Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Tanu accuses Abhi

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The Episode starts with Mitali asking Sarita behen if she saw everything. Sarita behen says yes and blesses them. Abhi says love you. Aaliya apologizes to Pragya and tells that she will not do any mistake again. Pragya asks her to forget everything so that they can make new memories. She asks her to look forward to the new memories. Mitali also apologizes to Pragya. Pragya forgives her and says we will talk about future and not about past. She says he made everything fine and we will talk about only good things. Dadi asks Pragya to come and sit. Aaliya says she had brought gift for her and asks her to stay back. Mitali says I forgot to bring from market. Dadi says no problem, give it tomorrow. Vikram calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call and says hello Vicky. Vikram says I am Vikram and tells that don’t know what has happened to Ranbir, he couldn’t work for the event and was boxing all night. Abhi says I will talk to Juneja and tells that he is happy, as his wife is back. He asks him to show some tashan and then asks him to show attitude in limits. Vikram smiles. Abhi comes to Pragya. Dadi asks Mitali to come with her. Pragya asks Abhi to promise her that they will stay together as a family. Abhi says I have to go to office for sometime and says matter is big, I have to cover up for Ranbir’s mistake. He says Ranbir and Rhea had some problem and the former was boxing all night, and couldn’t do the work. He says even he used to do boxing when she was away from him. Pragya asks him to return soon. Abhi says I will come soon as she came back after a long time. He goes. Dadi and Mitali come back to Pragya. Dadi says we will make Pragya light the diya in the temple. Prachi asks Ranbir to have coffee.

Ranbir refuses to have coffee and asks her to go. He turns and the coffee falls on his suit. Prachi says sorry and wipes the coffee stain from his suit. Jaanisar song plays….He says you are good, actually you are too good, I don’t understand that you don’t want to be with me and not let me go away from you. He asks what do you want? Prachi says I was cleaning the coffee. Ranbir says I don’t like your fake concern. Prachi asks what did I do? Ranbir says didn’t you know and says he can’t concentrate on work and is suffering losses because of her. He asks her to stay away from him and goes. Prachi picks the fallen coffee cup. Rhea comes there. Prachi says I was about to go. Rhea says you look good while doing this. Ranbir thinks Prachi will stay away from him.

Rhea tells that mom is shifting to our house. She says I know that you will come home with her, and says if she feels neglected then will complain to Abhi. She tells that Dad will kick her out then? Prachi asks her not to do this. Rhea reminds her not to do mistake. Prachi says I didn’t forget our deal. Ranbir comes and asks what deal?

Pragya does aarti. Abhi comes there and tells that he couldn’t go due to Dadi’s face. Dadi says I know well, you might have stopped due to pragya. Abhi says I came back as I thought riots are happening. Pragya asks him to stay back and tells that he is going to change his clothes. He asks Pragya to select clothes for him. Pragya says she is coming. Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi is very happy, I am very afraid…if my sight falls on him. Pragya says nothing will happen. Just then Tanu comes there and asks Pragya what did she think that she can snatch her house from her. Pragya says he has thrown you out from here many times and asks her to leave before Abhi returns. Tanu asks her to call Abhi. Pragya says he don’t want to see you, just now I did aarti and tells that she will do it again after she throws her out. Tanu says she has called Police. Pragya says I have taken Police and NGO help as I am his wife. She asks with which right, you are here and threatens to get her arrested for Kiara’s death. Abhi comes downstairs and asks Tanu why did she come? Tanu says justice. She says if you think that I came to get my rights or to stay here, then you are wrong. Pragya says I am not thinking of this. Tanu says you have done one mistake and calls Inspector. She asks Inspector to arrest Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya asks what did he do? Tanu asks her to ask Abhi and says he remembers everything. Pragya asks what did he do..Tanu says he raped me. Pragya is shocked.

Ranbir asks Prachi and Rhea about their deal. He says just like I know about your equation with her, you people can’t deal. Rhea says Prachi is shifting to our house, so I was warning her not to interfere in my room or life. She says it is like promises. Ranbir says Prachi likes to break the promise or deal. Rhea says do you think that I will let her break the deal and says it can be problematic for her. Prachi goes. Rhea asks him to come out with her. Ranbir says he has much work and all the night, he has to work. Rhea says we will plan some other day. She goes. Ranbir finds the anklet of Prachi and picks it. Jaanisar song plays…..

