Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya argues with Inspector to defend Prachi

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The Episode starts with Ranbir and Abhi seeing Vikram convincing Inspector. Ranbir says I am like my mum. Inspector asks Constable to free Mr. Mehra. Abhi says I will not go until I free Prachi. Prachi asks him to go. Vikram tells him that he is needed to talk to the lawyer. Abhi says if we are going now. Vikram says yes. Abhi asks Prachi not to cry and says I will come soon to get you freed. Pragya and Shahana are coming there. Inspector asks Abhi to sign and leave. While Pragya is filling some info, Abhi leaves from there. Pragya comes to Prachi. Prachi says I didn’t do anything. Pragya asks where is Mr. Mehra? Prachi says he went to meet Lawyer with Ranbir’s Papa. Vikram says how dare that Inspector to arrest me. Abhi asks him to stop the car and goes inside the police station. Pragya doesn’t

see him. Vikram asks him to keep his anger in control until Prachi is freed.

Nishant is stealing CCTV footage. Watchman comes there and says you have stolen the CCTV footage and says he is honest with the work. He then calls his nephew and says it is our plan. He says where is the pendrive and asks him to go.

Purab cries thinking about Disha. Kuch toh hai plays…..He imagines Disha coming to him and says sorry. Disha wipes his tears and kisses on his forehead. Ward boy comes and asks him to move from the way. Purab gets up and looks at Disha from the window of the door.

Pragya says I am Prachi’s mum. Inspector asks what shall I do? Pragya says you arrested her for drugs’ charges. Inspector says your daughter is arrested on the charges of having drugs. Pragya asks do you have warrant to arrest her. She says how can you arrest her in night. Inspector says I wouldn’t have arrested if her father had not done the drama. Shahana says he is talking about Mr. Mehra. Pragya says he is not her father and asks if he knows what the drugs is? He says I know it kills the person and later his family. Pragya looks on.

Purab prays to God to save Disha and says first he lost Bulbul and don’t want to lose Disha. He asks God to save her. Nurse comes and says Maa’m gained consciousness and want to meet you. She says Aaliya Maa’m wants to meet you. She says you are crying and says I never saw a husband crying for his wife.

Pragya says you are taking this case personally. Pragya says my daughter is away from the limelight of the world. She tells her that Prachi is innocent. Inspector says she went to party to sell the drugs. Pragya says if she wanted then she would have sold it in her college. Inspector says how she got admission in a big college. Pragya says she got scholarship and is a good student. She asks Inspector where is the drugs. He says he sent it for test. Pragya says it’s not yet tested. She asks did you check the CCTV footage. Inspector says it was not needed. Pragya says it is needed and asks him to get it. He says he can’t go today and will go in the morning. Pragya says she will bring it. Inspector says if you go then it will not be accepted and says he will go in the morning to get CCTV footage.

Purab comes to meet Aaliya and asks how is she? Nurse says she is fine. Aaliya tries to get up. Nurse says he was crying thinking something will happen to you. Aaliya asks him not to go. He says I will bring chair. She says I was talking about myself, don’t leave me alone. She says sorry for trying to commit suicide. She says she was scared with the fear of losing him and says if you leave me then I will die. Purab asks her not to cry. Aaliya says I will not cry if you don’t leave me.

Lawyer watches news about Abhi getting angry on the media and might be involved too. Abhi calls Lawyer. Lawyer says he was in the meeting and not at home. Abhi, Vikram and Ranbir come there. Lawyer makes excuses and says he was going out now. Abhi says you have fought our cases till now. Lawyer says I can’t fight this case and was not picking the call as I know you will feel bad if I refuse. Abhi asks why you don’t want to fight. Lawyer says the case is very strong and it is open and shut case, if he takes the case then his name will be ruined. He asks Abhi to stay away from the case. Abhi says you are saying this without fighting the case. Lawyer says he has experienced and says this girl will drown you altogether. He says this girl is very clever and says I had fought a case recently and says I will tell you about that. Abhi says that girl is good and I am enough to get her freed.

