Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea tries to impress everyone

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The Episode starts with Prachi telling Ranbir that she has taken this room as she knows that if someone snatches your rights, then you shall snatch your right back. Ranbir says I don’t have time to talk, I am already late. He says early morning, your and mine. Prachi asks him to stop and says you can’t use my washroom. Ranbir says you can’t stop me from using my washroom and tells that this is not a company and my room. He gives proofs that this is his room and shows the photo frame, shoes and clothes in the cupboard. He says this watch, perfume etc are all mine. He says this room was decorated for the suhaag raat whose marriage had happened. He then asks her to let him take bath here. Prachi says ok, I will use washroom first. She says she gets ready by this time. Ranbir goes inside the bathroom. Prachi says this is my bathroom, you can’t use it.

Rhea asks Niti to make Poha, scrambled eggs for Ranbir. Pallavi comes there. Rhea asks her to bless her. Pallavi asks her to make Sheera and says nobody can stop me from giving blessings to you. She says we will wait for the sheera. Rhea says I will make best sheera. Pallavi goes. Rhea asks Niti to make sheera and tells that she will increase her salary, and will get the money. Niti tells that it is a saying that if bahu makes the sheera then the marriage prospers. Rhea asks do you still believes in all this. She then thinks of Pandit’s words and tells Niti that she will make sheera.

Prachi push the decoration piece on the bathroom door. Dida comes there and hugs her, saying she has become strong. Prachi gets emotional and says sorry for not talking to her while leaving. Dida says I used to call you, but you didn’t pick my call and then your number was changed. Prachi says badi maa changed it for my betterment. She says I missed you daily. Dida says I used to get hiccups and used to miss you. She says you have returned. Prachi thanks her for supporting her and said the truth that they were married. Dida says I want to make you sit with Ranbir and throw Rhea out. She says I am just elder in age, and not in status. She says I want to help you, but can’t. Prachi says your blessings are enough for me. Dida says you have taken much time to return. Prachi says I thought Ranbir will come and take me, and haven’t known that he will marry my sister. She says if I had known then would have come long back. Dida tells that Rhea had done many dramas and threatened to commit suicide. Prachi says nobody forced him to marry her. Dida says Ranbir was worried for his family and that’s why married her. Prachi says Ranbir knew well that Rhea just acted to suicide and she never would do such a thing. She says ranbir himself wanted to marry Rhea. She says she will never forgive him for this and for raising finger on my character. Dida asks then why did you come here, if you are so angry at him. Ranbir comes there. Dida says I was searching you. Ranbir says I know that you have come to meet Prachi, and asks how did you like to meet her, as she is not the same. Dida says I like meeting her. Ranbir says you are in a misunderstanding. Prachi says you have no right to say. They have an argument. Prachi says you brought her between us. Ranbir says I don’t want to say anything and asks her to decide what she wants. Dida thinks Prachi can’t see him with Rhea. And Ranbir can’t see her hurt, they love each other still. Prachi says she don’t want to talk to him. Ranbir asks Dida to come from there and asks Prachi to take bath with cold water. Prachi takes towel and goes.

Pallavi asks Dida from where she came? Dida says she met Ranbir and he stopped to see the files. Pallavi asks why is she happy? Dida says she is happy as the bahu returned. Pallavi thinks about Rhea and says happiness returned. Rhea touches Dida’s feet. Dida blesses her. Rhea asks her to bless her to stay happily married, have children etc. Dida says I blessed you. Rhea thinks to kick her out before Prachi. She tells Pallavi that she has made sheera. Rhea goes. Pallavi asks Dida to bless her. Dida says I can’t accept her as the bahu, bahu is Prachi for me and my blessings is for her. Pallavi asks did Prachi teach you this? Dida says she will never let the difference vanish between Rhea and her. Pallavi asks are you doing this with your wish.

Ranbir gets ready to go to the office and thinks why did he get angry on himself, and not on her. He thinks he wants her to stay in the house for the reason which is close to his heart. He collides with Prachi and she falls in his arms. Man murade song plays….They recall their moments. Prachi asks him to leave her and asks him not to help her next time. She thanks him and her mangalsutra gets stuck in his suit. Ranbir says sorry and asks can I help you? He frees her mangalsutra. He thinks why can’t I control my emotions. Prachi thinks she shall remember his betrayal and not their moments. Rhea comes there and tells Ranbir that she made sheera for everyone. She tells that the sweetness increases in our relation and taunts Prachi. Ranbir says everyone shall have food together, even if it is a guest. Prachi thanks Ranbir.

Precap: Prachi tells Rhea that Ranbir took her in his embrace, before she had come. Rhea tells Ranbir that Prachi wants to become between them. Ranbir says she wants to trouble you and you are getting troubled. Rhea asks Prachi to leave from this house. Prachi says I will go, but can assume the happiness which you can get after I leave, and I will not let you have any moment of happiness until I am alive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. There we go now reha will be attempt to kill her own sister .
    That too for a man who couldn’t care less if she was naked on the roads selling flowers.
    Does anyone know if the old leads have left the show or are just taking a long break?
    The show feels empty and whole pressure is put into new generation. Ranbir has been butchered because they are missing a dumb male lead in the mercy of evil witches

    1. I don’t know when they’ll return. Don’t know if you guys noticed but the old gen and the new gen can’t both get screen time at the same time so one of them always sits it out for the other one’s story to progress. Like the current track, don’t know if they’ll bring back Abhigya and how.

