Kumkum Bhagya 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu stopping Bulbul and asking how dare she is to try uniting Pragya and Abhi. She says Abhi is her and she will take back him from Pragya. Bulbul smiles and says Pragya has started loving Abhi and even he loves her. Tanu gets annoyed hearing that.

Pragya alters Abhi’s blazer and thinks she forgot taking his chest measurement. She reminiscing hugging him, imagines his measurement and alters blazer. Daasi sees her stitching and thinks she is stitching blazer with such a love.

Abhi complains Purab about Pragya that she is very arrogant and always troubles him, may spoil blazer instead, so he should get another blazer. Purab says Pragya is a very good tailor and alters clothes really well. Abhi says if she really stitches well, she would have been a

designer. Purab challenges that Pragya will alter his blazer.

Pragya alters blazer and gives it to Bulbul. Abhi comes down and jokes with daasi that pragya must have brought another blazer. Daasi says she herself saw her stitching. He tries blazer and comes down. Everyone are surprised to see torn blazer. Tanu comes there and reminisces cutting blazer once Pragya goes out. Abhi scolds Pragya and taunts Purab that he lost his challenge. He gives Pragya blazer back as her reward and asks Purab to get him a new blazer.

Bulbul confronts Tanu and asks how dare she is to harm Pragya again. She says she is called another woman in Abhi’s life and is looked at very shamefully in society. Tanu says she will ruin both her and Pragya’s life and will make Abhi divorce Pragya and marry her in 3 days. Bulbul challenges that Pragya will propose Abhi in 3 days and will unite with him.

Tanu angrily comes to Aaliya’s room and tells about her challenge. Aaliya says she did good by challenging Bulbul, once Bulbul gets busy uniting Pragya and Abhi, they can execute their plan. Tanu says she is just worried about marrying Purab. Aaliya says her plan will benefit them both and tells about her plan.

Mitali meets Raj. Raj gets annoyed seeing her and asks why did she come there. She says kids are asking about him and wants him back home. He says until he is proven innocent, he cannot. She suggests him to accept his mistake. He says he will not accept the mistake which he did not do and wants to find out the person who made his fake signatures. Mitali thinks she took his signatures and she will have to go to jail if she accepts her mistake.

Tanu apologizes Abhi for making his life more stressful and says he is already stressed because of Pragya
, she does not want to stress him more. He says it is okay. She says it is her birthday tomorrow. He says he will celebrate her birthday at his home tomorrow and asks her to cut call as Pragya is coming. Pragya comes there and asks if he is fine now. He angrily walks out. Zindagi me….song.. plays in the background.

Precap: Tanu tells Aaliya that she will make such a situation that Abhi will forcefully marry her. Tanu tells Pragya that Tanu wanted Abhi to scold her, so she cut blazer when she went out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode ….

  2. Alia whatever plan you have to seperate Rabul has to be a big fail!!!!! Oh somebody take her to another planet and leave her there..

  3. Plz we want Purab and bulbul to get married.no more big twists..these 3 days which are going to be like 3 weeks in kkb land seems really scary.

  4. Ohhh mere cute Rabul ko buri nazar se bachao.inki jodi ko kisiki nazar na lage.alia tanu you’ll pay for your bad deeds

  5. Yeh tha 200th episode……backwas episode! 199th episode was so nice<3.seriously never expect anything from this show.

    Ps:nothing for Rabul and Abhigya fans today except scary warnings.oh I am worried a bit at least for Purab and Bulbul.

  6. Alia you will never get Purab.PURAB sirf BULBUL ka hai! So get your obsession away.

  7. Overall An epi which leaves one angry, confused, depressed and baffled…not a great gift to loyal viewers on 200 epi completion…but as a unrealistic drama good pace its moving in..

  8. Aliya will never get purab and tanu will never get Abhi

  9. I have stopped watchin this show, as I’ve realised it goes around in circles, I’m disappointed that after not following for a few months it seesms nothing have changed… I understand the producer needs to keep the show alive, but a show can be kept alive but evolve from one story line to another, i think we are there, its time to evolve this show..

    1. I know it revolves in circle but still I am watching it because aafter such a long time I got to see some really good scenes between Purab and Bulbul.I watch this show only for these two.

    2. What’s scary is seeing how ppl love these dyfunctional unhealthy relationships. The show is either no1 or 2 in trps. And the same producer has a very similar show on Sony and is also loved. Mind boggling.

  10. Can anyone tell me where to watch episodes online these days as YouTube isn’t working and on zee’s site it’s too annoying….any other of watching episodes online??

