Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Prachi receive bravery award from CM

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Disha to give her proof that she has nothing to do with her husband Purab. Disha says she don’t need to give her any proof. Aryan comes there. Aaliya says proof and tells that Aryan is Purab and her son. Aryan says hello aunty and asks if she is fine. Aaliya says ofcourse. Aryan says dad is calling you to cut the cake and asks Disha to come too. Aaliya says she will come. Beeji asks Pallavi why she is so happy. Pallavi says your son gave me a diamond ring and shows to her. Beeji says he gave you this ring to you on karwachauth and it has set also. Pallavi says this is new? Beeji asks her to go and check and says if I am wrong, then my all jewellery is yours. Pallavi says he lied to me, I will not leave him. Beeji asks her to take stick from room. Pallavi says

I will not beat him. Beeji asks her to scare him. She says I will see the pic first and will scare him with my eyes.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi while it is darkness in his room. Song plays…Vikram comes there and asks why you are sitting in dark. He asks him to come out and says cake will cut in sometime. He asks who is she? Ranbir says I will talk to Chief. Vikram asks him to talk to him. Ranbir asks what do you think about love? And asks him not to judge him. Vikram says love is the most beautiful thing which can’t be seen and must be felt in heart. He says I love your mum and can do anything to see happiness in her eyes. He says he can feel pain, but will keep her away from it. Pallavi comes there. Vikram says she missed me and that’s why came here. Ranbir says I have a feeling that mummy is angry. Pallavi calls him cunning and says you had given me this ring on karwachauth and again gifted the same ring. She says she don’t want to talk to him and goes.

Disha thinks of Aaliya’s words that she wants proof from her that she will not snatch Purab from her and thinks of them. Halla song plays…..hritik comes there and says I have been looking for you. He asks her about her tears and says you can share if you want, and says after cake ceremony, there will be award ceremony so you shall be there. Disha asks him to go and says she will come. He is still standing. Disha cries. She turns and asks him to go. Hritik says I am worried about my company. She asks him to come.

Aaliya and Purab stand together to cut the cake. Aryan asks them to cut the cake. Purab looks at Disha. Aaliya cuts the cake with him. CM asks Disha to bring the awards. Aaliya makes Purab have the cake. Aryan announces his parents’ dance performance. Main tera banjawunga plays…..Purab looks at Disha while dancing with Aaliya. He is about to go, but Aryan stops him and says night is still remaining. He dances with them. He takes Prachi for dance. Ranbir takes Rhea. Dil dhadakne do plays…..Arya and Prachi dance together.

CM gives her speech and tells that Abhishek Mehra is with us and Anuradha ji who had saved CM Vasudha and many lives. She says Delhi govt honors them with the bravery award. Abhi says Anuradha ji is not here, but her daughter is here. He calls her. Prachi goes to stage. CM asks Prachi to tell her mum that they are very grateful to her. Prachi thanks her and receives the award with Abhi. Everyone claps for them.

Precap: Vikram tells on phone that he is leaving Pallavi and can’t act to love her anymore. Pragya hears him and calls him cheap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ok srsly wat happened that made disha this upset at purab since it looks like it isn’t aryan then wat could it be btw is aryan rly purab and aaliya’s kid cuz it rly doesn’t look like it at all not 2 mention she barely pays any attention 2 him. It’s funny how ranbir is falling 4 prachi tho

  2. I must say that Rhea should try to go to Hollywood their she will be having all eyes on her. In India, such girls r called either cheap, or vulgar….?????I have also become like that plz help me God….who is pragya to call someone cheap yrrrrr….plz aditi like every second boring female lead I’m hating also because u r so mahaaan that for once perfection also gets fade away…but sadly today’s generation Boyz don’t like such girls I guess…they like badass

    1. Hullo RV! I don’t think it is so much the clothes as it is her attitude and deportment. The dress itself could be beautiful and could give someone a gracious appearance. Someone with such a large mouth, would have been taught how to use that mouth in a more adult-like fashion. The actress is just too ‘thrilled’ about her new found role/attention. It really shows. That makes it possible to question her acting ability. It’s just too easy to see the girl’s real personality/attitudes, through her limited expressions.

  3. Sry sriti*

  4. ok now I’m sure that there’s something fishy going on I feel like Aryan is rly disha and purab’s son and srsly can they hurry up and tell us wat purab did 2 disha since it obviously wasn’t aaliya being pregnant or she wouldn’t have been so surprised

    1. Sunny would have been 6/7 years older than Aryan. he would have already finished college and be working. but this is KKB. In order for the plot to work, we viewers need to check our brains into a brain hotel before touching the tv remote. That is Ekta’s strategy for success. she’s likely under the impression that she has a functioning brain. But does she? After all, we already know that the woman is malevolently heartless.

