Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya accuse each other leading to their separation

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya why did she give money to Nikhil and didn’t tell me. He says last time I lost Dadi because of you, and this time I lost my daughter because of you. He says she is not in this world. Purab tries to stop Abhi. Abhi says I am bearing because of her. Pragya says I am bearing since marriage, you brought Tanu after marriage, I lost my sister and now Kiara. Abhi says mistake is not mine, but of yours, you trusted King more than me. you couldn’t separate him from our live. Pragya says he was never between us, but he was always with Kiara and tells that he gave me money to free money. She says you are accusing a man who was helping without any motive. Abhi says enough and says you will repent. He says King was seeing his advantage and did a deal with Nikhil, and according to the deal, he wanted to take Kiara with him after giving more money. King says Abhi is lying. This is not true. Abhi says you are more cheap than Nikhil and stabbed us at our back. He says kiara used to call you Dada and you did her deal, you wanted to take her to London. He shows the tickets to London, and says Disha told me this, but it was too late. Disha says I heard King talking to Nikhil and telling that he will give more money to him, and then he shall handover him Kiara in airport.

Disha says I thought you will not believe me and that’s why told jiju. Abhi tells Pragya that Nikhil might have left her, but king wouldn’t. Pragya asks King if he was taking revenge on them. King says yes, and tells that he was not responsible for her death. He says he loves her princess and says nobody tells me about her, and tells that he rarely meet her. He tells that she was with him for 7 years and then she left with Abhi. He says I had the feeling of a family with you, and tells that he wanted to propose her for marriage, and brought that mangalsutra. He says Abhishek knows about it. He tells that he loves Kiara and have lost her. He says you still have Abhi and two daughters. Pragya says you still betrayed Kiara. He says everything was going as per plan, Nikhil would have brought Kiara to airport and then you would have come to London. Pragya slaps him and asks him to leave. King leaves from there.

Pragya says mistake is not of Mr. Singh, and says it is of Tanu also. She says if you stay infront of me then I will always think of Kiara, and will think that my daughter is not with me. She says if I don’t forget her then I will die, but I have to live for my daughters. She says Kiara was the reason for our togetherness and was the reason for our separation. She says she can’t live with her daughter’s murderer. Abhi says even I can’t live with my daughter’s murderer. Dadi and Dasi ask them if they have gone mad. Pragya goes to room. Disha goes behind her and asks her not to blame anyone. Pragya recalls Kiara’s death. She picks one of the baby and asks Disha to hold her. she takes another baby in her hand and asks Disha to come with her. Aaliya asks where you are taking the girls. Pragya says I am leaving this house. Dasi asks what is this madness? Abhi asks where are you taking my daughters? Pragya says they are my daughters. Abhi says they will stay with me. Pragya says whatever you have done with Kiara, you have lost rights. Abhi says kids are safe with me. Pragya says I will not trust you.

Abhi says they are safe with me and says whatever you did with Kiara, I will not let anything happen to them. She says everyone knows how much a mother loves her daughters. Abhi says I will give them best upbringing and asks how much money she wants to give her daughters. Pragya says you are valuing their lives and says you couldn’t give money for Kiara’s life and says she will not give her daughters’ custody to him. Abhi says I will fight for the custody. Pragya says court will tell that a mother can give more good upbringing than him. Abhi asks her to shut up. Disha asks them not to fight and calm down. Pragya says I will take my kids with them. Abhi says if she had not given money to Nikhil then Kiara would have been alive. He says she is a murderer. Pragya says you have killed her. Babies start crying. Disha asks them to keep quiet. Pragya says I will go from here and will not show my face to you. Abhi says I will not give my kids. Pragya says I will die, but will not show my face. Abhi says my family die, first Dadi and now Kiara. Disha cries and asks them to take one baby each, and asks them to decide. Dadi asks how can they stay separate. Abhi and Pragya say that they want both babies. Aaliya shouts and asks them to separate with one baby. She says if you both fight then how you will take care of the babies.

Abhi asks Pragya never to return. Pragya says she or her daughter will never return. She leaves the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Leisa s morris

    Ooh yes d never ending separation game. Get together make promises to never let anyone come between dem then separate. Hmmm these zee tv writers r really someting else. A lil bit of happiness and an entire lifetime of pain dats wat these story portray for we mere mortals. Dont bank on happiness cause it is fleeting. So this makes how much leaps now,three? So in all dats wats 27 yrs and 6 mnths apart right?

