Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Daadi asking Aaliya why did she call her down. Aaliya says she wants to celebrate her best friend’s birthday here today. Daasi asks who bestfriend. Daadi says Tanu and permits. Aaliya asks Pragya if she can celebrate Tanu’s birthday. Pragya also permits.

Pragya sees Bulbul angry on Tanu and asks her to calm down as it is Tanu’s birthday today. Bulbul says Tanu tore Abhi’s blazer and she herself accepted it and told she will separate her and Abhi and remarry him. Pragya says she will teach Tanu a lesson. Bulbul says she has to promise that if she does not teach Tanu a lesson, she will have to do what she says. Pragya promises.

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Aaliya (the witch) gets green tea for Tanu (the puppet). Tanu sadly asks why is she giving her green tea on her birthday. Aaliya asks her wait til the party tonight. Tanu says she will create such a situation in front of Abhi that he himself will happily marry her and divorce Pragya. She says she will leave now as she has to get ready and make Abhi get mesmerized seeing her beauty. Aaliya says anyways Abhi looks only at her.

Daasi looks at Pragya and says Pragya is so pretty that Abhi will be mad behind her. Abhi comes there. Daadi asks Abhi to go with Pragya out. Abhi says Pragya that she has done magic on Daadi that she always talks about her. Tanu comes there wearing a beautiful blue gown. Abhi starts looking at her. Daasi and Daadi get irked seeing her. Daasi asks Daadi if it is Tanu’s birthday or fashion show. Abhi imagines receiving Tanu and trying to hug her, but Pragya stopping her and asking her not to think about it. Tanu acts as feeling sad. Aaliya sks Abhi to go and receive Tanu as she is sad. Abhi looks at Daadi. Aaliya requests Daadi and she permits. Abhi happily goes to receive Tanu.

Abhi wishes happy birthday to Tanu, holds her hand and takes her to the cake venue. Aaliya hugs her, wishes happy birthday and asks to come and cut cake. Bulbul steps on her gown from behind. Tanu try to walk forcefully. Bulbul steps up and Tanu runs and falls on cake smearing her face. Everyone start laughing. Daasi jokes that she would have ordered vanilla as her face would not have become black. Daadi asks her not to joke. Abhi asks to cut cake and wishes happy birthday. Bulbul says it is not her happy birthday and says so sad. Daasi jokes with Tanu if she does not wash her face right now, kids will get afraid seeing her chudail face. Tanu gets irked and leaves with Abhi following her. Daasi and cousin aunt laugh.

Abhi follows Tanu and asks her why did she wear this long gown and made a joke out of herself. Tanu asks him to help clean her face. He cleans it with tissue and continues laughing. She asks him to shut up and yells at him. Abhi gets angry and says he spent 3.5 hours to select earrings for her and arranged cake in his house, but she is arrogant, asks her to go to hell and walks out angrily. Daasi and cousin daadi hear their conversation and laugh.

Robin cleans Tanu’s face. She with her eyes closed thinks it is Abhi and asks where will he take her. Aaliya comes there and asks Robin to walk out. Tanu opens her eyes and starts yelling that she should not have worn long gown. Aaliya says Bulbul made her fall down and says she is very intelligent like Pragya and foresees situations well.

Bulbul asks Pragya to relax as Tanu has lost her promise. She suggests to go and propose Abhi today to complete her next challenge.

Precap: Pragya asks Abhi if he has any problem. He angrily says yes and says she is her biggest problem.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. lol nthng interesting.

  2. Oh nothing romantic ah for abhi and pragya……

  3. Same old BS……

  4. Bulbul go my girl…I love you!! Tanu deserved it.hope to see this fiery Bulbul when she comes to know about alia too and fight for Purab..Rabul rocks!!!!

