Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Aaliya corrupt CD, Chachi asks Pragya and Prachi to leave

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rhea recalling Prachi slapping her. Her friend tells that the slap mark is on her face. Rhea applies make up on the red mark on her cheeks and recalls other students telling that it was good that Prachi slapped her, and telling that Rhea’s father would have slapped her long back and calls her spoilt girl. Shaina and other girl ask her to apply concealer and also ask her to hide her anger. Rhea says she will make her life living hell and tells that she will pay for her slap. I will slap on her life and not on her cheeks, which she will remember always. Shaina and other friend get worried thinking Rhea is going to do something big. They wish Prachi must not have come. Pallavi tries to talk to Meera. Meera asks Servant not to give sugar to Dadi even if she asks. She asks Pallavi

what she was saying? Pallavi appreciates her for taking care of everyone in the house and says you are a family member now. Aaliya comes and greets them. Rhea comes home and hugs Meera and Pallavi. Pallavi asks what happened to her face. Meera says may be due to sun burn. Mahesh sends a man from the security agency. Meera tries to take the CD. Purab comes and takes the CD from Jatin. Abhi comes and tells that Mahesh called and said that he wants to watch the CD together so that everyone comes to know that Prachi is innocent.

Prachi and Shahana come home. Pragya asks them to have food. They go and wash their hands. Pragya asks sweety to eat food with them. Chacha and Chachi come home. Chachi asks Prachi what she is hiding from them. Prachi asks what? Chacha asks her to talk later. Chachi scolds Prachi for stealing the necklace in the party and tells that she has cut her nose, and says you didn’t think about my respect. She tells that her friend’s son saw you both there as a waitress. Pragya says it is a misunderstanding and tells that Prachi didn’t steal there, and she went to attend the party and didn’t go there as waitress. Chachi asks who had invited them to the big house party. Pragya asks Prachi to tell the truth and says you went there for dinner. Prachi says Chachi is right, we went there as a waitress.

Purav plays the CD. Everyone see Prachi taking care of Dadi and tells that such girl can’t steal necklace. She then sees Ranbir and tells that he will dance now. Aaliya thinks Prachi acts like Pragya and says if she was Pragya’s mother then I would say like mother like daughter. Rhea comes behind Prachi in the CD. Rhea closes her eyes and says its me. Just then CD stops due to technical problem. Abhi says Prachi is innocent. Aaliya thinks her ego is not big to hit hammer on her foot. Abhi asks Purab to ask Mahesh to check the CD.

Purab calls Mahesh and tells that the CD is not working. Pallavi gets a call and she tells Meera that she is going home for 2 mins and asks her to call her when the CD starts working. Rhea thinks she made the CD corrupt and recalls coughing a lot and signing Aaliya. Aaliya steals the CD and goes to get water. She then makes scratches on the CD with something and takes water for Rhea. Fb ends. Rhea smiles hugging Meera. She asks Aaliya if Dad gets other CD. Aaliya says everything is under control, everything is erased.

Chachi tells Prachi that she can steal necklace as she lied to her mother. She asks why did you go there to work. Shahana tells that they needed money, as you asked us to pay you money for our stay. Chachi says she asked them to share their expenses as they have less money. She asks Pragya if she taught her daughter to steal. Pragya tells that she didn’t steal and asks her to trust her, and says if you call her thief then what others will think. Chachi asks Pragya if she is threatening her and complains to Chacha. Pragya says if she had stolen then her papa wouldn’t have freed her. Chachi asks your husband? Pragya says that girl’s papa whose necklace was stolen. Chachi says Prachi might have stolen. Pragya says she is my daughter and knows to do hardwork and tells that she didn’t tell me so that Beeji don’t come to know about it. She tells that Prachi tells good things about you and you are doubting on her. Chachi doesn’t believe her. Pragya says you shall be ashamed for not trusting her. Chachi gets angry and asks them to leave from her house.

