rhea was month’s old. She says I can understand and would have reacted the same way. Pragya says sorry and says Rhea is lucky to have you. If you think of Rhea as your daughter, then Rhea might regard you as her mother. She asks her to tell where is Mr. Mehra. Meera says may be in office. Pragya goes.

Abhi comes to college and asks if someone saw Rhea. The students ask him for a selfie. Abhi says fast. Abhi asks Dimpy if she saw Rhea and says she got Prachi suspended using my name? Dimpy says she didn’t see Rhea and thinks it is good that Principal went home. Rhea asks Shaina why she thinks Ranbir likes her. Her friend tells that she thinks he likes her. Dimpy comes to Rhea and tells that her dad came to college and went to meet Principal. Rhea gets worried and says he is changed because of Prachi.

Precap: Abhi and Pragya are stuck somewhere in the building. They see each other as the bamboos fall down. Abhi smiles seeing her. Pragya gets emotional seeing him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. “Rhea will have to apologize for this”. Really? Apologize? How about jail? How about being sued into extreme poverty? How about being horse whipped and then starved to death with her dear aunt Aliyah. Ekta aunty is bringing on her teachings again. The successful Indian woman is a criminal of the most satanic quality. The Indian woman hurts others. Always. For her pleasure and sense of well being. The Indian woman is a powerhouse of lies, corruption and the mind of a five year old, badly abused child. Don’t be fooled by the sweet, servile behaviour. It’s a cover. Once you trust the Indian woman then she’ll go after your money, your material possessions and she’ll ruin your life by insuring that you suffer in every direction. The Indian woman needs entertainment. Daily, she imposes suffering on unwitting victims. Good, honest, Indian women? They are an endangered species. Ekta and her greedy friends are nearly finished their hunt for the day.

    Thank-you for the lesson, today, Ekta Aunty. Your mind, I see remains incredibly circular in nature, still. In the rest of the world that is known as ‘Stuck in Stupidity’. This is not a sign of intelligence or creativity. This is a sign of a sham ‘personality’, drunk on greed and power. I know your parents are publicly proud of your ‘achievements’. (Increasing bank account by selling vulgar hate) Yet, I suspect that in their secret hearts they are also ashamed of the piece of crap that they loosed onto Indian society. They still look like their humans, after all. Botoxed to hell, but human still, somehow. Or is every family member a hate-mongerer? This show is an ‘interesting’ way for India to ‘promote’ itself on the world stage. “Hate Unlimited” “Twist of Hate” Satanism Bhagya.

    And the fans? So excited that abhigya have looked at each other that they will forget the hate which has been imprinted into their psyche.

    1. Amal

      Akituster I totally agree with you and I’m enjoying your rant each day ??????? I don’t blame you though cos these writers got on everyone’s last nerve. I’m silent reader and I always laugh reading your comment regarding in this shite.

    2. Thx Amal, but that means your imagination also sees things in this production. Please do share!

    3. I don’t know where u belong from, but ur English becomes quite tricky some times and it’s like wasting my time into understanding ur comments??????

    4. I’m from Canada. I speak Canadian english with a healthy dose of British English/schooling. My grammar is poor, I think, as I missed that schooling. I’ve enjoyed learning about Hinglish and the various types of pidgin english that I have found here. I tend to employ or use a dictionary. People that I work or play with tell me that I have a slightly academic/literary style. But I do understand, RV, when you write in Hindi, I sometimes go through your words 3/4 times before I understand. I like learning and always hope that I am not missing a joke or innuendos. Thank-you for writing in English, as I do enjoy your comments.

    5. Please don’t waste your time! Perhaps consider not reading them. I appreciate you commenting in English but have no way to define ‘tricky’ so have no way to respond.

  2. Ekta Aunty’s Full Moon Lesson of the month, summarized.
    If the Indian woman is beautiful, she is either really stupid (Pragya/Preeta) or she is a baby-eating hate filled greedy satanist (Sherlyn, Tuna-fish).
    If an Indian woman is ugly and rich (Aliyah, mini-Aliyah) she is definitely a baby-eating, hate filled, greedy satanist.
    All Indian men are rather stupid and easy controlled and thoroughly ineffective.
    Welcome to Ekta’s World!!