  11. No RaBul scene only sada hua episode. Loved only Bulbul Tanu part. I wish when bb will get know about Aliya ‘ s real face she do the same thing & fight for her purab . Don’t want more sacrifice scenes.

  12. @AmandaS if you are so pissed of the show and couples you should even not bother to read written updates of the show and even comment on them.

    Moreover as a matter of fact we all are here as we do love the characters in the show either Rabul or abhigya and sometimes shows our frustration when things are not correct between them!!

  13. pragya go nd die…shameless selfrespectless poor weak lady,always behaves like immature nd illeterate,abhi a jerk …what they are doing with dis serial!!!pragyas character is so dumb that she is always ready to take help from abhi for his family,he doesn’t behaves like a teacher but always like a immature teen girl who is very unsmart n dhongi typ …have no self respect,she doesn’t have a voice to speak out even she doesn’t hv brain
    after waiting for so many days..I lost my all interest in this abhigya …its better the get seperated nd stop doing comedy circus scenes in name of rommance…they are two joker of dis show…only to watch puran bulbul in d show…even watching mitali is far better than them
    they two were my fav…but the writers nd directors crossed all levels to tollerate them…they lost d charm really…its total fall of expectation…
    these days their scenes r so dumb that they really behave like comedy circuss n foolish…fingers crossed that they get back to a real storyline…n show d charm of abhigya…dnt wnt 2 see any nokjhok anymore…

  14. can anyone tell me name of a good serial which is truthfull to watch when I was in 10th standard kutum kusum kumkum these shows of ekta I used to watch…I remember karam apna apna…those were really herat touching…

  15. I agree that abhi and Pragya have lost their charm.bulbul and purab are awesome.But the show went so well for a bit and now back to square one.if abhi is arranging meetings with tanu then old pragya should leave. GIVE THE PRAGYA character sum backbone man! And the Abhigya love story lost all appeal when abhi told Pragya that she is behind him all the time because he showed her a bit of love.also the acting of all the actors seem forced except for bulbul and purab.

  16. Candacey Rose

    I really hope that there is no twist b cuz all the series hv the same writing

  17. If India has to come up. serials like this has to show strong women characters. I love this serial, but feel bad now a days for they are showing pragya and bumbul characters as dumb.
    Ektha herself is a strong lady, why don’t we see a serial of her life, her problems. we would love to see it.

    1. I still believe that Bulbul’ s character is not as dumb as pragya.’s one…she is still more fierce and knows well how to deal with filthy people around.

      1. I like bulbus character , it is strong. But even that in-between they made her do all the sacrifice and stuff. which i never understood why for no reason ?

      2. they added suresh sisters character as a strong women to decide to have a baby on her own. which is nice to see. but for some reason she is never having a baby 🙂

  18. Finally Raj is mentioned- I mean, don’t any of the family members care that he’s in jail! I mean, they’re all like, “Let’s have a New Years Party and a freakin’ Shaadi while our very own Raj is spending time in jail! If Abhi was in this situation, it would be a totally different scenario!!! I’m just wondering how Raj will get out of jail- I have a strange feeling Pragya might help somehow. Hopefully Mithali will change after that… (Not that I really care about that woman because I don’t see her as a threat at all).

  19. My predictions: Tanu is going to claim she is pregnant with Abhi’s child. We know that Dadi will get sick in the upcoming episodes and I think Pragya will take care of her- Abhi will see this and be like, “She’s a good person” or something like that.

    The CVs love challenges, don’t they? Pragya had to prove herself innocent in 24hours, Abhi gave her 2 days to propose, now Tanu-Bulbul have this 72 hours (3 days) challenge. My next prediction: The next challenge mentioned in this serial will be 4 days long!

  20. I really don’t know what’s cooking up here….but I want kkb to show Purab and Bulbul to get married. I want them to show for the first time win of true love over any silly plotting.

    No plz now they cannot seperate Rabul…with any so called twist!!!
    Without both of them being together show will loose it’s charm and many viewers will back off as for me Rabul are the only reason left to watch for in this show.

  21. Aliya u never get purab why because your love is fake and bulbul is true

  22. Someone need to catch tanu n aliya n expose them. N pragya need to stand up for her self..

  23. I think tanu will Tell everyone about she and abhi and abhi will have to marry her forcefully

  24. hated watching this serial

  25. i hate this witch tanu pls you go any other planet
    and abi plz feel for pragya

  26. Ekta Kapoor all serials going at a loose track now… Take Ye Hain Mohabbatein, Jodha Akbar, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi or Kumkum Bhagya

  27. Oooh plz stop such boring comments abhi n pragya r just woooow if u pple think u know more wat 2,do then go act UA dumb acts

  28. Hopes that rabul get married!!!

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