Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Suwarni Dadi asks Abhi to bring Pragya home

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Abhi where is he going? Abhi says it is none of your matter. Suwarni Dadi comes there and asks Abhi if he loves Pragya or not? Abhi recalls asking Pragya not to go out while he is away, but Pragya attends the call which took away Dadi from him. He tells that Pragya has broken his trust. Suwarni Dadi asks him to bring Pragya back and not to hurt himself. Abhi asks her to rest. Suwarni Dadi tells that Pragya belongs to him and she will return. Dasi comes and says I need to talk to you. She takes Suwarni Dadi from there. He recalls breaking relation with Pragya and telling that she has no right to stay with him, and declaring her dead for them. Dasi tells Suwarni Dadi that the woman in the conference can’t be Pragya, as she is not in Delhi. She says she can’t return in this house. Suwarni Dadi is shocked.

Kiara talks to her new dolls and says she is missing cookie. She thinks to call Abhi from Pragya’s phone and asks him to return her cookie. Pragya comes there. Kiara looks at phone in her hand. Pragya asks if Dadi feed you? Kiara says yes. Pragya says she is tired and switches on TV. Reporter tells about the argument between two singers. Kiara mutes the TV and asks Pragya for phone. Pragya looks for the phone. It is fallen down. Kiara sees Abhi on TV and asks Pragya to see doll chor. Pragya picks it up and looks at King on TV. She tells Kiara that doll thief must be there. She gets emotional. She unmutes the TV and hears that King fought with big singer.

Disha tells Suwarni Dadi that Abhi told Pragya that he will keep barsi of their dead relation, and that’s why she left home. Suwarni Dadi says why did Abhi do this and says we shall make them meet. Dasi says she can’t return, as she would have returned by now if she had to come. Dadi says only Pragya can heal his wounds.

Abhi is drinking and thinks of Pragya. Milke bhi song plays…..He hears Pragya calling him Suniye….and looks everywhere. He turns and sees Suwarni Dadi. She asks why you made your condition bad and why you are hurting yourself. Abhi says Dasi…Suwarni dadi says you have hurt yourself and asks why did you stop her. She tells him that Pragya is in the same city and says your story can end as it is alive. She says I have seen her and asks him to go to conference call and show Pragya’s pic there. She asks him to trust her and go. Abhi is hesitant. Suwarni Dadi gives him promise. Abhi leaves.

Pragya calls Tarun and asks if everyone is fine? Tarun says yes and tells that he will bring King home. Pragya thinks thank god, Chachi and Tarun. She thinks to ask her if she needs anything and asks Kiara not to get scared. Kiara gets up, but pretends to sleep. Pragya thinks she is sleeping and goes. Kiara thinks of Abhi’s number to send him message.

King recalls colliding with Abhi in the conference hall and their argument in which King tells Abhi that he can’t snatch anything from him, and Abhi telling that he will get the things which belongs to him. They challenge each other. Abhi tells his name and says those who don’t change, I change their lives by defeating them. Fb ends. King thinks I will give answer for his misbehavior. Tarun sees King driving rashly and thinks to call Pragya, but her call is busy. Kiara calls Abhi, but he leaves his phone in his room. Abhi is in the car and recalls his moments with Pragya. He recalls asking Pragya to leave. He calls her. Pragya hears him and says haan ji. Yaad song plays…She gets teary eyes. Abhi is driving the car still. He recalls Dadi asking him to show pic to security, he says where are you?

Tanu picks the call. Kiara asks her to tell Abhi to return her cookie. Just then Pragya comes and calls her. Tanu hears her voice. She comes to Purab. Disha tells her that Purab will not help her. Tanu says problem is of Abhi, as he is in Police station.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. leisa s morris

    These writers really boggle my mind or maybe i missed someting. How in tarnation kiara knows dat her mother has abhi’s number considering he was a stranger dat she met in an airport in d absence of her mother that she could just take her moms phone and call him up.

    1. rashmika rathnayaka

      excuss me, in the airport when kiara is with abhi he phoned pragya with the help of kiara. so in that case the number was saved in pragya’s mobile .that’s how kiara gets the call

  2. Cathy

    Okay, enough of the near misses, now it’s just getting stupid again.

    1. Your righ

  3. Girls anything can happen in the soap world,they can even make a donkey sing too.So Kiara knowing about Abhi’s number is possible na?After all it’s super woman Ekta and for her anything is possible hey Cathy how are you hun?

  4. Morris u agree with you with the near misses my gosh her pragyas dupatta flew over abhis damn Big head now any normal person will react right away throwing it off but no he had to wait a while turn around in slow motion when pragya is out of sight by now my gosh how stupid could these writers be; if you tell me from day one this whole serial is based on so many misses ; the name of the serial should be MISSES LOL when you think well they will see each other even her voice was a miss lol so tell me the Missing game will prolong for a few months like everything else; weh this is crap/shit; none of these serials are realistic only a lot of childish gamesif you ask me so why not bring it to an and and you know what we are truly fed up of the tanu and alliyah storylines they have lost their taste so time to end the tract and again we are appealing to you writers to stop all the unnecessary killings in the serials; there was no reason to kill tapsi and stop torturing janki so much get her back on her feet and as if that is not enough to had to kill off dadi bring her back too and stop all the elimination if is anyone to be eliminated is the writers and give us more professionl ones so we could enjoy the serials with better storylines.

  5. The only thing that comes to me after reading updates on these zeetv soap is ha ha ha ha ha ha crap crap crap

  6. WORST TV story ever!!! If Pragya finally gets reunited to Abhi, why the leap did??? Then in the script, so much inconsistency at all hahahahahahahahahahaha Kumkum Durbhagya…

    1. yeah very true???

  7. missed this kum kum bhagya

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