Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Aaliya and Abhi have an argument

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The Episode starts with Abhi taking Pragya to room. Waiter brings first aid box and asks shall I call doctor. Pragya says it is just sprain. Abhi asks if you are fine then why you couldn’t walk. He asks her to show her leg. Pragya shows her sprained leg. He applies medicine to her and says once doctor comes, I will be relieved that you are fine. Pragya says when you love me so much then why you fight. Abhi says we shall not talk about it, as if we talk then we will fight. Pragya says we will not fight on festival day. Abhi asks her to say that she will not fight with him. He compliments her beauty.

Shahana asks Prachi to take out Hoshiarpur from her mind and see this. Prachi refuses. Ranbir tells Aryan that Vikram was trying to know who is the girl trying to impress a girl. He says if I tell him that he will tell and he will be rejected by Prachi. He says Papa asked if the guy wants to marry her or want to make her just girl friend. He says I was not sure then, but now I am sure and says your brother will marry Prachi only. He admires Prachi and looks at her. tu pehla pehla pyaar hai mera plays……

He says your Bhabhi is looking good and asks him to imagine him with Prachi. Aryan says I have imagined you marrying Prachi. He asks him to take seven rounds around lohri fire. Ranbir says it is not a joke. They see a guy Tushar going to Prachi. Tushar apologizes to Prachi for taking bad about her. Ranbir picks something fallen down. Prachi asks him not to say anything against any girl. She keeps hand on his shoulder. Ranbir asks Prachi to see what happened to his hand. Prachi asks Shahana to see his hand. Ranbir says it is fine now. He asks Tushar to go and meet his girlfriends. Rhea calls Maya and asks her to go ahead and make her proud. Tushar says he had a breakup with his girlfriend and tells that the other girl Sandhya is his cousin. Maya comes there. Ranbir asks do we know each other. He says I think we met you before.

Abhi asks Pragya about his treatment. Aaliya comes there. He gets a call and goes. Aaliya asks Pragya if she thinks she can return back to home, tells that she can just come to hotel room and not home. Pragya says I can see that you didn’t change even in 20 years. She says you are saying as if I am a random girl who danced with him and came here. She says I am helpless not to return, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to come. Aaliya asks did he tell you that your daughter whom we brought up, hates you. Pragya says you are lying. Aaliya says she hates you so much that if you come back home then she will leave the house. She says did you ever think why Bhai is not bringing you home, to your daughter, there might be a reason. She says reason is that your daughter hates you. Pragya cries. Aaliya says this is the truth. Pragya says I don’t want to listen to you.

Ranbir talks to Maya and tells that I think I know you and asks if she is Eshaan’s ex girlfriend. Maya says yes and says good bye. Ranbir says we have started just now. Maya says she means to say good boy. Prachi gets upset and tells that he is flirting with the girl.
Aryan messages Ranbir that Prachi is jealous, it is a good sign. Maya messages Rhea and says she needs the tablet for him. Ranbir thinks to make her jealous and gets friendly with Maya. Rhea goes to get the tablet.

Ranbir says your lines on the palm, says your destiny can be good if hot and cute guy keeps hand on your shoulder. He keeps hand on her shoulder. Prachi says she couldn’t bear as she hates mannerless people, says how can anyone flirt infront of everyone. Shahana says let him do, let him do what he is. Prachi says she is burning in jealousy. Maya asks first you held my hand and kept hand on my shoulder, why? Ranbir asks shall I tell you the truth. Prachi says Vikram sir is coming. Vikram comes to Ranbir and asks him to impress the girl and if he wants to marry the girl then convince her mum. Ranbir says why didn’t you tell me before. Vikram says I am sure that you are the one and asks who is his Rajkumar’s Rajkumari and says he will find out. Ranbir comes to maya and says your dad is right, you shall impress the mother and also the girl.She says I can help you and asks him to do as she says.