Precap: Pragya is crying in her house. Abhi comes there and is about to keep his hand on her shoulder.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode
    pragya is the real charm of this show and she always prove it
    prachi soon will keep things to simple
    hopefully abhi sort his issues out quickly
    we want the same swag of our srithi jha as she has given us in past times make her wear suits too she looks very beautiful in open hair and her patiala suits and change her glasses to crystall ones # love ekta love srithi as pragya
    hasan good work boss !!!!

  2. Again there will be a missing to see……
    Simply dragging the story
    And making more uninterested
    I dont what’s going on in directors brain

    1. Purab is a woman he has no spine or backbone.if alliya wants to kill she self let her .why so much care for her .he such an arse.worse father.expose alliya.but the bigger arse is ekta kapoor

      1. Sandy…. purab cares so much for criminal allia because he has his ass in his head and head in his ass.. just like his best friend abhi the drama queen… ekta likes male character who are dumb like a rock, have ass in the head and drama queens….. 🙂

  3. does anyone know where’s sunny?!!
    <how did purab end up marrying aliya?

  4. So Shahana doesn’t even look up once although Abhi/Vikram /Ranbir are less than 4 feet away. Even though Shahana has been characterized as never missing anything going on. No one heard Abhi speaking to mini-Pragya. Right, that makes sense. The drugs are clearly in the writer’s rooms. All the while ‘Sita/Ram’ plays, supposedly providing tension or excitement for the viewers. Or should be excited that Ekta Kapoor is telling us that pretty much EVERYBODY is corrupt, like the security guard at the Mehra Mansion. So, any good person in India is either dead or pointless because they are poor. And any good person who, like Pragya who thankfully has been away from the criminals, is turned into a slave… like Purab. Aliyah continues to ‘act’. It’s better than her last performance, but right at the end of the scene it appears that she nearly makes it but is cut off by the editing, so we don’t see her real face only her reel performance. We know mini-Pragya will be safe. They need her to replace Pragya. I guess this means we are going to be looking at that horrible little reality show star, again. I wonder if they will put sleeves on her to hide that children’s tattoo. Too bad the actress wasn’t smart enough to make it a temporary tattoo. Some people’s taste will remain as the taste they had when they were five years old. You have to wonder if as a child this actress was one of those little girls who is constantly lifting up her skirts on the playground, you know, just for fun.

  5. Leisa, regarding yesterdays question. I agree as I saw that as well. I put it down to the usual reason. The writers don’t worry about an actual story. We don’t know how Purab was tricked and likely will never know. Perhaps Disha initiated a divorce. Look at how many times Abhi and Pragya were ‘married’ and we don’t know if there was actually a divorce. Pragya should have been a rich woman, not the sister Aliyah. I wonder if Purab has actually ever ‘slept’ with Aliyah, beyond the first time she tricked him. We have been teased that Aryan is not actually Aliyah’s child. Disha is at least Purab’s love from his heart. He was originally written to be intelligent but now he is just a slave. He only does what will please Abhi… like ‘marrying’ his psychopath sister. And I wonder… Aliyah would have been happy with a ‘deal’ marriage like her best friend in crime, the tuna fish. We’ll likely never know. Ekta Kapoor obviously doesn’t respect the institution of marriage. Why would you, if you knew your real-life parent was cheating all the time? So, we are left wondering how it is possible that a slave (Purab) was convinced to marry the resident psychopath.
    The writers don’t care. They are not chastised for bad work, much less lose their jobs. And for Ekta… if it’s dressed up and shiny, it must be good quality even when what is inside is all horsesh*t, or really, ; ) a whore’s sh*t. Let’s face it, Ekta Kapoor’s mind appears to reside in a gutter, or is THE gutter. She is at the bottom of the writer’s bad work. She likes creating excitement, tension, despair, anger… It would appear that she thinks of people in the same way that the tuna-fish thought of people. Things to use. I wish that Johar fellow would ‘placate’ Ekta Kapoor. We might end up with better shows. *when I use the term ‘whore’ I am not referring to s*x workers who are victimized. I am referring to characters like the tuna-fish and aliyah. (both reflections of the personality of Ekta Kapoor) These one’s are the real criminals, whore’s in the world and should be treated with disgust. At least that ‘Sherlinbaby’ from KdB has a tiny bit of grace. Tuna-fish/Aliyah have not shown any grace whatsoever… just like Ekta Kapoor.