      1. Wt abt sunny????

  5. Where is sunny?????? Wat happened to him

  6. Maybe she was artificially inseminated and Purab had no clue. Maybe she faked her pregnancy and stole someone else’s baby. Maybe she pulled a Tanu and got pregnant with some else’s baby, got Purab drunk or drugged him and then pretended that she slept with him. I can’t believe that this was a consented encounter by both parties involved. Wait!! I got it… Aliens…she was abducted by aliens and then impregnated. I still think she is like the wicked step mother in Cinderella and has Sunny in a dungeon somewhere or sent him away to a boarding school because of her jealousy. Black heart=black motives. It’s more fun to make up stories then to watch this one. Maybe I have said too much and I am giving the uncreative writers some good ideas……oh no….DARN!!

    1. she probably stole disha’s baby and faked her pregnancy or framed purab and purab believed he did something it has 2 be something like that

    2. You, Alka, Naz, Leisa and many others come up with so many good ideas! After all there is sunny and the baby that Disha was pregnant with… if aliyah pulled her coup d’etat immediately before the twins were born. Disha’s baby would have been weeks or a few months older than the twins. Disha did not look pregnant at all when Pragya left. All Aliyah is limited to is criminality. She definitely tricked Purab and Disha both. that’s where she gets her sense of power. Hurting others. Otherwise she is a big expensive waste of space. Let’s hope that making all life ugly, is not a recognized skill. But there is Ekta, who works hard to make it a recognized skill… a paying skill.
      This productiion team failed when learning about continuity or common sense in film school.

      1. oops. Am I mixing up her pregnancy with sunny and Pragya’s pregnancy with Kiara being simultaneous? Did Disha get pregnant again with a 2nd child?

  7. Which song was played when ranbir was thinking abt prachi?

  8. First visual is of Beauty and the Beast. the beautiful Disha is lectured by the psychopath Beast. Purab remains obedient. He’s good at that. A ‘no balls’ kinda’ boy. (I truly feel sorry for this actor…well most of them. He has shown that he can act, very well but now, is never given an opportunity) Abhi’s new best friend Vikram/wife remind us that all these new characters are creepy greedy manipulative elite criminals. Who the hell cares about Pallavi and her wish for more jewellry? That’s what they are using as a plot -line?
    Then the ‘O’ mouth actress in her furious red ‘glory’ gets to sing, in a minute long flashdance musical. We are flashed Meera’s face for a moment to make sure we don’t forget her. Please… I know I want to forget her! Each time I see her face, I also see Kanchi Kauls’s face, twice. One face on each of Meera’s br*asts. I have no idea why that happens. It is intuitively just weird. (Oh no! I just had a thought/realization!!. I’ll save that for my private conversations with friends from here!) I think that this performance is supposed to be the big Full Moon/Friday highlight of the show, today. Looked more like a battery run device with the batteries failing. Why did they bother? So…. Kiara is not a rockstar and is not coming back. Who knows? I’m not good at future predictions on this show. Too many NON – SENSE time wasting NON- stories. Could someone please inform Ekta Kapoor that real ordinary people are more intelligent than she believes? A few days ago, I saw a video of her in a gargantuan green number. She was (as usual) using her hands to cover up embarrassing ‘leaks’ of flesh coming out of her outfit. Perhaps emerald green wasn’t the best choice in colour if you were trying to hide your hefty weight gain. Especially not shiny emerald green. No wonder the woman truly prefers only photographs of her face, placed at one particular angle, using her hair to frame the look. We know this isn’t pregnancy weight. It’s about fear. We put on weight, when we are dealing with conscious or more likely unconscious fears. I wonder what Ekta is afraid of losing? Did her Illuminati boss warn her that her privileges would be revoked, if she didn’t ‘shape up’? I’m referring to her sick version of creativity, but currently it works well with her lack of health. that’s physical and emotional health.
    If the show would actually get interesting, then I wouldn’t be thinking about Ekta as much or as often. You know, when your washing machine stops working you think a lot about who sold it to you and the maintenance guy who is supposed to be insuring that it works properly. Ekta sure is unhappy and fearful about something in her life! Maybe she has had enough of ‘hanging out’ with the baby for an hour in the morning and the half hour in the evening…. most days when she’s not overly committed elsewhere, That version of ‘motherhood’ sure must be stressful. At least for the poor child.

  9. Dear Jeeny, from yesterday… I really like your comment.

    1. oops, from day before yesterday!