Precap: Prachi tells Abhi that Rhea is the one who had stolen the necklace in her own house. She is the culprit. Abhi slaps Rhea.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aaj ke time pr kon iss chachi jaisa hota hai…thoda realism dikha.
    na galat nhi hai..but ekta ko toh sb fantasy dikhana hai??always this alia gets succeeded in whatever she does.. C’mon abhi anyone can guess that. Her image is soooooooooooo tarnished that for once I trusted her but now no more???why always everyone is against prachi and pragya…she doesn’t have any good relations with anyone..no doubt why ekta always victimizes females in her show…when women r giving strong competition to every men in the wold and the country their is only one field in which girls r rarely been given a chance to exceed all thanks to makers(GIRLZ????) hardly their r any shows in which their only female lead and that too strong headed??not only my demand is too give more importance to females but also to make them look no less than boys. No matter she is an antagonist or protagonist???

    Precap- How this abhi trusted her…might be Rhea’s imagination…if noooo then its awesome??????????????????????????????it will be a big blow to Mrs. Rhea Mehra??????????????????????????????she will go to abhi and then the NAAGIN????will breath venom on her and then we can proudly say


    1. So right, RV. But I do think that mini-Aliyah is already practising and strengthening. And I like your name of Junior Aliyah better than ‘mini’. JA for Junior Aliyah it is. or JAR (Junior Alia Rhea) My new nickname for the character because she reminds me of Jar Jar Binks from The Phantom Menace/ Star Wars. Thoroughly grating on the senses,Very jarring. Shudder.

  2. 2 minutes to show us that mini-Aliyah is mentally perverse and sick. Kanchi’s friend (Shabir’s real wife) who is playing Meera reminds us that the makeup artist is having a bad day. Today, her nose looks bigger than before. Much bigger. Evil (mini-Aliyah) and Pathetic (Meera) and First Evil (Aliyah) all have made their presence felt before three minutes is up. Purab and Abhi, the criminal facilitators show up. The cabal of evil have all taken their places. It’s time to explore the victims. Oh, oh. Within two minutes we see that an evil creature lives in the designated Victim House. Chachi is obviously a needy, demanding (she doesn’t have enough status for her liking) b*tch woman who bullies her husband. Boy, all they had to do for this character was make Aliyah, middle class and a little tubby. It is sickening to watch Aliyah as we see the usual tricks and lies of perfectly useless humans. The Queen of murder, theft and dehumanization has still not been put to death. The mini-aliyah actually has a look, like she is being tickled in an unmentionable place as she hugs Meera, in relief. I remind myself that this is an Ekta fantasy and not all Indian women can be this despicable. Stupid evildoer or pathetic victim. Dumb man, Purab smiles at the Aliyah’s , impressing on us that the evil women of India have quite a number of dumb men around to do their bidding. I don’t even think that the men get any s*x out of the deals they have made with the evil creatures. We receive a few more moments with Pragya and her girls. The pushy, manipulative chachi confirms what a weakling POS
    gossipmonger that she is. She shames her husband with her complete demand to be at one with the Tuna Fish. So, Pragya as usual is surrounded by abusers and bullies and a whole pile of weakling men who seem to be just fine being ruled by criminal women. This episode, even as I understand how it is building the background story, was a dragging episode. Nothing was resolved in the episode. New director, same horse manure. You have to wonder how quickly this director was able to join Ekta Aunty’s girl club.

  3. pragya is life

    nice precap although good episode

  4. Where is disha why purab is with aliya plzz anybody tells.

    1. Dear Sanjana, none of us know those answers. We all have wondered as well and no answers have come as yet.

  5. Miss etka please what happened to disha did she die or divorced and why should aliyah marry purab

    1. dots vs brailles

      she died long ago dear and aliya murdered her may be we will see purab getting to know about disha’s death and soon send her to jail many of the viewers had miss that part coz they thought it was very bad from the makers but none the less fans who are devoted to the show are watching it regularly rest all are here to flaunt their fanship :))-

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