Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi throws Prachi out for her betterment

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rhea insisting that Mitali shall taste first. Aaliya takes Rhea with her. Mitali comes there. Purab tells her that Abhi ordered to serve the food to the guests. Prachi wishes Vikram and Pallavi, a happy marriage anniversary. Aaliya takes Rhea to side and asks what did she do? Rhea says she didn’t do anything. Aaliya says you was angry and then you was happy. Rhea tells that she thought that Mitali will handle and tells about adding the poison. Aaliya is shocked and asks what you have done? She calls someone and asks to bring food poisoning medicine. The guests vomit after having food. Ranbir comes to Vikram and tells about the guests vomiting. Dadi’s health deteriorates. Abhi takes her to room. Purab and Vikram asks everyone to stop eating. Aaliya asks Rhea to just wait and

watch and scolds Prachi asking what did she mix in the food and tells that if anything happens to anyone that she will not leave her. Abhi asks what are you saying? Prachi says she didn’t do anything. Aaliya says God knows you have added expired medicines and that’s why they are vomiting. Prachi says they have used everything of good quality and tries to explain to Abhi. Vikram says may be due to Masala expiry. Aaliya says they are not illiterate and says you have used expired products because of that, everyone is vomiting. She says she will call the Police. Prachi asks Abhi to believe her. Abhi gets angry and asks her to just leave. He says I don’t want to call Police and asks her to just leave and never to come back again. He holds her hand and pushes her out. He asks her not to come back. Purab tries to stop Abhi, but in vain. Aaliya smiles looking at Rhea. Rhea also smiles.

Pragya takes Sarita behen to home. Doctor checks her and gives her medicine. Sarita behen asks how much money, did he take? She says you are not my relative to work for me all time, and says I will give money for Doctor’s fees and medicine. Pragya asks her to rest and says resting doesn’t need money. She says she will make electral. Sarita behen says you shall go there. Pragya says Prachi and Shahana will handle and tells that she made the food already.

Dadi is upset with Abhi. Abhi says Dasi is upset with him. Doctor goes. Abhi asks Dadi to talk to him. Dadi says I don’t want to talk to you and asks why did you throw Prachi out of the house. She says if I would have there then I would have not let you do this. Abhi says whatever I have done is for good. Dadi says when you will tell me, when my BP increases. She says Prachi doesn’t know why you kick her out. Prachi is sitting on the bench. Shahana says sir threw us out and says he didn’t listen to you. Prachi says he is not bad person and tells that everyone fell ill eating the food made by us. Shahana asks why are you crying? Prachi says she is feeling bad as she fell down in his eyes and disappointed him. Shahana says he is nothing to you, he is not your father, you are acting as if he is your real father and threw you out. She asks her not to cry and hugs her. She says lets go home. Prachi says lets sit here for sometime and says if Maa sees me like this, then..Shahana asks her to forget Mehra family. Prachi thinks if she will meet Sir again or not and tells that she really likes him.

Abhi thinks Prachi might be feeling bad and thinks Aaliya wants to send her to jail and I don’t want that. He thinks the police officer will arrest Pragya and make a solid case against her. He thinks he needs some time to find out who wants to spoil Prachi’s life. Meera comes there and asks if he had a fight with Dadi and tells that she asked her to take coffee for him. Abhi asks her to sleep. Meera asks him not to think much and sleep. Next day, Meera comes to Abhi’s room with the coffee and thinks where did he go early morning. She sees night coffee on the table and wishes to make good coffee according to his taste. She thinks she knows about two things that she loves Dadi and Rhea. She thinks to go to Sarita ji’s house and learn to make coffee like her.

Pragya wakes up in the morning and asks Sarita behen about her health. Sarita behen asks why did you sleep here even though you have room. Pragya says I slept here to save electricity as kids came late.

Precap: Principal tells Prachi that he don’t want his college name to be publicized badly and suspends her from the college.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow i think Rhea or aaliyah threatened the principal

  2. I must say that i am right about these monotonous serials; just the same old same old storylines tell me how many times will the good people be thrown to their death off a cliff by these producers and then to come back in another Birth come on you writers we are truly fed up and frustrated with your writing of these storylines now look what you did in aapke aajane se my gosh Sahil and Vedica meet their end one again by the evil doer only to reborn we are totally fed up with this nonsense/shit now; now what became of vedu and virat and arya they must be old now; I tell you these storylines are truly nonsensical to the dot and all; please for heavens sake do upgrade these serials they are way too poor and so also is the acting skills of the actors.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Stueps eh….abhi wondering who wants to ruin prachi’s life,b*t*h if u add two and two it will equal rhea. Ur criminal daughter tried to kill prachis mom. In ur own party ur daughters chain was planted on prachi. How much more clues do u need before u realise ur darling daughter is following in her psychotic aunts footstep. Dude every plot smells aliyah. Its about time u take off ur blinders and get with reality u’ve been through these kinda chit before so u should know who’s d culprit. U let a psyshiopat raise ur daughter and expect to get an angel. She needs all het toys taken away and to be grounded immediately.