Pragya tells Inspector that Tanu is lying and taking out frustration as she is kicked out. Tanu says she has proofs and tells that she was called here with respect, but she was raped one day prior to their wedding. Dadi tries to make Aaliya realize her mistake. Aaliya says I had brought her, but I didn’t know about her hidden agenda at that time. She says I didn’t know that you are so cheap. Tanu says really, and tells that until I was listening to you, I was not cheap. Aaliya tells that Tanu changes husbands for her advantage and is doing character assassination of Bhai. Tanu asks Aaliya, didn’t you ask me to get closer to Abhi and seduce him. Aaliya says yes, I told. Pragya and Abhi are shocked.

Precap: Police arrests and takes Abhi from there. Pragya folds hands before Tanu. Aaliya blames Pragya and says this problem happened due to her and not Tanu. She says since she came back, she brought problems.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This was so short😔

  2. Wowww separation already srsly and no offense but wat is Prachi trying 2 do she already broke his heart not 2 mention did countless other things 2 him and she’s asking wat she did?? Good grief this is unbelievable

    1. I know, right? I was so pissed when she asked what she had done with a innocent face!

  3. Aliyhas changes like a chameleon. One minute apologizing n giving Pragya gift, next minute accusing her 🤔. Now Abhigya have seen the true Aliyah n Tanu, Abhi should throw Aliyah out too after he comes back.

    1. Aliyah like a chameleon! LOL. Your words left an image in my head. All the botox etc that’s supposed to be her face, all of a sudden developing a will of it’s own and moving around allowing her to change identity at will. Thank-you for the cartoon in my head!! Wow. Shape shifter Aliyah. Honestly, that’s all this ‘actress’ has. I have only watched minutes of this production this last year, but all the woman does is stand still and open her mouth to spout vile words. There is no body expression or feeling. Just a woman playing statue. I assumed that she couldn’t be expressive with her face because of the ‘beauty’ treatments. Maybe she’s been told told that she’s not allowed to move around much because her real job is to be a clothes hanger for tacky Kim Kardashian style ‘fashion’.

  4. All of this going on and I can’t understand y sarla isn’t here for her daughter…..she only there for preeta …and why isn’t pragya thinking about her mom?? Or is it because pragya went 20 years in the future?🤣 And sarla is left behind….but we need to she the mother and daughter duo.again..atleast couple episodes to show that sarla Cares for her daughter ….it’s so.stupid pragya cam back and not going to her mom

  5. hahahaha….yes Pragya, don’t you know that you are to blame for Tuna fish and Alyia’s bad behavior… puleese… such a stupid serial. That didn’t take long. Back to square one of the Young and the Useless…

  6. Samaila

    Bro 5 ghante bhi nahi hue 🤣🤣😹🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹

  7. Same old story repeating itself again.



  10. 7 years and nothing has changed .. I would say 6 years is the same .. No improvement .. Pragya who folds her hands and asks Tanu .. Tanu people .. Actress Leena sorry but this that she is .. Frankly doing stupid stuff on Instagram and coming back to a show that she wanted to leave .. To believe that she no longer has any role that is offered to her in the series industry .. In short and aliya who once again blames pragya for what happens to abhi .. But when will she raise her voice in her own pragya house .. In short and her daughters who are not present to hear everything made their aunt to harm their father .. Rhea must see the true face of her aunt .. Frankly the 1st year we had a logic but when I see that the series has been going on for 7 years and that nothing is progressing .. It’s grotesque .. I stopped looking but still reading the update .. And frankly that’s enough for me …

  11. Akituster I won the bet,one day aliyah took. I’m wondering though why is Pragya begging tanu? Why do they always have her begging the criminals? Then aliyah blaming her for what has happened when she is the one at fault. Shes the one who brought tanu back to the house after yrs of her not even being around and pushed pragya out but yeah its pragya fault this is happening. She also told tanu to seduce an I’ll person who was out of their mental capacity,if anything tanu should be the one charged. I totally believe this is aliyah plan to teach abhi a lesson and get rid of pragya again and by blaming her, Rhea will be angry with pragya cause Rhea doesn’t have the brains to realise shes being manipulated. It’s time for pragya to stop being a whiny lil twerp and deal with these two in the manner befitting someone who has been through hell and yet was able to stand on her own two feet for 20 yrs. Hell she even fought dangerous killers for abhi but here you have her ketowing and bowing before these ppl. Things always happen to Abbi once pragya is in his life cause his sister makes sure to cause the trouble but blaming others smh.