    2. Aki if I say actually I can say u in paragraph first of all I should never say and have rights to involve in any ones life but if I should say I m sorry to God that j m myslef shouldnt indulge I. Any one life sorry god I m really sorry .I had never seen a. Failed model actress like I don’t want to say I think you might understand who she is .many think that coactor and his wife are the reason this failed lady is like this but I won’t accept it because this failed one doesn’t exibiting get talent outside world like star.many are jealous that he I’d getting screen space more than coactor sorry failed model really i say they both aren’t the reson for this lady failing in her career if she really cared about her Carter and life she shoudo moved on ahead step to book her talent even get firnd leena is moving on getting more popularity and opportunity to oorve herself she is just intelligent that she moved on kkb knowing she will be hated ad person one she returns here again .shabir is deserving more fnsd and more support because he is more expsoove outside he is exhibiting many talents he is just outstanding perosnlity like many side multi millinote like that he is very talented he is proving to everyone that he can acheive his heights even without his coactor with him .j feel proud to be his fan he is getting more opportunities outside world now he is getting another one show if u know relaly .I don’t know why I relaly love sriti ad pragya I curse myself for being her fan till now I think she got success into her heads do that after receiving fame and success she has been pushed off herself .mevr seen any lady like this lady totally she is banibed one from industry many have started abusing and blamming her .I have no rights to say this but couldnt really she is the only respdn she is like this relaly I won’t blame anyone for her creer being butchered like this .Dr dony think me wrong that suddenly I m supporting kanchi and shbaz ,but I can’t afford it sriti relaly she s depnedednt on ekfa hat she will give her projects but I don’t believe her .if she is happy with her career getting butchered relaly she can do that get banished form this industry and let her go through her poetry way .

      1. Hullo Jeeny. I’m afraid I have to agree. Shriti’s Jha’s talent is obvious. As is Shabir A. I too have wondered for some time about what Miss Jha could be thinking or planning. Is this a strategy? Is this her being slowly disposed of from the show. Why doesn’t she fight back?
        I do hope her life goes well. I hope that her talent is expressed and she grows in every way with each of her projects. When I ‘feel out’ or observe the whole production, the show, the teasers, the actors travelling and promotions, I understand how the magical Pragya/Abhi have been used by others and fully commoditized. As Hollywood, Bollywood etc. are supposed to be doing! Everything that appears publicly is part of the show, part of the production. It is strategized very effectively. Just from the number of leaps which are justifications to make staff changes etc, I remain curious because the story we are shown is simply a weird puzzle. Why would the producer destroy the goose that lays golden eggs? The show was going international! There was the possibility of expanding the franchise. When something doesn’t make sense, I want to know why and how. I like to observe all information available. Whether, I like the information or not. It is information, nothing more. There is a story here. Possibly, an interesting one, certainly more interesting than the one they are currently broadcasting on tv.

  10. Leisa s morris

    Ok so I’m pretty sure Aryan can’t b Aliyah and purabs son else how else u describe d relationship Aliyah has for d child of d man she committed murder for. She’s more emotionally vested in Rhea who is abhi and pragyas child than her supposed love child with purab. She barely is seen with him and she rarely even talks to him yet she’s pushing him on disha as if he’s d outcome of love her husband has for her. A husband who it seems has never touched her in 20 yrs dat dey’ve been together except for if it’s true dat one time or maybe never at all and he was just led to believe dat. NOW onto d other craps of d show starting with Rhea and her take over plot from Aliyah,how stupid can one be. Then there is prachi….hello who d hell is Anuradha and y r u collecting award on her behalf when ur mother’s name is prayya and yet everyone is addressing her as Anuradha and u say nothing! My God these writers really believe we r dense and hence comes up with such storyline. And praytell what kinda ND of friend is prayya? I’ve just been told ur GD friend someone u consider a sister is in tears and u ain’t even rush of to see and comfort her instead saying u will call which by d way u haven’t as yet even though Sarita has said she is fine and encourages u to go console ur friend SMH. I already know pragyas and abhi will not find out d truth bout their daughters until Ranbir prachi and Rhea love triangle begins so I’m prepared for a whole yr or more of hit and miss

    1. Exactly Leisa and this Ranbir-Prachi-rhea love triangle is exactly is exactly the same which happened between Pragya and Abhi at that Aliya was the manipulator who forced Abhishek into a relationship with Pragya and now it is rhea who is donning her role,,,o God these writers are just going round and round the same way.
      I guess Aaryan is Aliya and Purab’s through artificial insemination??? and Disha just misunderstood the whole situation and broke the relation with him
      Next there are lot of high voltage love dramatic situation where one man is always caught between two women in this serial: Purab-Bulbul-Aliya which became Purab-Disha-Aliya, next Abhi-PRagya-tanu which is soon going to become Abhi-Pragya-Meera and now this Ranbir-Prachi-rhea
      And this Abhi-Pragya never seem to meet each other at all??

    2. Ahbi and pragya will find out that they are both Rhea and Prachi parents when Rhea kills Prachi like Ahlia killed bulbul. That is how sick this writers are. Am so sick of their unrealistic and annoying plots. They have ruined the affection of viewers for ahbi and pragya.

  11. Shesha485

    I don’t know how the guys are watching these kind of shows ? Totally garbage.

    1. No watching but just reading and venting out our f**king frustration???????????

  12. I agree with all comments…and seriously, these writers are really crazy.. How could Prachi receive an award on behalf of anuradha and not point out that her mother’s name is Pragya? ?????…another thing, I’ve never come across women so greedy for jewelry like Pallavi and her sasuma…so disgusting to portray women like this, please don’t highlight this quality writers, we know they exist but you all shouldn’t glorify it…..the serial already sucks, especially when the two leads hitting and missing on meetings…no sight of reconciliation in sight….i believe you all are emotional abusers..

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