    1. well well this is like the other story where her mom is in with her two sister. bull shit. and the tuna is swimming in some waters. lol.

    2. you are right, Zo! Can you see the shine and glimmer as she swims? Those are not fish scales only. That’s the new set of diamond jewellery that she just received from the sick and stupid fool, Abhi, to raise ‘his’ daughter ‘properly’.

  2. So finally the big separation and now the leap. The Mehra’s showed their true colours and even Ekta. Don’t know why she can’t make family oriented serials and happy ? serials. All her serials are abusing women to the core and having no family or moral values. So after 5 years what do we get. EVIL ? WINNING. WHATEVER TANU AND ALIYA GOT WHAT THEY WANTED , even though last few days aliya was shown positive. And Abhi guy he is sick to the core don’t know how blo*dy once gain he could blame Pragya for his dadi death f**ker of a man. Any ways I m now done with this serial becos after 20 years now they will focus on the twins and again some good times and evil wil return with some new villains on the show and they become the main leads and the twins will again be sidelined and they again the so called Maha Milan of abhiya, honestly speaking don’t want to see them together again it looks fake now. So bye guys though none of us have met we had created a kind of bond between us and knew each other through our comments. Was nice knowing you. Take care

    1. Oh Alka, I,m going to miss you! I hope you take a peak back soon… I won’t hang in much longer either. I’m just setting up a way to keep in touch and hopefully will share that next Friday. Otherwise, I am very glad to have ‘met’ you and loved sharing conversation with you. Best wishes always.

    2. Hey Aki…. a nice way of keeping in touch would be a whatsapp group…. does this site allow us to post links I wonder…. I pop in every now and again just to discuss the stupidity of this show. I see TiSha are staying on… They must really have awful lives to want to keep this sh*t show going. The sister that Abhi is raising looks so much like Aaliya… anyway it doesn’t matter how many leaps Ekta Daayan does, the show will remain crap.

  3. ???????kya hota rhta hai isss show mein. I thing is for sure that abhi is very egoistic.. Woh abhi bhi nhi bhoola ki uski dadi ki death simonika ki wajah se hui thi. Phir se pragya ko blame kr rha tah mtlb usne kbhi usse dil se accept hi nhi kia..not @all felling bad for king. Yani Monday se almost saari main cast dekjne ko nhi milegi??????oh god purab, disha aur ab toh alia bhi +ve ho gyi hai noooooooooooo?????????abhi itne time mein kuch nhi seekha phir ek baar pragya ko jaaane ko keh dia mtlb saaaaf hai usse ek bacha chahiye tha jiski woh parvarish kr ske. Bacha mil gya pragya get out..yeh kya mtlb hua aaj toh pragya ko ek thapad marna hi chahiye tha zooooor se. Pehle bhi aisa hi kia tha isne aur phir jb prgya ko dekha toh uske aage peeche ghoomne lga usne wapis haasil krne ke liye. Leap ke baad bhi dekhna aisa hi hoga kisi tarah milega aur phir ussse haasil krne ke tarike nikalega.

    Precap- prgya ko face naa dikhane ki baat kr rha tha..hamesha khud saamne aakr usse bhi dharam-sankat mein daal deta hai
    .aut phir aisi baat kr rha hai. Balh jaisi hi story hogi almost saath ho jayenge rhea BOHOT hi spoilt hogi pta nhi usse accept kregi yaa nhi but jb ek ho jayenge. (jo mein dil se chahti hoo na ho kyunki yeh abhi pragya toh kya kisi bhi ldki ko deserve nhi krta..apni beti ko zyada laad-pyaar dekr bigaad dega)

    Phir luv triangle shuru hoga rhea<krishna kaul<prachi. Behno ke beech daraaar maa-baaap dharam sankat mein phir alag bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla???????

  4. When has Abhi EVER stood by Pragya’s side? He always jumps to the lowest and most degrading conclusions of Pragya. That’s hate not love. Abhi should be the one kidnapped and murdered not Kiara.
    Abhi is a spineless jellyfish with no heart. Why are the writers portraying Abhi like a goon?
    Same story in Kundali Bhagya. The Goon always wins and the main stars looks like fools everyday.

