Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Tanu tries to take Nikhil’s help to enquire about the report

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dasi asking Mitali to come for applying mehendi. Mitali says she doesn’t want to apply on her hands. Dadi says Indu will not agree. Mitali refuses still. Dadi asks her to get mehendi applied. Neha comes there with Disha. Dasi compliments her lovingly. Purab comes to Disha. Disha asks him to leave her hand as everyone is watching. Purab kisses on her forehead. Disha asks are you drunk? Purab says he is daring romantic. Disha asks what happened to you? Purab says love and asks do you love me? Disha says ofcourse. Purab asks her to kiss him. Disha says she is not shameless to kiss him publicly. Purab says he has learnt romance from Abhi. Disha goes seeing pragya. Purab thinks he will trouble her more and smiles. Disha takes Shagun’s mehendi from Chachi for Neha. Abhi thinks if pragya didn’t come. Tanu collides with Abhi and falls. He holds her and asks her to stand straight. She doesn’t. He makes her stand right and goes. Tanu thinks to do something to make him realize that she loves him more than Pragya and will never leave him, and thinks think it as my madness or love, I will get you. Purab comes and welcomes King’s family. Pragya thinks where is he? Abhi thinks he gets same feeling whenever he sees Pragya and thinks she shall be arrested and put in my heart jail.

Tai ji asks Mitali to apply mehendi. Mitali looks on. Dasi asks about King. Pragya says he went for some important work and will come there. King thinks he never thought of any relation with Pragya, but now wants to have relation with her. He thinks why I am feeling that I can’t lose her, and thinks Pragya don’t like any guy and I don’t like any girl so we shall marry. He thinks to talk to Pragya about their marriage. Purab talks to the doctor and tells that it is bungalow no. 9. Disha says jiju will get what he wants after the report comes. Tanu hears them. Purab tells Disha that he will thank Dr. Anjali. Disha asks him to praise her a bit. They start romance. Tanu thinks of Disha’s words and think they want to bring Pragya here and thinks what is this report about? She thinks to take someone’s help to find out. Dadi asks Mitali and Chachi to dance. Chachi refuses. Mitali says she also don’t want to dance. Dadi says nobody will refuse till shagun is done. Purab and Disha are dancing along with the other couples. Abhi covers his head with the red chunari and comes near Pragya. He tries to get close to her. Pragya asks about him.

Disha comes and understands Abhi is in the chunari. Pragya says she didn’t see him. Disha says he is behind you. Pragya turns, but he is gone. She looks for him while meeting the guests. Song plays… Purab asks Abhi to take her to side else he will repent. Abhi comes to Pragya and greets the guests. He silently takes Pragya with him. Tanu comes to the room and calls Nikhil. Nikhil rejects her call. Tanu calls him again. Nikhil closes his ears and says stop calling me Tanu. He tells himself that his phone is not ringing. Tanu thinks pick up my phone…Nikhil. Nikhil recalls Tanu slapping him when they met last and thinks she must need my help or have some bad news. He asks himself not to become emotional fool by being emotional. He thinks he will not pick her call. He thinks last time when I picked her call, I had to kill John and then she asked me to get underground and I had to kidnap Kiara and my life became mess. Pragya is surprised and asks Abhi..you. Abhi asks then who will be here, if not me and says you have returned in my life, but you don’t know. Allah Wariyan plays….

Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and asks her to tell if she is going to get mehendi applied on her hands. Pragya says no. Abhi tries to tell her about his marriage truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Well, Tuna fish sure makes herself clear about her position! Reminding herself that Pragya ‘left’ Abhi. Abhi, Tuna and Aliyah need to be locked in a box with the key thrown away. They are all at the same speed of DUMB. Disha and Purab should be locked in the same room as the box that contains the first three. These people escaped the lessons of boundaries and require boundaries made specifically for them. Look at that! Tuna is not in a box, so with the boundaries of a thief she is eavesdropping again. The actress did a realistic job on this scene. Was that because there was no actual speech involved? Abhi plays a game on Pragya with a laser light. A game usually employed by little boys/girls at the of 5-8 years old range. The actor does a good job of portraying a 6-7 yr old boy. Oh wow. Tuna fish calls Nikhil. And Nikhil puts his fingers in his ears and sings “La, La La…Tuna stop calling me” just like a 5 year old child would do. You’ve got to be kidding me! I think I actually see the energy of this actor’s resentment at finding himself in a such a situation. Of course, he’s acting and that very well could be my projection of bewildered disgust at the situation… a children’s breakfast show?? Pragya attempts to clarify the situation for Abhi. ‘What, you want to marry me again and then sneak out and be with Tuna?’ That’s paraphrased. My Hindi is wanting. Today’s episode was like a bunch of precaps tossed into some scenes where small children were playing. The actors maintain their self-respect, because no one seems to know any better. eeeew!