Abhi comes back and looks for Pragya. He asks Aaliya about Pragya and tells that when he returned, Pragya was gone. He asks what did you say? Aaliya says she asked me about her daughter and I asked her to stay far from her. Abhi asks her to stay away from them. Aaliya says if Pragya wants to disturb Rhea’s life then I will not bear. Abhi says she is Rhea’s mum. Aaliya says when she left Rhea, she has lost all her rights. Abhi asks do you know what you are saying? Aaliya asks Rhea doesn’t want to meet her. She says try to understand, your and Pragya’s matter is a different thing, but Rhea don’t want to meet her mother, I will not let this happen. Abhi says if I let this happen then? Aaliya asks him to ask Rhea’s wish. She says how you will make her meet Pragya. Abhi asks her to stay away from this matter. She says I swear I will be involved as far as Rhea is concerned. Abhi says you will go against me. Aaliya says yes. He asks her to be in his limits. Aaliya says I am in my limits and in my life. Abhi says your family is Aryan and Purab and asks her to take care of them first. Aaliya says tell Rhea not to call me Buji and tells that you have never accepted me and asks him not to judge her. Abhi says I will not let you do mistakes. Rhea says you can’t say like that to my Buji and says she is like my mother. Abhi says I was trying to tell her, to let you meet your mother. Rhea says she don’t want to meet her and goes. Aaliya asks how you will make them meet.

Precap: Pragya cries sitting behind the table. Abhi comes near her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Who needed to be thrown out is given the status of mother who couldn’t even become a woman ND the person who needed to be treated with most respect ND love is given the status of outsider ???????tit for tat…abhi threw tanu out but unfortunately that dumbo was never an actual threat but alia was ???????what was the role of Meera when buji is like a mother figure..why repentance now…when pragya was leaving then Mr. Mehra , u didn’t think from mind but said what she said…u didn’t understand her motherly love for Kiara..but now slowly ND very slowly alia will be out ND Meera as new villain ?????????????????how ekta runs this show at such a slow pace…hwta the hell we r watching ND what’s the summary..if someone is gonna ask me about it what I should say… ignore him or slap him????how a daughter can argue with Father… really!!!! I’m too scared of my dad ND can’t even argue with my mum

    1. Yes literally I agree with you on this one and I also like the show but I don’t like the way of it

  2. Lydia Kathomi

    Abhi get your family back before it’s too late or destroyed by your heartless sister ?….I wish I could tell Rhea that Prachi’s mum is hers too..wht they do when they realize they are sisters …

  3. strangely Abhishekh and Pragya whenever they meet they seem to be lost in silly love rather than inquiring about the two monsters twin Prachi and Rhea
    well explained to Pragya by Aliya
    Abhishekh Mehra deserves those answers from Rhea about her mother

  4. Verma4

    Why does Rhea looks like godzilla and what a buji feckin sl*t Aliyah . can please update Rhea’s wardrobe. and Rhea, this will backfire big time. Abhi about time you grow some balls and it’s good you have buji Aaliya back in her feckin place .

    1. great bhai i agree with you???

  5. Aliya nailed it today as to put Pragya on her place she should not have left Rhea to t raised by Mehra’s be it even Abhi
    well done Rhea loved what you told your dad you don’t want Mom back in your life

    1. 2 be fair she didn’t have much of a choice since abhi told her 2 leave and frankly I don’t blame her 4 not wanting 2 return 2 that house

  6. Director please send Prachi And Ranbir to Office

  7. I think it’s time Abhi to bring Pragya home & Purab to leave Aaliya & go to live with Disha. When will Sunny & Kiara make came back at the show I think this is the time for them to be back

  8. Marie Raphael

    For once Alia told the truth and set Pragya straight. I guess she was living in an imaginary world where she expect her daughter to welcome her with open arms.

    1. Verma4

      Wasn’t it Abhi that told her to leave ??

  9. Bharat Haldar

    Nice episode kumkum Bhageya

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