    1. Oh Leisa! Yes, you are correct… and Octobergirl and myself were a little too hopeful!! I think a few years ago, we did the same thing and you were correct back then as well. You are the realist!! Myself and Octobergirl were clearly too hopeful. Pragya’s reign lasted less than an hour and her brains remain lost or frozen. It would appear that Nagpal and Kapoor like their women to be very strong (can take any abuse without complaint) and thoroughly pliable. All that really implies is that the quality of human that Nagpal and Kapoor are… is fantasy, sick and demented.

  12. The actors must me so confused in this serial. They probably think that someone is pranking them and keeps giving them old scripts…..”wait, didn’t I just do this a few weeks ago??” LOL

    1. I have a suspicion that the actors know exactly what is going on. We must believe and remember that they are not this stupid in real life. Greedy, very likely. Desperate, very likely… they are ‘nothing’ in that world unless they are actually working. This is not a comedy so you know that they must be prepared to face insults as even they must realize that there job requires them to play very stupid ugly people.

  13. At the end of this disgusting tanu madness lets see what the writer will come up with , same old trash (1) pragya will not be able to get evidence that abhi is innocent
    (2) the writer will always make sure tanu has prove that a man who was insane had molested her
    (3) to settle the madness of tanu track the writer will come up with another useless twist is either tanu will force abhi into marrying her , or she wants all abhi’s properties to her self in exchange for his freedom, or as usual pragya and tanu will make a stupid deal for pragya to divorce abhi in other for the case to be settled…
    The writer and producer will do any thing to make sure they keep tanu in the series and also find another unessary way to separate abhi and pragya one last thing as always aliya is the queen and most important character of kkb… such a stupid writer who lacks common sense

    1. You have to wonder how Leena Jumani pleased both Kapoor and Nagpal so much that they decided to bring her back. Did she have to… beg or do other things.

  14. Hullo Abhi. Hope you are well. Haven’t seen your posts. Please keep writing if you can. I like reading your insights and conclusions and the instructions you give to the characters.

    1. Why you do abhi like that💀💀💀

    2. Because Abhi is kind and has clear, clean intentions. Because Abhi’s comments continue to evolve with time and I admire Abhi’s persistence and efforts. The kindness and some of the personal hurts are visible through his comments. Because I honour those who continue to make efforts to communicate and be heard. I want him to know that I sincerely listen/read and appreciate his efforts. Because I cannot bear, when a good person is left standing alone. Thanks for asking Esie, because that implies that you have similar qualities and are willing to put your thought into action.

  15. Akituster, I am sure they know what is going on. My comment was said with great sarcasm. I feel bad that the actors have to try to do their best with the extremely substandard script they are given. This industry is not easy to stay employed in so I am sure they are trying to just hang on to their jobs. I would think that the more they get the same old crappy scripts the more they feel like their jobs or on the line. This serial can be compared to a fish that has been left out of the refrigerator too long. . After a while, it begins to stink!!! ( I believe there is a saying like that when a guest overstays their welcome)
    “Here’s your hat. What’s your hurry.”

    1. Dear Sleepy… I do understand! I hope that my laughter and sarcasm also shows through my writing!
      I do try to be sympathetic to the actors and their ‘only’ means of employment. I am aware of how tight a grip the current ‘owners’ of the industry and their government friends use the industry. Generally, you would hope that by this time an actor’s protest group would have been formed. Something to signify that the actors understand that their visage, their image is being used to perpetuate very ugly beliefs. But just like the quashed ‘Me Too’ movement in Bollywood, the ‘owners’ of the industry and their gov’t friends will not allow change. They like watching humans being dehumanized. Eventually, you must consider and wonder just how much the actors willingly go along with being debased for gov’t social engineering projects. I doubt very much that Abhi and Pragya would starve in real life, if they quit this job in protest. Clearly, they all value money/greed more than they value humanity, honour and intelligence. That’s not sarcasm ; ) ! Further laughs… I love your reference to the smelly fish… thus my smelly, slimey tuna-fish references.

  16. Same story, Abhi and Pragya will soon separate.Aaliya and Tanu winning. Why making Pragya apologize .Rhea will be on the side of her dear Aunt. Shameful story, nothing good from from the writer, why putting in rape case when it didn’t happen, why can’t you tell Tanu about Kiara’s death .Please don’t drag the movie with nonsense stories ,repeating things from season1,2 means you have no ideas End the show please.

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