  2. Viji… and Kalika just in case you didn’t know that I replied yesterday.

    Hey Viji, Thank-you so much for the link! Also hello Kalika! Well, that is just terrifying for the sake of humanity. The article simply confirms what is being laid out in many countries according to the country’s needs. In America they continue to train the population into war and aggression. They need soldiers. In India, they train the population to remain at or in a emotional victim state. Forever a child, with no opportunity to grow up or even the knowledge that there are more possibilities available. India needs productive obedient slaves. Ekta’s ‘creativity’ is perfect in order to keep a slave population where they are. Ekta’s desire to provide more content is laughable. Perhaps she should have an energetic viewer give her a report on what her soul is trying to accomplish in this lifetime. Clearly, her astrologer is not doing his job. Also, Viji, sometime around 12or 1am Mumbai time the ‘office’ seems to close until 6,7 or 8am Mumbai time. So if you post during those hours the post will not show up until morning Mumbai time. I know, it makes communication stall but your post will get through! Lastly, if we are having this conversation, then believe me, there are many others who are also thinking and feeling this way. Change will occur.

    1. I feel change is coming too, on a large scale… The US deliberately dumbed down their population to make them more compliant to their subtle brainwashing… they didn’t expect cheeto Mussolini would end up at the helm. The US is going to sink itself and China is waiting in the wings, they’ve already started buying off most of Africa due to the grossly corrupt politicians on our continent. We often talk about how difficult it is for people to move from brainwashing that has been applied through generations in my social circles… More people are starting to awake from the comfort of ignorance… change is coming.

      About today’s written update (I don’t watch the show, I will never give them the views) still at the same point they were in a few months ago. Going around in the same circles…. If I were the producers this would be the point in the show where a meteorite strikes Mehra mansion and the serial ends… The plot holes and loops, the lack of character depth…. Pragya will always be an idiot after everything she still’ looks’ for Abhi. Now they are doing this whole married but not married nonsense. Abhi married Tanu but he didn’t marry her… I am so glad Madhurima Tuli left this role, she is a great actress this role would just drain her soul. In the early stages of the show Aaliya was supposed to have married Suresh…. whatever happened to Suresh, did he die? anyway for some reason they needed to drag out her obsession with Purab so they had a reason for Abhi to continually abuse Pragya… there actually isn’t a serial I can name running on Indian TV that doesn’t have a long suffering heroine.

      1. Sounds like we are hearing or listen to the same chords, Kalika. Did you have a chance to check out the article link that Viji left? Miss Ekta said something that sort of gave away where they are in the timeline. Just as individuals are meeting themselves, their deeper selves, so are ‘they’ responding in kind. And of course you have an idea of how they will end. Every step of awakening (gawd, that word is over used and misused) is greeted with an equal or more intensified response. I am glad to hear that the conversation in Africa is beginning. Imho I see North america having been led down many paths of distraction all teaching that they are truth. Huh! And many of th false teachings are imported from India. (?India’s revenge for the British Raj who still has power in India) And India? The popularity of this quality of entertainment (i.e. abuse, corruption etc.) suggests that one can only hope. From poverty and great turmoil one may come out stronger, clearer. Most succumb to a new costume, remaining in the same very organised trap. tee hee like this show. New costumes, ever more childish claptrap scripts. It’s been interesting watching the acting crew embrace facial sculpting in a such a dedicated manner. After a holiday, it seems. Rather sad. Clearly thought to be necessary in order to continue the facade of ‘beauty’.
        I think Aliyah marrying Suresh was more about a joke than a serious part of the plot. I understand that Suresh was simply ‘forgotten’ as so many viewers disliked him. And Pragya’s abuse and Abhi wanting her back? Right at the leap, when Abhi and Tuna were celebrating their anniversary by exchanging gifts, Abhi had clearly stated that Pragya had been a mistake and Tuna was the best choice that Abhi could have made. That’s why I say that Abhi is playing power/ego games. ‘Having’ Pragya is only about power, not love. Soon as he knew she was around, just days later, well Abhi couldn’t have her, so no one else will either. Now that he knows that Kiara is Pragya’s child, well, that’s the perfect excuse to hurt Pragya. She just produced another family member for the Mehra’s to destroy while they harass and then fully destroy Pragya’s life. And if they lop off King’s head then they will just add it to their collection of her relatives heads…BulBul, Punit, Purvi, Sarla Ma…who recovered. I wonder if they would include Dadi, who often said that she loved Pragya more than anyone else..

      2. p.s. Abhi has never needed an excuse to abuse Pragya. He just does it. She continues to provide herself, constantly, to be abused. What a f*&^ing graceful behaviour to promote and normalize.

  3. ……….pfft

  4. do they actually get paid for writing recycled stories in the same serial ??? Oh sorry, not writing, but digging up pages of old scripts from the same serial.. I’m in the wrong career.

    1. You would get fired wouldn’t you? I too, fail to understand. I think they are preparing to shut it down.

  5. recap recap and delays. haaaaa boring

    1. first there was Tango’s “…..pfft” which was a big laugh. And now I am thinking that Zo, you repeat your words, put them to music, add a bunch of regular oooh’s, aaaahs and uh, uh uh , and you will have a hit song m’dear!

      1. yes….the more repetitive, the more popular the song….lol

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