    1. Dp u know akia shabir as been ade the main lead can you see diff between his and prachi acting its the first tien i regret to see father fans daughter relationship its exactly like lovers scene can’t even dishes and can’t even see bis scene with that prachi .Everyone started saying that he is going to forget what role he is doing and wil be again butchers dhe ti this mudgha who is trying act if u see their scene do u even see their eye contact and conversation as father and daughter could even see that mo na .

      1. I so agree with you Ishu! You can tell that the actress is trying to show emotion, no doubt. It’s the combination of their ages as well as the fact that I have never seen a daughter give such longing looks to her father unless their was something inappropriate going on. She does a better job of acting than her screen ‘sister’ who comes across as a child who is overwhelmed with all the attention. (She has only 2 expressions) Wonder what she will be like when she finally realizes that the attention is not for her but for the ACTORS of KKB. It is sick that Abhi allows a girl to gaze at him adoringly without comment. this is just as inappropriate as it was with Kiara. In both cases he does not know the parents and is carrying on intimate relationships with somebody else’s daughters. And he does not have the balls or the brains to have his tacky, criminal daughter in a juvenile detention facility. Or in jail. What can you do? Ekta Kapoor wants this actor (Abhi… a talented strong male) to be belittled, useless and really stupid. It would appear that in Ekta’s mind all straight men are useless weaklings easily subjugated and she thinks that by changing names, it makes her a genius. Hoo boy! What a… lost soul. I had a better word but not in front of normal society. Really, all we are watching is a dance by Ekta Kapoor and the sick, deranged dance invokes curiosity because of it’s unacceptability.

    2. Aki just tell me or give me any suggestions ti get rid of this serial i had never fell for any other serial like this mentally enru though if I had loved and watched it .If my loved serials starts showing disgraced track i won’t watch it i will stop.either but this serial i couldn’t get rid of it can j suggest any one way for me

      1. Take pen and paper and as you are watching, write down the moments (what’s happening) when you feel a ‘pull’ or a reaction in your body, when you feel disturbed. The pull happens more for most people in their heart or their stomach. Everyone is different. Some people feel a ‘tug’ in their calf… just watch the show and learn how to ‘watch’/feel/be aware of your body at the same time. If you don’t feel anything in your body, don’t worry. Just write down those moments when you feel something. If you do this for a few days, you’ll begin to notice things (pulls) in your body. Then contact me privately. This takes 3-5 steps depending on the person.


    So Ekta continues to show her characteristics using Mini Priyanka Chopra and Aliya! She shows millions of women pain and rebellion as she is.. She couldn’t bare when the person she loved was gay (Karen Johar) so she decided to show all her men characters as DOGS! AND WOMEN AS SUPERIOR AND REBELLIOUS, OVERPOWERING! She wants what she wants! Anyways, soon Rhea is going take one more step to the future Aliya.. I don’t even care about when Abhi and Pragya meet because something again will happen.. Memory loss.. parellised lets not even talk about it ( You GUYS KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

    1. And the viewers keep watching. Especially women are accepting this because the emotions created/triggered by the show attach to something inside them. But in this show there is never resolution. People actually get addicted to the high level of tension/excitement. Stories are meant to offer an opportunity to grow, to find ‘more’, to resolve. But this ‘scratched record’* is well, annoying. So are viewers now addicted to the annoyance because it’s easier to feel this for this show rather than the annoyances in life. Which most believe, are impossible to change
      *Vinyl Records if scratched would play a bit of music, have a horrible scratch noise and jump back to the beginning, over and over. They were garbage, once scratched.

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