  5. Sophia naliaka

    This is going to be worse.

  6. really?? How sad. Now 2 sisters have to live their lives apart from each other. Same depressing serial.

  7. Well friends, Pragya gave King a real slap, not the phony slap she recently gave to Abhi. You had to feel sorry for the actors. Or perhaps they don’t care anymore. The moments of silence here and there were rather telling. We all know that the Tuna Fish, who is the one who caused all this, will soon be meeting with a whole lot of designers to order a bunch of new dresses… and jewellery. If Abhi is a typical example of the wealthy Indian male , well, what does one say?
    He should get a surrogate mother and make as many children as he wants! They are just things anyway, to be owned. And he can easily afford to pay for a baby. He can easily buy as many as he wants! He’s trying to buy babies, already! But it is Disha’s idea to separate twins! And Aliyah agrees! You don’t separate twins. It negatively affects the development of both children. It would appear that wealthy Indians lost their humanity as soon as they became wealthy. Children make good photo ops. Tuna Fish will have an appreciation for that. She’ll have the baby dressed just like her. It would appear that the creator of this mess, Ekta Aunty, requires mental and emotional re-training. But no, because most of the country loves the wretch and the fact that she is wealthy means that she should be worshipped. So many Indians are so proud of India’s growth and development, as they should be. However, this kind of crap, shown internationally does nothing to promote a positive image of India. It simply reinforces all the negative belief’s that you hear in the West, about Indian people. Especially regarding the way women and children are treated and the never-ending greed. Good job, Ekta Aunty. Real, good job! I hope the heavy sarcasm is heard.

    1. I’d like to tape Modi’s eyelids open and force him to watch this sh*t show on repeat until he consumes his own tongue in desperation for the torture to end….

    2. Kalika… I truly appreciate your humour. More than appreciate! my laughter filled the room!…but I have a suspicion that modi would consider it high art. his admirer’s or at least the one’s I know, are so amazed at his ‘progress’ that they refuse to look at who and what is paying for that progress. Generally, they are not interested in knowing because possibly….their personal fortunes are growing as well. (Like their fortunes needed any increase) They are educated. o.k. I know the words whatsap but that is about it. I’ll read… and learn more. I am calling my IT guy tomorrow, to see if he can set up a ‘contact me’, website… so I’ll check back here for a message from you or update my progress in tomorrow’s comments… i.e. mon the 18th comments. I have seen people post addresses here… we both have ourselves posted links to articles here so I don’t see a problem. I am leery of putting up an email address. Again, my knowledge although growing remains very limited when it comes to the WWW. And from what I am learning am very leery about navigating this WWW with such limited knowledge.

  8. OMG .this serie is now working on my nerves.why pragya must always suffer.oh geez men.

    1. Ekta Aunty likes to watch others suffer. It makes her feel powerful. But she doesn’t like this personality trait to be visible. That’s why she likely bought a baby. To convince people that she is human-like.

  9. OMG.kkb begins to work on my nerves.why pragya must always suffer?????pffggggggrrr

  10. These writers make me sick to my stomach. I said it long ago that they are sadistic people full of darkness. They have today put me off India movies. I watch movies to be happy not to be depressed. So am signing off too. Bye all.

  11. More reason to watch this series .. The CVs killed the story .. See pragya in this avatar .. Very little. So disgusted by history .. Evil wins every time .. The story of KUMKUM is no more.

  12. this whole thing is reminding me of Punar Vivah wea the kids wea separated …..man hope the story line will nt be similar…this thing is dragging out like 4 sooooooo long…it aint funny anymore

  13. Punar Vivah all over again….pliz be more original and stop the serie b4 it gets to 3000 episodes.

  14. What is wrong with the producers of this serial, both the lead actor and actress are acting very foolishly, what were are those accusations, why did you have to bring abhi and pragya together so that you kill Kiara and separate them again,then their children will grow separately and we have to watch the boring wrong process of reunion of the girls…it more like what pragya’s mother went through with preeta and shriti….am short of words I don’t know why this serial is like this, the children will grow up, get married and will also be mistreated like pragya….this is sad