  4. Hi Naz and Akituster, I am glad you saw my comment and agree with everything; Akituster, Naz knows that I take a break from the forum for a few months and then when I read the comments and get infuriated I just go on the computer and express how I truly fee lol anyway it is good to hear from you all and keep on with your comments cause I will be popping in with my comment now and then. Tell me Naz and Akituster are you not fed up and disappointed in the way these serials are going just one shit after the next imagin even Vedica admitted last night why is it she and Sahil could never be happy as soon as they are happy some evil befalls them so at least they agree with us lol and the writers are not listening to we the viewers at all; the more we express our views the more Shit they throw at us. My advice to them is that they hire more PROFESSIONAL Writers and Producers who know what they are about and not just going to sleep and after dreaming get up and write what they dream lol

    1. Agreed Sapphire I get it. p.s. Im replying to Crystal as well. I think the writers are simply paid and do what they are told. these serials KKB and KB (I can’t speak to the others as I have not watched them) are a wonderful digest of Ekta Aunty’s emotional reflection. This is Ekta Aunty’s ‘brilliant’ personality being exposed through each character. Notice Aliyah still exists. Ekta Aunty as I have written before hires her actors purposefully. She likes destroying creative genius and she loves to laugh at members of the human race where she personally perceives great lack. It is easy to bully through her series or secretly through her company as she did with Arjit, the original Purab. I did watch a bit of KB and had to stop because the stupidity level is too high. KKB has become that way. I’m definitely at the end. I was waiting to see what was going to happen around Kiara and I find I am fast forwarding anything to do with mini-Aliyah, Boy Nothing and mini-Pragya. My curiosity has been pretty much satisfied regarding the pompous Ekta Kapoor who emotionally is a very very little person. She MUST manipulate and bully the lives of others in order to feel whole and important herself. I truly feel sorry for that baby she bought in order for a nanny to have a job. No matter how much money that woman spends on new age solutions, her petty little thinking does not change. She appears to be incapable of becoming responsible for her choices. Daddy’s nepotism and his money allows, this shallow piece of spoiled child-like humanity insures her survival. Nor is she that smart. At all. ‘Her’ best ideas are stolen from others. Crystal, I have watched to see how Sriti Jha performs with a boss like Ekta. Let’s face it, the story is stupid. Pragya especially, Abhi a little, Purab/BulBul and Indu Dasi kept my interest. Currently the actors (new ones) are horrendous. And as has been said before many times, many who comment here, have been doing so to stay in touch with each other. The show is simply the club membership needed in order to have conversation. Thus, I have that email for the friends I have made to get in touch personally! Sorry for ranting Sapphire (but geez, I think that is mostly what I do recently) as I was reacting to Crystal’s comment!…

  5. Why would the “writers” change their scripts when you keep watching the serials? As long as the “writers” have you hooked watching these serials, you are telling the “writers” the serials are fine. Your comments are just entertainment to the “writers”.

    1. Hey Crystal, I pretty much replied to you in the reply that I left for Sapphire. I hope I answered your question through my rant. And I agree that our comments are likely entertainment for writers etc.
      The next question of course is what brings you here? The show or the commentary which has died down since the leaps have progressed and especially since the new actors have taken over following Ekta’s instructions for them to assume the KKB crown which was earned by Abhi/Pragya and the original cast. Many of us think that obvious ploy is simply, plainly disgusting. But it is the reflection of an Ekta Aunty strategy. let someone else do the work and be sure to be positioned (she is) to steal someone else’s glory so that you can control that ‘glory’ all by yourself. And she did it! She gave someone else’s ‘earnings’, ‘glory’ to two wannabe’s and a mis-cast actress. You see, I have a personal/professional interest in understanding this particular flavour of ‘Indian’ women. Hope you reply.

  6. Lorrrdddd….is Abhi a permanent idiot? Right under his nose he has a nasty manipulative daughter, is it really that difficult to not even have a whiff or inkling after all these years that his stink sister could have been a crooked wretch, destroying his life all this time? It’s rightly said that the children parents know in the house isn’t the same children when they are outside the house.. Spare the rod and spoil the child, that’s what Abhi did and that’s the worst way to bring up children.. I don’t know why I’m surprised that Abhi is still such an idiot!! I’d think that when ppl get older, they get wiser but he seems to be more stupid than before.. The only untouched person in the Mehra mansion right now is Mira, I don’t even like this Dadi.. Sigh!!

  7. Dear Writers, Aliyah and her protege mini-Aliyah need to be strung up, drawn and quartered. This medieval punishment fits the medieval crimes that are written. Dressing up the psychopaths in designer clothes and big fat fake lips doesn’t make it o.k. Is it you, writers who are committing the crime? Or is it your boss? Are you so low-standard that you will work for a person like your ‘boss’? Dear Sriti Jha, why in hell’s name are you still working for this mess??

  8. Oh yeah Sapphire, I know your drill by now.. Lol… BTW, AKAJS copied WAS in the reincarnation department just like how Adi and Jhanvi came back from the dead with identical faces..so too did Sadika!! What I’m wondering is where is the entire family from the 1st season? These writers are real jokers… Ohh, I almost forgot, writers are terminated and new ones are brought on every few months or so hence the disjointed storylines we are subjected to…what else can we expect from these ppl?? Hmmmm, so whether we watch or comment here doesn’t mean that the writers think it should be OK with us in writing such crap.. Sometimes I’m here for the social interactions and a good laugh!!

  9. This show is becoming so boring wen r Abhi and Pragya going to meet.That’s the same thing happening in Kundali Bhagya.Prithvi and Sherylyn are continuing to manipulate everyone which is why I cumtyms prefer watching short movies lyk Benteihaa ,Dahleez and Family Secrets from Starlife Africa which get straight to the point.

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