  5. Wanted some cute scenes between Purab and Bulbul….but got only tanu alia in the whole episode….

  6. show something interesting rather than this tanu’s boring episode… Rabul romance is quite exciting & 100 times better than other things in kkb…

    1. Ohhh this is so holy true……you spoke my heart dude it’s good to see someone is as crazy about them as me!!! Hi5 Rabul<3<3<3<3 love them…

  7. Howcome only alia got to see that Bulbul has stepped on Tanu’s gown??? Chudaiil ki teekhi nazren!hope her plans against Bulbul backfires

  8. Cvs plz spare us tanu ki itna screen space de rahe ho show dekhna mann nehi ho raha. She is so irritating. Couples ki scene bhi dia karo hum sirf unke liye show dekhte hain. Rabul and abhigya awesome foursome.

  9. 2 din se no Rabul scenes..hmm why I am watching this show? Monday ko Rabul scene chahiye matlab chahiye.otherwise go to hell kkb.

  10. Are Yaar…………. show ko toda sa to interesting banado 🙁

  11. Seriously…whats with the overdose of taliyah and tanu, kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai woh main leads hain…By the way…aliyah saw that it was BB who stamped on the dress…Kuch to bara plan karegi ab engagment ke liye…BB life is gonna be in big danger again as they are planning to kill her…
    I hope next week rabul scene mile…

  12. These shows are getting crazier day by day.

  13. Today, I actually liked the ep… It was a light one and one where Abhi proves to us that he actually sees good in Pragya. Do you think he keeps getting pissed at her because he’s confused about what he actually feels for her? Also, I want Pragya to lose this new challenge given to her by Bulbul. Abhi should be the one ‘proposing’ (they haven’t really used that word right- in English, you would say ‘confessing’ rather than ‘proposing’)

    1. No pragya has to win the challenge otherwise rabul’ s engagement will be at halt….

      Also after once pragya wins the challenge purab and bulbul can concentrate on themselves and start with their own story.

      1. I don’t know about you but Bulbul is annoying me quite a bit recently. She’s always giving conditions to marrying Purab. That’s not fair on Purab (or herself) who are already in a delicate situation. If she continues to put all these conditions on these weddings, I absolutely won’t be surprised if Purab himself calls off the wedding- I mean, he’s already been through so much, at least give him some peace!!!

      2. @annoyed I agree with you just in bits….yes it’s time for Bulbul to stop keeping her relationship with Purab at such a peak point always.she has to understand that if purab is away from her only it nowhere helps in abhigya’s relationship rather being together only they can help them too. And as Purab is concerned thats nowhere going to be possible that he himself calls of the wedding…I mean we know they both have gone through a lot much but purab’ s love for bulbul is the most unconditional one…he understands her well and somewhere he loves her for her family values also…which makes Bulbul distict from aliya…

        Ya it’s high time for Rabul to leave abhigya on their own bhagya and concentrate on themselves too…..as yes they are truly in a very delicate situation…..

        Still fingers and toes crossed for RaBul wedding……even if this happens I’ll be delighted to the core!!!

        True RaBul fan…love these two….

    2. I’m not really a Rabul fan but I truly wish these two get together! Thanks for your input sukriti 😀

  14. Make d show interesting yaar

  15. This show needs new writers and all the characters so stupid what was the use of Abi finding the truth yet he is the same person

  16. I always come here with hopes ki aaj koi acchha Purab and Bulbul ka scene milega and main episode dekhungi…..but no it always dissapoints!!! Sigh…

  17. Yeh tanu ko ghar nahi hai kya hamesha
    abhi ke ghar me padi rahte hai !?
    Hope abhi will know about tanu n alias true faces!!!!!
    But vo abhi kabhi nahi dekhegaaaaaa!!!!!

  18. Naveed Munavar

    I think abhi should accept pragya as his wife from his heart….& should propose her

  19. aliya and tanu I hate dem abhi has sum anger issues

  20. Purab and Bulbul plz get married first and solve other problems later on…plz!!

  21. I used to watch this serial regularly but now it has become so monotonous without any story and characters are playing so stupid.Show really requires new writers…

  22. Tanupriya jha

    Wants only avigya scenes and if all dis rubbish will be seen going to stop watching it

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