    2. No they haven’t left the show. I guess they wanted to focus on the new generation because they had their own story and though they aren’t main leads they are quite a popular ship so I think they wanted them to take the limelight for now. They had to get rid of first generation for a little while because they can’t focus on two generations at the same time as they had complete different tracks. I think they’ll be back soon or maybe after this track will end I don’t know. But I do feel too much pressure in going to the new generation- they have to work extremely hard and normally they would focus on two couples but it’s just one at the moment. Though they aren’t main leads but parallel still it’s so much pressure. But they are doing really well though- trp increased and viewers are enjoying the new phase

    3. @Hannah and @Riya thanks for the update.

    4. Given how this focus on pranbir and strong prachi has brought ratings up so much, they will continue to focus on pranbir.

  2. The track of the party that will be this will be a reception arranged by the Kohli family for Ranbir and Rhea in connection with their wedding, and it does not matter that this wedding is illegal, the law is not written to these people, and that Prachi was able to prove that she is Ranbir’s wife, apparently they do not consider Prachi to be a legitimate wife, but believe that it is Rhea who is the legitimate wife and their real bahu. But apparently Prachi will have his party at the same time in the same place. It will be interesting to see what happens. Kohli’s family is against Prachi, it will be interesting who will win anyway. But judging by the presap, Prachi will really leave home, regardless of the results, whether she wins or loses. I don’t understand, now Ranbira, what is he trying to do now? Make Prachi jealous by giving false hope to Rhea or what?

    1. I also have that feeling that Prachi after all this will leave that house so that Ranbir can learn his mistakes and try to win her back since Prachi has never forgotten the fact that she called her characterless and tainted her self respect

    2. mahabubul alam

      but this time prachi will win but maybe she will leave the house after the win.she is deeply hurt that ranbir married rhea

  3. So then Prachi will leave home or not I’m lost??

  4. Prachi vowed she would get revenge and get justice for her and her child. She wouldn’t give up that easily and leave the house. Too much pressure is on to her now imagine being a single woman carrying a child, husband married sister and being all alone.. she’s going through a trauma right now and trying to stay strong. They wouldn’t bring this track for nothing im sure Prachi will do something. I saw the bts she looked upset but remember she’s Prachi 2.0 now and she has another unborn human to worry about. She may create a scene who knows. In my opinion she should bring the NGO again

  5. Such a beautiful scene of them. Their chemistry is insane! 🔥❤️😍🙈

  6. I want prachi to bec… a singer
    It’s 7 years guys aliya tanu should die now but no they are producer 🙇😘😘😘😘🙌

  7. I wish it could like Main Naa Bhoolungi

  8. I wish this show could like Main Naa Bhoolungi

    1. Oh that show was good. I loved the title track of the show. Gave me chills.

  9. I do not think that she will leave now until she has obtained proof of her innocence and the rights of the child.

  10. If I were Prachi, I wouldn’t trust any food that is given to me by Rhea but in this serial, innocent people have a lower IQ level….when it comes to thinking logically or cautiously 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Agreed. The lead becomes over confident in their success. Aliyah and tuna-fish (and Nikhil) quickly struck back, successfully. Rhea? She’s dumb. She always has to ask for help from aliyah or one of her friends to do the actual thinking. Rhea is good at being a lazy bimbo. However Prachi is protecting a secret pregnancy. Let’s hope that the extra ‘momma bear’ energy to protect her unborn child will work well enough to snuff out any ‘limp’ efforts made by Rhea the lazy dumb girl. lol

  11. Though #pranbir break my heart, It still doesnt stop beating for them. Their chemistry😀😍🤯🥵

  12. I hope the Sheera tastes disgusting💩 and makes Palli want to throw up🙊

    1. haha agreed😂

    2. LOL yeah. Rhea doesn’t look like she can even cut her own birthday cake without assistance of house help, let alone cook xD

  13. Kkb trp 2.5 week 49 🤔🙄😍

    1. hmm , sidha 2.1 se 2.5

    2. mahabubul alam

      as long as prachi remains like this and prachi’s dialogues are such savage,trp will increase and trp will further increase when abhigya returns.

    3. People are loving strong prachi and focus on pranbir that’s why.

  14. prachi will Iive after exposing Rhea true colours

  15. mahabubul alam

    how did aliya became so rich again

    1. Maybe Aliya stole Tanu’s money for selling Abhi, or maybe this Gaurav got out of prison after all and Aliya started working with him. Or maybe it’s another fraud, she has fooled someone. Well, why did they bring her back again, there’s already a whole hell hole here, there will be one more viper. In vain everyone rejoiced at the increased trp, it will fall once again with such a plot if there is only negativity.

    2. mahabubul alam

      wait according to further news there is only positivity and positivity..no negative tracks now and i dont think since the trps increase with this positive track the writer would risk showing a negative track after rr marriage too

  16. the twisted mind of eta Kapoor its same twisted story as kum hum its fairy tale guys dont and will not happen in real life one person is always ahead of the game the rest r stupid Indians r not too stupid nah

  17. For those who are positive, it seems to me that the creators generally believe that everything they write and show is all positive and there is nothing abnormal about it, that it’s all within reason, but not for viewers who have to watch it all. But I hope that they will continue the positive note and will not return to the negative, at least not in such quantity. But this series is one continuous drama with elements of fiction.

  18. What about the parents who are rotting in coma ?!!!
    This is weird

  19. They are repeating what happened with pragya ! She did not inform Abhi about Kiara then
    Now Prachi did not tell Ranbir about the pregnancy. I guess they will reconcile & Rhea (as Tanu did B4 ) will harm their child . Prachi will blame Ranbir and they’ll separate. If TRP rises with the track ,then a new season will begin. Then Abhi & pragya will disappear like Sarla and Nana disappeared.

  20. What I don’t understand is , how did Rhea suddenly know cooking ?? She didn’t know it two years back and even after coming to Kohli mansion as Sid’s wife we were told that she still can’t cook , then how did she made a dish like sheera on her own ??

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