  15. Oh great like I said. Is dis what i s really happening in India.Am from Ghana .kumkum bhagya became popular in the last three years where people will always run just to get a glimpse of it because it was shown in our local dialect but now it has lost it flavour. Even if u mention the title kumkum bhagya some people tend to be angry. I think u people from India must speak against it. It is portraying a lot of evilness

    1. Don’t see it my kind request plz help ur contry people not to see it don’t want that nonsense serial instead qe can do other job alos leave kkb here in India many left

  16. This is the second time Abhi has told Pragya she’s responsible for his grandmother’s death. This isn’t something he said in the heat of the moment, this is what is embedded in his heart, if this tragedy didn’t happen, would Pragya have known what Abhi harboured in his mind? In the deepest and darkest crevices of Abhi’s heart, lurks the belief that Pragya is responsible for Dadi’s death…so even now, Tanu’s fingerprints are nowhere near the crime and Pragya has to be accused once again for something she didn’t do. Now he adds Kiara to the list and the volatile exchange of accusations shocked even me too. Pragya’s behavior is understandable, she’s Kiara’s mother, I needn’t elaborate, being a mother says it all. In all of this, Disha’s hands are in this tragedy… She brought back Kiara to Mehra’s house and lured Pragya towards Abhi, she’s THE instrumental reason for Abhi and Pragya’s second marriage vows, she made it her business to unite Abhigya and this is the end result! Does she realize that she’s done more harm than good? To top it off, she added fuel to the fire by letting Abhi know King was going to abscond with Kiara, in hindsight, this would have been the better outcome… Couldn’t she have not said anything to him until Kiara was rescued? All this is happening and Disha found the time to inform Abhi about King… I seriously hate this character! She’s an evil woman disguised as a saint. Like the typical male, Abhi had to bring in the presence of the other man in his tirade! Where was he when Pragya was pregnant and King was her saviour? He ought to say thank you to King for bringing up his daughter, instead he plays the insinuation card.. All of is on this forum thinks that King was the better man for Pragya except Ekta Kapoor…the heart has a strange beating for what we desire, it may not be the best for us but we think it’s the right thing…Pragya loved Abhi despite the abuse at his hands and now she’s paying a heavy price for returning to the man who once treated her like a piece of shit!!

  17. Abhi tells Pragya never to return, let’s see if she makes the same mistake twice!! As for Aliya, after Shikha Singh gives birth, she’ll be free to be nasty once more again….if she remains in the serial…

    1. I hope not, just like Disha. Can you imagine the two of them teaming up because they now think alike? You know, their ownership of other people’s lives? And Abhi? I recall one of his first scenes with Pragya. His car splattered mud on her face. How prophetic. Erasing her. Smart Pragya could have waited until the evening. Cooked one of her fabulous meals, drugged everybody and left peacefully with both of her babies. Oh no! It was TF that was the walking pharmacy!

    2. Akituster, Disha turned mysoginistic …don’t even want to check if I spelled that correctly….right under our noses.. It was when she started exercising her pushy attitude and believed that she alone knew what is good for Pragya and Abhi, I realized this quality about her and she was so convincing that her wimpy husband got brainwashed too about what is best for Abhigya …never could understand why Purab didn’t give her something to worry about, her life was pretty boring so this was her way of being in control. Others can confuse themselves with her being helpful but I beg to differ. This could be a reflection of Ekta Kapoor, disguised as a selfless woman who wants to help people but it’s her way of domination. You know that I’ve been saying this for a while now, that I dislike Disha for her domineering stance in the Mehra house, no wonder Aliya didn’t like her because she knew Disha turned Purab into being less of a man but a gullible bystander without balls, everything Disha says, goes!! Don’t be fooled by innocent looking faces!!

  18. Now, I’m sure that Abi never love Pragya as he’s always say, he’s always blame on Pragya for anything. If they are in seperating, this is the chance for Tanu come back to the Mera house and become mother of one of Pragya’s daughter. If it is happen I’ll angry very much because I only want Tanu must pay for her guilty in the jail.

    1. that wont take place tul she is still in the serial .

    2. agreed Iswarya!! She couldn’t have any germs from the jail interfere with her perfection.
      I would like to see what type pf project the actress will accept (or be offered) as her new work. I wouldn’t watch it. But it would be interesting to know what the project is.

  19. Hello guys, I think this is where I stop. Bye everybody.

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