    There is no blo*dy story to be able to comment.

    1. Should have said ‘straight’/heterosexual Indian men. All Gay men of course are good, intelligent and creative and support all life. Oh wait a minute? Don’t Ekta’s gay friends buy babies as well? Well, I guess that is supporting ‘life’, of some kind. No need, for decent straight women/men any more. They can be all turned into victims/slaves so that Ekta can have more money and (she wishes) that nobody will notice her weight problems.

  3. And just think! All those people that get a paycheque from Ekta? Well, they are all on board with this!
    It’s not just their job, because “It’s so hard to find a job”. They are each a part of this message to India and the world. Without their agreement, this message would not be alive. Why not? Ekta buys awards for herself and gives purchased awards to her close ‘obedient’ friends. India, please, get over your colonial hangover, get rid of the hell-beasts, in your midst and become human again. Kaliyug cannot be used as a justification for one’s own bad and wrong behaviour. If you think that, then you failed the lesson that Hinduism, offers. Ekta Aunty is preparing the masses of India to be used and abused by the whole world. Of course a few will get rich as India positions itself to take over China’s role. The majority population will not get rich. Mother India, sold out by a cheap, shameless Ekta Kapoor and her political sisters and brothers. ‘Alleged’ Murderers don’t change because they are elected to High Office. They just bide their time, until it is safe for them to murder again.

  4. Again the same old hate-love moments but it was like pragya will meet an accident after meeting abhi ,in that building how will accident happen. What the hell they were doing in that building. Always smiling emotionally ,recalling moments that’s what ekta always does heaven knows how this is still topping the trp chart. It just looks like SOTY2 Sometimes with no story, just dream clgs . If teachers r also gonna behave like media reporters then worse can be expected from reporters. Pragya comes to mehra mansion and she does not recognize the house,she didn’t even tried to find out Rhea father’s name …how can anyone sleep by behaving like this. I know she is junior alia but man??she is pragya’s daughter, till now not even a single trait of her mother is shown In her. Alia and Rhea both look like sisters OMG!!!!!!! Bloody hell??

    The way u r behaving abhi I hope that u have done it long ago so that ur daughter could not have blamed prachi for all this. If he is stopping her why she is connecting 4 dots @one place ….she hasn’t met any parent I guess for her it’s like alia as a parent?????

  5. Hello Candiva 007 Aryan suppose to be Alliya and Purabs Son and to set the record straight Disha packed her stuff and left that Dimwit Purab because he always flirting with that Witchipoo Aliyah and she felt as if he did not like her anymore. Disha did the right thing she took her son Sunny and as we would say DUST IT; now what I cannot comprehend is how fast he got married to aliah and jumped into the sack with her and alliahs hormones were already raging so one shot and band the produced Aryan; as you would see though both purab and aliyar cannot stand each other only when they are in the Sack lol

  6. I think some how purab slept with aliya while still married with disha that’s why she left, I use to love the love story between abhi and pragya but after granny died and abhi literally threw pragya out of his life after what he assumed was all her fault and her then returning and him acting like she left out of her own will as if he never said all the things he had said like she should just have accepted that he said it out if anger therefore she should have forgiven him acting, is utterly ridiculous then she still forgives him and tries again only to be thrown out like aaa dog again all because again it was her fault kiara “died” like he had no part in it really writers really ??unbelievable. I was happy not seeing tanu again but I was wrong she was replaced by aliya’s younger sister?? I hope kiara comes back soon because right now I’m not evens watching online only reading updates and that too not every day to be honest I’m disappointed

  7. ekta trick to get our attention that abigya are goin to meet .. this week it is all going to be the daughters again .. i tolf you.. CRAP¬!!!!!!!!

  8. Rhea is looking older than pragya also and r that much revelling clothes allowed in colleges..

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